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um a question?

I just logged into the game and snow was falling down and is this abiogenesis or not? also im still a fawn but do you have to play everyday to turn into a stag? I know someone said the next month after you register you'll be a stag but I am just asking
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[in memory of Flyleaf]

July 4, 2018 - 8:22pm — Flyleaf
Lets assume i lost the fight ...i would like the forst would do BIG gathrering ..and a wild crazy party for Fly's memory .
Hope Fly will be rembered

04 July -
Flyleaf isn't doing so well.
They asked that, should they lose their battle, we have a gathering for them.

However - I think we should have a gathering now! To show Flyleaf how many of us are cheering him on.
It's short notice, but if anyone is around then feel free to join me and Starl in the poppy patch. <3

06 July -
I love how strong this community can be in times like this. We believe in you, Flyleaf! <3

06 August - Thank you everyone... Rest well, Flyleaf. You will never be forgotten.

um i have a idea for the remake

I just got on the game today and it was raining but the animation for the rain was like start stop start stop and it didn't look realistic so I was thinking new animation for the game like for abogenises like when it rains or something what do you think?

HEWWO....a suggestion for the game maybe???

hewwo!Exclaim!! hey ive been playing TEF a lot recently after my initial registration of this account god knows how long ago and i just wanna say first of all: scary deer game GOOD, love goofing around and having fun with the people in the game. we may not be able to speak, but we can still communicate in its purest form ?

anyways, i have a suggestion. could we have slots for appearences like outfits? i know we kind of have this system already but for multiple looks. however, we'd have a limited amount of outfits so you can't keep saving combination after combination or the game would lose its fun. a number im thinking of is 3 or 4 outfits. how does this sound? id like to hear feedback on this idea!

what do you like most about this game?

I always wanted to ask this type of a question ( kind of like a therapy session I guess)

the things I like about this game is:

1)when you have a bad day you can play this game and it will make you happy

2)helps you relax

3) there remaking the game( hopefully new animations will be in the game)

4) the buildings and the trees and the statue things

5) when abiogenesis comes its really cool( I know theres youtube videos of it but its just so cool and it gets people to know about the game and play it when someone askes what the game is and what abiogenesis is about.)

that's all I got so far let me know what I should add or what you like
about the game. also sorry if I spelled abogeneses wrong

i wish we could make a herd in the game

I wish we could do a big herd in the game but no so big that it crashes the game(also if you ever read warrior cats like me I was thinking a herd gathering kinda like in the books but for the deers and it would be really fun to see different deers too. kinda like a social event)

herd territories and migration for the remake?

um I have a idea for the remake of the game but I have one question for everyone before I tell you the idea , you know how everyone has deer names and bios about the deers? well idk what to name my deer and I don't know how to do a bio for the deer im not good at those things but ill let you decide on what my deers name should be (my deer is a fawn by the way but idk what to name her. also she is shy when meeting new people but she is always friendly and playful)( is this how bios work?)

now for my idea.

you know how deers have different territories in real life and they migrate well what if that was in the remake of the game would that be awesome to you guys or not? ( also I got the idea for this from reading warrior cats its a book series I read but you can search it up on youtube or Wikipedia if you want.) also who reads warrior cats?
and do deers migrate in real life?

youtube channel for the endless forest?

imagine someone on youtube seeing someone play a game about deer in a forest and they hear all these great things about the game and then they download the game and they get to be the deer that person wants to be (once there a adult deer that is)

well what if someone made a youtube channel for the endless forest that tells people about the game or does gameplay videos about the endless forest who think that's a good idea?

what should they add for the new game?

since my first post was a failure(new ideas for the remake of the game) I thought it would be cool to hear from you guys to see what they would add in the remake of the game and if they like it, they will add it to the game.

here is some examples from my other post :
1 antler velvet ( the deer can rub it off )
2 the deers fur getting darker when wet (in the water and drops of water run off its antlers and fur)

um that's all I got im not really much of a blog writer and for the antler one I saw a video on youtube of a deer getting its velvet off and its antlers turned red does that happen usually? and it looked like it hurt a lot. ( I feel bad for the deer but idk what the velvet does? does it protect the antlers?)

but share your ideas cuz I have no idea what else to add
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