CRUX [Taking offers on (almost) all character designs - long time no see]

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"Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind one sees the path that never will be trod again. Wanderer, there is no road-- Only wakes upon the sea."

-Antonio Machado


"I see you in everything, even though you're, even though you're not around."

I do not think I will be back, but every now and then I pop in to view some nostalgia. Sometimes I even log in to the forest for extra nostalgia. I watch the remake with curiosity. But I have been forgotten, time has moved on. It is good.

I have much of my characters on my toyhouse - but I am taking offers on (almost) all of my designs.

Read the bulletin below:

USD preferred but will also consider combo offers or really HQ designs.

Follow me on there.


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*Fires tracklaz0r*

*Fires tracklaz0r*

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*lurks* ;D

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*sneaks in* >> > Don't mind

*sneaks in* >> << >> Don't mind me. 8]
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Dang pretty

Dang pretty <3 Aw Parasol XDD...

We have a lot to do don't we? Gevaar and Nooit need to meet up again too. And Capsule and Auge need to cause havoc some time.. Chism and Parasol need.. Well.. ROFL. And ofcourse Ravenflight and Poltergeist have been spening time, but more is always welcome <3 XDD
Anyway these updates are beautifull!
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All you sneaky people D8

All you sneaky people D8 -hides from sneakiness and tracklaz0rs-

And yes Mis, we have a lot of work to do <3 BUT WE'LL GET THERE -makes a list- xDDD
Thankyou! c:
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-sits in corner disguised as

-sits in corner disguised as a banana-

-sits in the middle of

-sits in the middle of everything and eats a corndog-


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I OWN THAT GENERAL MATHS TEXTBOOK. HOMGOSH. I love how extreme they try to make maths by putting pictures of people doing sport and stuff at the start of each chapter even though it's completely irrelevant to everything mathematical~ ♥ Aaah, general maths. How good it was to be rid of that at the end of last year, tee hee hee :3

Dun na na na na na na na STALKAAAAGEEE~ *rolls all over this* :3

Also, that paternity test ad came on whilst my boyfriend and I were watching Bones and Castle, and we just kinda went silent after it was over, looked at each other and were like '...WHAT just happened here?'. I giggled quite a lot *giggles* Laughing out loud
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Hitrack. o: *ninjas out*

Hitrack. o:
*ninjas out*
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@ Rai: -walks in, sees the

@ Rai: -walks in, sees the banana, screams and runs out-

8D <3

@ Zebbie: SFDSFSD.
Aaaahhh General maths. Its a ho. I was more entertained by the Did you know? facts that were completely irrelevant to maths. Like how many cartons of wine an airline uses per year in a chapter about algebra or something.
I mean, the hell?
But ahhh Im looking forward to having it all over and done with <3

And I actually bought myself a packet of clinkers today. I am that happy. Smiling

@ Ocean: OHAITHAR o8
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@ Ravey: HOMGOSH YESSS *pancakes you tee hee hee Laughing out loud

Oh gawds isn't it just~? *giggles* I spent most of my general maths lessons marvelling at how my teacher looked like a potato, especially when he wore a brown humper. But oh gosh YES THOSE. I think I remember that actually *giggles* I think they realized 'we really don't have enough to fill a textbook so lets add random stuff'. Isn't there a page about babies or something too? Shocked I still have the textbook somewhere I should so dig it out so I can learn about babies... I mean, maths ♥

Tee hee Laughing out loud I don't blame you! When the HSC is over it's like, such a wonderful feeling-and then you have months and months of break time. Best reward evaaah ♥ Best of luck with it, kaaay~? :3 When I was doing it last year it seemed like a big deal but now I'm at university you really realize how silly it is that so much pressure is put on the HSC, because once you get into a course or whathaveyou with your ATAR that's really about it for it. Which I like to call the Gaytar. I love how nobody can get an ATAR of 100, you can only get 99.95-way to motivate people to do well, not letting them get 100% *giggles* ♥

Tee hee, good girl~! Sticking out tongue I haven't had them in so long. I remember I never knew there were orange ones and was so overjoyed when I got one. Best day evah :B ♥

You have so beautiful chars

You have so beautiful chars <3 I wanna know more about Kaala! Smiling <33

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Thankyou Nopje

Thankyou Nopje <3

Beautiful CSS.

Beautiful CSS. <33


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Zomg. *explodes* ;_; X"D

;_; X"D
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OOHHH I wish to RP with

OOHHH I wish to RP with Capsule!!
If thats ok!?
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@Willet: Of course you can

Of course you can m'dear! Im sure he would love some attention right now <3
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Flails* Sweet! I would like

Flails* Sweet! I would like to use my allways cheerfull Wish then!! In my sigggy the link titeled WISHes is his bio!..colorfull huh!
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Of course c: He looks

Of course c: He looks lovely!
Feel free to interact with capsule on this thread, as I have no other for him <3
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You can start though...seens

You can start though...seens I dont know much about him!
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(Very well! Im sorry if it

(Very well! Im sorry if it sounds a bit odd,
because capsule to be fair, is pure oddness, so at times he's a tad bit difficult to play xD)

Capsule wandered about aimlessly, bored out of his brains. It had been five minutes since he had even seen a deer around, and he began to mutter to himself "Are you kidding me, what do you mean green is better?! Blue is clearly th-"
He paused for a moment, to spy a small fawn in his path. Glancing down to the creature, he suddenly let out a high pitched screech and a smile broke free on his face "OHMYGOODNESSHELLO! My names Capsule WHATS YOURFAVOURITECOLOURWHATSIZEAREYOURSHOES?"

It was hard to beleive anyone understood him at all.
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THe color streaked fawn who

THe color streaked fawn who had been busy arrangeing mank colors of flower petels and leafs in a giant foliag rainbow was utterly suprized when someone out of the blue seemed to scream in his ear. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" he sprung to his feet and whipped around, cowaring close to the ground. He bared his fangs that didnt match anything seenes his eyes where clamped close and his body shook with fright.

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Capsule watched as the small

Capsule watched as the small fawn raced away, baring his teeth defensively. He was about to walk over to the small creature when an arrangement of multi-coloured petals caught his eye. He prodded it gently with his blue hoof, marvelling at its vibrant nature. He lowered his head to the fawn, a more calming smile "This's real pretty!" looking back to the leafy rainbow.
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Wish opened his darkblue

Wish opened his darkblue eyes, witch turned lite blue as he realized this stag ment no threat. " like" He slowly stood.
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poke poke

poke poke
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I gotta go sorry. We can

I gotta go sorry. We can continue this later
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oh ok!!

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Hey Ravey~ Long time no see :

Hey Ravey~ Long time no see : o
Do you still do commissions?

xD I saw you on DA while

xD I saw you on DA while looking through FH
So you like TEF and dragons and FH and (judging by your avatar on DA) pokemons and parrots and pineapples? ME TOO =D
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This is done so pretty :3

This is done so pretty :3
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Pokes...i dont want to be

Pokes...i dont want to be pushy...but are we goning to keep rping with your wounderfull Capsuel!?
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Its real hard for me Willet

Its real hard for me Willet cause I've got so much work to do with my Ravenflight plot and schools back tomorrow, I don't think Ill have time :C
Willet's picture have have school...TOMAROW!!! mine dosent start for over a month!!! WOW!!!!
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I'm glad to hear you're doing

I'm glad to hear you're doing well <3.. I've missed you ever since school started! But it's good to hear from ya. You're a strong girl <3
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track. gevaar sound

track. gevaar sound interesting...
If life gives you lemons, you make grape juice!
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HAI this is late.

HAI this is late.
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(No subject)


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YOU ARE LATE FOR TEA -taps watch-

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Artists are cruel creatures.

Artists are cruel creatures.
Pretty awesome though..XDD
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I GUESS SO Although If it is

Although If it is in a lot of pain it would be better if it passed quickly. But I have a feeling it may be getting better.

<33334 C:

The layout of this is

The layout of this is wonderful...
Your drawings are amazing~ <3
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whythankyou shimmy

whythankyou shimmy <3
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I'm hoping to get work

I'm hoping to get work experience at Animal Logic next year, since their office/studio thing in Sydney is just over 10 minutes from my house. Only work experience though. Hope you have some luck!
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Don't worry, you'll find your

Don't worry, you'll find your balance at some point! Uni is the most important, as long as you remember that. It's tricky at first, but you'll get there. Really.
I think especially the first year is hard. Do you guys also get everything there is at first, and choose a specific direction later? Like I picked animation, others picked illustration or photography..?
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Yeah <3
We all have to do a unit of studio drawing and design, our theory unit and a vass (visual art studio studies) unit. Over the first year we get to explore all three studios, being painting, printmaking and 3D C:

2nd and 3rd year we can chose more subjects like digital and photog, as well as the vass subjects, and other theory stuff and drawing as well
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SO I GUESS I SHOULD GET TO MY POINT. LAWL CHRISTMAS TOTALLY WASN'T FOUR MONTHS AGO, WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT, GIRL~ ♥ I'm only one celebration late even though I meant to actually give this to you at christmas so it's been chillin' on my desktop, you know it~! 8D

I hope life is treating you fabulously, my dear! 8D