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Track! I really hope to see

Track! I really hope to see her around more, she's awesome.


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Glad to see Sterre again.

Glad to see Sterre again. ♥
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I absolutely love your bios,

I absolutely love your bios, and am insanely jealous of them. ♥
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@ Ocean: I hope so too. It

@ Ocean: I hope so too. It will be great to get into the swing of things with her!
@ Shimmy: " ♥ "
@ Kaoori: Thankyou <3
@ Freyja: Thanks!
@ Lex: XDD
@ Fin: Thankyou <3 Itll be great for Sterre to meet up with Esll again!
@ Mis: Says the woman who coded them for me ♥
Thankyou maam -tackle-

Amazing /track

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So very lovely, gorgeous bio!

So very lovely, gorgeous bio! <3
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Oh wow! Beautiful picture, I

Oh wow! Beautiful picture, I didn't know she had changed hands. I hope you have fun with her (:
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Ugh this is so beautiful ;;

Ugh this is so beautiful ;;

I've missed you. ♥
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Tanyak: Thanks! Jess: Thanyou

Tanyak: Thanks!
Jess: Thanyou <3 I hope Sterre gets to meet Herla sometime. That would be fun Cool
Dag: Thanks brah <3 And yup! She indeed changed hands. You can read more about the actual exchange here. MIS AND I ARE A CREATIVE BUNCH.
Ouri: Thankyou <3
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Avatar & signature by Shimmyshimmy. ♥
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I found something! (Ohgod

I found something! (Ohgod look at her chin. My fail perspective back in the days. I REGRET NOTHING)
And this too, but it's not finished. Ohwell still somewhat cute, rofl.

Also yes, Mis here, too lazy to log out, see ya Cool
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Laiia: <33
Misgamer: Yes. I blended your names. Flawless if you ask me.
SDFS I REMEMBER THOSE. Thankyou for linking them to me. Im a little hurrdurr. They are beautiful <3
Also your text like, woke me up on the verge of about to fall asleep. I WANTED TO KILL YOU and text you at 3am but I decided not too. I am glad you like them, and that they arrived safely Cool

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I've interacted with this

I've interacted with this character once, and she was so much fun. I was laughing so hard at her instigating 8'D

Way overdue track. She's so beautiful.

So I see you've taken over

So I see you've taken over this character. Oisín hasn't seen Sterre in a long time, so hopefully he can see her again soon!

And that picture is absolutely stunning.
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This is stunning, omg.

This is stunning, omg. <3
Tracking this so hard. <3
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Okami: Yes, she is a little

Okami: Yes, she is a little bit fun Smiling Hope to meet your deer again! Thankyou <3
nuevapaz: Yes indeedy~ I hope so too, granted our timezones correlate D8. Thankyou <33
Xemi: ffffftttshhh. Thankyou <3 ;A;

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;u; <3

Really enjoyed the company.

Really enjoyed the company.
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Thankyou you two

Thankyou you two <3
Sianna: Yes, as did Sterre!

New image. Info. Big updates Cool
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Oh new art! She looks

Oh new art! She looks lovely! <3
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Yep <3
Now I just need to afford some more commissions sdfdsg D8
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Pkdkghfjgf whatdehell I am

Pkdkghfjgf whatdehell I am not following this yet WHY. 8I

This bio is so beautiful. Sterre is so beautiful. <3
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Thankyou <3

UPDATED: added size and reference sheet. Finally.
Also the add new comment, page views and whatnot seem to have broken.

And then it was fixed.
And then new giftart and background <3
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Why am I not tracking this!?

Why am I not tracking this!? Shame on me ;~;
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So I am looking at the art

So I am looking at the art you did of Sterre in the creative section, and I am noticing how much your human faces have improved. KEEP IT UP MAN. <3
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@ Faustt: NO WORRIES because

@ Faustt: NO WORRIES because now you are ♥
@ Kiwi: PFFFFSHSHHHHHT. Thanks man ;A;

Hng. &hearts;

Hng. ♥
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Track, Euriea had fun with

Track, Euriea had fun with her and everyone yesterday. Hope to see her again. ^-^
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Sterre had lots of fun too.

Sterre had lots of fun too. Glad to have her stop by!
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-foams at the mouth- New art

-foams at the mouth- New art ish amazing!

The serenity of her face, the gentle expression... SQUEEEE! Sterre, you so fine! <3
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Oh my god that art. it's even

Oh my god that art. it's even better finished. I'm going to harass you into forever for a version without boxes.
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tracking this pretty lady.

tracking this pretty lady.
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He had forgotten why he was

He had forgotten why he was here; he treads the same path from here to eternity. He took these same steps, time and again, walking down the road forever, for his mind had been lost in his purpose here. His ultimate destination, he knew, for it was where the soul rests; for he had been there and returned time after time. As he walked through the saddened hills, passing the dying of time, his goal was far, his destination near, but still he had forgotten why he was here. He had been without purpose since the loss of his mate so many months ago, and even now, the wound seemed fresh. But even with the pain, he was offered but a fleeting glance, a sliver of new hope, new promise. It had come months ago, and had begun as a mere acquaintance... But it was enough. In time, that delicate healing process had begun, and with it, that sliver of new promise had grown to a fluttering of the heart. Closer and closer Ciel drew to it, this second chance. Beneath the tree, resting among the roots, gnarled and grasping, that fleeting glance sat. Upon it's face did his eyes rest, enamored by the delicate curve of the jaw, and gentle features of the face. This stunning creature that had managed to break through his depressive facade, and set alight a fire in his heart. And to it, Ciel spoke,

"Hello Sterre."
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She had always been a

She had always been a fleeting being; neither here nor there. Sterre’s mind was always active and moving between thoughts and concepts and to say she was a dreamer was certainly an understatement. A seed planted in Sterre’s heart was one to stay there forever, constantly fed by her own racing mind. And whilst one would assume such a mentality was a blessing, it was seen as false. In her dreams she would hurtle across the stellar realms in the body of a star, only taking small glimpses and moments before moving on again. She could feel her body tremble and the mere force of speed almost tearing her apart. She wanted so much to slow down, to stop but couldn’t. Tears formed in her eyes and were just as easily ripped out from the velocity. The breath from her lungs was stolen from the mere force, so she couldn’t even scream help. But then she would suddenly stop and flow silently, gently. She would soak in the magnificence of this particular dark star system, its brooding calm exterior lulling her to calm. Stellar waves flowed over one another and as reality began to merge with dream, she would be roused from her sleep by a familiar sound. ”Hello Sterre.”

Her eyes strained and fluttered open gently, as the blurry forms of light and shadow merged into that brooding calm that stood over her; yes, it made her heart swell. Ciels dark tines stood tall and strong. Her eyes traced his magnificent form and the scars that spoke silently of his past; Sterre read him like a treasured text. She yawned and arched her neck and her voice creaked

”Hey Ciel”

She finally settled and looked up to him, smiling. As far back as Sterre could remember, she had always had difficulty focusing. Her attention was constantly stolen from her and thrown somewhere across the forest and her own ability to maintain company often rendered her with none. It was Ciel who became her anchor and clarity. Space to think. Breathe. Her heart beat deep and fast as he stood over her, emotions wanting to surge forth, but held back simply out of self doubt. Did he ever have his heart, when Eraline had his first?

Her gaze was gentle, calm and compassionate, staring into his own beautiful star-white eyes.

(Bleh. Long day at work means clumsy. So many feels cant even text them HAHAHA)
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Love was like an ointment for

Love was like an ointment for a mind sick and weary; it warms up cold and clammy states of depression, soothes and cools the fires of hatred, and serves as a balm for even the most broken of hearts. The exercise of spreading love, to oneself and others, is a perfect massage; to repair and tone up every strand of emotional muscle. It is of little wonder that those who love sleep so well, dream sweet dreams, then wake up fresh after each session. Around him the cicadas call and call, almost pathetically. Even as the twilight begins to sigh its last, bewitching the tall trees. They stand straight, stationary and still. Then, without warning, they toss their branches, and wave their leaves with joy at a passing wind. Burn fire burn; Ciel could see the flames to the sky as the memories raced through his mind. Should he be so open with her? The mere thought of even looking at her face, not to mention sitting with her, her cheek on his shoulder; it made his mouth run dry, sent shivers up his spine. His ears tilted back momentarily, unsure if he was causing her some kind of bother by waking her.

"I'm sorry Sterre, did I wake you?"

He shuffled uncomfortably. It was one of those moments that if he were able, he would scratch awkwardly at the back of his neck. But alas, all he could do is stand there and feel like an absolute fool.

"I can, uh.. leave, if you want to go back to sleep?"

But the question that remained was this; could he actually bring himself to walk away from her? She was such a fragile looking creature, delicate. He would loathe to leave her by herself. What if fate should deal him yet another cruel hand, and take another from him who meant so much? Even now, months since the incident occurred, still he could not help but blame himself for now being there, for not protecting her as a mate should. It had been his duty, his promise to her, and he had failed her. He wasn't willing to let it happen again.

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Hues of pink and orange

Hues of pink and orange glazed over the forest one final time before the night would break through the sky. This was Sterre’s favourite time of day; a time to watch things flourish into the beauty of dark-time. Sterre’s own stellar markings seemed to shimmer beautifully and the single gold fleck on her shoulder began to glow gently with a small pulse like a heartbeat. The stellar doe grinned to herself and inhaled deep, soaking up the full beauty of twilight, sending her small galaxy fragments into a gentle waltz. Although she always knew secretly, that they seemed to dance and glow that little bit brighter when she was with him.

A gentle breeze washed across the back of her fur, gently teasing at Sterre’s hair and the delicate doe smiled gently. Her eyes relaxingly focused on the delicate little charms that hung in Ciel’s antlers and her heart swelled forth again and in the corners of her mind, she tried to rein back her unruly doubting nature. On the outside she smiled gently, holding back the desire to chuckle at his seemingly startled nature. She uttered a gentle
”Shhhh” and shuffled herself over to make room for Ciel.

”I was having a frightful dream anyways, Im glad you woke me…”

Much like that darky-calm that had slowed her in the dream, Ciel was there. The young doe felt a blanket of calm fall over her, and she breathed gently over the fast beats of her heart;

”I’d…I’d like it if you stayed.”

Sterre looked at the space between her and then up to Ciel, the silver glitters in her eye beginning to reflect the dusky blues of night-fall. Her mind screamed to tell him, her doubt had taken the form of a snarling dog and cornered her heart. Just be near me she thought in desperation.
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What subtle actions bring to

What subtle actions bring to us the illusion of courage, they compel us to believe that whatever is being said or done, is simple bravery, gallantry, anything which requires a strong will and nerves of steel. But with that gentle breeze that toyed silently with the endless locks of her hair, so to did it toy with that blasted fluttering in his chest. His nerves of steel were almost instantly dissolved. He had the will and unfaltering ability to stand before even the largest of enemies in defense of his family. However, when this doe was placed before him, he could almost feel his knees shake. His doubts of being there were soon put at relative ease when she quietly hushed him, almost as one would hush a frightened child. He felt a rush, best described as an inner giddiness, as she invited him to stay. He hesitated for but a moment, not wanting to simply rush over to her, lest he make a fool of himself. Slowly striding forward, he closed the space between them. Dropping to his knees, he let his weight fall beside her, not quite touching.

"So, uh.. what was your dream about?"

He arched his neck slightly, now able to look at her face. Immediately, his own curiosities about her dream were put aside, the glimmer of the twilight hours shining brightly in the depths of her eyes. That clearness, it reflected back to him, caught him transfixed without any indication of letting go.


He ushered it almost breathlessly. Realizing he was staring, he quickly tore his eyes away, blinking several times, and instead staring at something not so interesting on the ground ahead of him.
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Sterre felt the warmer

Sterre felt the warmer presence fall down beside her and could sense her heart screaming. This must have been how Otis felt; silenced. Her eyes gently traced his form, the soft oranges, pinks and blues lighting up his magnificent white coat and strong features. His two white eyes always stood out in that sea of dark, so focused, intense. She caught herself staring and darted her eyes elsewhere hoping he did not notice. Although, was it such a crime to admire? In the quiet moment his voice gently lurched out and roused her from her dreaming state. She smiled

"I dreampt I was moving through space like a shooting star...and I couldn't stop. It was so fast that I couldn't...breathe. Her expression turned pained "And I wanted to focus, to see the beauty and I couldn't...I was not in control." Sterre paused, staring slightly above Ciels head and between his antlers "But then I began to slow down as I approached this dark felt like..the sea. The great water. It gentle. I could feel myself being lulled by its currents and sound." She inhaled deep Ciels scent, that pang of salty air hitting her senses, she stared into his eyes now.

"And it woke me up and it was still as magnificent as it was the dream."

I just said that? Oh my god I can't believe I said that. Sterre realized what she had said flicked her ears in a nervous fidget. Although she was always quite comfortable flirting with the stag, as she had done many times, for some reason this felt different. Sterre caught Ciel staring at her eyes, and tilted her head in a smile at his "Wow". She smiled and ducked her head under her hair, blushing to herself secretly or not so secretly.
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A crooked smile broke across

A crooked smile broke across his lips at her sudden aversion for staring. It was perhaps his favorite of her quirks; that blush that would bound untamed across her cheeks, before she would suddenly look away. His ears, or what was left of his ears, perked up as she began to answer his curiosities about her dream. It consisted of strange imagery, but seemed beautiful all the same. Ciel had always thought of the sea to be of great turbulence, of uncontrolled wrath. The way it broiled and bubbled, frothed about madly, and threatened to swallow and suffocate him. It reminded him greatly of what was occurring within himself. But Sterre seemed to hold a different perspective entirely of what the sea was to her, and the outlook was refreshing. As her eyes turned to him, he felt his brow raise, and he allowed himself to be swallowed in them.

As the young doe seemed to falter under his gaze, turning her head and hiding beneath the canopy of her hair, Ciel blinked, snapping himself from the trance she had put him in. He hesitated for a moment, second guessing himself. Should he be doing this, pushing things this far? Despite the inner conflict, the stag slowly leaned himself closer, willing himself not to falter... not now. He dipped his muzzle beneath the locks of her hair, touching the bridge of his nose to her jaw. Along that jaw line he trailed a line, soon reaching her chin.

He applied a pressure, light, coaxing her to lift her head, to not hide her face from him. For who would not want to gaze upon such a face? He could not tear his eyes away from her, not even if he wanted to. Slowly, ever so slowly, he removed the bridge of his nose from beneath her chin. Never leaving more than an inch or so between them, he tentatively brought his muzzle higher and gingerly touched his lips to hers.
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No words were said between

No words were said between them. Each small action echoed out its own meanings and as the doe felt her hair being parted and Ciel’s nose touching her jawline-did her breathing suddenly increase. She closed her eyes, shivering at his touch with her mouth somewhat agape trying to catch up with her soft breath. She could feel his nose trace along her face whilst her heart dared to shoot right out of her chest. Her mouth became dry and her hooves quivered nervously as she suddenly felt her head tilted upwards to reveal her face to him. She was suddenly lost in the gentle caress of the darky calm and she focused on her heartbeat, on her breath. Suddenly, she could feel the warm breath on her lips and nose and in one gentle moment, she felt her lips touch his.

ba boom. Ba boom ba boom.

She inhaled deep, hardly an inch between them and sighed slightly and let her lips rest on his. Her heart screamed out as the snarling dog of self doubt ran away and she let herself go. The doe brought her head closer, nuzzling it under the nape of Ciels chin, tenderly pecking across his neck and close to his ear before bringing her eyes back to his. No words were said, just the sound of their breath and beating of hearts. She let her lips rest close to his, closing her eyes. Should she say something? Did he need to say something for this moment to mean anything? Did it even matter? This was now and it spoke multitudes. She felt for him. ”Don’t leave me. Not now.” her mind uttered with gentle desperation. She moved her body closer so they were touching, letting his warmth comfort her, her head hardly moving away from him.
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That crimson flare, which

That crimson flare, which warms at first sight, but seared the heart with pain. Ciel had felt that sting. Better it is to lose a finger than to sacrifice one's whole life for a sip of honey. If so was the case, then Ciel had lost all of his fingers. That repercussion of self torture from his past, it weighed down heavily on his eyelids, threatening to consume him. After rendezvous, parting follows. And from craving arises woe. When pleasures fade, suffering enters the stage, and with a loud bang and scream, deer do them again. But this... this intimate touch, it blew away all traces of these negative surges. He felt his chest swell as a new air rushed through his lungs. It opened up every negatively charged space in his body, letting a refreshing surge overflow into every crevice. He was stunned when she didn't immediately pull away, instead feverishly placing a blazing trail of brief kisses up his neck and cheek.

Mindful of his antlers, he arched his neck and tilted his chin down, touching his forehead to her own for several moments. His eyes softened immensely, gazing at the gentle curve of her folded legs. He almost dared not move, lest he ruin perhaps the perfect of moments. Lifting his chin, he draped his neck over her spine, just behind her ears. With her neck nestled in the crook beneath his head, holding onto her gently, eyes clenched tightly shut as if he were afraid to let go. He breathed in deeply, his chest swelling before he exhaled with a shudder. His body quivered briefly; many months of chained blame and regrets, self torture and sleepless nights... he could finally let it all go.
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^squeee! (and also a track

(and also a track for awesome Sterre)

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*baawing all over the place*

*baawing all over the place* TOTALLY INSPIRED TO MAKE A THING NOW.

Apel: HELLO Cool
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Happy Birthday Sterre~

Happy Birthday Sterre~ <3

" ! ( ^ ) * !! ^

" ! ( ^ ) * !! ^ <3 "