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Seeking 3x Art Trades

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I want more art of my new boy Onjo, so hoping to do some art trades.

Not first come first serve but comment if you are interested!
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Onjo; Trickster

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halp me forest

Oh god its been like 5 years.

No really.
Just re installed TEF on the PC because I actually had not yet.
All I get is Error on connect. RUnning as admin. Compatability mode Windows XP SP3.

This is windows 10 whats the latest catch to make it connect?
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Consensus on a Set Piece?

Hello all!
I recently became one of the forests magicians!
I am very much away from a computer right now (for a week) but id like to gague some interest on what you guys would like to see for a set piece?

Masks, antlers or pelt? What styles or influences?

I will be making horns styled like this in collaboration with the Ghoul pelt and mask Alcinda is doing!
They will have some spiney bits to reflect the striping on the ghoul pelt.
Away from a computer until the 4th of Jan but looking forward to drawing and collaborating Smiling
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PSA: Dropbox Public Links will be made redundant in March 2017

"Hi Kate,

We’re always looking to improve the Dropbox sharing experience. The Public folder was the first sharing method we introduced, and since then, we’ve built even better ways for you to share securely and work together with your team.

As a result, we’ll soon be ending support for the Public folder. Dropbox Basic users will be able to use the Public folder until March 15, 2017. After that date the files in your Public folder will become private, and links to these files will be deactivated. Your files will remain safe in Dropbox.

If you’d like to keep sharing files in your Public folder, you can create new shared links. Just make sure to send the new URLs to your collaborators.

In addition to shared links, we have a number of sharing options designed to make collaboration easier and give you more control. To learn more, visit our Help Center.

The Dropbox team"

Im so mad.

Heads up guys

Go and register on the forums and complain. Bang pots outside their headquarters. This is huge.
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t h o u g h t s o f j e t p l a n e s // response

Hello everyone!
As a part of a new body of work to be initiated in 2015, Im calling on you to help it come to life. I am searching for stories, responses, thoughts, feelings of and about Jet Planes. All responses are anonymous.

Click here to respond!

Much appreciated,
Kate Hallen.
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Art Trades [Finished - Closed]

Hey there!
I am looking to do some art trades. Need a nice distraction from Thesis land. This won't be first come first serve though.

You can see examples of my art here.

1 ravynn - Finished - Their Half Done
2 nikagika - Finished
3 W0lfclaw - Finished - Their Half Done
4 wake - Finished - Their Half Done

Thanks everyone!
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