The Forest Monk; eternal

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The Forest Monk

The Challenger: The Forest Monk does not share the compulsion to breed like others. Their essence is of the forest itself, and not from the outer realms. However, they respect the way of the multitude in this time, and nods to the season. He has decided to bear the title of challenger. Do not let his age fool you - he is just as spirited as the next; here to prove in the strength of the forest, the boughs of the oak. Do not see his engagement as malice-filled. See him as your brother and friend. Let us lock antlers together and celebrate the circle of the seasons, yes?

4 . 10 . 18

Has been very slow - mostly seen slumbering in various forest locations. Trying to awaken properly. Sighted a very strange deer with a very odd smell, they seemed old and very otherwordly (Altijd), but not at all dignified like himself. How strange. No matter. Sat aside them in quiet contemplation whilst another dark raven sat closeby (Ephire).

The forest sure had changed, of that Monk was sure. This was always to be his home, but the wheel would always turn, the creek would always flow. Others would come and others would go.

Current Season: Autumn

Name: The Forest Monk
Gender: Agender, they/him pronouns.
Age: Since the dawn of The Endless Forest.
Species: Endless Forest Deer.



The Forest Monk does not have a true name. His name is old, forgotten and unwanted. Being a creature of peace, neutrality, wisdom and stoic, like many of his brethren, he chose to not have a name. Since the first sprout of grass existed within the Endless Forest, he was there. Of course, The Forest Monk did not always look like this.

The Forest Monk holds no grudges or ill feelings. He is a gentle, placid creature who is often found wandering the forest, tending to plants or watching over others. He finds solace in the peaceful company of others and the energy of the forest. The Forest Monk loves to walk old roads, old routes taken by his kind long ago. Perhaps you wish to follow him? You might learn a thing or to about your heritage.

On a lone, distant hill you might sight the old stag. Do not let his antlers or stern mask frighten you- come children, come sit beside the old creature. Perhaps he will tell you an old tale of the day The monks began building the cathedral or the bridge? Maybe he will sing ancient songs that made the trees grow. History is the very fabric of his existence, and thrives when sharing it with others.

You often wonder why his looks are ephemeral. Why in summer he grows a copper hued pelt and seems rather energetic. Why in Autumn his pelt subdues and his antlers sprout all kinds of autumnal foliage. Why in winter his antlers ice over and he looses all colour. Why does he seem so sad? Of course, when spring graces the forest his pelt sprouts verdant hues and stunning foliage graces his antlers.

In his presence you begin to feel very young - on his back an entire history has turned.

Perhaps you think it best to ask him. He is a fountain of knowledge, kindness and wisdom. Eternal.

There are no grand tales of struggle, epic battles of good vs. evil or mysterious shrouded pasts within the monks history. Whilst this sentient is very old, his life has been incredibly placid. Long before a stag or fawn would tread on these grounds, there were few. Those of the monks. The forest herself and the Twin Gods. Every Monk within the forest chose to not harbour a name, as they felt names were a source of difference, and would escalate into pride and separation. Whilst the Gods gave them options to have names, they were quite happy in being their own unit. They did not function as individuals; They were a family.

Of all the monks, each did have occupations and roles. When the forest was in its first stages of growth, monks would sing to the trees and foliage, coaxing them to grow. Some of these songs were deep and uplifting; strong like the boughs of a tree. Other songs were quiet, gentle and vibrant; coaxing smaller plants to spring forth. The forest was shrouded in a mystical and wonderful chorus.

Once the Forest had grown, the monks agreed to build a cathedral. Others would go on to build a bridge. Each monk went on to develop the forest. But for our one monk in particular would take the initiative to tend to plants. Of all the monks, none showed a greater passion than he, and went on to cultivate poppies, blueberries and goldenrod. One particular spot our monk enjoyed was outside the Cathedral, where he would meet with one of the priest-monks and muse many things.

When the Forest finally developed, the Twin gods would call all to their idols. They would appear as the gold and the red. They offered a reward for the Monks service; to walk with them. All of the monks would agree, and they faded from the Forest. This is where our Monk made his choice to stay. In his service, he came to love the forest and what it had become. For showing his initiative, the Gods would carve him in their image. He no longer walked on two, he walked on four.

The Monk would walk the forest for the rest of its days. Although the Forest Monk no longer had all his friends beside him, he would have the forest. He has watched it grow, witnessed the births and deaths of many. He is at peace with the world.

Many come and others go, but The Forest monk always remains. He does not exclude or hold grudges. He has no desire to fight or quarrel, and is happy to tend to his gods magnificent, endless garden.


The Forest Monks story is loosely based on Tale of Tales small shreds of stories about The Endless Forest and the Monks that used to inhabit it.

"Where are the people who built and used this bridge? Did it serve the monks when they went to mass in the cathedral? When did the humans disappear? Or did they not?"

From this I developed my own version of the monks story. Human Monks would inhabit the forest long before the deer did. They would come to build the bridge and the cathedral, and would sleep within the old oak. The deep chorus of the oak is the Monks chorus that they would sing on leaving and arriving at the oak. Once the endless forest had grown to the size you now see, The human monks had a choice to walk with their makers; the twin gods, or remain behind.

Those that remained behind became deer.

Spring has left us once again, and the forest has begun to become awfully hot. The odd summer shower graces the forest and many of the deer have begun to shed velvet on their antlers in time for the rut. You sight The Forest Monk. Where did his foliage go? He looks awfully muscular and vibrant in his rusty red coat. He seems to be rather lively and active and does not hesitate to start a few spars. But his heart is in the right place, and only wishes to test his strength. No malice within such acts.

Can you hear that?
It's an earthly, pleasant crunching sound. All of a sudden, things seem a little bright, yet still generating a rather cold atmosphere. The trees have dropped their leaves, and things seem to be somewhat calmer, apart from the rutting stags. Our Forest Monk seems to have dulled in colour, and some rather subtle, orange and red foliage has started to grow on his antlers. He seems less active, rather neutral, with some hints of melancholy. You see him sitting on a lone hill. Winter is not far behind.

Winters bitter kisses have plagued the forest. Foul, icy tongues lick the forest of its lifeblood.

Things seem bitter and cold. The Forest Monks once vibrant foliage has died off and icicles had formed. His pelt seems to have lost all colour too. You do not see him as often as you would expect. Our Monk is too busy sleeping in the warmth of the oak, and not moving a great deal. He seems upset for some reason? His flowers and plants are no longer blooming.

drip drip drip
Did you hear that? The sound of melting snow. A layer of fresh clean water and sunlight coaxing the forest into a wonderful explosion of light and colour. The forest is born again. Flowers have returned to their full potential, and our Monks antlers have taken full form. His pelt seems to be at its brightest. Are those small ferns and moss growing on him? It certainly looks like it. He seems so vibrant.

A cheerful nod and play about, whilst still managing to contain his ancient dignified self.

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Interesting (: Track

Interesting (:
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Asdsjhjdf asdlfkjgsdfgdslj AS


//DROOL <3333333333333333333333333333333
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This is beautiful.

This is beautiful.

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@ Dampir: Thankyou C: @

@ Dampir: Thankyou C:
@ Amazon: Thankyou <3
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Aaaand track &hearts;

Aaaand track ♥
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Love the art and layout!

Love the art and layout! Smiling Very beautiful

This character is so amazing

This character is so amazing <3
And I also adore the drawing of him eyestrain made, wow. <3 I'll look forward to maybe meet him sometime in the forest. c:

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Track ;D love this felluh

Track ;D
love this felluh
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I love absolutely everything

I love absolutely everything about this character. You are a wealth of creative inspiration.

Amazing. &hearts; I'd have to

Amazing. ♥ I'd have to say that Spring and Winter are my favourite looks for him. :') And I absolutely love that little walking animation of him in the bottom right box. Tracking because of amazingness. 8D
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@ Ysrael: Oh my, thank you so

@ Ysrael: Oh my, thank you so much. I am honoured to hear this. You are far too kind.
<3 I am glad to hear you like him!

@ Raindrops: Spring has always been a personal favourite of mine Eye
Thankyou so much. It means a lot. <3

I hope Monk gets to meet both your deer sometime!
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I look forward to it! I'm

I look forward to it! I'm sure any of my deer would love to spend time with him.

I hope so too.

I hope so too. <3
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(harmlessly bumping this as

(harmlessly bumping this as he was in forest today, in case others were curious)

Such a gentleman~!

Such a gentleman~!

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I really like this consept.

I really like this consept. Tracking this <3

asdfgfds track.

asdfgfds track. <3
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Thankyou everyone

Thankyou everyone <3

Hello That, so this is the adorable little minifawn monk met today. We are awfully fond of you. it was good fun to play with her! She is a real sweetie

Eheh, it was really bored and

Eheh, it was really bored and saw Monk sitting there, so it decided to go investigate. Eye
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I love this guy.

I love this guy. <3
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Tracking this. :3

Tracking this. :3
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Thanks guys

Thanks guys <3

Edited: Added Ephras wonderful commission Mystery Eternal to his bio. FINALLY.
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Ohman this one right here

Ohman this one right here seems interesting. c:

Need to track thisssss

Need to track thisssss ermagurd he seems so cool.
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Thanks both, coming at you 2

Thanks both, coming at you 2 years later HA.

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So pure! And beautiful...

So pure! And beautiful... Happy to know that there is such a creature in the forest
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Thank you both! I hope we can

Thank you both! I hope we can see you in the forest sometime.
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I never tracked this guy. I

I never tracked this guy. I love him

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I love this bio

I love this bio

Signature by Wildflowerdeer and Profile by Sybilline

um I am in love with this

um I am in love with this character and this bio is stunning

His background is sort of similar to a character called The Priest that used to be a father figure to Amary, though his player hasn't been around in ages. The character even seems similar in some ways, but without the Priest's more negative traits.

I would love it if he could meet Amary. Or maybe Shamira--I never do anything with her and I think they would make a good combo. I'm always up for roleplaying.
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@ Amary: Oooh! In Monks

@ Amary: Oooh! In Monks original story and worldbuilding we had a priest as well. But thats cool!

Im down for whatever. EVen here? We may not be in game but you can always assume he is sitting somewhere peacefully, in accordance with his season.

Yeah sure if you want!

Yeah sure if you want!


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Bump bc Rut 2019

Bump bc Rut 2019
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