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The Endless Forest is 10 years old today!

Ten years ago today, on 10 September 2005, the first phase of The Endless Forest was launched at a fine art exhibition entitled "Tardis" that took place on the ruins of a medieval abbey. The gothic Saint Salvator church that was part of the abbey served as the floor plan for the well-known ruin in our deer Forest.

The game was actually based on a prototype that had been made in response to a commission from the Museum of Modern Art in Luxemburg in 2003. This prototype was presented in its online gallery in 2004. MUDAM would continue to host the server for the game until 2012.

The Endless Forest is the first game released to the public by Tale of Tales. Over the years that followed, the game has been expanded to its current form. Each iteration of its development has been supported in part by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and Design Flanders. Additionally, Phase Two was created with the support of the STUK Arts Centre in Leuven and released in 2006. And Phase Three with the support of Rasa in 2007. Since then a few smaller additions were added such as Halloween for the Velocity Festival in 2007 and De Drinkplaats for an exhibition in the Broelmuseum in 2009.

As the game continued to draw players (20,000 registered deer by 2007, 50,000 by 2009, and almost 170,000 today), we've had to add new generations of pictograms to identify players in this wordless game.
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Donate to The Endless Forest

Thanks to players like you we have been able to keep The Endless Forest online and absolutely free for everyone. Since we lost our funded support of the multiplayer servers we have depended on the community to help us with the ongoing charges and maintenance of The Endless Forest and we are happy to say this has been largely successful! It seems like this place is more popular than ever, the spirit of the project lives on! Smiling Running a multiplayer environment is not cheap. And though Michael and I have moved on to other projects that take our attention away from this game, we love The Endless Forest as much as you do and want to keep it online forever if possible. So, if you haven't already, please consider a one time donation or an ongoing subscription.

You can do so here:

And even if you cannot donate, Thank you for playing and making The Endless Forest such a special place!

See you in the Forest,
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This is your community, be good to one another.

We do not police the community and we're proud to say that for the most part everyone gets along. This makes us happy as the creators of the joyful, calm experience that The Endless Forest is meant to be!
On this site, if conflict arises, please find a way to solve it and don't sow strife.

One way to be courteous to one another is to give credit if you post an image or use a picture that someone else has made. In other words, don't make someone mad by claiming their words or images as your own. Give credit and make friends by mentioning the name of the creator, and if you do not know where an image came from, say so, and ask if anyone else knows who the author is. Its just good manners.

If something does go horribly wrong you can always email us:

but, honestly, we try not to intervene ...
our advice is usually: solve the problem, have a good time, be good to one another.

all best,
Auriea & Michael
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Mother of all Gods and Goddesses

Ah, guess I don’t post a lot of art here anymore so hopefully a little spammage is okay. Herla and Gehirn are off on travels through Asia, currently they are in India and it’s been fun researching customs and beliefs. So you see there is a story and a reason behind Herla wearing this traditional Indian jewelry. In India women wear a nose ring pierced through the left side of the nose, as this is supposed to make childbirth easier. Thought that was very appropriate given their current quest, so nose piercing it is Herla.
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'masquerade' (final version)


full view.
Many would consider me an idiot.
Many would consider me a fool.
Many would consider me insane.
They don't understand,
nor do they care to,
nor do I care to.

Inside me shakes a legion,
my heart pounding with each step they take,
And they march for my soul.

There comes a time when I must sleep
And let these beings, warriors,
angels, take hold of me.
If we get tired of the same place,
of the same person,
of the same world,
Why not tire?
Let it go.

- by J.P.D, Singularis
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Animation Gallary

1. Walking cycle
2. Work in progress (fawn jumping)
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Fylimar concept

How it had happened, he didn't know. One moment he was with his older brother, watching him practice his magic, trying to learn, and the next he found himself in this strange forest, unfamiliar, alone and scared.
Where could he go? What had caused this to happen? Where was his brother? And most importantly... how to get back home?


The idea behind Fylimar is that he was born in a neighboring forest realm and something went horribly wrong with his brother's magic, opening a rift between the two worlds and pushing Fylimar through. He's stuck here now, with no idea how to make his way home.

He's a RP character, as a fawn and when he grows into a stag (and he will be handsome and he'll need a mate! Laughing out loud ). Right now though, he's cowering near the Playground if anyone wants to meet him. Be warned though, he's shy and scared right now. XD

In game he can be recognized by the purple flowers and this picto:

Fylimar is a result of me needing an excuse to make an barn owl-faced deer. I used to play TEF years ago but I lost my passwords and couldn't bother to recover them, so I made a new account, doodled him up and here we go. Once he grows into a stag I will draw his adult form so be on the look-out for that. He's new so he's still very much in development, but I hope you guys like him so far. ^_^
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King of Flowers

"The one that is always with flowers is considered a King. Is he truly of royalty? Or is it just a title he has obtained? This Duke... Prince... King of Flowers."

Mmm wow, hi TEF! Been awhile since I posted here...

YAY, Huron art... finally. He's my flowerbby.
Flowers just grow allll over him~

O Huron, you have no idea how annoying your braid tail is to draw!

I referenced many a deer in mid-bound for this picture. Curse you deer hind-legs and hooflets!
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Don't even think that.

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Rather large image below.
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