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TEF II step 5

We have posted an update on the remake of The Endless Forest in Unreal Engine here: http://olt.lt/ms/the-unreal-forest-step-5
Access is free for backers.
Join them if your haven't yet: http://endlessforest.org/fundraising/

TL;DR? Forest Magic! All of it. Implemented!

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Raising funds for the Forest

The IndieGogo campaign to remake The Endless Forest with new technology closed with an amazing 86% of its target collected. That's fantastic! Thank you all for your support.

This means that the remake will definitely happen!

I'm sure we can count on you to collect the remainder of the budget now that we have a bit more time. You can do that here.


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Hellsbells' commission.
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Twin God

© Art by Vibeness

Inspired by EyaPL

I hope I could do the idea justice. Though I had fun putting my own spin to it :]

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The Return of Fluffbutt

Drew myself a Silas
I am so rusty on drawing deer
the legs are screwed up hehe

Detail shots below

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(click, full res)

For M&A and the whole community,

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Rattle me

Gift for a friend of mine.
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No development grant for Phase Four

Our request for a grant to develop Phase Four of The endless Forest (or The endless Forest II as we are starting to call it) was denied by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund. As you may be aware, any major expansion of the game at this point requires remaking the underlying software in a new engine. The VAF have a rule against creating remakes that they invoked to reject our request. We tried to explain that the purpose is to expand the game and that remaking it is simply a technical necessity to be enable this. But to no avail.

But we have not given up, and are planning to run a crowd sourcing campaign to gather the necessary funds. As we are moving towards a completely non-profit status, however, we will need to wait a bit before we do that, for fiscal reasons. We're hoping to run the fund-raising campaign in Summer or Fall of 2016.

In the mean time our gratitude goes out to those of you who generously contribute to the maintenance of the game's server thanks to which you can all enjoy playing together. Please consider joining them.

Best wishes for the holidays and the new year!

See you in the Forest!

Michaël & Auriea.
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Gore warning;

(slightly belated) Halloween collab between me and Niriya. (:
Click for bigger
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precious deer;; (updated)

Always doodling deer. I liked this spread so I thought I'd share; and I'm always looking for an excuse to post here heh. u_u'
I can't get the music player to work :I So here have some soft music.

edit: I drew some more today. I went to see some Red Deer near where I live, in the Peak District!! I needed binoculars to see them but they were incredible, and you could hear them rutting rather loudly. : D
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