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Hello world

Meet me, my name is Kate and I adore games like Endless Forest.
You can always send me an email to say "hi", it will be a great joy for me.
Good luck to every deer.
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Junalie (to update)

i've been kinda MIA on here-- sorry about that! life's got me busy with so many appointments/meetings and all... anyways! i wanted to whip something up to let ya'll know that i'm still around, at least!


visual diary of my character here.
(I need to remember to take more screenshots...what is this)
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[Directory/Personal] Wandering Endlessly

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so, while messing around and trying to remember my previous accounts on here (ex; gweneth, junalie, etc.), i was able to access junalie w/o an issue and decided to bring her back to life! seeing as though she was my second deer in this community next to Gweneth being my first, i felt as though hey, why not? i'm not sure if anyone remembers me as Gweneth and/or Junalie, but-- ! all is well, a new start is always a good thing to have once in a while! (plus, who i was as a person 8-9 years back disappoints me greatly and i'd rather not be known for who i was back then. u_u but, if you recognize me and are wishing to start fresh, feel free to say if you wish to! familiar faces are always welcoming to see!) i'm currently ONLINE as Junalie in the forest so if you want to stop by and greet her, feel free to do so!
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Possible Art Trade ? (Or, not! All is OK)

I've been really digging my little pixels of my own deer and I've been thinking about whether or not I could do an art trade (to those who are wanting to!) so I could do a pixel or two for them? Shocked

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twins ?!

who is they... (tibby's the one on the left!)
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A New Arrival of a fallen fawn (New Fawn!)

Hello! So, with a little issue being fixed (thank you, again, Mortem!), I have successfully created a new deer (who is, of course, still a fawn at the very moment!) over... > here < !! I may switch back and forth from this account and onto the other for simple organization (since I am awful at keeping track on things and all...), but! It'll only be a side account that I will be using here and there... And, if I am wishing to have Tibby respond to IC posts themselves! Nonetheless, feel free to greet them at the moment within the forest if you wish to! [ Reference to picto: here! ]
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! ! ! (2)

hello to these new fellows who came on over to me! i'm very glad Soccoro was able to help out with the deer and their set! i hope these two had fun hanging out with Soccoro while they had the chance!
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