Does the Forest Eat Us

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I found two other deer who were small like me! They were young like me too!

One had my symbol but was not me because I am me! There can not be two me's! The other had a symbol like a river with eyes, but .. We played so much and so fast that I didn't get a good look at them and now I am left without a true knowing of them..

We chased each other through the trees jumping over everything in great leaps! We passed by many different creatures and deer some which played with us and some who didn't.

At the place that feels like sad, with the big flat standing stones and moss covered stone trees.There was a deer who was stuck behind flat branches that were cold and hard! They grew in a circle and connected over the head of the deer. There was no way in or out that wasn't through them so we couldn't find a way to free them. There were other deer around them, maybe when they wake up they will help the stuck deer.

I was sad that I could not help but we went and continued to play leaving the deer behind. I could have slipped through the bars but the big deer could not.. I wonder if they're stuck there even now..

The other me had left us to play alone and me and the other went and prayed at the statues that felt warm and like home. The figures felt special and the life of the forest surrounded them, I wonder who they are..

We were gifted white pelts from no one, did the statues give us these pelts? I stared for a small while at the statues but then our game of chase began again.
We ran around and played by the rocks and on the rocks and jumped from the highest ones we could!

Later the other deer with the symbol like a river went to sleep and faded into the forest. Does that happen to everyone when we sleep? There are some who sleep but are still here, does it only happen to small deer like me?

I don't want to sleep, I don't want to disappear, I want to remain in this forest with the others.
Maybe if I hide the forest won't eat me... I really hope so... If.. if my new friend was really eaten by the forest.. does that mean I'll never see them again? Maybe that's where all the other fawn are.. I'm scared.
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I love how you write your

I love how you write your fawn's perspective, it's very matter-of-fact and also innocent~

I hope you write more =D
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Yes , loves this too

Yes , loves this too !
Continue doing this Smiling
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@phantomhelsing Awww Thanks a

Awww Thanks a bunch!!! Laughing out loud I'm going to try to have her get better at explaining as she gets older!
I'll definitely continue making these! They're a lot of fun! Laughing out loud