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Doodle bleg

fuck it! lets have an axebeAK here
 photo Axebeak_zpsbnolsi4h.png

 photo 21148582_1619238618107867_1098668779_n_zpslqsp68c8.jpg

 photo 22330773_1653303104701418_1108315365_n_zpsjeb98tpi.jpg
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I would like some deer friends of thats ok :c

a day to celebrate

any wiccan or witches (or both) here?
if you see this
hope you're having a nice Mabon/Ostara
blessed be <3

it's such a pity i haven't been here for so long
my sweety is turning grown-up on some of these days
maybe he/she has already become an adult, i'm going to check
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HI, i came back to this game after a long time

sooooooo.....whats poppin my dudes?

good evening

i found this place by chance and it's already the most fun i've had in a long time. i hope i get to meet more in the forest soon and i can't wait for the remake!

Hello :)

how strange it all is Smiling when the statues come to life? Smiling

thoughts 3

there were 68 (!) deers when i entered the forest today
i've never seen so many of them
had fun with a fawn who's unfortunately not in the community
this misty weather makes me feel the coziness of autumn thanks gods
sleeping inside that huge tree is one of the best things experienced by me here

hope my posts aren't annoying
i don't want to act as a role player until my baby grows up

thoughts 2

met funny cutie named Levant today
if you're reading this (99,9% you're not),i need to say i was happy to spend some time with you
actually, i started to feel a bit lonely here
at least it's possible to stay alone for some time in the woods
loneliness is a luxury good for a person who lives in the russian dorm
however, i'm always happy to meet someone new

Slides back in

Welllp finally time to come back officially even though I never super duper left.

Hey y'all, this is uhh. SilentOrosco if you remember me at all. I was active waayyyyyy back, haven't been on TEFc in any public sense for a long while.

I don't have my main PC right now so it's gonna be slow going dipping back into the game with others at first. Get some simple bios set up soon. Maybe some pictogram adopts - I have a good handful I'd like to circulate back into the community but I'm not super sure how I want to go about it. Don't want to make anyone do anything as extreme as pay for them, but I would like to know that they'll actually be used... hmm.

Ah well, I'll suss it out. Good to be out of the shadows again.

thoughts 1

the forest is a place i have been always attracted to as a human. once i heard a song which had this kind of lyrics:
"people's life is useless, i don't like it,
i just want to be a tree on a wild wind"

and i understood it with a whole soul

pines are my greatest inspiration. almost all the trees make me feel like a part of nature.
and today i'm here, sleeping under the Twin Gods' statue and listening to birds singing among the branches.
best place ever.
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