Yesterday in the forest

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I woke up yesterday aware of my existence. Inside this forest, one end leads to the last in an endless loop. I could not leave if I tried but I do not want to leave, it's nice here, peaceful.

Though everyone sleeps and does not play. I do not understand the etiquette here, should I not seek to sleep next to someone? that might be rude as I do not know them...

But someone did wake up and play! Later when I was wandering around the area I bumped into a deer whose antlers were like musical horns, they played change antlers with me though mine did not last long I greatly enjoyed it.

I am glad this forest has more than the sleeping ones. I look forward to meeting the others in this place. Perhaps I'll even learn the rules of communication, we shall see.

Hi there, Bashful! I hope

Hi there, Bashful! I hope it's ok if I call you that. I enjoy your writing style!

I'm sorry that you've encountered so many sleepy deer. A lot of people multitask while they play The Endless Forest, so they'll leave their deer idle while they're doing something else, like drawing or listening to music. Don't be afraid to sidle up to somebody while they're sleeping or sitting down! They might notice you and interact, or maybe they're truly busy.

If you ever have any questions regarding the Forest, don't be afraid to ask! Everybody has a slightly different "dialect" (so to speak) when it comes to communicating in-game, but there are lots of actions and strings of actions that mean essentially the same thing, no matter who is "saying" it. It takes a bit to learn, but you'll get the hang of it c:

I'll keep an eye out for you in the Forest! Hope to see more posts of yours in the future!
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Hello Hello! It certainly

Hello Hello!

It certainly is very okay for you to call me Bashful! Thank you very kindly I'm really glad you enjoy the style! I plan on writing a bunch of first person snippets of my lil deer's life here. Like a real diary! ehe

That makes sense that people let it run in the background, Okay! I'll take your advice and do that then! Thank you!!

Thank you! I'll keep that in mind for sure if I run into anything very puzzling!
oooo I really love that people all use their own small differences in interacting but it still works out!
Also I'll keep my eyes open for these strings of actions then!

And I'll keep my eye out for you as well! Thank you for all this lovely advice Fish! If I may call you that? O: C:

awesome! I hope you enjoy them Laughing out loud

Wonderful to know! my first

Wonderful to know! my first thought was to ask if I could call you 'Bash' but that's such a violent word oTL

You're welcome! I'm glad to be of assistance c: Again, don't be afraid to ask questions! We might be a shy group, but we're all pretty darn nice and like to help.

I'm excited to read more entries by you!! *thumbs up emoji*
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Hello there bashful! I

Hello there bashful!

I believe that was me you played " change the antlers " with.
There's lot of ways to make your own fun if most of the other deer are asleep. Eye

I think its fine to plonk down next to other deer if they're resting, try it? maybe you'll make some friends.

I'm always happy to play if you see me in there Smiling

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Welcome to TEF! Be sure to

Welcome to TEF! Laughing out loud Be sure to say "hi" if you see any of my deer in forest :3

Hello, cute fawn. ;u;

Hello, cute fawn. ;u;
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It was indeed you Fluere!

It was indeed you Fluere!
Indeed! Like jumping around and splashing in the water! There's so much fun in this forest!

Thank you for your view on things! I might never have approached others thinking it rude! I'm glad I do now! If our paths ever cross we'll surely play again!
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Hello Kozan! You were the

Hello Kozan! You were the butterfly Deer I saw today!
At least I think you are, you share a name with the one the map pointed me to.
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Thank you Singingbird! I will

Thank you Singingbird! I will for sure be sure to say hello if I see you in the forest! C:

Yes, it was me. I have two

Yes, it was me. I have two pictograms and the one you saw I play on most often now. It was a pleasure to meet you and play. <3