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Decay will feed the bloom

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Pregnancy Blog [Cereja]

will tack cer's pregnancy and the time he cares for the kiddos until they are "born".
interactions and plotting of any kind is welcome. please contact me via discord for anything at all.
Discord: Calix#0183
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anyone have comms open?

Hey just wondering if anyone here has commissions open? If possible I'd like to keep it to one artist so it would be great if you can do both deer and human faced characters but I don't mind splitting it up either. :3 you can leave all your info and links here or you can poke me over on discord too if that's easier.

Discord: Calix#0183
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Rut blog - 2018 UPDATE

rut is over. enjoyed the event and meeting new people.
I'll leave this up until next rut :3
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LF: fawn players

Looking for fawn players around 2 maybe 3 at the most though we are set on 2 for now. It would probably be some time before they are born just want to start looking early. Gender, names and design would be up to the player and we are pretty open design wise. More details can be given to anyone interested just message me on skype or discord. (discord preferred).

skype/email: Calixcs (
discord: calix#0183
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I am all flesh and blood but all you see is a ghost

Just trying to get active again for the millionth time don't mind me.
hopefully something will stick. did some css cause I love to procrastinate. might change their names I'm so indecisive..... major WIP
working on more traits OTL
when you've never rped two characters in one and decide to do 2 or 3 for some god forsaken reason.

****finals are pretty much here so RIP my activity for now*****
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The Wildflower [Cereja]

welp here we go. bio info and other things still need to be updated but for now this will do :3
hopefully the comment issue has been fixed oTL
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css testing

test test test
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