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--I have no idea what I'm doing, aha. I always meant to try this out ever since I heard about it--eh--aeons ago, but never thought my machine at the time could handle it. This one probably shouldn't be able to - piddly integrated graphics chip - but it does, so I spent about an hour running around, part of that following another li'l fawn because why not.

I wish my screenshots saved. qq

Hello everyone, new faun here!

Hello, I'm just starting out in the endless forest game and community. I had played the game a few years back, but I was much younger and had a hard time getting behind it (because I was super impatient). But the artwork, game and community stuck with me and influenced a lot of my storytelling. I thought I would give the endless forest another try after being in low space emotionally for a while now. I look forward to meeting you all,

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Oh no!

I've had a hectic life and haven't been able to play much. I was rather upset when I loaded up the game today to discover the servers apparently were cut off! Or at the very least I can't connect any more. I miss my owly faced deer. I do think it would be strange that just in April a new generation of pictograms would be released only for the game to stop being hosted 2 months later...
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Hey guess who got to live in a train station for 7.5 hours today

It was me.


This was after a 13 hour train ride and I'm only halfway to my destination.

I've decided that trains are the devil and I do not like them lol

Now I'm going to sit here and listen to my silly DnD podcasts and eat my slightly crushed potato chips in peace so help me |D

[EDIT] I'm on my phone does anyone want to do me a solid and slap my icon over a Tom Hanks in The Terminal for me? I feel like this is a necessary joke for this situation haha

Deerdre's Journal

Deerdre's journal, click for more~
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So...i just began playing and i do think the game is pretty...special?It has a nice character to it i guess.It looks nice and relaxing for now.I dont know why i like it so much.Im thinking about what the meaning is.It doesn't make sense but,does it really have to?I think it's better of not to think about it to much.
Im a cute fawn with a human face.If i explain the game to ppl they will think im crazy.Maybe it has a story behind it and i just don't know about it.I like my sign...looks like a foxy or wolf pup.
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Season chronicle

This blog is to record the past transformations and events belonging to the character Autumn/sprng/pomlad/sommer.

More stuff will be posted later.
But hey spring is resurrected again and shall be walking among the denizens of the forest once again!
Untill this is finished...
shoo, shoo l:v
unless you have suggestions how I should organize this?

I gotta categorize all sections and copy the information from each blog and such, maybe sort the art and fan art made of him for each season c:

-2015 (marked by earrings courtesy by me)
-first conceptualization.
-resurrection by vessan
-a rare shade in the forest
-2016 (marked by pains and lethargy(seeds growing IN him) courtesy by vee)
-resurrected by vee

A warm draft of wind shook the crowns of trees, rushing over their branches and trunks, bringing the awoken to bloom and burying the ones that were still asleep. With it in the forest, bird song had started long before the sun even came near to rise. Tranquil silence only filled one small spot,
and in it, there it lay all twisted in thorns and dusted with bone, the remnants of the one that stumbled, trotted charged and loomed in this place just weeks ago, and the time between then and now marked his sleep.
A sharp chill in the air; dead branches cracking under the intense grip of the sudden frost in its wake signified the gods arrival onto the scene. Outside, the living play, oblivious as though there is no change a short distance from them, and perhaps to them nothing had changed at all.
Vee silently graces over the ice-kissed earth he conjured towards the decaying form hidden amongst the thicket. His motives known only by himself.

Keiino awakens again

Huh. Well, a while ago i got the news of The Endless Forest Second Origin being worked on. I have not been around much.. Last time being 2014. Looking back at my old diary entry, i cringe at my antics.. But hey, we all grow and evolve as a person. And i plan sticking around for a good long while. This game played a big part in my childhood. And i figured it was time to awaken my deer; Keiino once more. (Whom of which had grown considerably from old gameplay) So heck! i return without a bang.
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Shout out, anyone?

Popping back into the community after such a longtime is as weird as always. I've forgotten almost all of the familiar pictos from years past, and I don't want to be digging up old blogs to people who may or may not still be here or just stalking about.

Sooo, if you remember me, or would like to get to know me, by all means, drop a comment any time, any date. Kind of a blog that I feel safe un-burying in the future if I need or want to see who is around again.

Cheers to all the new people around and the update to the game! I can't get in-forest, but Hot Dang!
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guess who's back (back, back) back again (again, again) rowell is back, tell a friend

(warning(s): sui///cide implications, death mention)

hey guys! sorry for not being around all of the sudden-- life's been rather hectic and i haven't had the proper energy to be doing things here and there like i usually could...

i haven't been very well mentally, or, well... with my health in general. i have been very sui///cidal for quite some time due to stressful events, so... i've been really trying hard to get things together. while things have been rather stressful, i have recently lost a relative of mine which broke my heart in an instant... so-- with all of that being put together, i haven't been doing quite the best as i wish to, but... i will try and get back into being active! the forest itself has always helped me gain some sort of ease with my train of thought; having me be able to sit back and relax and just... live that moment, ahah.

i hope everyone has been alright and i'm sorry for any worries i may have brought.
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