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I'm here, for now. Let's see what happens and how long it last.

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Beach Painting Diary

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Lemon's Journal - August


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22 August, 2017[=georgia][=#70564a]

The first half of the day was uneventful. I spent some time hanging around Umay, too afraid to approach while she was in the company of Nikhil, until eventually growing bored and wandering off to pray at the twin gods' statues. After a carefully recited prayer, I plopped down and stretched out, laying over on my side beneath the shade of the ancient statues.

Crescent found me there, and I spent some time rolling around in his soft fur and mostly being half-asleep, until little Ahn approached and caught my attention. I got up and said hello to her, after which we talked a little about Walter and then I shared the news of my pregnancy. She seemed genuinely excited about the prospect of little Lemons running around. It ended on a positive note, with the two of us curled up cuddling together.

It wasn't long before I heard her footsteps.


Kaoori was in bright spirits, which only made my heart hurt all the more for the conversation that lay ahead of us. She covered me in peacock feathers and giggled, running circles around me while I tried to play along and savor these last sweet moments. Finally, panting and exhausted, we curled up together. It was time to talk.

We spoke first about Malikorin and my hesitance to come near him lately.
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Deerdre's Journal

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July 18

18 June, 2017

Lots has happened. I been hanging out with Lu and Jude (two-faces) and meeting lots of new creatures. Some I like. Some I not like. Some I really really like.

I gonna try to keep a journal. Sometimes I'm forgetting. Still not talk right a lot, so it's hard to focus. I talked to a dog thing named Henya, I liked her. She was shy.

I met something called a Mirza that puked blood on me. Gross but I was impressed. After that Lu picked me up by my scruff and dunked me in the water because I was too gross for him. And because I tried to rub the blood-puke on him.

Mirza had a mom. Or a dad. Still not clear on that. But wishing I had one too. Lots of adults but... not sure they like me.

Still unclear what is food and what is "not food". Thinking maybe everything is food? But apparently some food is a friend, and you can't eat that. Ate a potato, that was yuck. Gave to me by a squirrel that talked? Thought she looked tasty, but "CAN NOT EAT".

Found a guy with big antlers (Nikhil). I remembered seeing him before and I remembered "DON'T TOUCH HIM" but there were no adults, so I went over and touched him. He was nice, not scary at all. I tried to fight him and he fought me back. It's hard to get people to play fight, but it's so much fun? We fought a bunch and then we sat down and snuggled. He tried to get up and leave so I followed him a buncha times until finally he said we'd play again tomorrow and he had to go. He called me 'kid' and promised snacks.
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Just a little bit of a vent

I'm kinda having an off day and I'm frustrated |D

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