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My Friend Can Fly

I woke up today inside my secret hiding place from the forest.
This log is small but big enough for me! but it's by the water and my fur gets cold and soggy when the pond leaks into the log.. . But But! I hid from the forest! It couldn't see me through the log so it couldn't eat me.

I ran into the first deer I met here! A friend who I danced around with! We found a mushroom ring and I could feel a special life feeling inside of it. I dug up some of the mushrooms and ate them but I went unchanged, my friend sat in the center and called me over to sit.

The ring's life was given to each of us, making our symbols grow brighter. I became a small creature with this life- this energy, I was so small! too Small! My friend was as big as the trees like this!

I was scared they might step on me but they were very careful with their steps. I chased them because I was angry! I tried to jump at their legs but I couldn't catch them, and then I stumbled back into my own fur and form.

My energy only changed their pelt into a brown.

My friend can fly! They jumped from the tall rocks and ran through the air sitting on the wind!
I could not catch them no matter how high I jumped! They came down but I could not go up! Sometimes I felt the wind be solid under my hooves but then drift away and send me to the ground.

I think I could fly too... if I learned how. I won't give up!
Someday I'll fly just like them! We did other things in the forest too but I'm tired..

maybe I'll remember the other things we did when I wake up and record them here in this place. I can't see this place but I can feel it with my thoughts, there are others here. Is this how everyone connects? I can't understand most of the voices but I think I know a few of the feelings that are sent through. How strange that this place is always with me but at the same time isn't anywhere...

As I get tired I understand this place better but when I'm awake I can't even remember it...
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Pregnancy Blog [Cereja]

will tack cer's pregnancy and the time he cares for the kiddos until they are "born".
interactions and plotting of any kind is welcome. please contact me via discord for anything at all.
Discord: Calix#0183
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Nice to meet you!

knew the game of deer. It is recent.
Communication this game is to connect with the world of people with only gesture.
It's interesting and interesting.
There are rules that have just started and do not understand.
I do not know whether friends can be made. Please make friends. Ty
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???????(Nice to meet you!)

Question??Question?????I knew the game of deer. It is recent.
Communication this game is to connect with the world of people with only gesture.
Question??Question??Question?It's interesting and interesting.
There are rules that have just started and do not understand.
I do not know whether friends can be made. Please make friends.
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Does the Forest Eat Us

I found two other deer who were small like me! They were young like me too!

One had my symbol but was not me because I am me! There can not be two me's! The other had a symbol like a river with eyes, but .. We played so much and so fast that I didn't get a good look at them and now I am left without a true knowing of them..

We chased each other through the trees jumping over everything in great leaps! We passed by many different creatures and deer some which played with us and some who didn't.

At the place that feels like sad, with the big flat standing stones and moss covered stone trees.There was a deer who was stuck behind flat branches that were cold and hard! They grew in a circle and connected over the head of the deer. There was no way in or out that wasn't through them so we couldn't find a way to free them. There were other deer around them, maybe when they wake up they will help the stuck deer.

I was sad that I could not help but we went and continued to play leaving the deer behind. I could have slipped through the bars but the big deer could not.. I wonder if they're stuck there even now..

The other me had left us to play alone and me and the other went and prayed at the statues that felt warm and like home. The figures felt special and the life of the forest surrounded them, I wonder who they are..

We were gifted white pelts from no one, did the statues give us these pelts? I stared for a small while at the statues but then our game of chase began again.
We ran around and played by the rocks and on the rocks and jumped from the highest ones we could!

Later the other deer with the symbol like a river went to sleep and faded into the forest. Does that happen to everyone when we sleep? There are some who sleep but are still here, does it only happen to small deer like me?

I don't want to sleep, I don't want to disappear, I want to remain in this forest with the others.
Maybe if I hide the forest won't eat me...
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We Jumped and Skipped and Played, an Explanation of Many Days

I explored more of the forest but it feels like a lot of days have passed since I was awake before but everyone is still here,
even more deer are here! more than I've ever seen!

I found a giant tree somewhere in the forest but I do not like it.
The air around it changes and I feel as if something may happen if I were to stay,
The song the wind carries changed here and it sounded like a dangerous melody when I was near this tree and it scared me...

I will not go near this tree anymore.

I saw myself in the water, and a symbol was there over my head.
I could not shake it off no matter how dizzy I got, I fell into the pond but it did not wash away like my flowers.
I watched it a lot, and it looks like me! Is it what explains me? Is it me? It's glow is warm and if I close my eyes I can feel this forest's life through it.

Everyone has a symbol above their heads and it fits them,
every symbol feels like an explanation, a meaning, a purpose. A soundless word that describes them and the shape of them.
It's interesting but strange, everything here is so strange but I don't know why I think so.

I met someone like myself! His symbol is similar to mine but different!
He carries a different feel from me but we played chase and jump and it was fun!
He calls himself Kozan or at least I think that was it, but I don't remember him saying anything like it...
maybe, his symbol spoke that word to me? how strange..


A number of days have passed as a terrible tiredness overcame me but when I woke up in the forest again today I encountered a small gathering of deer.
Two of them broke off from the group and approached me with a greeting.
One had hooves like me whose symbol was warm like a fire, it whispered the name Tristan to me but I don't know if that is his name..

The other, was strange. So different from the deers and those with hooves,
he was long and lanky and had no hooves at all! But he was very friendly!
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Yesterday in the forest

I woke up yesterday aware of my existence. Inside this forest, one end leads to the last in an endless loop. I could not leave if I tried but I do not want to leave, it's nice here, peaceful.

Though everyone sleeps and does not play. I do not understand the etiquette here, should I not seek to sleep next to someone? that might be rude as I do not know them...

But someone did wake up and play! Later when I was wandering around the area I bumped into a deer whose antlers were like musical horns, they played change antlers with me though mine did not last long I greatly enjoyed it.

I am glad this forest has more than the sleeping ones. I look forward to meeting the others in this place. Perhaps I'll even learn the rules of communication, we shall see.
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Doodle bleg

fuck it! lets have an axebeAK here
 photo Axebeak_zpsbnolsi4h.png

 photo 21148582_1619238618107867_1098668779_n_zpslqsp68c8.jpg

 photo 22330773_1653303104701418_1108315365_n_zpsjeb98tpi.jpg
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I would like some deer friends of thats ok :c
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