Pregnancy Blog [Cereja]

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will tack cer's pregnancy and the time he cares for the kiddos until they are "born".
interactions and plotting of any kind is welcome. please contact me via discord for anything at all.
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PPhysical - 0%
MMental - 0%
EEmotional - 0%

2.4.18 witnessed the birth of his two children. in love with the small pups. groomed and cared for them despite his weakened state. lots of energy into keeping them well until and especially keeping sindile stable after being dug up by amaroq. so happy and tired. worried about the last seed that never seemed to grow much. tending to the pups for as long as he could hold on and he was sure sindile would be ok. slipped from this world peacefully while curled around his kids.

2.3.18 over the course of tending to the children has grown emaciated and weak. dedicates all of his free time to ensuring there health despite the detrimental effects it has on his own health. feels the constant drain from one of the kids but cannot pull himself away from them. meticulous in their care and very single minded. driven purely for his need for the children to be ok.

1.15.18 Over the past few weeks has been tending to the sprouts that have appeared. concerned about the slow growth rate of the babies but is more so concerned about the area around one end of the seedlings that has started dying off despite his best efforts. stressed as all heck. unable to feel rested and constantly experiences malaise that only seems to get worse. staring to experience weight loss from poor nutrition while caring for them.

11.13 - 11.22 Has remained around the seedlings, but has lately felt very odd. A familiar feeling he felt while he was carrying the pups. confused and worried for them. Ignoring his own feelings of malaise. has become hyperaware and more protective from the anxiety. [I'll add to this more later right now my brain is not working so well lol]

11.12.17 Went down to the pond for the drink and was approached by Tristan who invited cer to join his group. felt comfortable enough leaving the seeds alone so joined him and met the little swan and Dorian among others. glad for the company as always. eventually made his way back to the garden. joined by Jude. Really enjoying the visits from him. showed him the seeds and explained to him what they were. his reactions warmed his heart. sweet cinnamon roll too good too pure.

11.11.17 has over the past few days recovered from the pregnancy and has been monitoring the seeds very closely. seem to be fine so far despite his worry over the quality of the soil. Initial anxiety has waned a lot. typically finds comfort in amaroq who is very supportive and keeps him company often. More comfortable with strangers and guests since the ground offers a nice level of protection. later in the day was brought a rabbit by amaroq who stayed to keep him company eventually took a nap. woke up to find Jude putting flowers on him. thought it was absolutely adorable and groomed the small deer. eventually a small unknown feline joined them but Jude seemed to know him so thought nothing of it. enjoyed the peaceful company until ama woke up and got really agitated and defensive. planted himself between the giant wolf and the kids to make sure nothing would happen. eventually jude and dorian left unharmed much to cereja's relief. started feeling really bad for the whole thing.

11.5.17 Recovering fairly well now. spend most of his time in his garden. too nervous to leave and only does for very brief periods of time to visit the pond. spent much time alone taking lazy naps and monitoring the children until amaroq joined him. cuddled up to him happily. glad for the warmth and company.

11.4.17 [OOC: cer and the eggs' pictogram will be online all day until they are born to the best of my ability feel free to write me interactions and I'll respond as soon as I am able]
after waking up feels marginally better then he did before. Starting to recover from whatever was making him ill. he could only assume it was the pregnancy itself since his kind aren't well suited for carrying children. Started monitoring the seeds and their status. Still a bit surprised to have been carrying three. will be tending to them constantly. worried the soil in the forest will not be suitable for their growth despite his prepping it. Sleeping frequently to boost his health back up while he has some time. quick to cover the ground where he buried them with his body if he gets too nervous/scared by strangers. typically doesn't mind visitors though. Kept company for a long while by Galene. glad for the company. after she left started growing restless, but eventually was joined by Jude who offered him some lavender. Extremely excited at the gift and intend on planting it as soon as possible. noticed the small deer was injured and gave him some herbal salve. worried over him. offered him space in his garden and to take whatever he wants that's growing. wants to keep an eye out for the sweet deer.

11.3.17 has gotten worse physically and has started the birthing process slightly earlier. Has begun having contractions. Can't handle much of the pain in his current state. currently has a one track mind on getting the pups out. laying in his garden with ama at his side. After several hours finally birthed out the egg cases. with the help of amaroq who dug their holes planted the pups a few feet underground. Gently covered them and laid down near them. eventually fell asleep from exhaustion.

10.25.17 very lethargic and spends much of his days laying in his garden preparing it. No longer experiencing nausea and vomiting but is still feeling very unwell. weight is returning very slowly and requires a large amount of food to maintain. flowers are still not improving and are beginning to brown very slightly. has sent amaroq on a mission to find a suitable den for when the children are born. glad to have him be supportive of him and their children. concerned about how his health may be effecting the babies. distressed but trying to remain as clam and positive as possible. 20 days pregnant and soon to move on the the next stage. very cautious and wary of strangers. Protective of his stomach. heavily scent marking his garden.

10.17.17 eventually found amaroq and enjoyed his peaceful company before struggling to tell him the news but eventually managed to get it out. not doing much moving only what is required for all his prepping. wounds though relatively small are actively getting worse. having a really hard time maintaining weight. flowers have a slight droop to them.

10.16.17 Has realized what is happening and is somewhat conflicted in how he feels about it. Nervous to inform amaroq. symptoms only seem to get worse especially the fatigue. Wounds have stopped healing entirely. tries to maintain them and keep them as clean as possible. has started his own form of nesting and preparation.

10.14.17 Restless and uncomfortable. trying to settle down at his tree. Starting to eat more then normal. difficulty putting on weight but starting to get a little extra fluff to his body. Feelings of fatigue have increased and has started feeling nauseated from time to time.

10.11.17 Has retreated to his garden and started to collect leaves and bark. stashing it away for later use. feeling more fatigued then yesterday despite sleeping most of the day away. wounds are still healing slowly despite applying a herbal salve to it. Worried about why his body is reacting poorly and why he is so tired. eventually made his way back to the pond to again clean his wounds before heading back to his garden. fixing what little he feels like from the damage caused by the scuffle.

10.10.17 Secluded himself for the last two days of the rut. was entirely through with it after the altercation between haro and amaroq. Received superficial wounds from trying to get between them after realizing it wasn't a lighthearted rut spar. Ignored his own wounds to treat the two, but has noticed his wounds are healing slower than normal. Still tired and drained from the event decided to rest a while near his tree. went down to the pond to wash out his wounds and eventually fell asleep at the edge.
estimated date of conception: 10/6/17

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