We Jumped and Skipped and Played, an Explanation of Many Days

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I explored more of the forest but it feels like a lot of days have passed since I was awake before but everyone is still here,
even more deer are here! more than I've ever seen!

I found a giant tree somewhere in the forest but I do not like it.
The air around it changes and I feel as if something may happen if I were to stay,
The song the wind carries changed here and it sounded like a dangerous melody when I was near this tree and it scared me...

I will not go near this tree anymore.

I saw myself in the water, and a symbol was there over my head.
I could not shake it off no matter how dizzy I got, I fell into the pond but it did not wash away like my flowers.
I watched it a lot, and it looks like me! Is it what explains me? Is it me? It's glow is warm and if I close my eyes I can feel this forest's life through it.

Everyone has a symbol above their heads and it fits them,
every symbol feels like an explanation, a meaning, a purpose. A soundless word that describes them and the shape of them.
It's interesting but strange, everything here is so strange but I don't know why I think so.

I met someone like myself! His symbol is similar to mine but different!
He carries a different feel from me but we played chase and jump and it was fun!
He calls himself Kozan or at least I think that was it, but I don't remember him saying anything like it...
maybe, his symbol spoke that word to me? how strange..


A number of days have passed as a terrible tiredness overcame me but when I woke up in the forest again today I encountered a small gathering of deer.
Two of them broke off from the group and approached me with a greeting.
One had hooves like me whose symbol was warm like a fire, it whispered the name Tristan to me but I don't know if that is his name..

The other, was strange. So different from the deers and those with hooves,
he was long and lanky and had no hooves at all! But he was very friendly!
He too had a symbol, does everyone in this forest have one? Does the forest gift them to us or are we made with them?
His symbol hummed the name Jonah and I want to believe they're speaking their names.

I can't understand the words the others use, or really speak. I'm much smaller than they are.. I wonder if they started as small as me. If they couldn't understand like me.
But even if I can't understand their words they're still kind. We jumped around and I was gifted with a pelt that warmed my fur though it did not stay for long.

These gifts feel as if I should grab onto them to keep them from going back to the forest but I don't know how.
It's frustrating...

I went exploring some more and saw a lot of interesting deer and when I returned to the group Kozan was there!
The entire group played with me and we all jumped around and had fun! It was really really fun! There was another deer who was older and then young like me!
At least I think they were the same deer.. His symbol was the same, but I'm not sure... He had a really fun game where he ran really fast and then lept over me!
I joined in and it was really fun! His symbol gleamed the name Cu to me and I think that was who he was.

But I got tired after playing for so long so I went and slept somewhere safe.

I look forward when I wake up next in this forest, I'm sure a lot of fun will be waiting for me.

(ooc: I'm still learning about the lore here so I kind of just had a bit of fun trying to explain her perception of things and stuff -
I ran into these nice folks ByTheFireplace - AmberEye - Kozan - Pink)
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Such a nice update! A warm

Such a nice update! A warm welcome to the Forest from me and my Tristan c:
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aww looking forward to run

aww looking forward to run into the little fella :3
such a sweet update

You so cute. Let me adopt

You so cute. Let me adopt you. ;0;
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@ShrinkingRose Awww ;w; Me

Awww ;w; Me and Aylin thank you!

When you do meet, she'll be sure to try and pull you into a game of leap around! ehehe

She's the sweetest child - V -
Adopt? 0: