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Death Loved Life (Intro)

I've been thinking of starting a discord server for the game, that way some of us can have easy contact with deer we met in-game/befriend those we've met. I'm still getting myself situated back in the game currently, though it would be nice to have someone to hang out with! Depending on the time of day/night most are available.

Now to the relevance of the title, I wanted to write a story/blog entry of two deer that represent life and death, my own lore behind the Endless Forest. Though I will be busy a tad bit, I have many ideas to put and do and if some people would like to join me, you are more than welcome to help out a fellow deer in-game and/or discussing things here, or in a different social media platform.

The Endless Forest is very peaceful, with it, it helps many creative thoughts come into my head. As a artist, it also helps me with ideas for my own comic (which I am secretly working on), before I start blabbering on and on, please tell me your opinions of these! I can't wait to hear from all of you Smiling

A New Chapter

So I recently found this lovely game again, I can't remember if I played it during phase two or three but it has been some time, I happy I finally found this amazing game again. I hope In the future it continues to grow more and more, I believe I won't ever part from this game again anytime soon, haha.
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