Reflecting over things

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Long story short; I've been on this website for quite some time, 9 years.
I've fallen in and out of the community so many times, I've lost count. I started when I was very young, 10 years old or so, and made a lot of friends and acquaintances the next 3 or so. Then a lot of things changed at once and I disappeared for a very long time, only to get hit with nostalgia and return. Many people were gone.

So what's my point here? I'd really like to connect with someone or some here, if that would interest anyone. I miss the times but a lot has changed and I just have to accept it and move on, hopefully make new meaningful contact on my way.

So hey, if you would like to get to know me, I'd gladly get to know you. See you in the forest *smile*
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It‘s always nice to see older

It‘s always nice to see older players return to tef, so welcome back! There is currently an event going on called the Rut and I would say that‘s the perfect time to get to know people (: ♥

by sleepything
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Oh, in game or is it forum

Oh, in game or is it forum based? And thank you <3 it would be nice getting back into tef (also there's this weird bug with me not being able to post comments if my username doesn't correspond with the display name, weird o.o)

dindra, "in game or is it


"in game or is it forum based?"
It covers both. Here you can read the gist.
And yeah the display name bug never got fixed.

Welcome back. I don't keep up with the playerbase these days, but I'm up for a riot inforest.
Unless my picto's asleep, anyway. So join in, if you see it.

Yeah, and check out the new spells.

The game's also getting a remake. /thumbs up