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Saturday, July 16, 2022.
Funny, but not funny ha ha, funny Question
Went to make a space to keep art files, saw I already had one. The perks of memory loss. a ha ha?

*Previously, on Animal Planet...*
I'm making an art blog!?!
Maybe you guys will get to watch me progress!
(all art on here has been created by tossercook)

If you need to message me about anything or have any concerns, discord me at Luna#8228 or email me at tossercook (@) gmail (dot) com
If you can't reach me through either of these, you may comment below. Just remember anyone can read this and the comments.

Also! There are hidden scroll bars. <3

Other art links:

*Note - uh anyways I'm trash at this but practice makes progress

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I'm here

I'm here <3
sig by AceAshling, icon by HeartClock

IM HERE TOO &hearts;

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I'm gonna watch this too ^^

I'm gonna watch this too ^^

Signature art by Raz

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aaaa hoW did I miss this ??!

aaaa hoW did I miss this ??!
here now ♥

By Draak ♥