Checking In/2 Year Anniversary

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I missed my second year anniversary on here. Felt bad about that. Wondering how I got so off track again.
Wanted to check in on you guys.
Heard the rut is soon.
Two years is a long time, thank you guys for making it worth being here.
Love you guys.
Don't let me miss Heilong's birthday,
It will be his first. - January.
I need to get back into art, especially with winter coming.

Slowllllyyyyy sneaking backkkkk
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*Slides in at the speed of

*Slides in at the speed of light*
Wish you a happy 2nd tef bday (once more) buddy ❤
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Life happens, my friend!

Life happens, my friend! Happy 2 years, and here's to many more!
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Love you two

Love you two

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Wish you happy 2 TEF Years!

Wish you happy 2 TEF Years!

From Whiskeybeast

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A happy whole two years here

A happy whole two years here <3

By Draak ♥