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Reflecting over things

Long story short; I've been on this website for quite some time, 9 years.
I've fallen in and out of the community so many times, I've lost count. I started when I was very young, 10 years old or so, and made a lot of friends and acquaintances the next 3 or so. Then a lot of things changed at once and I disappeared for a very long time, only to get hit with nostalgia and return. Many people were gone.

So what's my point here? I'd really like to connect with someone or some here, if that would interest anyone. I miss the times but a lot has changed and I just have to accept it and move on, hopefully make new meaningful contact on my way.

So hey, if you would like to get to know me, I'd gladly get to know you. See you in the forest *smile*
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`~Introducing - Cielo~´

Name: Cielo
Nicknames: /none
Age: 17 human years, full grown deer
Species: Deer
Occupation: Usually in tall grass, mostly running around.

Appearance: Pale skin/fur with light freckles, a minimalistic tattoo placed on his right side of the face. He has deep sky blue eyes with variation depending on his mood. He has snow-white hair that is silky and long bangs that sometimes covers his left side of the face, slightly wavy. Cielo's limbs are surprisingly strong despite his slim appearance.

Set: Purple flower-crown, black and white pelt with white stripes, sometimes wears an orca mask.

Personality: Thoughtful, likes to think about philosophical questions. He loves friends and acts very energetically near them. He tends to see into others souls and mind, reading the atmosphere. At some points he can be cold and absent and that depends on stress he feels after being too close to someone. He feels strong connection to the Abiogenesis Gods and spends time praying from time to time. It's almost impossible for him to feel lonely in the forest.

Likes: Running around the forest and sometimes drop by the Graveyard to sit and think about the world.
Dislikes: Being told that he is annoying, it really drains his confidence

Background: //updating
Cielo is the youngest child in his family, younger brother of his powerful and strong brother Aison. He was born on a snowy day of March the 5th. Cielo and his brother had a very tense relationship when growing up together, his brother being jealous of the new favorite child. Eventually they grew closer when their mother died.
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A random human/oc art thread?

Hey, I just wondered if there's a category for human art or random drawings one could share with the rest? Is that a thing yet?

Or is it better to do a blog entry featuring them?
Thankful for help~
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My apologies

Hello, It's been a while.
To all the old users of TEF: accept my apologies. I must have been quite a pain in the a*s. I have acted immaturely and done stuff people usually find rude/stupid.

It's all in the past. I've grown enough to understand my mistakes and how I should behave.
That's all I have to say.
Thank you for your time.

I will also be more active in game and forum. My spelldata saver doesn't work well so I might look different all the time. Look for the pictogram in case you want to hang out.

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And we all leave...

Soon it won't be so many left in the forest, I mean, it's many new deers and those who were active before that left. It's not bad but many Dindras friends left her...
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Spelldata Question

Well, I've got a question about the spelldata. How can I download it to my comp? I am downloading TEF and want to save my pelt if I need it so how do i do it?
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1 year 8 weeks!!

So the day have come to me and i'm happy about that! Smiling
Its strange that i'v been at the TEF community for so long time!

But it feels good!

The five good things in my (tef) live!

1# i meet many friends
2# feelt for the first time like i'm at home!
3# i know now that people can be difrent and still be friends
4# got my fantasy back!
5# just love this!

So hurray for me!
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When is the next ABIOGENESIS?

Well i'v amoast never been on a ABIOGENESIS party befour so i want to know when the next party will be. Doth anyone know?
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i want to ask a thing!
Who curated the very first Abiogenesis festival?
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What hapend???????

This is not the forest i know!!!
What hapend to this plase??
Can someone tell me what is going on?!
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