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Goodness! I can't believe Quad's almost 9 years old! I registered close to Halloween because I saw this on Deviantart:

And just wanted to know what the heck this Endless Forest was. Didn't know it was going to completely change my life, and that Quad would be a good friend to me for almost a third of my life.

Thanks for continuing to be an amazing community, guys.

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Oh Quad, you're not

Oh Quad, you're not worthless. They clearly don't know talent and dedication, even when it's right under their nose.

I'm sure you'll get something next time, don't give up. Sad
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I don't know what more they

I don't know what more they would want. I worked at a grocery store for 5 years, and was repeatedly complimented by my managers for being dependable and hard working.

I'm not feeling so good right now, really dizzy and light headed. I think I'll take a hot bath.
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Just try to relax. Stressing

Just try to relax. Stressing out over it now isn't going to help you. A hot bath, even hot tea and maybe a nap would do you some good Smiling

Those people have missed out on a chance to have a good worker. Their loss.
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Aw, man... Hang in there,

Aw, man...
Hang in there, Quad. You're definitely not worthless!
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I need to stop thinking up

I need to stop thinking up deer concepts, dang it!

Just had an idea for a shadow deer, maybe even a shadow fawn. They would not be a villain, but rather an embodiment of shadow. Crows would frequent them and possibly do things they wished for such as gather pinecones or caw at random passerbys. The deer would rarely be a threat, but she would linger, unsure what her purpose was and walking among others in hopes to gain insight to the reason for her existence.

She would be tied to Hex, as the blind seer can detect shadow presences and would possibly be a guide to them, maybe even an adoptive mother.

And yes, this character was inspired by Nocturnal from the Elder Scrolls games. One of my favorite daedra.

So...anyone interested in me making this sort of character? XD...
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I don't want anyone to go

I don't want anyone to go rushing off to do it just yet, but...well...

I was considering offering Blixt's picto for a donation to ToT. I was thinking somewhere around $10-20 USD.

I know his picto will be sought after since it's a specific shape, and I had thought about making a new character to use the picto, but I also know that once my school starts in about a week I won't have time to be in the Forest.

I don't really know if there's a way to change his password without bugging M&A though...
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So...I'm starting to think I

So...I'm starting to think I may be agnostic, or at least starting to think more like an agnostic. It's been lately that whenever someone says something about God, I don't really think about it as much as I would have when I was younger. I know there are a lot of things that are influencing me to think this way, primarily a page on Facebook I have been following that posts quite a bit of anti-religion things.

I don't know. I don't know where I stand right now. I know I'm not an atheist, but...I don't seem to know if God really exists or not.

I used to believe the Bible was absolute law. But now that I've realized how ridiculous some of the laws and teachings are, especially in Leviticus, I've been less and less attached to the book as a guideline of how we are to live our lives.

I see a lot of suffering in the world. Even in my own family, it seems like every one of us is going through some sort of drama. And I don't understand why God would allow all of this to happen. There was a lady on the TV yesterday saying that God saved her son in the Oklahoma tornado, but what about the other children that died? Are they not as important or special is this one boy that lived? I just don't understand it...

But also just being utterly ashamed at my own religion for the garbage it has done. Televangelists using donations to live lavishly. People on the street shouting that you'll go to hell if you don't join their particular church. All this anti-muslim, anti-middle east, anti-everyone else who isn't Christian business. It all just makes me sick to my stomach that my religion spreads so much hate and greed.

I know some of you guys on here are agnostic. Could you tell me a little about this sort of thinking? Should I be...ashamed of myself for doubting God? Or is it not such a bad thing to question religion itself?

Just like how I have been secretly reading Buddhism books, playing around with Tarot cards, and observing animals in hopes that they may be guiding me spiritually, this will be another thing I will most likely keep to myself and not tell very many people about. I have some relatives who are devout Christians and I'd be afraid of them shunning me if they knew I did anything non-Christian.


So today is pretty much my last day of a year-long break from school. I'm starting Chemistry 2 at a community college tomorrow, and hope that my life turns around after getting this class passed. I figured I'd see about getting a copy of 30 Seconds to Mars' new album for the drive tomorrow.
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I've been getting better at

I've been getting better at eating salad. I used to not eat it at all, but I've gotten better at it. I still have specific guidelines on my salads, primarily I enjoy it 'dry' and with add-ins for flavoring. I am not a fan of salad dressing with a few exceptions - mostly I do like vinaigrette dressings. I absolutely will not eat salad with a mayonnaise-based dressing for a specific reason - I had to make homemade ranch dressing at my buffet job and it was disgusting to me.

So here are the parameters for a Quad salad. I'll include examples of salads I've had before and enjoy. Feel free to try making one sometime.

Salad/Lettuce mix -
Butter Lettuce
Baby Spinach
Spring Mix

Add-ins -
Bacon Bits/Pieces
Goat Cheese Crumbles
Feta Cheese Crumbles
Blue Cheese Crumbles
Almond Slices

Dressings - (Optional)
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Asian Soy Ginger Dressing

Examples -

Baby Spinach, Feta Cheese, Almond Slices, Raspberry Vinaigrette

Butter Lettuce, Bacon Pieces, Blueberries
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Spring mix, dried

Spring mix, dried cranberries, dried apple slices, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, +/- chicken, just a little cranberry vinaigrette

Fan. Tastic.
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Heyheyy, just wondering if

Heyheyy, just wondering if you have heard about this awesome band from Finland called Whispered.
They play samurai-themed metal, saw them playing live a few years ago and fell in love immediately.

Thought you could like them as well, as I know how awesome your taste in music is. : D

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Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!! Thi


This is awesome!! I've never heard of them before but I'm already digging them! I love the Asian sound to it, fffff!!

Thank you for sharing, I'm hooked now and want their albums now!

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Yessss, I knew I could trust

Yessss, I knew I could trust your music taste. (8 You're very welcome!
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Okay...I'm addicted to Robot

Okay...I'm addicted to Robot Unicorn Attack 2 now that I have an iPhone. I tried to play it on my iPod Touch but the graphics are so advanced that it would crash right away.


Here's my unicorn so far XD...but I want him to look different once I'm at a higher level.


I've got about four more chapters left in Starship Troopers so I'm trying to decide what to read next. I've been making a lot of progress reading since I get to my Chemistry class about an hour early or so. Anyway, I've got the following in mind so I'll most likely pick one of these to start reading next:

Bushido - The Way of the Samurai by Tsunetomo Yamamoto
Hagakure - The Book of the Samurai by Tsunetomo Yamamoto
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
The Art of War by Sun Tzu
Everyday Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck
Peace in Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh
The Fire From Within by Carlos Castaneda
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I need to mention that if you

I need to mention that if you guys are looking for the Vent Blog, I removed it. This was my choice for a few reasons - I was using it far too much and bringing a lot of negativity here, so I felt that we didn't need it anymore. If for any reason you guys feel like it's essential for this community, let me know and I'll make a new one, but I felt like it wasn't really getting us anywhere and served its purpose.


Though ironically I do have somewhat of a vent...I guess this is more of a reflection though. I may be overthinking this but it bothered me enough to write about it.

My brother posted the following video on Facebook today - If you grew up in the 50's, 60's, 70's, or 80's, then be grateful!

Before I watched it, I was sitting in the room with Mom. I saw she had watched this as well because it was playing on her Kindle yesterday, but I didn't know what it was. I just saw a flurry of old video on her Kindle. Well now I know it was this video.

But I got to thinking about this. I grew up in the early 90's. So I have aspects of both old and new, so to speak. So I asked, "I wonder if I fit into this category..."

Mom quickly said, "No, you don't!"

So I watched the video. And I understand where it's coming from. Once electronics came about, we have changed. We are more spoiled than we were back then. We don't go outside as much as we used to. But there are advantages to having technology - we are able to get information quickly, we understand things better than we used to, we're able to connect with people around the world. Hell, if it wasn't for technology, I would not know any of you.


I'm jealous. I'm jealous that I only got a taste of the old way of life. When I was very young, we had a television and an old NES system. But we did a lot of stuff outside, like we played games in the yard, walked to a few stores and restaurants close to our house, and rode our bikes around the neighborhood. Mom and Dad would drop us off at the $1 movies all the time. I caught lizards and roly polies in our back yard all the time, and we had stick and staff fights. I didn't have many friends because I wasn't really allowed to have them, but I did a lot of stuff outside before we had a computer. And yeah, that was about the time I changed. I would sit on the damn thing and play Quake for hours. I was part of several RP forums, especially for Pokemon. I had a website that is remarkably still up and online to this day, even though many of the links are broken.

But I keep going back to the question. Do I fit into this category or not? Can I be proud of myself for 'making it' or was I born too late to fit into the same category my brothers fall into? Am I allowed to be proud of myself for anything?

I'm doing better than I have been. I have some pride in myself now that I'm nearly done with college, and also I've changed my eating habits and feel better about my body than I have for years. But it's not enough for me. I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself all the time, I want to be proud of myself. I want to feel accomplished and happy. I just don't know where to start.

Who knows. Maybe I fit into the category, maybe I don't. Maybe all of this doesn't really matter. Learn from the past, right? I made a lot of mistakes in my life already, but I'm trying to fix them so that my future will be all that I've dreamed of. I plan to do a lot of things once I'm living on my own, from refusing to drink soft drinks ever again to cooking for myself every day, as well as being minimalistic and environmental. So far so good, I've already begun my transformation into this as I've been gradually drinking less and less soft drinks and drinking more flavored water, as well as eating less junk food and more fresh fruit, nuts, and so on.

I think I understand something now, just by writing all of this.

This is me. Or at least an analogy of my life.

As a caterpillar, I wanted everything. I was greedy, selfish, materialistic, and obnoxious. I wanted more and more every day. And it led to me living a sedimentary, depressed lifestyle.

I'm in the cocoon stage now. I realized I've felt trapped for so long that things needed to change. I'm learning that there are things I can live without, and that I feel better about myself after I make better choices. I still feel trapped within this cocoon, but I know that I'm becoming better within and will have my freedom in due time.

And when the time comes, I will become a butterfly, and will live a life free of obsession, greed, and dependance. I'll finally be free to make my own choices and live with the consequences. And maybe for once I'll truly be proud and happy.

I think I answered my question.

In the beginning I was a part of the generation mentioned in the video. When the 90's came, I did become fascinated with electronics and technology, and I stumbled as a human being because of it. But that doesn't mean I'm a failure.

I always go back to my professor's quote.

"There is no success or failure. There is only progress. If it doesn't work the first time, change some things and try again."

It has become my mantra, and even to this day I continue to see everything as success or failure. But it shouldn't be that at all. It's all progress.

I'm a work in progress. Just like the caterpillar within the cocoon, I'm changing myself so that everything will be better in the long run.

So yes, I should be grateful, even if I didn't grow up in the same generation my brothers did, I do feel like I made it.
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I made a div so I wouldn't

I made a div so I wouldn't stretch the page too much xD

Your brother did a good job on the video, but in the end it's just the same story of nostalgia and "you kids don't know how good you have it!" preaching every previous generation gives to the new one. And of course the only people who can say "we survived" are the ones who actually did. I promise you, there were kids who poisoned themselves with medicine. There were kids who did die from bike accidents, there were babies who got lead poisoning. They could eat cupcakes, bread and butter because their parents used whole, natural ingredients instead of the processed fake stuff sold today (created by those kids from the 50s and 60s, btw) The reason it wasn't headline news was because they didn't have the technology to make the information widely available.

There are hardships and perks of every generation - are they the same ones? No, thank heavens! We would never progress as a society if everything stayed the same.

Like you said, it's all progress, no failure or success. Getting "hooked" to technology is not something to be ashamed of. We're learning that it can be addicting and can result in a less active lifestyle - but we wouldn't know that unless we played around with it first, would we? That's progress.

Here are some problems that exist today for the Y gen, courtesy of Xers and earlier:
-Privacy: iphones, webcams, and any number of recordable devices. Anything on the interest stays there forever. One bad snapshot of you and half the world can see it, and will judge you for it, for as long as you live. (worst case scenario, of course Eye)

-Health: Thanks to clever business practices by those 50's kids, our foods are over processed and filled with corn syrup and vegetable oil. You would think with all the work that goes into making this fake stuff, they would be more expensive than natural, whole foods, but it is the exact opposite. A healthy meal is considered a luxury now (unless you grow your own food, which is a pretty good idea).

-Education/Jobs: We can't get them. Our predecessors, realizing our country was diving over a cliff of debt, decided a few good ways of getting more money would be to get more kids into buying into college. How do you get more people in college? By lowering high school test scores (easier access) for one, promoting college in as early as elementary school, and requiring every single menial job in existence to have some sort of "degree" -forcing people to pay a thousand or more for classes that don't teach them anything they don't already know. Hike up the cost of tuition while we're at it!
Of course, then they realized that kids couldn't afford the cost, so they invented student loans - which sunk education into more debt than ever because those menial certificate jobs aren't worth the job itself and no one can pay off those college costs, at least not for years and years.
That's assuming you can even get the job once you're out of college.

This is not written to start a blame game. This is to show you, that even with the supposedly "better" environment the people of our parents were raised in, they still had the greedy and the selfish and the mistakes, as well as the brilliant and generous. They didn't need the technology today to do it.
Also good to keep in mind: the environment of today's kids were brought about by yesterday's kids. Eye

Be proud of you - you played, you romped and stomped like other kids, you got to grow up with technology no one before you ever had, you had fun with those games! Just from the freedom of being able to research anything you could ever dream of for practically no cost, makes us, in a way, much more educated than our parents. We learned earlier that people have all sorts of views, and that makes us more tolerant and accepting of others, and it will pave the way for a much more compassionate future for everyone.

We may be spoiled, but we're still pretty awesome in our own right Eye
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Thank you for the response,

Thank you for the response, Deyna, and you're absolutely right. Even if we did things differently, it doesn't mean we're any lower than previous generations. Every generation seemed to have their own strengths and weaknesses, challenges and triumphs.

Even though I grew up more in the 90's, I still had a love for the 80's, especially with music. I actually collected cassette tapes from thrift stores and had a cassette player which I listened to all the time. This sparked my deep love for music because I began listening to 80's progressive rock, 'hair' metal, and classics. The first bands I got into were Asia, Journey, and Great White, all from finding their cassettes at the store.

I remember someone scoffing at me in High School because I had a cassette player and saying I should get an MP3 player. They were expensive back then and we couldn't afford one, so I never thought I'd have one. Since then I've had four different MP3 players, from a Samsung, to a Zune, to an iPod Touch, and now an iPhone.

Anyway...maybe I'm just being overly critical of myself as I usually am. I guess the video upset me because I felt like I was excluded from this sense of pride of living without technology. But really, I should be happy that I got to experience some of both eras.

I always dreamed of living a simple life. Even at times I wished I had been born on a farm where I could help raise livestock. But even if I am not in that kind of position, I plan to have a simple life in my future. Maybe I will try my hand at growing my own produce. I can't tell you how happy I am when our satsuma tree in the back yard gives us anywhere from 70-200 fresh satsumas. Not to mention my neighbor across the street has blueberry bushes and just gave me a whole bunch to eat.

But I have thought of other things I could do...one idea was not to have a television when I'm living on my own. This would mean that I would give up gaming, but maybe sacrificing one thing I am passionate about will lead to other things I'll enjoy better. Who knows.
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Yes, I used to see those

Yes, I used to see those videos too and get depressed, and before the videos just listening to my grandparents and all the old people. They're just remembering the "good old days", like most childhoods are to us Smiling

I too, would like to one day live just outside the city limits, free to grow my own little garden and raise a few chickens and a goat just for fun. My and my sister have even been looking into the idea of living underground to cut down on heating and a/c (and also because, if you look at them, they're just awesome Cool ).

What is interesting is not long ago when I was reading up on the "live within your means" concept, it was met with alot of criticism by people claiming "The government is trying to teach us to be poor so we won't mind when they take all our money!"

It's astounding, like they can't believe someone would willingly decide to live simply and efficiently without some sort of brainwash, or that somehow doing so would make one "poor" :shock:
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In my case, I realized that

In my case, I realized that having more "stuff" meant having to deal with it when I had to move. Not to mention the constant fear of someone breaking in and taking everything. So I figure not having things to worry about being stolen will make things less complicated for me as well. It doesn't mean I won't have essentials like cookware, clothing, and furniture, but I don't need expensive things or valuables like gold and diamonds.

There's a Zen story I really liked where a thief went to a Zen master's house because he assumed the master had treasures, but when he broke in he found that all the Zen master had were simple things. The Zen master felt sorry for the thief that he came all that way just to leave empty handed, so he gave him the clothes he was wearing.

My mom's boss used to raise chickens several years ago. We would go and attend to them when she went out of town, and they were actually pretty nice. You literally can pick one up to get the egg and she won't bite or anything, just stares at you XD. And I love goats, they're adorable and I've heard they act just like puppies! I've loved getting to have goat's milk and goat cheese from the store.
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Quad, do you have a preferred

Quad, do you have a preferred method that I could send you something? I had an idea for Isa's plot, but I just.. am having a tough time actually getting it written all out. I..have a general idea of what I want to happen, but aside from a brainstorm timeline of events, I can't progress.. I was wondering if email was preffered, or if you had a Skype I could send it to to maybe get your opinion?
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Heya, feel free to send me

Heya, feel free to send me the details either via e-mail at , or if you prefer Skype, mine is . Just keep in mind that I'm not always at my laptop so you may not get me on Skype, so my e-mail is probably better.


"Good afternoon,

Currently our Office of Geology is seeking to fill 4 (four)
Geologist-in-Training (GIT) positions. I am not sure your status of
seeking full-time employment; however, I thought I would still send the
information to you in regards to these four positions. Attached you will
find a general job description for all GIT positions. You will have to meet the minimum qualifications listed on the attachment.

If you meet all requirements found on the attachment,
please respond by email and inform me that you meet both the minimum
qualifications and employment eligibility. Upon notification of
requirements met, I will be happy to start the application process with
you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Should you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

L. W.
Human Resources
Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality"

I've already responded and said I'm very, very interested in this opportunity! I've got one more month of school left and then I'll have all the requirements for the job! It's in Jackson, Mississippi.


Thinking about writing something. Not sure what yet. I may do another request blog if I can't decide on anything.
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Heya WonderfullySarcastic, I

Heya WonderfullySarcastic, I got your e-mail but I haven't had the chance to look at what you sent. I'll try to get to it over the weekend if you don't mind waiting a day or two. Sorry about that, just been caught up with a lot of stuff but I did want to say that I got it.


And now...the drama has returned.

I got a letter from my university saying that I do not meet all the requirements for graduation in the Summer and that my graduation date has been pushed back to the Fall Semester. I suspect this is because they haven't counted the transient courses I've taken, or possibly that they didn't get the approval for me to take a 'directed studies' course with my professor as a substitute for Calculus. Maybe a combination of both, but anyway...

Yeah Mom was the one that opened the letter up and she's pissed off now because she thinks the university is trying to get me to take more classes. I'm already $31K in debt and this Chemistry 2 class i'm taking now should be the very last thing I have left before I graduate.

I tried to call the adviser twice but couldn't get in touch with her, so I just sent an e-mail. This needs to be sorted out soon since I should be done in time to possibly get some job opportunities in August/September.

I badly need a job so I can start paying back my student loans, and apparently to get a job, I have to have the piece of paper saying I graduated. So all of this should hinge on finishing Chemistry 2.

Worst case scenario should be that I don't get my diploma until December. The good thing is that I can get a statement from the university saying I did graduate but just don't have the physical diploma yet. And even if that's the case I can still make this work.

Still...I'm just as tired over all this college crap as my Mom is. I already feel like I've wasted my life trying to finish this degree, and it seems like that light at the end of the tunnel will never get here. I only hope this is just one big misunderstanding and that I am not forced into taking more classes. I've worked far too hard to get this degree for the university to just screw me over.

Edit - It's regarding the Calculus courses. I got a quick response from the adviser saying that she does not have any information about me substituting Precalculus and Calculus 1 for the "Mathematics in Geology" course I took with my professor and that I need to get that information to her ASAP. I just sent e-mails to both the Earth Sciences dean as well as my professor who I took the substitution course with, so I hope I can get this settled quickly.

Edit #2 - The Earth Sciences Dean responded a little while ago and said that I should have an approval form for the Calculus 1 substitute in my file, and if not, she'll take care of making a new one. I thanked her and said that if she needs me to be there for any reason regarding the matter, to please let me know.

God I love the Earth Sciences faculty! They really care about us.
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So thanks to a company on

So thanks to a company on Facebook called Working for Green, I was able to locate a place to drop batteries off at! I contacted Best Buy and they confirmed that they take single-use batteries, so I am taking mine tomorrow. This is 3 years worth of saving them instead of tossing them in the trash, and it weighs between 12-15 pounds.

It's a good practice to save your AA, AAA, D, and other single-use batteries for recycling, as it keeps them out of landfills thus keeping some nasty contaminants out of our groundwater. There are some battery recycling centers around the US but I never knew where to take these to around Mobile. With Working for Green's help, I learned that Best Buy takes these batteries for recycling.

Here's a few photos of them below -

One Two Three

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Well, everyone ready for some

Well, everyone ready for some news?

We got a letter a little while ago saying I wouldn't graduate from my university this semester, so I contacted the academic advisor for the College of Arts and Sciences about it. Turns out not only one of my classes didn't get included on my transcript, but that I had an issue with maximum hours and so on. Mostly issues with the university's transcript system.

Anyway, long story short, it's all taken care of and once I finish Chemistry 2 at the community college I'm going to, I will have met all of my requirements for the degree, and will be officially done.

One more month of Chemistry 2 left to go, baby!
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Just applied to 9 new jobs -

Just applied to 9 new jobs - 3 in the Pittsburgh area; 3 in the Atlanta area; and 3 in the Houston area. I figured a month's notice would be a good start.
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This is only a makeshift

This is only a makeshift costume, but I'm going to put together a Dovahkiin costume piece by piece. So I know I look a bit more dorky but hey, I'm already dorky right?

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Quick update from me - I've

Quick update from me - I've got one more week of class and then the final exam for Chemistry 2. I'll be all done with everything at the beginning of August, but I gotta make sure I get my transcript sent to my university before I can get my degree.

So I've applied to a few places around Houston, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh. I'm going to focus on applying in Atlanta and Pittsburgh since I have friends and relatives that way, and will try to look for jobs in Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland as well. I also have a friend in my class that says he will ask some people he knows if they have jobs open. He said one of them is in Virginia, and the other I think he said was in Houston.

I'm excited and nervous as hell. But I know I'm doing really well in the class and no doubt will pass. I've done good on the first two exams, and only have two quizzes and the final left to go. Shouldn't be too hard.
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Just applied to 8 more jobs

Just applied to 8 more jobs -

Kennesaw, GA
Fairmont, WV
Morgantown, WV (x2)
Triadelphia, WV
Pittsburgh, PA
Cleveland and Akron, OH
Bluefield, VA
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I've been trying to decide on

I've been trying to decide on something. Mom promised that she'd pay for my first tattoo once I had my diploma and a job. It will most likely be some time before this happens (we don't really have money to spend right now) but now I can't decide what I want to get.

I had originally planned to get the kanji symbol for 'samurai' on my back just below my neck, between the shoulder blades. I want it to be hidden when I wear a t-shirt or dress shirt, but visible when I wear a tank top. But now the idea is to get a pair of Velociraptor claws on the insides of my feet, to where they looked like they were physically attached and shadowed so they'd look realistic.

The Samurai symbol would be easier and probably cheaper, but the Raptor claws would be something unique. I've heard that tattooing the feet hurts though, so there's a concern there too.

The one definite thing is that it needs to be concealed. I'd be able to show off the raptor claws if I wore sandals, but in a professional setting they wouldn't be visible. And hopefully if I did the Samurai symbol it wouldn't show over my collar.

So what do you guys think? It's a tough choice to make for my first tattoo.
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I'd choose the one with more

I'd choose the one with more personal meaning to me. Even if that meaning changes in the future it'd still represent a certain phase of my life and I'd be okay with that.
I'd never choose a motive just because I think it looks cool or because it's not your common tattoo (like a skull, wings... a wolf etc.). I might think different in a few years and then I'd be stuck with it.

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Well for the longest I wanted

Well for the longest I wanted the Samurai tattoo because it would be a reminder that I have honor, where the raptor claws are related to my childhood. My interest in samurai is fairly recent where my interest in raptors is from years ago. Both would be meaningful to me, I guess it really boils down to if I want a simple tattoo in a spot where it may possibly be seen in a professional setting, or if I want a more complex tattoo that won't be seen at work but is in a spot where I know it will hurt to get it.

It seems like the obvious choice is to go with the raptor claws but I'm worried about the pain that comes with a foot tattoo. I still have some time to decide.

Thanks for the thoughts, it really does help XD
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I think it is worth the pain

I think it is worth the pain as long as the result is a satisfying one.
I'd like to have my whole back tattooed one day which will be expensive and pretty painful. x)

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So the good news is that I

So the good news is that I know I did really well on the Chem 2 exam today. I didn't know the organic chem section was going to be on the exam, but it was only one part of roughly 8 pages of problems, so no big deal.

The better news is that I got a call and a voicemail during the exam. May have an interview with Aerotek in Birmingham, AL.
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GUYS I PASSED CHEMISTRY 2!! I'll officially have my BS in Geology!!
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My Congratulations , Quad !!

My Congratulations , Quad !!
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YAY!! Grats

YAY!! Grats Laughing out loud
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WOO! \o/

WOO! \o/
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Today it seems to be a really

Today it seems to be a really great day.
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Congrats Quad!

Congrats Quad!
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YAY QUAD!!! Knew you could do

Knew you could do it! ♥
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XD Thanks guys, I'm so

XD Thanks guys, I'm so relieved it's all done.

A little update from me - I sent the transcript request on Monday, and it says it was sent yesterday. What this means is that *hopefully* my university will have received it today or tomorrow. It shouldn't take that long to get there really since the community college is roughly an hour from Mobile, but still...

It's gotta be delivered by Monday or else they will not consider me 'graduated' until December.

So basically, I'm going to call them tomorrow and see if it's come in. If it hasn't, well I'm driving to the community college, grabbing a copy of the transcript, and then going to my university and delivering it myself.

The other good news I have is that I was able to get one more postponement of my student loans, so now they're not due until February. This is great for me because I will hopefully have a job soon, and can use the $350 I'd be paying monthly to get settled in my apartment.

So now I'm sending applications out like crazy. I have been applying mostly in the northeast, primarily Pittsburgh, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and northern Alabama. I will apply to the one company in Jackson, Mississippi again since they wanted a copy of my transcript. So who knows where I will ultimately be, but at this point, I'll go just about anywhere.

Edit -

Updated 'I've applied to jobs in these states' map. Decided to look a little farther west, I figure I can make the drive to them so...yeah.

12 more jobs applied to today -

Houston, TX x 2
Borger, TX
Midland, TX
Dallas, TX
San Antonio, TX
Raleigh, NC
Hanover, MD
Kalamazoo, MI
Milwaukee, WI
Indianapolis, IN
Chicago, IL
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I'm a little nervous...I sent

I'm a little nervous...I sent a transcript request from the community college I took Chem 2 at to be sent to my university on Monday. It says it was sent on Tuesday, but I called my university's registrar and they haven't gotten it yet. The community college's records department says it takes 2 to 3 days to get there.

Basically the reason why I'm getting into panic mode is that the deadline for my university to finalize Summer graduations is Monday, and if my Chem 2 transcript doesn't get there in time, I will not have my degree until December. They sure don't give us a whole lot of time for this.

The community college said it should get there today or tomorrow. I have a few days but there's nothing I can do to get that transcript there faster. I wanted to just drive down to the community college, get a copy of it, and take it to my university myself but they said they do not accept 'hand delivered' transcripts.

Someone shake me and tell me to get ahold of myself.
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*shakes* There's still

*shakes* There's still tomorrow. RELAX. D8<

(Laughing out loud)
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I just checked my transcript

I just checked my transcript now, and it's got Chem 2 listed in transfer credit. So it's all good, they got it today.

Thanks for the impromptu encouragement, Pega XD


I forgot to mention one more thing. One of my professors said something very cool and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Me - Hey Dr. C - I just wanted to let you know that I passed Chemistry 2, and so I've done everything to get my degree now. I wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave and all the advice. I quote you all the time and you've been a great friend and mentor.

Dr. C - Thank you, Chris! Your persistence has been inspiring! I wish all students had the heart that you display.
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So hey, nobody celebrate yet

So hey, nobody celebrate yet but I got an e-mail from one of the jobs I applied to. If I were to get this job, it would be working on a landfill like I would have done in Winder, GA a year ago. The town is called Walnut, MS, on the Tennessee border. You know, I always said I wanted a little town to call my own, so maybe Walnut will be my little town.

Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated if I get an interview with them or not. I'll still continue to send out job applications but I may be a landfill gas technician with a company called Waste Connections, Inc.

I'd most likely have to live closer to Memphis since there don't seem to be many apartments available around Walnut. I'm looking at a town called Southaven in Mississippi that I may end up living in and commuting to the job.
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Here's to hoping that Walnut

Here's to hoping that Walnut turns out! And congratulations on getting feedback on your applications as well!
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I'm incredibly bummed right

I'm incredibly bummed right now

There's a 'help wanted' opportunity to work on a Buddhist retreat center near San Fransisco, CA.

It would be general maintenance and repair work, which I could do.

Free housing and vegetarian meals, as well as free meditations. And you'd get $150 a month allowance (I live off of about the same amount while living with Mom).

And you'd get to learn a lot of stuff like vegetarian cooking, gardening, landscaping, sustainable living, and other stuff.

The only reason why I'm not applying for it is two words...student loans. I couldn't afford to go there because I owe so much money.

Maybe one day I'll attend a retreat there. At least that would be something, right?
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I feel like a hypocrite for

I feel like a hypocrite for saying so, but I think you should go for it anyway. it would be really great for you. You can get away from your mom at last, learn some true peace and harmony through Buddhist teachings, meals and meditation. You'd get such a wonderful experience, and I am sure you'd be able to find other ways to pay your bills. Your health and wellbeing are more important.

But that's just me. I think a retreat would also do you good Smiling
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I really wish I could go, it

I really wish I could go, it would be nice to work there and get some nice skills as well as to be able to meditate and detox. But I only have 6 months before I have to start paying back my student loans, and I also need to get some experience in something related to my career.

I will go there sometime though. It's called the Odiyan Retreat Center. It'll be something to knock off my bucket list

The good thing is that if I were to get an interview around Pittsburgh, I know my aunt would let me have another 'vacation' up there. She treated me very well when I was job hunting at the end of last year, and I think she enjoys me being there too since she likes having someone that will go pretty much anywhere with her. My uncle and cousin are more of the "just want to sit at home and watch TV" kinds, where if you invite me to go anywhere, I'll gladly go.


I think I've applied to pretty much every entry level/junior level geologist, hydrogeologist, environmental scientist, environmental engineer, soil technician, landfill gas technician, and well sampling technician job I could find. I also applied to a few mud logging jobs as well as a museum technician job near Austin, TX. I just need to keep working on it.

One of my classmates said the following - "The company I'm with called me 5-6 weeks after I submitted my résumé"

So I need to keep this in mind that it may be some time before I hear anything.
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Wow, that's a long time to

Wow, that's a long time to wait between sending the resume and actually getting a call. Shame that the resort wouldn't work out, Quad. Just gotta love them student loans, it really does sound like it'd be a great place for you to work and live.