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Pictogram generations

As many of you know, the pictograms that identify deer in The Endless Forest are regularly updated. This way the era when you started playing becomes part of your deer's identity. Pictograms are not just decorations, they are names that belong to a single character. This is why we discourage donating or trading pictograms. They are part of the story of the Forest.

So please, do not try to acquire pictograms from previous generations, or any pictograms that were registered by somebody else.

They are not commodities. They are identities.
Please respect that.
And add to the story of The Forest over time.

Thank you.

Michaël Samyn.
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I'm overjoyed to announce that the fundraising for the Second Decade of The Endless Forest is now complete! The whole game will be remade in Unreal Engine!

Fundraising continues on towards adding new features.

Thank you all!

Michaël & Auriea.
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TEF II step 5

We have posted an update on the remake of The Endless Forest in Unreal Engine here:
Access is free for backers.
Join them if your haven't yet:

TL;DR? Forest Magic! All of it. Implemented!

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Raising funds for the Forest

The IndieGogo campaign to remake The Endless Forest with new technology closed with an amazing 86% of its target collected. That's fantastic! Thank you all for your support.

This means that the remake will definitely happen!

I'm sure we can count on you to collect the remainder of the budget now that we have a bit more time. You can do that here.


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Fan art in the game!

Hello there!
I am Margo Putzeys, a student Game- and Digital Design and I am currently doing my internship with Tale of Tales. I am still studying but I will be entering my Master year next schoolyear.
For my internship Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn asked me if I wanted to work with the players and make models and concept art together. And with great pleasure I accepted this of course! This means you will be able to add art to the game!

But there are some 'rules' attached to this: If you make a 3D model, pleas send it as an .OBJ file to me. But a .Blender file ( Blender's file extension ) would be even better! But a .OBJ is good as well! As for the concept art you can send a photoshop file, PNG of JPEG.

So what can you make? Well it's like a set that the deers can wear in the game! This set includes: a mask, antlers and a pelt. Both made for the adult deer AND the baby deer. You can (if some of you know how and want to) texture these models by using a UV map. If you do texture them, send texture files as a PNG. ( PNG supports transparancy )
But of course you are never obligated to making more than you like. The meaning of this task is also for me to make stuff, so if you only would like to make the adult deer's models, that's fine by me. I can always texture them, add models, etc.

So if any of you are interested in putting your art or 3D models in the game. Send them to me and I can adjust them if necessary or take a look if something needs to be changed and so on.
You can of course also send your concept art to me and I can realise that concept art into a 3D model which may have a chance to be put in the actual game: The Endless Forest!

My e-mail adres is : I hope I will be hearing soon from you guys!!


EDIT: from Michael and Auriea --
To be clear, we want Margo to do ALL of the modeling and ALL of the texturing. Because that is what her internship is about.
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The time passed so quickly ...
How are you?
I loved going back to the forest and spending time with others friend.
Greetings and I hope to see you in the forest.
A little picture of this beautiful day.

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character concepts

no need to read
if u wanna chat abt them in detail hmu at howling-rabbit#5662 on the disk cord or dreamlessdeadly[at]gmail[dot]com on the age old email
tracking is ok


CONCEPT: what name?? idk
- inspiration from solarpunk/vaporwave aesthetics
- robot?? solar panels??
- plants infused with tech, visible wire and root
- pollinator bot? agricultural use?
- fashion: feet jewellery, leaf tattoo, hair comb, dress, cape, outfit
- art: flower women, lights, cityscape 1
- music: call on me (vaporwave), lay your hands (and the rest of the kiznaiver ost)
- other: winter solarpunk concepts, vaporwave cityscape, the entirety of horizon zero dawn

Need help

My game opens in a small format. If I change the screen resolution, the image becomes very pixel
Aaand I can play with a small or bad image... but when I open the game in window mode, the window becomes black. Or if I minimize the game then on the computer screen everything is very big
So I don't have the opportunity to leave the game
Can you help me?
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[scheren und nadeln und stoffmuster]

fyi! i play with pictograms off! sry if i don't recognize you!
it's mostly for anonymity and that i feel that characters can't see pictos,
also for my weak anxious heart lol ;>;

hey guys i renamed my deer!

ok im a warrior cats fan and I wanted to change my deers name from mia to deerpelt in honor of the warrior cat book franchise what do you think of the name change?

she still has the same bio about her being protective of others

and now my deer has antlers( she is a female but I wanted her to have antlers cuz I thought it would be cool to see a female deer with alters( kind of like a reindeer)
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