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Progress Report step 3

We have posted a little report about the progress we've made over the past 1 ½ months remaking The Endless Forest. Access is free for backers. It's not to late to join.

Additions in this step include the deer's braking, stumbling, stretching, sniffing and listening. And we have added point-and-click navigation. More details in the report.
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Raising funds for the Forest

The IndieGogo campaign to remake The Endless Forest with new technology closed with an amazing 86% of its target collected. That's fantastic! Thank you all for your support.

This means that the remake will definitely happen!

I'm sure we can count on you to collect the remainder of the budget now that we have a bit more time. You can do that here.


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Fan art in the game!

Hello there!
I am Margo Putzeys, a student Game- and Digital Design and I am currently doing my internship with Tale of Tales. I am still studying but I will be entering my Master year next schoolyear.
For my internship Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn asked me if I wanted to work with the players and make models and concept art together. And with great pleasure I accepted this of course! This means you will be able to add art to the game!

But there are some 'rules' attached to this: If you make a 3D model, pleas send it as an .OBJ file to me. But a .Blender file ( Blender's file extension ) would be even better! But a .OBJ is good as well! As for the concept art you can send a photoshop file, PNG of JPEG.

So what can you make? Well it's like a set that the deers can wear in the game! This set includes: a mask, antlers and a pelt. Both made for the adult deer AND the baby deer. You can (if some of you know how and want to) texture these models by using a UV map. If you do texture them, send texture files as a PNG. ( PNG supports transparancy )
But of course you are never obligated to making more than you like. The meaning of this task is also for me to make stuff, so if you only would like to make the adult deer's models, that's fine by me. I can always texture them, add models, etc.

So if any of you are interested in putting your art or 3D models in the game. Send them to me and I can adjust them if necessary or take a look if something needs to be changed and so on.
You can of course also send your concept art to me and I can realise that concept art into a 3D model which may have a chance to be put in the actual game: The Endless Forest!

My e-mail adres is : I hope I will be hearing soon from you guys!!


EDIT: from Michael and Auriea --
To be clear, we want Margo to do ALL of the modeling and ALL of the texturing. Because that is what her internship is about.
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+ H +

will this character stay? who knows. maybe not.
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a weary world at the forest edge

placeholder for a possible personal blog?
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CSS [Soterasiel]

I just need four at the moment I think
Still Too Many
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CSS [...]

I was trying not to take up half of the tracker but I also want to move all of my testing blogs from my other account to this one and . Hrm.
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CSS [...]

I have too many CSS things to do
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This is gonna be a lot of spam. Apologies in advance. :[[
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