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A little update

Hello dearest deer,

I know we have been quiet for a while. But don't worry. Everything is still on track for the continuation and the remake of The Endless Forest.

As is abundantly clear by now, we have gravely underestimated the time remaking The Endless Forest would take. As a result we need to supplement the budget that you so generously help create through crowdsourcing with our own funds. To gain those funds, we need to work on other projects next to the game.

On top of this we are also in the process of moving house to another country (from Belgium to Italy). This is a complicated affair that will take up nearly all of our time until the end of September. But after that, we will get back to the Forest and you can expect regular remake step updates.

If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to email us (the.endless.forest at

In the mean time, enjoy the Forest!

Michaël & Auriea.
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TEF II step 13

Database access was added in the Unreal Engine remake of The Endless Forest. So you can now log in and get your pictogram and your deer's appearance. You can also save this appearance in the remake and load it in the current game.

We have enabled the appearance perks for backers of the remake. If you are a backer, you should have received an email from us with a link to the new build. So expect to see some strange looking deer in the forest soon!

Read more on the dev log.
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TEF II step 12

We have added day to night time, rain, snow and mist to the remake. This was a lot harder than expected. Read more on the dev log.
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TEF II step 11

Bugs got fixed, features got tweaked and leaves, doves and squirrels were added. Small but necessary steps.

Full report on the dev log.
Free access for backers.
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TEF II step 10 - it's Christmas!

There's a special update on the development log describing the tedious process of creating a dedicated server in Unreal Engine. The good news is that it works and that you can try it out! Later today, we will email each backer a download link for a pre-alpha test build of The Endless Forest II (only Phase One, don't get excited Eye ). But if you can't wait, or missed our message, please send email to The.Endless.Forest at Tale-of-Tales and we will send you a link.

Merry Christmas and a super New Year!

— Michaël & Auriea.
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Tef II step 9

With forest sounds, graves and idols, intersection effects and border icons, Phase One is nearly complete.
Full report on the dev log.
Free access for backers.

Enjoy the holidays in The Forest. They may be the last in this engine!

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TEF II step 8

We have added almost all the plants and trees of Phase One in Unreal.
Full report on the dev log.
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TEF II Step 7

We have added Emotions and Activities. So now deer can dance in Unreal too!
More in the dev log.
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TEF II step 6

There's a new progress report about the remake of the game on the dev log, accessible for free to backers of the Second Decade.

We have added hyacinths, the ground of Phase One and the Ename church ruin.

It's starting to look like our forest!

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Pictogram generations

As many of you know, the pictograms that identify deer in The Endless Forest are regularly updated. This way the era when you started playing becomes part of your deer's identity. Pictograms are not just decorations, they are names that belong to a single character. This is why we discourage donating or trading pictograms. They are part of the story of the Forest.

So please, do not try to acquire pictograms from previous generations, or any pictograms that were registered by somebody else.

They are not commodities. They are identities.
Please respect that.
And add to the story of The Forest over time.

Thank you.

Michaël Samyn.
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