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Goodness! I can't believe Quad's almost 9 years old! I registered close to Halloween because I saw this on Deviantart:

And just wanted to know what the heck this Endless Forest was. Didn't know it was going to completely change my life, and that Quad would be a good friend to me for almost a third of my life.

Thanks for continuing to be an amazing community, guys.

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Miscommunications happen, you

Miscommunications happen, you learn from them and move on. You are not a monster, and certainly not worthless, you are the victim of bad circumstances. It isn't my place to criticize your family, but as a friend I feel you are being treated ridiculously unfairly. I wish I could help, give you a place of your own to stay away from the drama, but I can't.

I've told you this, other friends have told you this, you're a great person, and we all know you are working your butt off to find a job. I know it's a family thing, but it seems unreasonable to give you an ultimatum when you don't control the job market.

Just my two cents, and my concern for you.
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I appreciate it, I know I

I appreciate it, I know I shouldn't be venting here...It's all died down now but I still feel like crap tonight.

It seems like my only options are to try to apply at my old grocery store and have to deal with the coworker that harassed me, or apply at something completely different like Wal Mart or Starbucks. I have tried every grocery store in the area and have gotten no responses. Hell at this point I wouldn't mind courtesy clerking again (bagging and pushing grocery carts) since apparently there are no produce jobs available.

Mom also suggested stocking and restaurant jobs. I've done a little stocking at the grocery store but it's not really what I want to do, and I honestly had an awful experience working at my first job which was a restaurant, so honestly I'd rather not have that kind of job.

Does anyone else feel like 'survival of the fittest' applies to the job hunt too? I swear it seems like everything's against me sometimes. I wish there was a way to prove to a potential employer that you are loyal, honest, dedicated, and hardworking, but it seems like experience and GPA outweighs all of that.
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Semi-update, nothing new on

Semi-update, nothing new on the job search other than sending out a few more applications, but I'm actually looking into becoming a local pet sitter. I registered with a website with a basic profile so far, but I'll add in my info later. It costs a little bit of money to get a background check and such, but I think it would be well worth it.

I need to figure out how to be 'bonded' though. I mentioned all this to my neighbor and she seemed thrilled about it and even mentioned that someone else in our neighborhood may want my services soon. I have no idea what to charge though, but my neighbor said she'd definitely put a good word out for me since I often take care of her dachshund when she needs me to. I've also taken care of a friend's cat and fish before.

So it'll be kind of a side-career, but considering I love animals and am a proud owner of a dog, I think I would enjoy being a pet sitter.

You know what, just typing this I feel a hell of a lot of confidence. Like I would be the perfect person for this kind of job since we've had pets all my life.
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That's great Quad! Once you

That's great Quad! Once you get your name out there, it'll definitely spread. Another thing you can offer too (if it seems to be going well) is house/pet sitting in home. My friend does this and has made quite a bit of money looking after people's houses while they're away. Often the people that she helps regularly will let her stay at their house while they're gone, which also might be a good way for you to get out of the house and get a break. Smiling

Glad things are going well!
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You fill out a job

You fill out a job application. Take the time to answer 100 questions and answer truthfully that you wouldn't lie, steal, or try to cheat the business. You show that you have held a job for 5 years and was never fired. You have no criminal charges, you can work any time, you are loyal, dependable, and a hard worker.

You offer to be everything the company could possibly hope for in an employee.

Then you get an email saying you're not good enough for them.

I just don't get it. Why can't I get a job? Not even a basic, simple stocking job?

Why doesn't anyone want me?
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So I need a vote. I just

So I need a vote. I just finished reading Roald Dahl's anthology "Skin and other stories" and am ready to begin my next book...but can't decide what to start. So from the list below please feel free to vote for what you think I should read next XD

- Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book"
- Robert Heinlein's "Starship Troopers"
- Nelson Mandela's Favorite African Folktales
- Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"

Thanks for any votes guys Eye
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Well, I can't say what should

Well, I can't say what should you read first, but I personally would pick out the African Folktales.
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If you can handle two books

If you can handle two books at once, I would suggest alternating between Art of War and the African Folktales. I know the Art of War can be pretty heavy, so it might be nice to have something lighter that you can pick up if it gets overwhelming, and that way you won't get stuck if you're finding Art of War too much. I often have a more 'serious' book for when I'm reading on the train and at school, and then a more lighthearted book for when I read before bed, when my brain isn't up to handling the deeper stuff. :}

PS. If you enjoy the African folktales and read anything about Anansi, I have another book to suggest for you! ^^
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I was thinking about doing

I was thinking about doing that actually, since the African Folktales are only a few pages long apiece. I posted the same question on Facebook and ended up getting two votes for Starship Troopers, so I was thinking about starting it up for now. Looks like the chapters are about 20 pages long each which I think I can handle.

The Art of War looks great though, I'll have it next on my list. And I'd love to see your suggestion. I'll take a look a little later to see if Anansi is in any of the stories from Nelson Mandela's book

Thanks for the votes XD

*Edit* - one of the stories features a character named 'Spider', but in the description it does say "This character is also known as Anansi", so there's at least one story with him in it Eye
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Yay! Spider Anansi is a

Yay! Spider Anansi is a wonderful character from folklore, I really hope you enjoy the story! ^^
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Starship Troopers has been

Starship Troopers has been great so far, I wasn't expecting it to be exactly like the movie, but remarkably it's very similar. The biggest difference I've seen so far was the fact that there were different aliens at the very beginning. Still, considering the movie is among my all-time favorites, I am loving reading this book!


Quad's in the Forest now too. It's been a long while, and I really don't know very many that are on. I see Jorogumo is on, a few other pictos, but as always I'm afraid to approach and screw up some RP or something, so Quad's just sitting by his favorite tree near the Ruins. I was able to make someone happy just a moment ago when he cast a mini spell on them, and then they ran off XD...

Ah well, not sure what else to have him do, but for now he's still on and still giving out transform spells to whoever comes his way.
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Going to have a good day

Going to have a good day tomorrow. I'm going to a job fair first thing in the morning to apply for a job with Publix. We will have two stores open up in Mobile in the summer, but I also may be able to apply for my brother's store in Tennessee. In any event, I think having 5 years experience in the Produce Department makes my chances very good.

I also will go to a pawn store and see if I can get a little bit of money for a piece of gold Mom gave to me. She said I could use it toward saving up for my ticket to see Cirque du Soleil's Quidam next month.


The application to the new stores went great, I was in and out in about an hour. There were about a hundred people before me and had to have been twice that many behind since there was a line out the door. They said one store should be ready around the end of April, and then the other will be finished in the summer, so that means I could be employed in the next few months. They also said they should call this week.

Also pretty awesome getting to list your brother as a contact. I feel professional today.


I got a call just now, and have an interview with Publix on Wednesday at 8 AM
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Whoot! 8D

Whoot! 8D
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Aaarrgghhh I need some

Aaarrgghhh I need some advice!!

I've got an interview with Publix tomorrow for a full-time job in grocery. At the same time, I just got a call from a company in Mobile called Energy Technical Services. They said they do water analysis and testing and wanted a part-time hire for their lab in Mobile. They scheduled me for an interview with them next week.

I'm not really sure what to do here. I was planning on working at Publix full time and saving to take Chemistry 2 again. The Publix job probably won't be available until April or later, but I'm interviewing with them tomorrow, where the Energy Technical Services job is related to my career and I may be hired on it immediately.

What would you do if you were in my situation?

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Do some research on that

Do some research on that company to see how related to your field it is, and decide from there. Otherwise, if I was in your shoes I'd be banging my head against a wall and asking for advice too. \o/
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Interview with both! If only

Interview with both! If only one wants to hire you, you have your answer. If they both want to, you get to pick whichever one you feel will get you where you want to go. It's a win-win.
Like Pega said, research the job. If you really want to take chemistry again, see if there's a community college near where you'd be working over there; it may be that you could do both, especially if the job is part-time.
It sounds like you'll have a while to think things over, either way, so it definitely can't hurt to throw together a pros/cons list.
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I spoke with my professor who

I spoke with my professor who taught me everything there is to know about hydrogeology, and he pretty much said to take the job at Publix but go to the interview with the other company and see what they have to offer. One possible outcome would be to work at both as two part-time jobs. Another would be to put my 2 weeks notice in with Publix if I were hired if the other company definitely wanted me.

In any event, I'm going to the interview tomorrow and gonna prove that I'll be the best damn produce clerk they can get.

Thanks for the help. Just glad that I should have a job soon.
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Definitely go to both

Definitely go to both interviews. Most companies understand that people may be applying to multiple jobs at once, especially in the current job market. Nothing is final until you sign the job offer, and even then you usually have a deadline to meet that gives you time to figure things out. If you are offered one of the jobs (for sure) first, and the other company still contacts you, there is nothing wrong with saying, 'thank you very much, but I have already committed to another company'.

If they ask you about it in the interview, be honest, but also let them know that you are still open and have nothing decided for certain yet. Most companies want to hear that you will commit to them completely, but like I said, they also understand that in hiring periods, you may be considering multiple places.

Good luck Quad, I'm sure you'll do great regardless!
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Interview went great, if I

Interview went great, if I get a phonecall in the next few days it'll be for one store opening in April. If not I may still be picked for the other store which opens in June. Either way, I'll be glad to work for a great store.

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Hey umm...I know I've been

Hey umm...I know I've been away for a little while aside from occasionally posting here, in the Vent Blog, and in the Positivity Blog, but I wanted to ask something without it seeming like I'm calling anyone out or otherwise being a jerk.

Is there some sort of witch hunt going on towards the newer and younger players on TEF? It seems like every time I click on a link for a few of these people, they get bombarded with comments yelling at and scolding them. It almost seems like they're being yelled at for anything they post on the community site, and honestly, if I were them, I think I would have left a long time ago if I didn't feel welcomed here.

I'm not going to name names but I feel like some of the things can be said or expressed without constantly scolding and yelling at these new players. They will be the backbone of future generations of the Forest, and driving them away just because they do something you don't like I feel is kind of elitist. We all were fawns and newbies at one point.

My point is...can't we try to welcome these new players to our game and community without the "We're better than you" attitude? Can't we politely help them learn about the game instead?

I've tried to mention this

I've tried to mention this before and got half the community yelling at me for it. Sad It's really sad. I've seen so many go and almost left several times myself. Only Orin and Cyda have kept me here.
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I've made up my mind. I have

I've made up my mind. I have two big goals in my life, a selfless act and a selfish act. Essentially my Yin and Yang.

The selfless act will be something big, something that I can do not just to help one person, but many people. I don't have a set plan for this, but I have a few ideas, the one I've got set in my mind right now is saving up so much money to where I could go to Africa and do something amazing for the people there. This of course will take a lot of planning and I don't want it to go to waste, but I would love to help save a village or do something to that effect.

The selfish act is a 1-year trip around the world, going to several places I've always wanted to see including the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, many places in the US, maybe even going to Europe, India, Japan, and other places. It's my decision that if one thing will make me happy in my life, it is to see as much of the world as I can before I die.
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Those sound like neat plans,

Those sound like neat plans, Quad :3 I'd love to go to a few places, myself, but financially speaking any of that is pretty far ahead, for me. Best of luck to you with it!

And yeah, I've noticed some of the targeting of newer players, too. I can think of a couple of names you might not be naming in particular. I try to let things slide unless it's something that's becoming a real issue, and I try to be nice about things :/ There are definitely a few instances where better tact might have been used, though.
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My plan is to live

My plan is to live minimalistic, aside from a few luxuries and creature comforts I'd like such as interior design in my home, you know...something to keep me sane when I come home. And whatever I don't spend, I'll save for these dreams.

Also I can't thank Trigger enough for her words before, especially "it isn't your fault". I watched a video today that really makes a lot of sense, and I'm no longer kicking myself for not being able to get a job...I'm more angry than anything that this has happened because of a select few people who choose to be greedy.

It's sad too that I wouldn't know if I would do the same if I were in that position or not. I would hope not, but honestly you never know. We as human beings have the capacity for good and evil.

Maybe it's just knowing that it's because of these people that are ridiculously rich that people like me can't get a job and live my own dream. I know that seems like a stretch to accuse them of that but honestly, I couldn't get my old job back because there wasn't enough money in the company to hire me on. I think between this and hearing about how many days off Congress will have this year, I'm...just disgusted with the upper class. Do they understand what they're doing to the rest of us or do they just not care?

Urgh...why am I this angry?!
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(No subject)

<3 Glad my words could give you some encouragement Quad, you know I wish the best for you!

As to the wealthy...while I think there are those few that understand and take pleasure in the low-handed methods they take to get rich, I think many of that so-called '1 percent' really do not understand what it's like for those who don't have enough to get by. While a humour website, Cracked did an article recently that I think held a lot of truth for the disparity between wealthy politicians and the everyday Joe. It's somewhat awful to think that they can't even try to put themselves in others' shoes, but at the same time, for many of them, it is pure naivety.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't make you more angry, but you might find it an interesting read.
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I think I've calmed down

I think I've calmed down since this morning, as I really could appreciate that article without getting too angry. Thank you Trigger, it was a very good read and helps me put things into a bit more perspective.

And like they said at the end...I'm not even going to bother trying to believe I know how hard it is to live in an impoverished country since I've lived with many comforts that many people in Africa don't have, but it doesn't mean I'm not going to give a damn about them. I will definitely do something in my lifetime to help make their lives easier. Like I said, I don't know what yet, but it'll be something. Hell, I'm a hydrogeologist (well, I've studied hydrogeology I mean)! If it's my calling to go to Africa myself and install clean, efficient water wells, even if it is not cost efficient to do so, I will do it dammit!

It's a shame, really. A damn shame that the people on the top can't open their eyes and see how tough this is on the rest of us. Before he died a few years ago, my cousin believed that living on Earth was Hell, like real Hell, and that once we died we went to Purgatory and then to Heaven because we've already gone through Hell. I'm starting to believe him. There's got to be a purpose to all of this.
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Job update - no call from

Job update - no call from Publix yet but I know I could still get a job with them soon. But the bigger news is that I have an interview tomorrow with the environmental company. I really hope I get this job because it would be a step toward my dream. I'd be happy to get the job with Publix too XD. I just want a job haha!
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Good luck Quad!

Good luck Quad! <3
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The interview went great, I

The interview went great, I really enjoyed getting to meet with them. The lab isn't that hard to find, and I ended up getting there about a half an hour early, but it was fine because they went ahead and did the interview. Small place and looks like a great company to work for, should know by the end of March or the beginning of April if I've got the job or not. So I'm waiting for two phonecalls now
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I deaded myself and Brandy.

I deaded myself and Brandy. Enjoy and don't get too many nightmares XD
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So I have a new hobby - chain

So I have a new hobby - chain mail jewelry. Essentially you use jump rings and interlock them to make different things. Here are many, many examples

I actually came up with a kind of invention doing this, but I haven't really decided if I'm going to be like "Hey look what I'm making!" or if I'll be like "It's a surprise, don't tell anyone." But so far I have made three of the things and it involves working with these jump rings. I really am thinking about making lots of them for gifts as well as to sell.

Anyway, if I make anything that comes out awesome, I'll be sure to share.

Edit - Here's one of my creations:

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Hey Quad, thought you might

Hey Quad, thought you might enjoy this:

Books of Adam--Iron Goddess of Mercy

This guy writes some pretty funny blog entries, but this one reminded me of you and some of the struggles you're going through. Hope you like it!
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I can't believe how much I

I can't believe how much I can relate to that, it was a hilarious read and yet so true! Although I'm jealous that he said he was perpetually skinny and I'm the opposite, I can't seem to lose weight no matter what XD. But really, this was amazing, thank you for sharing and I'll definitely read his blog.
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Looks like things will be

Looks like things will be getting interesting soon. For starters, a friend of mine has invited me to a presentation about the oil industry, how to potentially get a job and experience. He will be the speaker at the presentation. Even though I was going for environmental geology, I have been interested in the oil industry as well, since if I had gotten hired in Pennsylvania I would have been in the oil and gas industry. Anyway it's April 5th at my university, date TBA. I'm glad my friend let me know about it.

Secondly, a local company called Northrop Grumman is hiring 5000 people for jobs related to the shipbuilding industry. While it's not what I had in mind, they will train and are looking for all sorts of people. I plan to go to the job fair on Friday.

And then thirdly, I should hopefully hear back from the lab job soon, as they had planned to decide who they want to hire by the end of the month. If not, I may also hear from Publix soon since they're opening two stores here.

So long story short, I've got a lot of job related stuff going on, and with any luck I'll be hired soon.
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So I am totally set on jump

So I am totally set on jump rings thanks to Mom buying me $30 worth XD

Gonna be making some awesome stuff with these. I am still waiting on some tiny gold rings but they should be here soon. The empty container at the top is where those will go.
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So my brother surprised me

So my brother surprised me with a few presents for Easter. He got me a T-shirt with the logo of my favorite brand in the Borderlands series, Jakobs. He got one for himself as well with the Torgue logo.

But the other thing he got me was the complete DVD series of an old cartoon I watched as a kid called Swat Kats. I'm...ecstatic. I was nuts over this show back then and still can't believe I've got the series now.

Way too much nostalgia

I got a few more neat things for Easter as well, including an Emeril Lagasse knife set, $20 to the movies, and a dachshund-shaped hot dog slicer. All in all it's been a great day.
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I've learned that I am very

I've learned that I am very passionate and curious about training with various kinds of weapons. It's not that I am learning about them so that I can hurt anyone, but rather, I enjoy learning about them so that if I was ever threatened I could defend myself. I feel like I have a little more peace of mind since practicing with my weapons.

One of my biggest fears is someone breaking into my house. When I am living on my own, I will definitely have a security system so that will make me feel less paranoid, but I do enjoy learning about different weapons as it has really built confidence for me.

I've never been trained in any of the weapons, I've learned everything on my own through practice. I cannot say that I am a master of any of them, especially since I've never had to use them to defend myself yet, but I do feel like I am prepared if the situation arises.

So here is a list of what I've trained with, as well as what I would like to learn how to use. If there's any weapon that you guys think I should try, let me know!

Trained with -
Bo Staff*
Hunting Knife

Want to learn -
Archery (most likely Compound Bow)
Spiked mace
Jow Ga Spear
Kwan Dao (Horsecutter)
Tomahawk (or another form of combat axe)
Throwing Axe

*I do not have a proper bo staff, but will get one sometime. What I have trained with is a metal painting pole


I really like making lists. I don't know why XD

Anyway, there's a nice shiny new list at the bottom of the updates page (just above the comments) of everything I want to learn about in my life. It of course will have more additions later when I think of other things I'm either already good at or would like to learn about. Please understand that this is not at all mastery in any of these, but more like...having enough experience in them that I think I've got them down pretty well. It also kind of makes me think of what my professor called an 'ego wall', or otherwise, having a checklist of accomplishments and skills that I can be proud of. Maybe spending more time trying to learn about these things while I'm searching for a job will keep me from going into another depressive fit like I have been.

If there's anything up there that you think you can help me learn about, please let me know. I'm more than happy to accept any help on any of them, even advice for anything like rollerblading or bass guitar tips.

Also if there's anything on the list that I've checked that you would love to know more about, please ask! I'd love to share my knowledge in return!

Okay...crazy idea. You guys know I have that river otter puppet that looked like Iugulare, right? What if I practiced puppeteering by having her do video question and answer sessions? I would actually kind of enjoy giving it a shot...even if I may embarrass myself in the process XD. Would you guys be interested?

I don't know if I have an Iugulare voice yet...
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I think that could be a

I think that could be a totally epic idea.
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Yeah...I may try it one of

Yeah...I may try it one of two ways - either do a livestream where the Q&A is live, or record Iugulare speaking answers to questions listed via Youtube. Either way, I think it will be pretty fun to try.


Well, unless I hear something soon from one of the companies I interviewed with, we're going to Plan B - I'm going to take Chemistry 2 in the summer. I will try to take it at a community college in Baldwin County rather than my university, since I've heard it's not only easier but they're not teaching it at a professional/graduate level like at my university. So basically, I get the general knowledge I need of the course so I can finally pass it and have my degree.

Not exactly what I wanted since I had the opportunity to get credit for the course from working, but since noone would hire me I don't really have any more options.
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I wish you all the best for

I wish you all the best for the future Exclaim
I hope you come and visit the forest from time to time ....Take care ... Smiling
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Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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So I've had a pretty awesome

So I've had a pretty awesome day. I first took care of an errand, then went to my university and filled out a transient form. I've decided to take Chemistry 2 at a community college in the summer, and have a professor's recommendation that it's the best thing to do right now. She also mentioned that there's a career expo in Houston in September that she wants me to go to.

So after I got all that done, I went to my grandparent's for a little while and had lunch, and then decided to run by Jimmy Lowe's fruit stand to get some loaves of bread. I took the bread to Municipal Park and fed the birds there. There were more seagulls than geese this time, which was alright, but I was glad I went because I got to feed one white goose that had a bummed foot. I made sure he had his fill of bread.

On the way back home, I decided to stop at Laun Park and took my boomerang. That place is absolutely perfect for throwing it, and I even made a friend that watched me throw the entire time. It was not the best day to throw since it was very windy, but after a few tries, I actually got it to return to me to where I could catch it! I am glad my practice has paid off, and plan to head back there some more to throw the 'rang some more.

I'd like to get another one that doesn't go as far. The one I have goes 50 yards, where some of the smaller ones go 25-35 yards. I was kind of dumb and got essentially an 'expert' boomerang while I am still a novice thrower. Still fun as heck though and I can't wait to throw more!

I think what was the best part for me was that I was worried as hell that people were going to freak out that I was throwing the boomerang, but instead what happened was that I had someone watching and enjoying it as if it was a performance, and then I got to tell her about it, how it works, why I was doing some things (i.e. waiting until the wind died down to throw), that sort of thing. It was really fun getting to teach someone else about something foreign, and I was so glad that in addition to practicing and trying to get the throw right, I got to entertain her as well. The whole experience was really rewarding for me.
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Okay. Okay. FFFF... I'm

Okay. Okay. FFFF...

I'm suddenly going nuts about boomerangs.

I'm seriously making a list of boomerangs I want to own now. Yes. I am this crazy.

I want all of these:

Channel Craft Spirit of Fire
Channel Craft Spirit of Wind
Channel Craft Free Spirit
Colorado Boomerangs Quad Star 4 Blade
Colorado Boomerands Wildfire 3 Blade
Eric Darnell Pro Fly Boomerang
Eric Darnell Tri-Fly Boomerang
Boomerang book with Eric Darnell Boomerang
Probably a few more from Colorado Boomerangs
A Boomerang from Boomerangs by Vic (He actually made the Gale from the Legend of Zelda)

Now I'm watching boomerang trick shot videos, watching this old show with Eric Darnell himself, doing Amazon and Ebay searches for different kinds of boomerangs, and want to join the United States Boomerang Association


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I was 'hired' by my

I was 'hired' by my grandmother today and took care of some things she wanted done, such as putting away winter clothes and working in her garden. I'll be going to her house again tomorrow and Thursday. I got a little money for the work today, and decided that I'd love to use it toward a new boomerang. Just gotta decide which one I want, there are so many to choose from!

Also Fall Out Boy, one of my favorite bands ever, released a new album today. I highly recommend it, already been jamming to it all day.

Edit -

I think I know which boomerangs I want. I definitely want the wildfire, but now I can't decide between the aspen or the yanaki. I should hopefully have enough to afford both by the end of the week.

Colorado Boomerangs Aspen Fire
Colorado Boomerangs Yanaki

Colorado Boomerangs Wildfire Tri-Blade

A few others I was looking at were the two Eric Darnell boomerangs, but I think I want to go with these two. I'm already excited XD

Edit #2 -

Well my plans have changed, Mom ended up ordering the Wildfire boomerang for me, but in return I have to do some extra chores to pay off for it. But this means that the money I've earned from my grandmother is mine to spend or save as I see fit.

I guess it's not so bad. Should get it sometime between the 23rd and the 27th.
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I feel weird, not physically

I feel weird, not physically weird but my mentality has changed somehow. Does this sort of thing happen often? Is it natural to go through mental changes so quickly?

I was reading from my Feng Shui book the other day, and the chapter I read was about clearing out clutter. I'll admit that I've been slacking off lately, I have been sending out applications but at the same time I've been sitting on the computer messing around.

Since reading that chapter of the book, I feel different. Yesterday I spent all day cleaning the kitchen. Next week I want to go through my room and get rid of stuff. I went on my iPod and deleted several games I have been playing for a long time (DragonVale, Puzzle and Dragons, Defender of Texel). The only things I've been doing lately are playing Skyrim and obsessing over boomerangs.

What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I suddenly thinking differently?

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the plans to go back to school. Am I...becoming excited over that? That my future career may be in my grasp as soon as September? Maybe I'm growing up and realizing I have a lot of things I don't need anymore.
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My new tri blade boomerang is

My new tri blade boomerang is crazy fun! I was at the park for at least an hour throwing it. Learned several things too, especially that I don't have to put a lot of muscle into the throw, but rather it works great with a flick of the wrist. It's just like throwing my shurikens and kunai, don't think about the throw, just throw. So anyway, I'll throw this one a few more times by itself, then will use it as a warm-up boomerang to my Channel Craft 50 yard boomerang
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Right, so as of now I am

Right, so as of now I am officially an honorary Sun Chief. I went to Faulkner State Community College's campus in Bay Minette today, registered, got the textbook, and applied for Chemistry 2 in the summer. Everything's paid for, and I'll be starting May 23rd.
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So I'm definitely making

So I'm definitely making progress with my boomerang throwing! Today I caught my boomerang four times, and had two consecutive catches! Both are records for me since before today I had only caught my boomerang once. I've learned that it does not always come back to the same spot you throw it, so you want to watch it and move in the direction it is coming (usually a few steps back when I threw) and try to catch it there. I had a few collisions where it bounced off of my hand, thankfully this isn't Mad Max or else I would have lost a few fingers.

I also ordered my 3rd boomerang today - Channel Craft's Spirit of Wind. I was originally going to order another Colorado Boomerangs one but it didn't have good reviews, and I trust the Channel Craft one because my Spirit of Earth boomerang is well made and hasn't broken despite my newbie attempts to throw it. I know better now, I was throwing it totally wrong when I first started.

So here's the new one I just ordered, straight from Charleroi, PA! Channel Craft has some pretty neat stuff too, I may have to order some other things from them sometime.
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I'll most likely be doing the closing shift in Produce like I did with my previous job, but that's just fine! I'll be going to school on tuesdays and thursdays but will be done at 2:30, so I could get something to eat and then go to work. Gonna be a really long day but hey, no biggie.
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The interview went great, and

The interview went great, and I'll find out tomorrow if I've got the job or not. It would definitely be produce, and I followed my sis-in-law's advice and went in confident. I think I've got this.
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I didn't get the job. I just

I didn't get the job.

I just don't know what to say anymore. I'm...worthless...