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Goodness! I can't believe Quad's almost 9 years old! I registered close to Halloween because I saw this on Deviantart:

And just wanted to know what the heck this Endless Forest was. Didn't know it was going to completely change my life, and that Quad would be a good friend to me for almost a third of my life.

Thanks for continuing to be an amazing community, guys.

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So.... I bought The Path a


I bought The Path a while back and got it downloaded on my old computer, however I had a hell of a time running it because it wasn't a gaming laptop. The game was perpetually laggy for me but it's only because I didn't have up-to-date technology.

I didn't buy it on Steam, but I bought it through Tale of Tales' website. And I'd kinda like to have a copy of it again but I don't want to re-buy it.

Do you think I could ask M&A about getting a copy of the game? I'm afraid of asking because I don't want to come off like I never bought the game, but at the same time, I'm not sure how to prove I had a copy of it.

Or...should I just rebuy it on Steam? I just don't exactly have $10 to spend at the moment but I suppose I could just do that whenever I have the funds again...

I'd like to have a copy of it again anyway so I can do a playthrough for my Youtube channel and kinda help promote ToT's games, in a small way of course.


Edit -

I think I found a solution. I do have proof here from my e-mail:

I tried that download link and it said it was expired but that you could request additional downloads. Also tried adding the game key to Steam but it said it was invalid. So I sent a request to 'the vendor', or otherwise M&A explaining the situation and why I wanted a redownload. In case I don't hear from them in a few days, I'll send an e-mail with that info.

Also...something unrelated, but...in case you were wondering, I never did stop my subscription to help keep the Forest running. I've been donating every month for a few years it seems.

Not trying to be smug about this, just surprised I've had this automatic payment thing going on as long as it has been.

Oh, wow, I didn't know you

Oh, wow, I didn't know you could subscribe or donate with automatic payments.

I had The Path and another game on my old computer, and a while back I was thinking I wanted to play them but I don't have a backup or anything. And I don't have the email anymore, either. orz I didn't know those games were available on Steam, though. I might have to buy them again...
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Yep, you sure can! Here it

Yep, you sure can! Here it is on TEF's webpage, and it takes it out on the 3rd of every month.

I'm sure M&A won't mind getting me another copy of The Path, I just...you know...don't want to bug them. Or anyone for that matter. The last thing I want to be is a nuisance XD

Also my dilemma has been solved! M&A Responded very quickly and sent me a new product key for The Path, so I plugged it into Steam and it worked! It's downloading now!

Can't wait to play it again, and I'll definitely be doing some for my Youtube!
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Got The Path to work! Took

Got The Path to work! Took me a bit to get used to the controls haha! I'll be recording it for my Youtube so I'll share my first hour of gameplay sometime soon.

I couldn't figure out how to interact with the little girl running around though. Like most of the time she just stands there staring at me, but at one point she started to lead me away.
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I don't have a good speaking

I don't have a good speaking voice XD

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Hi folks! Been a while, I

Hi folks! Been a while, I know. Just wanted to stop in and give you a quick update so you know I haven't fallen off the face of the planet or anything.

Looks like Photobucket is no longer a reliable source for image hosting...I went ahead and removed all the pictures from my "Updates and Stuff" post but I'm sure my character profiles and whatnot are littered with "upgrading Photobucket" pics. Oh well...

Anyway, I've been busy working on a construction project in Atlanta, GA, USA. If you happen to pass through the area and see the Peach Pass toll lane on I-75 and I-575, I worked on that making sure the concrete placed on the road was good to drive on. It's been a lot of hard work, and some weeks I work 50-60 hours, including 12 hour days and just about every Saturday. But we're almost done with the project, and after about March or so I don't know where I'll be. There's been talks about me being relocated to Savannah, GA.

I've still been donating every month to keep the Forest funded. I may not be here physically but still here spiritually~

I have a bearded dragon named V now, and I absolutely love her! I adopted her from someone on Craigslist who needed to rehome her, and she's made my life all the happier!

I recently got my avatar updated to reflect a "QuadRaptor" better. So you won't see Quad the deer as my avatar anymore, but he's still around of course. I've got a video gaming velociraptor instead.

Speaking of that, if you want to keep in contact -

Youtube channel
Steam profile
Discord - QuadRaptor#2105
Blizzard/Battlenet - QuadRaptor#1574
Overwatch stats
Skype - ask I guess, I don't use it a whole lot.

Games I'm playing the most right now -
Rocket League
Hyper Light Drifter
Seasons After Fall
Pokemon Go
Meadow (Occasionally, usually when they add new stuff as I've got all the current achievements)
VRChat (Occasionally, don't have a VR headset but I like to goof off as a Lugia)

Soon to be playing (when I get the time) -
Turok 2
Rain World
Stardew Valley (Started a bit but haven't gotten too deep into)
Full Metal Furies

I guess that's it. Might hop in the Forest sometime whenever I get more time. Nice seeing you all again too, still love this place.
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Good to hear some news from

Good to hear some news from you !
You were not forgotten Smiling
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Hello, Quad!!...And happy 10

Hello, Quad!!...And happy 10 TEF years!
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Hey, good to hear from you!

Hey, good to hear from you! =D
Glad to see things have been going well.

I wondered where you went!

I wondered where you went! Sound like life is treating you well, happy to hear that!
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Just had a pretty insane

Just had a pretty insane afternoon. I knew V had been acting as if she was gravid because she's only been eating a little and she kept "digging" into the blankets whenever I sat her on the couch with me. I recorded her doing the digging on February 1st, so I got her a "dig box" with play sand, and she dug in that a bunch too.

Well today, she was next to me on the couch, was doing the digging again, and then I saw her belly flexing and contorting. I put her in the sand box and she started laying eggs! She laid a total of 27, but keep in mind these are infertile so they won't hatch.

She seems a lot happier since she laid the eggs. I also compared her weight from the last time I weighed her, and she went down about 80 grams, so each egg was roughly 3 grams.
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Yay! Nice to hear from you

Nice to hear from you again. Not like I do any better at letting people here to know about me.

Seems liek you're doing a great job there. Keep up!
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Update - The move officially

Update -

The move officially happened, and I'm now staying with a friend of mine in Acworth. She let me stay with her the first few months I was in the Atlanta area so she was happy to have me again. As far as the job goes, they went back and forth between where I was going to be moved at and finally decided I'd be working in Atlanta proper. I was originally told I'd be working in Gwinnett County which is where I have been living at, but they changed their mind. It's alright, just have to get used to the new job because it's not the same as what I have been doing.

While I'm staying with my friend, I will only have a handful of expenses to pay so I will have a good bit more money to work with. I plan to pay off some credit cards, get laser corrective surgery done so I won't have to wear glasses any longer, and help my family with some things. And once I think I've gotten enough stuff done for myself and my family, I'll start to look for another place, though I don't think I want to rent again since they kept increasing my rent every year. We'll see, first things first, I gotta adjust to the new position at my job and my current living situation.
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That's more adulting than

That's more adulting than I've managed in like...more than a year. A+ adulting, Quad. Here's hoping everything goes smooth! Especially laser surgery! though it's pretty much as easy an operation as you can get. Hope you've been doing well mentally and all that?