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Goodness! I can't believe Quad's almost 9 years old! I registered close to Halloween because I saw this on Deviantart:

And just wanted to know what the heck this Endless Forest was. Didn't know it was going to completely change my life, and that Quad would be a good friend to me for almost a third of my life.

Thanks for continuing to be an amazing community, guys.

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-TRACK- Nice to see a clean

Nice to see a clean slate here, Chris C:
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I mean those characters above

I mean those characters above in your blog, with quad and the others
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Oh this?. A friend of mine

Oh this?. A friend of mine made those a long time ago. XD sorry I'm not a good enough artist to do anything like that
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Well if I don't hear back

Well if I don't hear back from the five jobs in West Virginia, I've got seven more to apply for in the same general area (Virginia, Pennsylvania, northern Alabama, and Tennessee). And if I don't hear from any of them, I have seven more to send off to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, New Mexico, and Arizona.

I'm getting a job somewhere.
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Well my Chemistry 2 exam

Well my Chemistry 2 exam retake went really well, I know I did better than the first time since I actually didn't freak out when I saw Ka/Kb/Kp/Ksp problems! In fact I didn't have nearly as horrible of a headache and finished the exam maybe 45 minutes to an hour faster than I did the first time. Just gotta wait 2 weeks or so to find out if I've passed or failed, but either way I'm done with college.

I had to deal with some registrar mumbo jumbo about reapplying to graduate, basically they won't count my two transient classes (Physics 1 and Chemistry 2) until I paid them $25 to say I was graduating in the summer. Go figure.

So anyway, I feel like a tremendous weight has been taken off of my shoulders....and now another weight of equal gravitational pull is being put on with this job search XD!! I haven't heard a word from the 5 companies I sent applications to in West Virginia, so if I still don't hear anything by Friday I will send off applications to companies in Pennsylvania, Virginia, northern Alabama, and Tennessee.

And if that doesn't work, I've got seven more job postings to apply for. Aside from Louisiana and Florida, I am willing to go anywhere for a job.
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No word from the companies I

No word from the companies I sent off for a few weeks ago, so I said today I'd work on some more job applications. I've got seven to write today (the ones under "Tier 2" in my list above).
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I hope one of them responds

I hope one of them responds soon. :c
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Alrighty, all the jobs have

Alrighty, all the jobs have been applied for. I decided not to apply to the one in Birmingham, AL, because I had such little information about the company to write my resume for them. I found another in Pittsburgh, PA, so I applied for them as well.

It said to wait 2-3 weeks to find out if they will hire me. Fortunately that will be right when I should get my exam results so I suppose I'll just keep looking until I find someone who wants me. One plus I have is that since I'm single I'm able to travel and relocate if necessary.
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We had a glass of wine

We had a glass of wine tonight in honor of my Dad, it would have been his birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I really miss you...
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Just an update from me - You

Just an update from me -

You probably know I've been having some issues with my eye lately. We went on a trip weeks ago and one morning while we were up there I couldn't open my eye, it was burning really badly. Well it healed up a bit so I drove up to visit my family in northern Georgia, and it started acting up again. So I was up there for a week trying to get it to heal.

Well when I got back home it was fine for a little while and then suddenly started hurting more. We went to the ER and they determined I had an abrasion on my eye, so we've been going to this eye doctor across the street from that place. She put in a contact lens and I had been feeling great since then, so after about 5 or 6 days we took it out. About a week passed with no problems and then the other day it acted up again. We put the contact back in but we think it fell out somewhere, and I was in a lot of pain again last night and the night before.

So we went to the eye doctor again today, and she put a new contact lens in, but said that the abrasion has gotten bigger, and if it doesn't heal then they're going to do surgery on it.

It's my fault that the abrasion opened up again. When I feel better I don't continue to take the medication, I just don't even think about it. And honestly I absolutely hate putting eyedrops in. So I'm going to do everything I can to remind myself to put the medication in multiple times a day.


So hey I've got a free MP3 download from Amazon.com, is there a good single out there you guys are digging right now? I like a little of everything, currently into power metal (such as Dragonforce and Sonata Arctica) and post-grunge (Daughtry, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down), but I'd be willing to try anything interesting. I only get one song so pick a good one for me too Eye
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I thought about something

I thought about something really interesting last night...you might be very, very close to your 'main' deer on TEF, but you're close to your dark characters too. In my case, there are parts of Iugulare, Anirapio, and Nekumbra that represent parts of me.

Nekumbra wants to be accepted, she wants to be normal, but she can't ever be since her mutation has physically altered her. She just wants to be a regular doe who has friends and does regular doe things.

Anirapio wants a place to belong. She is trapped on Earth and longs to return to her home, or even being accepted and welcomed on Earth. She is bound by Earth rules and cannot truly live her life the way she wants.

Iugulare wants to be loved and respected, the one thing actually physically in her grasp is Quad's love. But since he has no interest in her, it drives her crazy and she continues her conquest of Earth.

Much like Nekumbra, I've wanted to be normal, I've degraded myself and called myself names such as a monster and a waste of a life. I know exactly how she feels

And then with Anirapio, I also want a place to belong. I've felt trapped in this house for a few years now, and have longed to have my own house where I have control of what I do, where I have independence.

And finally, I can relate to Iugulare too, because I sometimes don't know if I'm loved or respected. There were times where things seemed at their worst, and I've felt utterly alone. But much like Iugulare, I won't give up so easily, and will continue to pursue what I want.

The Quad sounds almost like

The Quad sounds almost like Quadda! Laughing out loud
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Good news, guys - the eye

Good news, guys - the eye doctor said my eye looks like it's fully healed. We're going to keep the contact in for another week just to be sure, but this is great, let's hope that the abrasion will stay healed.
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Just an update from me - I

Just an update from me -

I did not pass my 2nd attempt at my Chemistry 2 final exam, so I will continue sending off job applications for a water sampling technician. I am assuming the applications I sent off earlier have been ignored, so I will start over and send off in a different area of the USA.

I also have contacted my two professors about the matter, who will help me with the 3-month substitution plan. I also will go by my old grocery store and ask the store manager if I can work as a courtesy clerk temporarily while I'm job hunting.

Wish me luck, guys.
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Current job applications

Current job applications sent, except for Anchorage, AK. I'm debating sending an application there.
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I need some advice. What is

I need some advice.

What is the best way to be patient? Are there any tips or suggestions on how to reduce your anxiety over something?

I've sent off 36 job applications with 3 responding with rejection. I know 22 of these I'm still waiting to hear from have been sent off since Thursday, and the other 11 I sent off about a month ago with no response.

And this is driving me crazy.

Every day that I sit here waiting is rotting me. I feel like I have no purpose. I feel unwanted, like I'm not good enough or don't deserve the chance to prove myself for what I've always wanted to do with my life.

I feel like a failure.

I want this job, I'm ready and willing to just about anywhere for the opportunity to start my career. I need 3 months of work in this field to finally officially graduate from college. I'm burning with desire to get out there and work. I've put so much time and effort to finally get to this spot in my life, only for it to go on and on without any response.

If you're reading this, please - if you were in my shoes right now, what would you do to keep from going absolutely insane while waiting for 33 potential employers all over the United States to respond?

Thanks for any feedback, I love you all.
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Just a heads-up, I removed

Just a heads-up, I removed The Siege of the Forest since there was a complaint, and I guess I won't do anything else with Iugulare or her infection since it's been deemed inappropriate. Thank you for the interest in the story, but I can't write it knowing I'm doing something wrong.
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Whomever complained needs to

Whomever complained needs to put their big kid pants on and stop playing police.

im sorry to hear you've

Question im sorry to hear you've stoped the story. was there no way of rectifty the issue? May I say that I feel hounered that my character was involved and thoughly enjoyed reading the story. I hope to read more for you soon.
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:/ Some people really need to

:/ Some people really need to grow up and stop killing other's creativity and happiness. Honestly I saw nothing wrong with your story, and felt it was a great thing to be writing; especially since you involved so many of us in the community.
Really, if there's a complaint on your awesome story, there should be flames and hate-comments all over anything to do with my grumpy old demon, as well as most if not all the villian deer in the forest.
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Can I bite their idiotic head

Can I bite their idiotic head off?
It it wasn't Michael and/or Auriea, you don't need to listen to a thing they told you to do, because there are no mods.
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If nothing else, you can send

If nothing else, you can send your stories to those, who are interested, via e-mail.
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Would you guys like me to

Would you guys like me to continue the story despite the complaint? I guess the better question is, are you okay with me continuing on a story that includes a few of my kinks? I never want to go too far with Iugulare but it looked like there was a lot of interest in what she does.

The story is saved to a word document, I put too much time into it already to just delete it.
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Do it Quad. Don't restrict

Do it Quad. Don't restrict yourself. You don't force peolpe to read your stories and if someone is getting offended for whatever reason than he/she should simply stop reading.
You see that there are plenty of people that take an interest in your writings.

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Go for it!

Go for it!
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Yes please quad. and if

Yes please quad. and if somone wants to complaint they need to justify there issuse, not just complain. Then a work around can be found. Don't let anyone squash your creativity or imagination.
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Go for it! Hell, I'm hoping

Go for it! Hell, I'm hoping to get more drawing ideas from it. XD
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Gogogogo do it!

Gogogogo do it!
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I've got some really cool

I've got some really cool news on my job search. A relative to my aunt has been helping me by throwing my name around where he works. I sent one of my first applications to a company he used to work for called Kennametal, but I recently got a rejection e-mail from them.

Well apparently they've still been throwing my name around at that job, and apparently there's a job opportunity for a company called Tricon in Birmingham, AL. I had to send my resume again to my aunt's relative, he's going to send the resume to Tricon.

I'm pretty excited about this, Birmingham wouldn't be a bad area at all, though I may try to find an apartment in one of the smaller towns close by and then commute to Birmingham for the job.

Dang I'm excited.
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I'm planning on running to

I'm planning on running to our local flea market tomorrow morning and picking up a pair of Sai I wanted. Yes, I know...this means I'll have one of each of the Ninja Turtles' weapons. XD

Also my mom's boss found this really cool menorah. She said it came from India or Nepal, but after talking to her, she said it could have come from a resale shop, so it probably came from Israel.

Alright, I figured it out. It definitely is a Hanukkah menorah because there are twelve circles in the jug around one big circle, and each of the little circles has a little symbol inside of it. They represent the twelve tribes of Israel. The symbols on the inside spell out "Khanuke" in Hebrew.

The Jug is symbolic because of the jug of oil that miraculously kept the temple menorah lit for eight days when the oil should have lasted for only one.

I swear this thing is making me want to go get Hanukkah candles and light them in the middle of June XD!!
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Back to business - I've got a

Back to business - I've got a few errands to run today and then I plan to look for some more jobs. A professor also recommended working either a forestry job with a national park or going into the Coast Guard if I couldn't seem to find anything. I think I'm going to keep sending off applications for another month and if I don't get any luck I'll look into those options.

I need to get more of The Siege of the Forest written, I've just been a bit busy at the moment. Hope you guys are okay with it taking a little while.
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No new updates on my job

No new updates on my job search...kind of getting annoyed checking my e-mail daily and not getting any responses.

I think I'm going to concentrate on certain areas of the US I'm really interested in (or would have the most luck). Haven't had much luck around Pittsburgh so I'll see if I can find any more jobs in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, ect...also I think I will see if there are any more in Alaska.

I have also been considering driving down to the Coast Guard recruitment office, but I don't know if it's...intimidation or fear of rejection that is stopping me from stepping in the door. I'm afraid of being rejected just for being short or overweight, you know?

This wait is absolutely dreadful.
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7 more job applications sent

7 more job applications sent today, I focused on Anchorage, sending four more there.

Also if you didn't hear, the Coast Guard said no due to my height and weight.
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Religious or Spiritual? It's

Religious or Spiritual?

It's one of those "you learn something new every day" kind of things...it started with a question on Facebook, "Are you religious?". I answered "yes", because I was born and raised Catholic, even went to both a Catholic elementary school and a Catholic high school.

But then I read comments of the post, and people were saying that "no, they're spiritual but not religious". And this got me thinking...what would I be considered?

I looked up a few articles that explained a bit about the differences between the two. To quote this article, "In the seeking of such meaning, religion and spirituality come together. Spirituality highlights qualities such as caring, kindness, compassion, tolerance, service and community, and, in its truest sense, so does religion. But where religion is defined by its tradition and teachings, spirituality is defined by what is real in our own experience, arising from an inner search within ourselves, the finding of our own truth."

Is it possible to be both religious and spiritual? I know that sounds incredibly stupid to ask but it almost seems like some definitions of the two are that they are mutually exclusive.

In any event, this is what I am - I was born and raised Catholic, and still go to mass (though not nearly as much as I used to due to my Mom's personal anger with God), but I study Buddhism and Zen teachings. I believe the Buddha existed, but do not worship him as a god. Instead, I see him as a teacher. In addition, I have begun exploring other religions not to condemn or forsake my own, but to learn from them with an open mind. I'd love to learn more about Hinduism since there are similarities to Buddhism. I know a little about Judaism and Islam but would be interested in learning more, maybe even trying to read the Torah and Quran. I am absolutely fascinated with Wiccans and Druids, and have come to find they are incredibly nice and humble people as I have met a few personally. I love learning about the Native Americans' views on God and spirit guides, and am always trying to learn from my totems.

What do you guys think? Does this make me 'spiritual', am I still 'religious' since I'm going to the same church I have been for 26 years? Or am I both?

Also if you happen to follow any of the religious/spiritual paths I mentioned above and have any good links, suggestions, or anything to help me learn more about them, I'd be honored to check out anything you have to offer. I know a good bit about Christianity since I was raised as a Catholic, but I'd love to learn more about Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Wicca, and Druidism.

Thanks guys, please feel free to discuss any of this below.
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Just an update, in case you

Just an update, in case you missed what I posted in the 'positivity blog':

"Guys...I just got a phonecall from one of the job applications! They left a voicemail saying they'd like to know more about me. I called back but got their answering machine, so I'm waiting to hear from them, it's Aerotek in Orange, California

I'm excited and nervous at the same time!

I've been looking at the information about the city, it's really cool! It's a small city close to Santa Ana with lots of antique stores and an interesting history, and get this, there's several Buddhist temples in driving distance! I think I'm set on this place, I really hope I get this job!"

I called the guy a few times but ever got in touch with him, so I sent him an e-mail. I have my phone on the loudest ringtone setting if he calls again, and am eagerly watching my e-mail for a response.

I just hope missing the phonecall wasn't a deal breaker.
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I think Dad might have had a

I think Dad might have had a hand in me getting this response from California...because Orange is 40 minutes away from Los Angelas, and Dad's favorite basketball team is the Los Angelas Lakers. Thanks, Dad, I won't let you down.
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Well I've called and e-mailed

Well I've called and e-mailed a few times now and can't get in touch with the recruiter from California. I've done everything I can to express interest in the job. I guess I'll have to keep looking, I mean I don't know what else I can do.
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Don't forget that yesterday

Don't forget that yesterday was a holiday for most folks. It's a good idea to keep searching either way, but maybe give them another call today too.

Edit: before I forget again, my teacher brought up blackbucks in class on Tuesday and I thought of you xD
Apparently we even have a few in town!
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Yeah I thought about that

Yeah I thought about that too. Well I've found about four more jobs to apply to so I'll send them off sometime soon.

Awww yeah they're usually found in Africa but there are some places in the US that have them, I know Texas for sure does because I've literally gotten to see them. I was amazed at how small antelope are! I always thought they were the size of a pony or so, but they're really only a few feet tall!
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Haha, yeah, I live by a

Haha, yeah, I live by a research area in Texas so we have all kinds of weird things over here
Good luck with your job hunting!
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Just an update on my eye, we

Just an update on my eye, we went to my usual doc again and she put a new contact lens in, but we also went to a new doc off of Dauphin street and he thinks that this is more than likely the cold sore virus. So I'm trying some new medication as well as taking Vitamin C to see if that'll blast this stuff out of my system. We hope this'll fix it so I don't have to have surgery.
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Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa,

Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin...the last 16 states I haven't sent job applications to.
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I just wonder. If your job

I just wonder. If your job hunt will continue this way, you will soon seek and send applications also in Europe.
Hope someone will finally reply to your applications positively.
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It sounds like you've been

It sounds like you've been really busy! I hope that all of that hard work pays off for you sooner than later. That town sounds pretty nice, but Southern California tends to be expensive. :l I hope that isn't an issue, either.

As to your question on spirituality and religion... You strike me as more spiritual, but if you go to Church regularly, then most would label you as "religious". However, it could be all a point of view thing. You seem to combine both religion and spirituality quite harmoniously.... So, yes, I believe you can be both.

Currently I'm trying to live as a solitary practitioner of Wicca( teaching myself with little guidance, that is) so I don't know a lot. But I probably know enough to answer most of your questions. Feel free to ask me hear or hit me up on MSN. c:

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PLK - I considered a job in

PLK - I considered a job in Italy once, but I decided it would be too complicated to relocate there, especially since my Italian is very rusty, so I'm trying to find one in America first. I have started considering a job in Canada though...

Embyr - I know about the expensive thing in California. Basically my rent would be about $1200 a month. Fortunately for me, I don't intend to live luxuriously, and who knows, maybe I'll have a bigger salary than I am really asking for. Although if I managed to get the job in Birmingham, AL, my rent would be closer to $400 a month. I'd be happy either way.

As far as church goes...we go maybe once or twice a month now honestly. We don't go nearly as often as we used to, and it's mostly due to my mom, she had a phase where she didn't want to go while my dad was so sick, she got tired of people asking her about my dad's cancer, and I think she was kind of angry at God too, so...yeah, I guess I'm not nearly as 'religious' as I think. I believe you can be a member of a church and at the same time be respectful and curious of other people's churches and beliefs. I like to think of it like being an ambassador of my particular religion.

And I'd love to know more about Wicca, I wouldn't know exactly what to ask though. But I have met some absolutely wonderful Wiccans, so maybe sometime I'll ask you a bit about it on MSN.

*Nuzzles* thanks for the support guys.
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After 5 years of service, my

After 5 years of service, my old laptop decided to die on me this morning. I wasn't able to get it to start, so Mom bought me a new one today. It was what I was going to do when I started making money, was get a new laptop, so I'm kind of glad I am able to move on.

There wasn't much I needed to transfer over from my old laptop, mostly just need to make a new copy of my resume honestly. I already have my antivirus, itunes, and a few other things downloaded.
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Hmm got an interesting idea

Hmm got an interesting idea for a possible new story.

In Second Life I found a free "Dark Samurai" costume, not really my style at all but it's all nice and sparkly anyway...

So I'm thinking about maybe having Quad Human run into such a thing, perhaps a set of cursed armor? I just don't know where to go with it or why he would end up with it on. I also don't really use magical/supernatural things in his stories, he's supposed to be more of a realistic samurai...

But anyway, I'll take a screenshot of it and let you guys see, and maybe I can work up a plot and story where he acquires a set of dark samurai armor. Who knows, maybe it turns him into an uncontrollable killing machine, completely against his nature there (and I love the idea of losing control).

Any thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also I apologize for the lack of work on my last few stories. My 5-year old laptop died recently so I just got a new one.
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GUYS!! I got a phonecall

GUYS!! I got a phonecall this morning! I'm going to get an interview with Republic Services in Winder, Georgia! It's between Atlanta and Athens.

What's great is, one, I'm very close to where my brother and sister-in-law live, but also I'll be very close to a family friend who has offered to let me stay at their house when I come up for my interviews. I'll have to do two interviews in total and they said they'll set me up for them in August!

I'll be doing very similar work to what I would be doing as a hydrogeologist, but I'd be working on a landfill doing gas monitoring. They said they'll train me how to use their equipment.

I'm absolutely thrilled right now! This couldn't be any more perfect!
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I've made a lot of mistakes

I've made a lot of mistakes over the years, and have wasted a lot of time, both mine and yours. I think being on the verge of my new life, living my dream job being about a month away, has really opened my eyes.

There were a lot of times I said foolish things that I didn't mean.

There were times I wasn't thinking clearly.

There were numerous times I wanted to just give up, and if it wasn't for you I probably would have.

I've been slowly moving away from this community. You have probably seen it as I have left writings unfinished and Quad almost never is in the Forest anymore.

I just wanted to say that if these are my last moments with you guys before I am so caught up with my new job, if I am unable to stop by and say hello or be involved like I have been, then I am sorry for my mistakes and I love you all.

I know there are some of you who I have hurt and wronged, and I know now that it should have never happened. If you ever wanted to talk to me again, I'm on MSN at or you can e-mail me at . I'd be happy to make up for anything I've done, and if I am unforgivable, then I wish you the best for your life.

Thanks for reading, and if this is goodbye then take care. I'll try to update this from time to time with how I am doing with my job if I get it.

- Quad