[The Endless Forest Rumor Mill]

What is this?
A place for you to post rumors you want other ocs to know about your ocs.
Posts may be IC, ooc/informational or a mix. Whatever works for you!
This blog and account are owned by wormwoods.

Who can post here?
Anyone and everyone who's got an original character that they roleplay and who is a part of this community in some way.
This is a community tool.

What can be posted here?
All kinds of rumors may be posted here (and tracks are welcome). This blog is for posting anything you want other ocs to know about yours.
Any ic rumors posted on this blog become common knowledge, though, so be careful what you post!

Some examples:
"My character, [name], is searching for an apprentice."
"[Name] was overheard talking about a suspicious portal that opened in the birch last night."
A note pinned beneath a stone in the ruins reads, "Useful charms and crafts for sale. Visit [name] for more information."
"[Name] has been wreaking havoc lately. He's destroyed a burrow and frightened [other character name]."
Rumors pertaining to character plots and not directly to your character themselves (such as "the air feels heavy lately" or "there are strange scorchmarks near the pond") are also welcome.

Creativity is encouraged. If you think of another way to spread a rumor, go for it.

Your post does not have to be in character or extremely detailed. Just want everyone to know your character's a healer? Feel free to post that.

Do rumors have to be true?
No. Rumors may be all true, partially true or not true at all. It's your choice!
However, you're encouraged to note that a rumor is false so other players know what they're getting into.

How can my character hear a rumor found here?
If it's been posted in a comment on here, your character can know about it.
Word spreads fast in a small forest.

But if you'd like a specific ic reason, the character attached to this picto is a terrible gossip and gives out juicy tidbits--for a price, of course.
Give him a couple gifts and he'll tell your character a rumor or three. Rumors about your character are also accepted currency.
Anything that feels like a sacrifice to your character (big or small) will be accepted.
His name is Eyes and he looks however you think he should look.

Please read these before posting.

1. You may only post rumors about your own ocs. Rumors involving other characters are allowed, but you must get the EXPLICIT permission of the player(s) before posting. All rumors must center on your own ocs.

2. Rumors containing dark or adult content are allowed, but you must put a warning at the top of your post. Specific content warnings (ex. heavy violence, gore, trauma) in addition to the above are encouraged. Please use discretion when you post here. Here is a simple code for a warning:
<font size="5" color="red">NSFW content ahead</font>
which displays as: NSFW content ahead

3. All rumors posted here are common knowledge. That means any character at all could know the information you've chosen to post. Please keep private rumors or rumors you want to control the spread of to private rps.

4. Rumors posted here without other details are passed by general word of mouth, but again, creativity is encouraged. Maybe your rumor is an advertisement posted on a tree near the pond? Perhaps your character's been seen talking to someone and a couple words were overheard? Be as creative or simplistic as you like.

5. Check the date a rumor was posted before using it. Some rumors may be old and outdated. Of course, an oc hearing an old and untrue rumor might be part of the fun!

6. Try to use the add new comment button, not the reply button. Unfortunately, replying to a comment prevents the poster from editing it. The add new comment button is at the bottom of this blog entry.

7. No drama. If problems arise, please talk in private. Thank you!
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awh ye..

awh ye..
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*crash lands* Am I late?

*crash lands* Am I late?
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So excited.

So excited. <3

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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t &hearts;

t ♥
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ooo i love this idea...

ooo i love this idea...
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track :3

track :3
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omg perfect..

omg perfect..


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i am aaaaaaall about this

i am aaaaaaall about this
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Such a cool idea! I'll put

Such a cool idea! I'll put somethings down

Iriehana was widowed three times over

Llyr is weakened because she committed a crime which led to a punishment that sent the strongest parts of her magic into remission. Often seen talking to herself

Llyr is a merchant who may ask for pay in favors. Her medicine services are free unless they're too taxing on her. The witch is also willing to take someone under her wing to teach as long as they can look out for themselves.
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interesting o:

interesting o:
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gasP I love it. Now I have to

gasP I love it. Now I have to come up with some tasty rumours...
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I'mma sit down and

I'mma sit down and track.


1) The Apprentice suffers from a skin condition.
2) There is a weird connection between the seasonal cycle deer Sommer and The Apprentcie.

Now lets see how many deer connect the dots.

3) One of the unicorns in the unicorn pair is a cannibal and their blood may grant supernatural powers.
4) The apprentice has been crafting various kinds of things and has connections all over the world, but it is not known for what motivation he even works for.
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yaaas! ---------------- 24.7


24.7.2017. Edit:

The smallest of the beasts tell of a child of whom, for the price of a promise, you may ask to hide from you a memory or a secret between the leaf and its shadow, where no one will find it again and your mind may know ease. For the price of a song, she will weave you a fair wish or a blessing, and for the price of a story, make up one of her own. Most birds will know her name; few other couriers will know where to find her.

By the pond there sleeps a beauty adorned with many talents and triumphs. If approached with due respect and politeness, he may put them to your service, for a while. Though his paws are stiffer than his hands, he has yet to fumble a piece of filigree or an intricate automaton, and any rumours concerning he volatility of his magic are the falsest of accusations barked by the most pitiful of the jealous. Bring gold, jewels and mirrors to ensure his cooperation, cat flesh or pelts to offend, or any quiet word of portals away from the forest to stir his generosity.

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I love this. ...Whoever

I love this.

...Whoever wrote a comment changing their text size pls fix leak.
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She is often seen being

She is often seen being chased by furious birds.

Her mask resembles that of Oduvanchik, if you remember him. It has no eyeholes but it is most definitely a skull.

The instruments she wears clatter loudly together, but that's all the noise any deer has even seen her create with them.

She will cast mushroom and flower magic on sleeping deer but they usually catch her.

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whoa.. I'm gonna sit here

whoa.. I'm gonna sit here
awesome idea ♥
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Tracking! Also fixed font


Also fixed font leak
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i like this idea.. i'll do

i like this idea..

i'll do one for now

1) Mordius can make body parts and organs from scratch, for a price
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Sometimes smoke can be seen

Sometimes smoke can be seen gently drifting up from the highest branches of the Old Oak. A carnivorous beast lives there, but it's been heard that she has the power to take pain away.

Edit: oo also one for Dragomir,
Those walking through the Birch Forest might happen upon a little fawn with skin so red and translucent that he appears as if he is skinless. It's unsettling, but if you're keen to stick around, he'll play tag and other games with you. He is soulless.
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Such a cool idea! Can we

Such a cool idea!
Can we include rumors that aren't true or only partly true? About our own characters of course. Not that I plan on it, but it could be interesting.

•Some say that if you're injured or sick, being around Amary long enough will speed up your recovery by just a little bit.
• Macaria: "I am afraid my sister is not particularly fond of others.
Please try not to take it personally if she refuses your company. She simply prefers solitude."

Shamira: "Should anyone seek protection, find me. I am your shield."
• There seems to be a connection between the odd little flame that sometimes appears in the ruins and this mute unicorn.
Oisín hopes to find someone proficient in magic who can teach him and help him remember what he's forgotten.
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Denizens of the Forest have

Denizens of the Forest have many different ideas about Madoc's flowers. Some say that if you eat them, it grants immortality much like a true fae. Others say it gets you high.

amary dear omf i have to send madoc oisín's way sometime??

@Amary I like that idea! I've

I like that idea! I've gone ahead and added it into the FAQ. Thanks for the input.
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Love the idea of this!

Love the idea of this!

Geneva wants to be taught to read and maybe be apprenticed to someone skilled in magic use
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I'll add a few from my

I'll add a few from my kids:

It's said if you can seek out the Sylvan witch, she can offer you any sort of herbal medicine you could ever need. Maybe if you're nice, she'll even patch you up.

The Sanguine's blood is cursed. It's rumored those who come in contact with it have lost hair, lost skin, and even lost their last breath.

Somewhere in the Ruins lies the body of the Hearth from their time walking in mortal flesh. The one who finds it might be able to salvage something unearthly from it...

Might post more later but this is all I could think of for now tbh
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reggie got a wedgie

reggie got a wedgie
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A mysterious note has been

A mysterious note has been left in the walls of the Old Oak. The text, written in clumsy, hurried letters, reads:


The note lacks a signature...

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(sneaks in here to track

(sneaks in here to track thing)

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omg. reading these is so

omg. reading these is so entertaining. T!

The Oak Guardian, though not often visibly seen in the forest, is said to lurk at the top of trees, specifically the Old Oak and out of the public eye, in order for them to shower their mysterious magic upon the greenery of the forest to keep every plant alive and well.
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jumpsin The Cacodaemon's


The Cacodaemon's blood is said to have powerful healing abilities for those who are bold enough to try it. Some claim that it can even regrow entire limbs and organs with time. Can also get you v v high However, it may not have the same outcome for everyone and the side-effects of ingestion can be pretty damn nasty. Why would anyone wanna eat tar anyway ?

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This is already sooo

This is already sooo interesting. I hope to have characters with enough depth to add to this someday. |D

Though there is a rumor Hisoka can acquire gold somewhat easily.

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&bullet; The source of this

• The source of this rumor is unknown, but it's said that a certain oni child might be selling drugs to the curious buyer.

• The birds whisper of a feather fox that creates beautiful blankets and raises orphan birds. They say that, for a small trinket, he will gift them to you.

• A white billed crow cries about, telling all that will listen, a night pelted doe with sunset eyes is capable of seeing visions, perhaps you could see about your future, or ask her something you can't seem to understand. She has answers to any and all things, or so the birds say.

A track AND, The

A track AND,

The dragonness Laireur will lend aid to those that seek it: be it healing fatal wounds in dire circumstances, watching over children, or simply offering advice.
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(Niceness, track.)

(Niceness, track.)
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Both the birds and forest denizens speak of a silver tongued father and son who sell a number of useful wares. Some helpful, some hurtful, all for a price.

The Ironmonger can make you almost anything out of metals, for a fair trade.
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O.o !

O.o !
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Bumping this again because

Bumping this again because it's too good
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shoving some long overdue

shoving some long overdue ones in here mature content-ish?idk?

It is observed that some individuals consume forest mushrooms as a means to get "high." Though effects upon each individual may vary, one can also have intense hallucinations while on the mushrooms. Unfortunately, these mushrooms are very addictive and must be used with caution. Withdraw symptoms are just as severe as the highs...

It has been heard that a certain winged doe with a blank stare has a vision like no other. She has a unique ability to view others in the forest via 'bird's eye view', able to catch brief glimpses of others' activities (not by her own will/intention, visions are sporadic and unpredictable)...

There is a solitary creature in the forest that will do another's bidding, for a price. Getting a hold of them may be difficult. But if word gets out that they are needed, they will find a way to come to you...

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A blind doe with a crown of

A blind doe with a crown of red feathers has been asking around for someone who makes jewelry. She dares not venture too far from the Ruins and so hopes someone will come to her.
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A certain large, and rather

A certain large, and rather loud, presence is sometimes spoken of in hushed tones. The Hyena is known for many things through the forest. But perhaps most useful to the passing stranger are the things she can acquire on your behalf.

From fresh carcasses to more mild cuisine. From Medical supplies to creature comforts.
All fair trades considered.
Rhea can also get you birth control in the form of herbs..

She also has big teeth she likes to use so offers regarding that are also considered.
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He's been seen scavenging,

He's been seen scavenging, seems not to be a fussy eater too.

Maybe he can be put to use somehow. Hiding evidence, maybe?

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aaayyyyyyy this looks awesome

aaayyyyyyy this looks awesome imma just...

Linger long enough near the ruins and a curious rumor is heard from the forest squirrels. They speak of an old, many-tailed fox that sometimes haunts the ruins. A vixen who deals in life and souls. They whisper that she can bring back the dead or create children for those who can't have them, all for just a small sacrifice.

...doing more with her here in tef would be great.
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Word has it that a certain

Word has it that a certain three eyed doe with a starlit pelt is capable of creating portals and even worlds completely from scratch.
It's a draining task, however, and requires something of value in return.
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Apparently this big guy can

Apparently this big guy can turn you invisible for a price. Your mileage may vary though.
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This red guy is allegedly a

This red guy is allegedly a healer of the mind (read psychiatrist w/ MS in psychology) and is rather willing to help others. As well, he seems readily willing to donate his venom to those who seek or claim to use it for medical purposes. His services do not come with a cost.

This bone tailed guy is apparently a doctor who specializes in ailments of the brain. He can be convinced fairly easily to work for free, but he is usually generous, probably due to curiosity.

This fox boy is generally mischievous, but without malicious intent and may be able to grant the ability of flight temporarily.