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[ Sells Libel's wares. Carried in a satchel with a few 'for show' items hung on the outside. ]


A weirdo on a mission. ('o')

Life: annoying
Stranger: found
What: scary looking
Size: XXL
Who: jae
Sitting: Under
Goal: Aima only knows

JAE GOT UP TO RUN AROUND. aAaaaaaAAANGRY. sort of. chased him around and half played, half tried to jam some spines into him and bite him but then chilled out and.. forced himself to 'play nice'. aka only kick and headbutt because lbr he can't hurt anything jae's size with blunt force. It's Stab Or Nothing.

Eventually settled down and worked up some thoughts.


Brother gave him some TERRIBLE NEWS (which was not terrible, but for Aima..)
Quite the miserable.. wretch.
Should probably be happy for the komainu and yet is far from. (because he's Aima!)

Almost instantly, though without telling anyone, attempted to 'get back at' his brother by 'beating him to the punch' so to say. But after months of trying that, came to suspect something that made him.. EVEN MORE ANGRY. And had his assumptions confirmed after a confrontation with his cat-mother, who he got into a fantastic slice-and-dice fight with. In typical fashion attempted to murder the Writ and stormed out wailing when he wasn't able.
And because they're all gross demons nobody was rly left in too bad shape hahahaha..

Keeping this all from everyone- not that he has anyone but Daire to talk to- but MOST OF ALL from him. Trying to figure out other ways to 'win' this round of..
w/e he's made up in his head..


Somewhat of a miserable wretch lately, for reasons known only by himself.
Not that it makes a difference because in general Aima doesn't rly act.. much.. different WHATEVER HIS MOOD BUT!!
More unpredictable, at the very least. Getting himself into trouble and smiling much less.


Got a pet rhino beetle from Daire for Christmas. (spoilers aima didn't get anyone anything because he's unable to understand what anyone but himself would like i guess jfc)
Told anyone he cared for not to get him anything (aka just daire) but NO!! HE WENT AND DID IT.
Shocked by the level of.. care he instantly felt for the beetle. Had spent a lot of his life pulling the legs off of spiders, the wings off of birds in a morbid fascination and yet a beetle was something he suddenly found himself caring for literally more than his own 'mother'.
Moved to tears by it, which.. weirded Lucy out a whole bunch, though Daire seemed less confused.
but aima doesn't wanna talk about the why's... it's personal..

Has carried it around with him in the house since- refuses to bring it to the forest, though. The r i s k..
Can't recall wtf newyears is so happy for the strange forest weather. But bored. And a bored Aima is a dangerous Aima.
Stalked after the only being in motion, Bronx. Angry motion too. S'HOW WE LIKE IT.
Approached the ornery male and in his Aimaway, tried to be friendly and bEST hELPFUL. Quieted when the stag rejected him angrily and stalked away. Left standing in the pond blankly, downtrodden.

Did so distantly, mostly standing behind trees and quietly watching. eXCITED when he thought Bronx approached him, though it turned out the stag came close without realizing.. he was even THERE SIGH
Offered a wide smile but it dropped as the stag told him to leave him alone again.
ALSO MOLOCH (who might have been glitching but AIMA THOUGHT HE SPAT AT HIM/player saw a sPITOOey emote but aima is aima and it wasn't quite noticed godbless) AND RHIA SHOWED UP TOO. But Aima was honed.
Said he'd thought he (Bronx) wanted to talk because he 'came to him' eventhoughitwasanaccidentaimahashope, though the stag asked why Aima thought he'd even want to talk to a stranger. Extended his proverbial hand in saying that they didn't have to be strangers, but friends. To which the larger male said he didn't need any friends.
In a last ditch effort of transparency, quietly said that he(Aima) did. Got nothing but a silent stare in return, and left shortly after with a quiet word of verbal defeat.

Sat himself in a flower patch and wiped the few tears that spilled despite efforts to keep them back.


Had something of a minor 'breakdown' whilst talking to his brother yesterday. Which, for Aima, is getting watery eyes. what a monumental thing
Though considering his common reaction to high emotions is upchucking, y'know..
Spoke about his self perception and lingering, andsomewhatunfounded, hurt to do with Kiosydan though delved into the more intricate reasons of why he found himself effected by it as heavily as he was. Unable to truly accept the kind outlook his brother held towards him- in full denial when the beast said he (aima) had any of the komainu's virtues. Still, felt better after a hug and quiet night.

Today, slipped around. Lingered by Jorn and Fen blankly until the former approached him and hugged him. Returned the gesture in his typical hollow way and thought some more, though was called out of his thoughts when Jorn asked to touch his ears, claiming he knew he didn't like them but they were just too cute.
Which to Aima is the best thing anyone's ever said to him. So let Jorn touch his ears because he asked nice. (demanded something shiny in turn though)
Question??Question?????is this what losing virginity is, he wonders?Question??Question?


Aima continues to be Aima and blatantly walk in on conversations (Jörnburnd, Koll and Ashe) and invite himself to be part of them because manners, social skills, do they exist?Question??Question??Question?????
Rested his cheek against Jorn's side and listened in on everything, lacking any personal feelings on the matter.
Watched the two kids leave off, Ashe offering him an acknowledging look.
Afterwards, unintentionally ignored Jorn's kind greeting and asked 'why the children were sad' even though they were clearly angry- it's aima don't think about it. Though beneath it all, was genuinely worried Jorn had done something horrible which would mean Aima would have to avoid him SSHSSSUEU- BUT NO!1
Was told Jorn had merely 'wanted someone to rely on if he died', and he may have been too quick to call them friends.
To which Aima was like UGH, and claimed 'children are gross' because anyone who isn't an obvious adult is a child to aima and children make aima wanna drown.. underdeveloped ..... beings. That said knew Koll and Ashe might be genuinely great people, but kids are gross. but aima doesn't think of kids as individuals so in truth he wasn't saying koll and ashe were gross and didn't think they were. because it makes sense..
aima makes sense
(he doesn't)

Though unconcerned, went on to ask why Jorn was going to die. Learned that he had too much faith in cHILDREN, and also of why his life was in danger. Stated that he hoped the other wouldn't die, but couldn't much be positive about it because I mean we all die you either get killed or kys.
Fenrir joined! Aima squished between them and grinned real big. And then jorn died and exploded into thin air
aka viewer died
Then Aima did his good old positivity thing and said again kids are gross evil small beings and Jorn was so sad that he actually thought he might agree and Aima thinks that's a good thing and it's how you make friends, by finding them at their low points and getting them to agree with your miserable sentiments so wow this is a good day.
Leaned against Fen and slung his legs and tail over Jorn.
Good. This is good. this is great


Feels he's solved one of his problems by quite literally sawing the head off of one of them and later chucking it at Libel who promptly asked him a question that would have led to a blowout if Aima was capable of.. blowing up. Moved on.
Unfortunately didn't take into account that just because you remove someone's head doesn't always mean they're gone for long. which you figure he should know, and maybe he does but maybe he's counting on it.. whoknows..fukkinaima

Skipped into the forest, thinkin'..

Found two brothers- or who he assumed to be brothers (Jörnburnd and Fenrir) because they looked alike. Which is ironic to assume because he doesn't look much like his own brother but yknow..

Tried to mash himself between them but they only scattered- was greeted by Fen and wound up being offered wine by Jorn when the former moved a short ways off. Offended by Fenrir not wanting to be near to him and 'ruining his plan' somewhat spitefully leaned against Jorn's fluffy felt and accepted the offer of wine.
Internally screamed because he thinks wine tastes bad. Will be screaming more later when he realizes that the wine was as strong as vodka, and his hangover will ruin his life.

Jorn totally disappeared very far away (10 feet away behind a tree) and returned with the JUICE. Fenrir moved closer. (All going according to plan.) Soullessly chugged the shit out of the wine to 'get it over with' and quickly said he wanted one of the shiny rings on the beast's antlers.
Was told they were really expensive where the male came from, though he'd cut Aima a deal if he gave him a smile. And boy that's not the first time I've heard that, thinks aima..
SO DIDN'T WANT TO. Pointed out that he was expensive himself and was cute while not smiling anyway so he didn't think he needed to pay for that. SSooOOooooOOOooOO..
Which actually got him a ring for 'free'. And a compliment about his ears which he dismissed by saying his ears were weak because Aima doesn't know you're supposed to say 'thank you' when someone compliments you unless you tell them to compliment you first because help him he's aima it's a disease.

Slipped the ring on his tail and reveled in his victory. At Jorn's prompting, introduced himself and learned both brother's name, as well as learning Fenrir was A gRUMPY man. Said it was alright though, as he was used to the grumpy types..
And then he moved closer anyway so huhuehu..
Refused the offer of a cigar, claiming it made his hair smell like smoke when he was so much as around them.
And eventually sat down when the dRANK HIt. Remained with Fen some time after Jorn left, though retired home when he felt really drunk because
he may look and act dumb but knows being drunk off his ass in the forest isn't exactly a safe thing to be
and brother would cry. if anything happened to him so ok
gave oldman Fen a drunken pat on the shoulder and slipped home.


Drained in his Aima way. Fidgeting, struggling to figure out how to deal with what he's feeling to nO AVAIL BECAUSE HE'S FUKKEN aima..


DOMG I HATED THAT BRAID JFC. i fixt it! plus he wears it pretty loose now
I can Rest In Peace finally
i also redrew his face then he made me cover it again so ok




in summary,
saul snuggle all day then fionnan stuck her tongue in his ear and he was triggered and lost his mind and smashed her face into the dirt and then she bullied him and then he smacked her with his tail real good and tried to flay her but saul stepped between them and greitai was there and he screamed and sobbed a lot because his ear and also was driving his claws into his ear and making it bleed hella because that helps and he thought he was dying and saul wouldn't save him but then they spoke about childhood abuse good story

But rly,

Sat with Saul all day. Shut off and disillusioned until a SNEAKY CHILD, Fionnan came up to him, stuck her nose into his ear and jutted her tongue in there for good measure. Instantly fell into hysterics because nobody.. touches his ear.. and tongues are gross. and he hates children. and he's with pa. and it was all a good recipe to absolutely lose his shit.
Engaged in a weird 'battle' with the fawn which was a lot of screaming, throwing a few mostly dodged hits and writhing, convinced he'd die. All the while carving out his ear canal with his claws more or less because the blood would somehow help. When Fio flicked her tongue at his face before trotting off, bolted after her and attempted to crack her skull open with his tail- she dodged and wound up with a hit to the nose and eye instead. Listened to her plaints and erupted with his own snapping while Saul jumped between them. Horrified that he'd defend a child from his wrath while memories of the beast snapping his bones flooded his mind.
When pa convinced Fi to go, continued being hysterical- charged Greitai who'd shown up at some point but she didn't care EVEN HOW DARE SHE OOOOOO. His saving grace though tbh.
Demanded Saul help him, but refused to let him see his ear because heeee WAS TOO SCARED TO. Because peapaw still scares the hell out of him. Refused to be taken home by the beast for the same reason.

Which all makes no sense but essentially was in lala land pretending to be comfyhappy all day because he thought he'd be happier in the forest with Pa like old times but a sudden, uncomfortable sEnsAtIon to his face by a child which HE HATES CHIDLLRTNELEN!snapped him out of that. And then in his panic wasn't comfortable with previously massively abusive dad but needed comfort and only had dad. pray for him

Screamed a bunch of contradictory 'save me' and 'but don't' bull at Saul because there was no way in hell he'd be able to explain that he wanted help but was too afraid to take it1! SO GL!1
Nearly managed to work Saul up to violence but the beast held himself back and instead embrace the Siren. Shrunk into himself and writhed with discomfort which drove Saul back again, only to grab onto his father and scream when he tried to move away. Which gained him another hug that brought a bunch more fear and discomfort BUT!!11 Saul also sliced his own ear in an effort to comfort with similarities which panicked AIMA MORE BECAUSE NO NOW YOU'RE HURT but fucking.. god.. god bless
Remained in the embrace with palpable discomfort that he has no idea how to hide, only abruptly question why his father had beaten him to hell and back as a child.

Both angered and confused as the other's confession that he was 'afraid', though when asked what Aima had done to deserve it, was told he hadn't done anything.
Hissed, without clarity, that both him and Libel had done it but rounded back to ask why, if nothing was his fault, and what Saul was afraid of.

Was told Saul had hurt someone that he hadn't known he'd hurt until later, and he feared that would lead to him losing his family. So, it was a preemptive strike to hurt them all in hopes they'd be driven off instead of leaving him. Demanded to know who he'd hurt, twice, though got no proper answers- or none clear enough to him. Spat more accusations and snapped that Daire was afraid that he was like him (Saul) and finally lamented that he was supposed to be the nice one. Lost and angry when Saul admitted nothing could make what he'd done right.

Bitter, hateful and agonized, gritted through tears that he wished Saul had just killed him back then, though quickly followed up by admitted he loved him anyway. Still pa. i mean i h8 my life and u and everything but pa..

Heartbroken but accepting when the other admitted he wished he'd been dead before he could have hurt them, afterwards saying he loved him too.
Didn't respond past murmuring a bitter curse about his creator before the idea slipped into his mind that it was in truth, Lucy's fault entirely for bringing Saul around and bringing Daire and him into the world.

Hollow when Saul said that Lucy was trying- pointed out that it was too late and pushed himself to his feet, announcing that he was going home. Didn't leave without saying goodnight.


Still Aima levels of RGH.
But today decided not to go about it as he had before because he wound up feeling a lot worse when he did. Started with delivering a gift to Umay from Lucy who he referred to as 'his slut dad'. Obvious animosity towards his maker had him.. laughing when Umay had no message to return to Lucy because apparently your dad being heartbroken is hilarious.
Answered a few questions with shitty answers because most he didn't know really. Hadn't paid close enough attention to what Lucy was saying to describe the gift in any detail but ENJOY.

Naoki found him and they did not talk about last time. Good.

Instead they got into some depth about the doe's recent troubles when he called her a liar for saying she was fine. Dropped any of his immaturity for the duration of the conversation though found himself yearning to be able to speak with the same openness she was capable of. Couldn't though so..
When the conversation closed and she thanked him, went back to his usual self and told her that as thanks she should tell him he's pretty. And she said he was the prettiest. And life was good from then on.
And then Quillon joined them and Aima forced himself not to make any comments or gestures indicative to how spICY Quil was. Because he's doing well today by not doing his usual Aima thing.
Must be.. anti aima...


Not much 'happier' than he'd been during his last visit but much more quiet. Settled in the stream, dragging himself to the edge when Kiosydan settled near him. Never fully left the waters though, resting his chin on the bank and staring off into the distance, past Garook.
Didn't so much as twitch when the stag up and left.


ONCE MORE 'emotionally' distraught and expressing it in his AIMA WAY.
Stood over Naoki and Mura for a while, moving off a bit after Steini showed up when he got an idea.
Started by stalking around the forest and eventually caught two 'fawns' (Somnium and Ziv THO SOMNI IS AN ADULT BUT SHE'S smOL so it counts to aima. ) which he led to the pond.
Got them both to jump in the stream which was fine and then got them both to jump into the deep end of the pond which was also fine. Which wasn't fine because it was fine. Had hoped they'd struggle, he could pull them out, and then he'd feel good about having done a good thing.
Decided to take them to Naoki instead, then stole up Jerah from Ku. Kind of. The kid was interested in the other kids sigh.
Watched everyone clamber and Naoki fluster. MMmmM mmM m Y ES
Announced that he was going to get her more babes and walked around to Halla's spot. Asked the doe how much he had to offer to borrow a kid for a second which she FOUND WEIRD FOR SOME REASON GOSH
Was told to 'go' though asked if she meant 'away' or like.. Can I Have ThE kID for A bIT oR nOT 'M tRYING tO tOrTURe sOMEONE wITH tHE prESEncE oF babiES FOR a seCOND???
And she screme.. she screem that they were hers.

Curled into himself a little and said he nOTICED. Also miserably chided her for yelling at him before slipping off. And she said goODnight because she was satisfied he knew but :'( my feelings..

Returned to Nao and told her that he was yelled at because of her nEED FOR BABIES!! (Even though she didn't want any of them)
When told that parents could be protective, bit back that no they couldn't. i've had 2 parents and i have plenty of evidence that they're more protective of the furniture they're throwing u into ok
Paused for a moment but went on to ask if Naoki 'liked him' being OFC DAIRE. Hoped to get a myriad of emotions out of her purely so he could analyze them and maybe get an idea of his own.

Got a dodge in response, the doe saying it wasn't a good time to talk about that, because the children. To which Aima pointed out that he hadn't asked if they scReWED, only asked if she liked him. Tacked on that he couldn't see her blush but he could smell it on her like a sickness and, they had nothing else relevant to talk about anyway, as he was all they had in common.

A little confused and further disgruntled when she left without anything but an 'excuse me' directed more to the children than him. Lingered and stared at the bunch then followed after Naoki and found her curled in the bluebowl. After a pause..! Left her with a 'sorry' and walked away. Because he figured that's what he's supposed to say.. if she is upset. Which he guessed she was based off of evidence..


Pissed that one his ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY with boyfriend, boyfriend is not around.
Plus he'd only found him like three times since their confession of that UNDyING lOVE.
Apparently miserable.
Stood by the stream and saw a few different children go by. Considered grabbing any one of them and using them like skipping rocks but cLEARLY sO sAD he couldn't even bother.
Dragged himself over to a big pile of Naokifletcherliatheyumilaterrhea
Unceremoniously stepped over the sleeping bodies, planting his hind end on Fletcher's back, a front hoof wedged between Naoki and her mother and the other on the doe's opposite side. And ofc his chin hovering over Nao's head.
Was asked how he was doing and OF COURSE SAID so sad wow so sad. Explained when she asked, that his 'boyfriend had left him' and 'he was very heartbroken'. Also offered the story that, before he became that boyfriend's boyfriend, his other boyfriend had beaten him up and chased him around EVEN BEFORE THEY GOT TOGETHER. CAN YOU IMAGINE wOW!
Didn't name any names but professed his misery, stating that, if only Naoki wasn't Daire's girlfriend, she could be his awuuuawhwhwh...
but no he's destined for a miserable, single life.
Noted Naoki's sudden flustering at being called Daire's girlfriend, and while she complimented him and said he'd easily find love again BEING PRETTY AND ALL (which he ofc responded to with 'lmao ya' but also complained that they never seemed to notice), had to round back. At least after saying he was fairly sure he would die alone in a rocking chair with many cats.
Mentioned Daire being a loveLY BEARBOY, and asked the doe to tell him her favourite things about dear brobro.
N Rasui showed up and Aima was really offended by the kid's EYEBALLS! but kept it to himself

will naoki come up with an adequately satisfying response? is aima trying to make her uncomfortable and secretly grilling her or is he merely a curious ditz? will aima throw rasui into the nearest tree?
find out on ka doesn't trust the weather not to knock fuckin power out so we enter updates rn

Went on to accept her answer that Daire was kind, which covered a lot of bases. Passed on a comment of their kIDS probably being rather kind too which further flustered Naoki who said she wouldn't be having kids any time soon. Left her not too long after with a few friendly words and some thanks.

singareindeer - Today at 6:17 PM

Qanat - Today at 6:22 PM


Days back had been found by his brother who, somewhat to Aima's (SHALLOW..) 'chagrin', gave him a list of people to avoid or be careful around, at the very least. Happy to know, to avoid future issues but whining internally because those are the FUN kind of people but. It's all good, he prefers it. Plus he's asked his brother to tell him despite Daire being willing to let him do as he'd please.
Also heard of a doe with an interesting situation. Wants to be her best friend!Exclaim!!!!!

Hopped into the forest today, heading right for a new scent after a few moments. Found a Kiosydan!
Stood over the male who greeted him which prompted a tumble down a weird path. Told the stag he was cute, decided to call him Wolfy, the APPARENT 'best' of the names he'd given out to Aima, then asked if he'd had a boyfriend or girlfriend. Which in truth wouldn't have changed anything. Because if he did, he wouldn't by the end of the conversation. Or he would, because it would be Aima. SEEING AS, after finding out about Kios' past, very vague 'relationship', Aima insisted that Kiosydan was now his boyfriend. Which was a decision made 80% off of the fact that he found Kios good looking and 20% based off of his seemingly malleable nature.
Somewhat impatiently explained what it would entail which was apparently Kios being nice to him, saying nice things to him, and sitting with him sometimes- last of all, he'd (Aima) show him affection him if he ever felt like it. Didn't mention his own role in the relationship other than the last bit and didn't make it clear but kios if you even put your face near mine and i'm not approving i'll slice it off
YOU'LL FIND OUT in time it's fine.

Dully satisfied with how the day's gone so far, sat down on Kios' back and stared off at nothing when the conversation died down.


On today's episode of 'Aima Tries to Learn how to Communicate with People and Fails Once More.'

Back into the forest, aimless again.
Stood about, stared into the bluebowl as if he'd find something within it- or maybe it held a memory.
Took sudden notice of Esll's scent and trotted to it.
Approached the male with a single question, asking if he was a bad person. Nonplussed with the response being.. yES, while the make stood and backed away. But imagined that those things were relative. And so asked for specifics- if he was rapist, a murderer, someone who hurt children. Or all three?
At a firm 'why', lapsed into a long winded explanation of his current situation and the reasons for his nEED of confirmation. For once didn't hold his monotone way, flat out miserable with it all. Explained his fear that, if he continued to seek out 'bad' people, Daire would hate him forever for wanting the company of someone like their father. Did admit that he didn't see the true similarities between thse people he'd unknowingly sought and their pEA-PA, but went on to say, in summary,

Too much information, nothing the Monarch wants to know. Maybe he's brainless, maybe he just wants to talk to someone. "But he says, and he's the smart one. If I know you aren't like him, our father, then I can be with you." With him- "I would hate to lose you, don't you know? I love you, I love you, I do. For every bit I see. And so you should be a kind person. Brother will be impressed, and you'll have me and I'll have you."

Genuinely taken aback by the anger in the stag's response as he charged forward and, inches from his face, demanded he get away from him immediately. Nearly desperate, asked a simple "Why?"

Got nothing but a whispered 'Please' in response which struck at a nerve. Once more left dumbfounded by what he'd seemingly done wrong, what line he'd crossed which was the recurring pattern in his life. This time, refused to leave off clueless and as if he had some sort of 'right' to know, as if he wasn't nearly half the size of the other, demanded he was told what he did wrong before he left.

And that gained him nothing- was told again to leave. Unsure himself if he was flat pissed- if that was even possible- desperate, or just playing a game, said once more, the other had to tell him.

Jk but sorta

Slipped as the other lunged at him and took a hard bite to the shoulder. Ran immediately, tearing his shoulder while he escaped. Turned to fight multiple times, swinging his tail and later on, sprouted horns. Took more than he gave during points, and was half crushed against the playground rocks when he headed to the place and made a wrong turn.
saw chrONA. SAVE ME MY LOVE. But also didn't.. want the guy to help because he was certain Daire would hate him if that happened.
At that point, used his seil to hold his hind leg together which meant the reserve he had to his tail was out of the question. So had to choose between running and fighting and.. COULDN'T REALLY CHOOSE EFFECTIVELY. Let himself stumble when he traded his 'splint' for a mace ended tail. At points, figured he could easily just let the male rip him apart.
Thought it would be a good opportunity to figure something out but wound up mostly running in the end while a stranger helped him. (WHO wERE yOU)

Cue a stomach ache. Ended up resting against a tree and vomiting a bunch of seil onto the grass.
Brushed Naoki off when the doe came. Aside from telling her he was fine and dandy, as he couldn't 'feel' anything that hurt, told her not to tell Daire as he'd be angry. Not to say he planned on 'hiding' it, merely didn't want Naoki to be the one to tell his brother. Just as much, didn't want them talking about him, convinced he'd somehow ruin Naoki and Daire's friendship by being near either of them together, or the doe on her own.

Asked the doe why she cared when she asked what he wanted to do. Furthermore, confused with her sudden questions, her concern with a situation that was over and done with. But told her he didn't want her to answer knowing full well he wouldn't understand. Likely came off as flippant and irritated but in truth was just .. 'wHAT's wrONG?'
When left with an open invitation to seek her out as she left, remained in his spot and cast her a confused expression.
Turned to lean against the tree again and continue to purge seil, which was probably some.. some organs broken down by the impacts but it's all superficial anyway. Who needs livers..
Sealed anything broken, nose included, back in place and WAS GOOD AS NEW. Aside from being torn open in places and bruised to the bone and... broken in those bones. It doesn't count tho because it's been superglued back together. 10/10 PERFECT


Days ago had a talk with his brother that had a particular effect. Nothing about it could have been said to have gone well though the results were far from visibly catastrophic.
Everything changed, nothing changed. Lost nothing, lost everything.
w h o .. k n o w s..

Slipped into the forest with no intention but to sit in the rain. Made some attempt to weep like a normal person and loose some pent up feelings, but found nothing came of it, so simply took out his braid and combed through his hair with a clawed hand.


Trying to get #woken up inside. Slipped into the forest, sure his brother wasn't within it. Didn't want to avoid Daire, just didn't want the stomach ache that came with thinking Daire was avoiding him.

Stood alone near a number of individuals then settled by Genesis and Lebannen. Wasn't really there for them, as he felt that (especially when the female opened her mouth and asked him a question that came off as rather rude) the pair was sort of.. full of themselves.

HOWEVER, how conveniently close enough to Chrona andFaytoo, to casually stare at the male and just

Pretty much stayed for the sole purpose of filling his time by harmlessly stalking the beast while appearing at least somewhat casual. Grew antsy when the male fell asleep which is #triggering for Aima but we've yet to figure out why. So slipped off.

Thought of seeking out Esll but the appeal there had faded off somewhat, mainly due to their last parting which was a clear 'no i don't like you' far more than any kicks had been. Absorbed in his thoughts when Lalin approached him and sat near. Grumbled, sprouted hands and preoccupied himself with taking out and redoing his braid.

SURPRISED when the female stated he'd gotten even prettier. AND HE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO ASK.
Quickly slipped out of his 'i'm in my personal world' mode and asked her to explain how.
:') i'm going to need a four page essay on my singular redeeming quality please.

Smiled to himself as she named off his positives but deep down felt nothing but a superficial giddiness and a bit of nausea. Felt an outburst settling on the edge of his composure but nothing came of it. Merely said it all sounded right and 'he tried' (to be pretty) which meant a lot more than he'd let on, but passed off as a common, vain response. While egging the compliments on, found himself growing unhappy at the same time. Not that he showed it- continued to speak about pretty things, at some point Lalin got him squinting by sAYING SHE DIDN'T THINK SHE WAS PRETTY. Didn't want to hear it, told her that she wasn't ugly, so it was possible to be 'pretty' with effort. S'the one thing you need. to not be fug. then ur good. Stated it wasn't hard anyway.
More compliments and more strange feels. Indirectly complimented her in turn and when thanked for it, just brushed it off as a fact and not a kind thing to say. Smirked at her smile then fell into a comfortable quiet while he thought.
Left for home after a while.


Miserable despite having been taken home by his brother- no talks followed not that he really wanted them anyway but worse yet, Daire spent his waking time WITH gROSS RAM-BOY AND NO-ANTLER GIRL.
stab 'em all..

Continuing to try and fill his voids with company that appears highly unlikely to enjoy his affection. This episode: Chrona edition. Found the giant not-so-friendly looking guy at the ruins and rested his cheek on their back.
Expected the result when the beast got up and moved away but dIDN'T EXPECT them to sit back down after some sniffs. Didn't actually think that was an invitation to curl up to them again but took it because he could pretend it was an invitation.
:^) pride.

chrona tried to fight it but ultimately lost the battle

And Aima pet the beast for a while until he departed for the night but not before he gAVE AIMA HIS HALF EATEN BURGER. Which, to Aima, means a lot even though it actually means nothing but he's the literal alternative to the trashcan Chrona probably would have thrown the burger in.
Grabbed it with some sprouted hands and while he could frame it and keep it as proof that not everyone finds him repulsive it's a fucking burger so he had to eat it because burgers.

And rightfully Chrona was

then he left but i mean good day
good day while the foundation of your life and mind continues to erode

Walked about the forest then lingered near his brother and his friends, Fletcher and Liathe. Waited for a time but left the forest when his twin moved off to another of his friends. Feeling both distanced and avoided by the komainu within the place.

Briefly checked in with his father then slipped out into the city where attention and affection is easier to come by, albeit a measure more grimy.


Opted to stay in the forest overnight for the first time in... well for the first time.
Curled up in a contemplative heap through the night and into the next evening, apparently immaturely waiting for his brother or father to scrape him up off the ground.
or someone kawaii lovelove


Still in his mode. Still expressing his feelings in sPECIAL aIMA wAYS.
Found a baABY.. (Kanan) and instantly told him to follow.
Led the little guy to the stream's edge and coaxed him close. Swung his tail around and took a breath- and THEN lAVINIA and LIL GOOBER Jethro. Tried to greet them but got mom's horns in his face. Being who he is, showed no expression but was massively 'hurt' by it. Watched the three go as the doe picked up her child and walked them off.

Walked himself around and sought familiarity. Aware of Daire's presence in the forest but had a good bout of paranoia that he'd somehow attract Genesis if he curled up on his brother and besides.. things. Couldn't bar sitting beside anyone without movement or talking. Anything to keep him busy.
Miserably sought a form of familiarity which, considering his life thus far, couldn't be anything positive. So.. who looks like a weirdo.
Found Wollunka!Exclaim!!! Stripey lone guy sitting against a tree. Promising..
Stood by him and wound up with the beast's head over his back. Finding it all common an unfulfilling however- not really fixing what he'd felt deprived of. WHICH HE HASN'T CONSIDERED will never be something he can really fulfill anyway unless he jumps into a time machine so w/e..
While he figured he should be happy that someone quickly accepted him, felt bored with the sheer lack of convincing he had to do. Because that makes sense.. i mean obviously it's shallow and means nothing unless you force someone to like you. if they're just nice right off the bat then that's just dumb right
Further irritated with Woll drooling over his back, cracked his tail like a whip against the beast's neck in protest and readied himself to leave. Gave the beast a good sMICKITYSMACK to the face when he pushed him and wiped his drool on his side. tHAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANTED YOU TO DO
Verbally chided him- told him not to be gross and when asked by the beast if he really was gross, assured him yes, he was because he was drooling on him SO dODNDODNIODNDLKN. bUT WAS TOLD, his drooling only happened around pretty things.
And if Aima is a sucker for one thing.
It's being called pRETTY.
Hadn't decided if he'd respond with narcissism or skepticism before Daire shot in and shoved them apart, aaand promptly broke into hysterical, wailing tears when his brother charged at him (Aima) drive him off. Because brother.. + any action that isn't positive + directed vaguely towards him = The World Had Ended.
Watched as Cierna and Rhea arrived on the scene as well.
and then there was a fight but..

Only half tuned into the conversation between Cierna, Daire and Rhea while sniffling on the sidelines. Glared a bit when everyone dissipated and Liathe swooped in for a brief checkin????!??! with Daire.
nobody ask me if i'm ok and gimme smooch and tell me i'm gorg ??? wtf...

Wiped at his face as his brother approached and asked if he was alright. Said yes, but when Daire apologized for shoving him only said that it wasn't 'unusual' (coming from daire, it was, but as a whole from loved ones), and it was alright. Unhappy with the silence that followed, told him was it didn't hurt, but Daire fixed to leave. Was told he could go back to Wollunka and given an affectionate touch.
Let his sibling go, claiming Woll was 'boring' anyway, which wasn't really true but hh. Got the feeling Daire was either sad or angry but ccccouldn't figure out theee.. exact source.
Disturbed by a number of things and left jealous and confused.
Didn't move from the spot for some time, but after a while grew uncomfortable and antsy, so went in search of Daire only to find he'd left the forest entirely. Struggled with knowing what to feel but settled down with his usual stomach ache and curled up on the grass.

Caught scent of Esll later in the night and stalked to the stag's side then settled at it. BUT.. soon he rose and moved far away. Stalked after him, persisted, tried many tactics to get close then finally opened his mouth and asked if he wouldn't just.. cOME cLOSER.
No tho.
Went ahead and said that he felt like Esll didn't really want to get away from him, because he always 'ran' but never far and always remained engaged unless his gf came to take him away. Got nothing from him unTIL he got a simple 'leave'. Watched the other stomp and posture, but told him to run away rather than leaving himself.
AND THEN .. Esll did leave. And Aima felt no better for it.
Irritated, wrapped his tail around himself and grumbled, standing in place.

today sux..


Stood alone all day then lapsed into 'i want attention' mode. Stalked people- tried to prod Mordius awake and got nowhere. Poked a fawn, Crescent.
Stalked Mjolner and then got beat up by her. That is attention he can't complain. Hadn't bothered sprouting any antlers for whatever reason so he wound up worse for wear but.. tHESE tHINGS HAPPEN.

If there's a subtle way to force someone to love you, Aima hasn't learned it. Found a lone Esll by the playground and promptly attempted to weave his way into a hug with the stranger who obviously wanted none of it. Persisted, attempting to corner them a few times and hoping persistence would pay off- not deterred by the other's lashing out because 2 out of the 3 people he's ever had in his life beat the snot out of him before liking him SO OBVIOUSLY tHIS iS gOING tO wORK OUT. Pinned against the rocks himself by tines once or twice if only because he'd shoved himself into the predicament, kicked away more than once.
Didn't account for Accendare's arrival and her charging at him after a friendly greeting, watched the doe lead the stag away blankly. Did call out after them once but slipped some distance away himself.

Briefly found solace in a stranger, 'Mace', but they disappeared after a few minutes of embracing. Returned to the bluebowl to watch Esll from a distance but then he embraced DaRE and aima was like AUGH AGH AGH ECCH and retreated to to oak. Departed from the forest later on.


Returned to the forest to escape home for his personal reasons once more.
BEING SUPER prODUCTIVE, stood groaning miserably in the rain until Naoki came. Fell silent again but the doe spoke up, to his surprise.
Ever the conversationalist!!!! after a friendly reunion and asking her if he'd turned out pretty, pointed out that the doe's antlers had disappeared and also pointed out that it was silly she'd take them off and wear them as a necklace instead of using them. Came to find that they'd been forcefully removed, though she blamed herself for the result. Believed she'd know better than him in that regard, so felt no pity. Asked if she only ran away now that her weapons were gone, but murmured to the response that she fought when it was necessary, somewhat saddened with the simplicity of it, though it.. was probably a very intelligent way to go about things tbh. Unable to read her expressions and mood which he'd undoubtedly brought down.

When asked what he did outside of the forest, blabbed simply, "I make dogs kill each other with my brother. And I break into houses. I steal things, and kill bad people- Aah, ew," he's cut off by the arrival of little ones (Steini and 'crescent'), his skin crawling.

Was told the raptor was under Nao's care, but she wasn't sure who the other was. Lied and said 'cuuute' even though he said 'ew' like 5 seconds before because children scare him unless he approaches them first. The other seemed caught on the fact that he'd killed, though- asking for elaboration.
Didn't explain the why's, instead going into the specifics of what he found happened after removing a head which... she didn't ask for but he'- he's aima idk man.
Went on to speak a bit more before the doe was #responsible adult and took the children out of the rain. Said his goodbyes.

Stood alone for hours, at some point watching a tiff between Liathe and Mordius when the latter went after a fawn, Jude.
Later walked over to Mord's scent to find him facing off with Rhea and Liathe and just joined in and stood blatantly within the circle of conversation because aima has no class and clearly wants to listen and just


Slipped into the forest. Spent some time with Naoki when the doe found him. Remained wordless and for once didn't stare at her, but slipped off after some time spent in silence.
Found Daire and curled up on his brother's GIANT SLEEPING FUZZBACK.
Stared Genesis down when the feline appeared- and though he was tinier than most house cats Aima's seen, refused to let the little cat perch up on his brother with him.
Tolerated Gen's resting on Daire's paws for a few hours but.. after a while, patted Gen on the head, wrapped his tail around the cat's neck and flung him ten feet away.
Watched as the cat turned into a gigantic beast that was a good three times the size of the largest beast he'd ever seen in the forest but remained unfazed, rolling onto his back and snuggling down into his brotherbed.
When asked by Gen if he wanted to 'try that again', said he didn't need to ad to catbeast was far enough away now. But as the hulking form curled up around them both, verbally tried to ward him off and tell him not to touch them. Clung to Daire's back and writhed away from Gen's tail and fur, eventually fleeing with the announcement that Genesis was gross. All but agonized by the discomfort of being encroached on, stared off into the rain and wrapped his tail around himself.
Grew bored and lonely quickly when his brother didn't follow him and sought affection elsewhere, in a sLEEPING MORDIUS. Didn't know the male.. at all. Just stood over him in the rain. Had opened his mouth to ask a fucken WEIRD AIMA QUESTION when he sensed

Bolted for the komainu and quickly embraced but the moment the other spoke up, grew lost. Gave quiet answers to questions and explained what he could, then was invited on a walk with his 'father'.
Lagged viOLENTLY :/

Settled at his MOMDAD'S tree soon after to watch the raindrops as he stood beside the beardog.


When one's brother goes to a party without inviting you so you'lL fIND LOVE ELSEWHERE FINE!Exclaim
jk he's not mad

Did slip into the forest and immediately jam himself between Fletcher and Naoki.


Home life proves a little more distressing than it had been the past months. With Saul going from hyper-reactive, violent and abusive then apologetic and doting to all out vapid and non-reactive, Banshee feels a keen sense of unease and loss. Able to understand Saul wasn't 'nice' in his angry state but entirely interactive at the very least, can't be comfortable with the relative 'peace' that's fallen on the family. Change isn't very welcome in Aimaworld..
Taken to pestering the komainu if only to get some life out of him- a gOOD IDEA learned from brother Daire(est). Otherwise often slinks away from the house, leaving Lucy hollow and at a loss because fuck that guy rite..

Unhappy, to say the least, but in his own Aima way.
Being.. not really showing it. Bubbly, grinning and all his typical ways but hit with moments of quiet and lethargy. Grinds his teeth often and worse yet, naps, which is unheard of. WORST OF ALL... ACTUALLY NICE SOMETIMES!! As shown when giving Umay a flower which he'd usually keep for himself. Sadness apparently makes him less of a brat.
Otherwise appears completely normal, behavior likely only noticeable to his brother and catmom.


he's crashing doctor hurry do cpr


Sat with Naoki, Yumi and Daire when he found the lot. Sat with Daire..
Went to the idol.. stalking Daire and Ross.
Found by Umay!
Got a word of warning from her about Genesis, told he was dark and sick and had killed children before.
Frankly hadn't trusted the cat at all from the beginning- had no reason to, not being able to trust even his own caretakers not to beat him absolutely senseless, break his bones, or helplessly watch while it happens. Wouldn't trust some strange cat who bought wares from his father.
Found him a little suspect in all the gifts he gave too, though he sort of.. entirely set the poor cat up for that.
Still surprised he KILLED kids. Because he's so tiny. (forgetting he could change .. apparently) But told her he was always careful which is not true but told her that and thanked her before she went on her way.
Would trust the cat much less, though had to tell his brother first..

Brother wasn't impressed. Tried to amp it up, display how great it was to find out the guy was just pretending to be a nice guy but Daire was smarter about it. Brobro made good points that Aima agreed with, s'good shite..
Then asked what was going on with Ross- told that he couldn't see well. So asked if he could hang around and ofc Daire said yes so he did and that was that.


in which aima is very horrible but just trying to have conversation

Coming in primarily when Daire does for a number of reasons.
Met a bunch of faces and was thoroughly Aima-class strange and only stared and smiled at all of them when they bowed, or said 'owaaaaaa!' and made a very surprised happy face NONE OF WHICH CAN BE SHOWN IN FOREST SIGH. LOVES WHEN PEOPLE BOW TO HIM, SO CUTE!1 but doesn't think to respond with bowing.

Very affectionate with Naoki because he didn't know how else to be.. and then screamed and cackled when Asrar gave him a bro smooch on his head and then left. he is le loved
Then stared at Naoki more and player cried at her response sigh

Later moved closer to Cree, Rossamund, Eztli and Fletcher as the little doe appeared to be grievously injured. Interested until she began to die, at which point his expression turned plaintive and lips settled in a flat line. Doesn't find death an exciting thing- once something was dead, nothing more came off them. Not only that, but nobody was any fun afterwards either. Surmised that death was contagious- after someone dies their friends die too. But only a little.
Aima though, is obviously immune to this disease as he's in his mind so fuckin cool. Turns out he's an accidental sociopath and major idjit but we'll let him believe otherwise ok.
Exchanged greetings with Ross who asked how he was. Quickly said he was fine but Cree was dying. Asked if he could have her feathers, maybe her eyes. But was told this would upset her friends and she might, just might get better.
Fell silent for a moment in time for the body to grow stiff, quiet its gurgling. Then spoke up again, stating he was fairly certain she was dead now and perhaps Rossamund changed his mind, BECAUSE, 'to be wasteful is a waste'. gj aima. proud of you
Was again denied, told she may come back because she did last time. Rossamund promised to get lots of eyes and feathers for him- he just couldn't have hers.
Grew desperate in a.. childish way,

Exasperation sets into the impatient child's tone, large eyes rolling in their sockets.
"She's most absolutely, positively, definitely, horrendously, catastrophically, horribly dead, sir, sir sir!"
A hoof is raised, prodded roughly into the doe's haunch.
"Lookie, lookie,"-- though words are quickly cut by distraction of a.. flaming horse.

Stood idly by, letting fire wash over him when it did, kicked a few times by the horse but merely screamed a thousand things his player apologizes for in his excitement and confusion being,

"HE'S A GONNA, COOKER!" and something to do with jerky, and "FRY 'EM UP, FRY 'ER- AAh! AIMA IS, FIREPROOF!" which he is because Lucy's.. horrible fear of fire. On the other hand, his blood is very flammable so lucky he didn't bleed.

Hid under Naoki who was very brave until all was done. Made a slow return to Rossamund's side..

"Since her eyeballs are probably stickin' out from the smooshings can I have them NOW sir!"

Continued on when Ross said nothing.

"One time my dog was playing with a mouse and she stepped on it a few times. I, Aima, am reminded." A sniff.
"It's rude to ignore people, sir.. I heard.." a whisper, gentle reminder. "I think she is now double dead."

When Fletcher stepped in, went off on an unintentional tirade he definitely meant no disrespect by but called Cree something RUDE WHICH WAS- HE DIDN'T MEAN TO HE JUST

Balked, eyes watering and asked if he really, rEALLY did want him to leave. And he did.
So broke into a wail and walked off sobbing like a baby sigh..
Continued to blubber for a minute or two but grew bored of himself and blanked out.


Finding home life a bit chaotic. But also finding it a bit hard to feel more than surface emotions about it.
Ever the slow learner, has continued to pester and dote on Saul- who's proven to be massively unstable these past weeks- despite his vehement rejections when the time isn't right for it.
Very, very very.. very slowly beginning to 'back off' from his Pea-pa but much too loving to fully draw away or be afraid. Meaning he, maybe one quarter of the time will settle for sitting some odd feet away and staring at a distance.
A reason to weep here and there, though rarely. Has taken every battering like a (screaming) champ, save for an incident that ended with his arm snapped. Had that mended by Lucy.
All in all, not distressed by anything much. Has no reason to believe it isn't normal, and even if it wasn't, it was his normal. Self centered enough to care only about his own life which is .. good. ONE COULD SAY.. As he can't compare it to anything else, meaning it's fantastic.
Closer and closer to Asrar, now known as Dáire, as his sibling defends him through his many ignorant mistakes with their pa. Clings, at times literally and with every limb available.
No closer to Lucy for doing the same- clearly the Writ's efforts in flying to his defense aren't as valiant but he tries.

Outside of the home- at least, outside of their doors it isn't much better. The neighborhood is not exactly the kindest of places. And that's putting it gently.
Which isn't to say it doesn't suit them just fine- going out and partaking in neighborly activities with his brother. ARE ANY OF THEM LEGAL, NO, do they have fun, you bet your sweet ass.

Aside from all that, growing. Settling into more mature looks- continues to be affected by an overload of Seil. By this point his lips are black, where they're not bruised purple and blue, his tail's grown into something odd to say the least, though he keeps it tucked away at times.
No smarter, apparently. Narcissistic and considers himself highly intelligent, however. More 'mature' but just as childish- complicated.


BANSHEE SCREAMED and munched the sticks and coughed and cried because

Ate more though.


[7:22:25 PM] ?å.nalan: dear dead ross
aima eye collector is here for your eyeballs because he lied about having eyeballs and must collect some so his friends don't know he's a liar

Aka came across a Rossamund corpse and JACKPOT! Unfortunately Fletcher was there and Talla and- JUST DON'T LOOK AT ME.

[7:27:04 PM] §?lv?rfish: no.... n o...

Not that he said it out loud he just tried to suction the eyeballs out with his tail- BUT Fletcher placed his hoof between him and his prize. sCREAMS

Wrapped his tail around the corpse's head and wailed,

"Duij, naisa!"* Please, wait! PLS-
"I'm a Aima eye collector and Aima need these ones! Do you know why Ai needs these Ai I-eyes? Do you know, Wiraiai?* Essentially a word for 'sir' or 'BIG PERSON', someone respectable Shall I, Aima tell you?"

"Find your eyes elsewhere, Eye Collector. He's suffered enough."

Screamed in terror as he was gently nudged away but held tight with his GOGO GADGET TAIL.
"I, Aima's WHOLE LIFE depends on a eyeball- two eyeballs- from this very special not purple- not red- blue! Blue body." HYPERVENTILATES- "Don't you want to know, no?"


Found himself being pushed farther away- flopped onto the floor in defeat but when the stag tried to nose his tail away, sent his Seil up the stag's nostrils. :/ plug 'em. listen here

"I, Ai Aima eye-collector will tell you anyway." Because he wanted to know obviously. :/
"Aimamama, Aima's mama, Ai mama, is very sick and he only eats eyes-balls. And eyes-balls are very hard to find. Aima doesn't want to kill for eyeballs, Aima would never kill! Ai can only take from a dead!" don't you SEE YOU'RE tearing MY pretend family APART
"Aimama has already eaten his OWN EYEBALLS!" IT'S SO TRAGIC, "This one don't need his. And so.. "Shabi, shabi, ablun mos* Hello, hello, eyes for Aima.."

"If you leave him be, I'll hunt squirrels for you. You can take their eyes instead. His eyes may only become leaves in the end, anyway."

More turned off by the idea that eyes would turn to lEAFBALLS, agreed to the stag's terms but asked for larger eyes, as squirrel eyes were so tiny. Scampered off after the agreement.


Ran around and walked around and tripped around AND FOUND.. once he zoned back in after a good 10 minutes of short circuiting.. a Ulya, Cree and Eztli. The three were playing but Aima is.. is Aima. Decided to give everyone smooches instead but ULYA. DIDN'T SEEM TO LOVE THEM.
And being tragically unintelligent, Aima just tried a bunch more times and then tried to kick her in the ass when she continued to seem upset because if you don't like a smooch maybe you like the opposite. But then mostly just spazzed around shortly and then caught a hint of..
The return of pea-pa..

Smooched Cree and then ran away to Peeps. Then smooched him all over his rabid dog face and karate chopped him affectionately with his hooves and rolled all over him.


Found Lesath again because he needed to remind the babe that they were clearly best friends after a brief meeting and a half in which aima tried to juggle the kid
Though got more than he bargained for when he met like 4000 other children including Lesath again, and Xirena and I COULDN'T RECOGNIZE AND CLICK ANYONE ELSES PICTOS IN THE MESS 3;
Adults were there.. Thais, Draven, Ausar, Nix..
Though a particular babe was subject to Aima boxing them in the butt to try and get them to play, which didn't work.
Witnessed Segin walk away from the fun and press their face against a tree. Then saw Lesath ttly SNORP in their face and strut off. Gasped and flopped onto his back in uTTER aMAZEMENT that one could even PLBT at their sibling. But then they later made up.
Hugged Nix and Thais because he doesn't know how else to greet people..
And then hung back and observed with huge intense eyes and a rly zoned out face..
Hugged Nix again and took in the dynamics of this family.. or assumed it was one entire family.
Wound up scooting closer to Nix in a very un-aima moment of affection because they had something in common.
Staring into space while standing, unmoving..
Until his attention span snapped and he bolted off into the sunset. Set off on adventure to try and find missing pea-pa.
\) i miss you peapa...

And he could not find peapa. Instead he found himself crying alone in the bluebowl dramatically and wailing 'PEA PAAAAA' for a while. Then he binge-ate blueberries and totally barfed. And then moved to another spot to sit.
And thus he was found by Isla and Sorcha. Shenanigans ensued when he was PAINTED WITH BLUEBERRIES, OH THE sIN OF IT ALL.
"Dirty!" and rolled in the horror oh my god what have you done 2 ME.
Though Isla insisted it was fun, which was nOT tRUE NOT ONE BIT, and then Sorcha spoke up, saying,
"Is not dirty... is blue? Color us, so color you? Neat eye, yanno."

And everything before 'neat eye' was static idc about that anymore what did you just say, something nice about M E ?

"Well it's dirty and Aim- I'm clean-" A sudden gasp at the other's compliment- his attention is drawn away from his previous sadness. "What a nice you, you are."
Turning to the first, he narrows round eyes. "You think I've got a nice- a neat, nice eye, too. Doesn't you?"

IS: Wags her tail and gives a wide, sharp tooth grin. "'Course. Is really nice. Like it a lot." Agrees with both of them.

SOR: Watches and listens to both before blowing a troublesome clump of hair from her eyes, "Clean? Is ya name?" Before nodding and reaffirming, "Yes, nice eye. You collect them?" Eyes narrowing curiously - would like to get more eyes herself and getting a little jealous of his.

Suddenly fawning over the only compliments he can ever remember getting in his short life, the fawn sways on pointed hooves, practically swooning.
"Well, then you can paint Aimamama in those blues all you want, if you tell me I'm a pretty, pretty boy." But only on that one condition.
Clean- "Aima, is my name. I'm a Aima."
The youth closes his pair of eyes, letting the third observe the two while he sways in a proud little dance on the spot. "Yes!" Comes a quick lie. "Aima collector. Of eyes. I'm a Aima eye collector." He murmurs it as if it's a tongue twister, laughing all the while.
A sudden idea pops into his mind- he gasps. "If you, what'syourname, I don't know your name- tell me your name! If you give me your one eye, one little eye, don't even need both! I will give you two, in return! I'm a Aima eye finder, too.."
One heck of a deal.

IS: The oni child bounces almost gleefully at the oportunity to paint the boy blue. She paused for a moment, her grin wavering, to file his name away with his face before all the warmth was back in her expression.
"Aima is a pretty boy, and you have a pretty name too," Isla purred before jumping slightly at the appearance of his third eye, which she stared at with great interest. She'd only ever seen one other small with multiple eyes. Her long tail swished as the child told them he was eye collector. Isla was very impressed. She'd never met one before. All the awe at the younger one fades as he tries to strike up a deal.
"Ya can't have 'em." Shoving herself against her sister's shoulder she frowns at Aima. "Lalin and Anba don't share eyes with Aima eye collector."

SOR: Cogs are visibly turning in Anba's head at the offer, eyes still remaining narrowed as she considers it. "Would only get one then, an' you'd get nuttin'." She says finally after her sister's refusal. "Why trade at all then?" Her shoulders roll as if in a shrug, "Could jus' give us one an' be done." She breaks out into a sharp toothy grin. "S'ok tho, Mayyybe we find prettier eyes of our own, Aima eye finder."

A laugh bubbles up from is chest- he can't help but bounce up and down in the spot and grin. "So nice to hear! Such a nice you, you are, you are."
Though his opinion is quick to change. The large smile is replaced by mild surprise, a blank, clueless and distant stare. "Well I'm a Aima trier, too." A fail-er but a trier.
"Lalin and Anba don't have to make nice trades with Aima-eye-collector. Aima can be the only three Aima eyed Aima eye collector, and I don't mind it one bit, not at all!"
And his mind changes again. "Still, you can paint me a blue, blue, blue. But not my face, or Him will make it blue too, with not berries."
A sniff, he listens to Sorcha closely. "Mm, well, see, because then Aima eye collection won't have any eyes from you! One pretty eye from Anba and Lalin is worth two- two of twos- four other eyes, even."
He thinks for a moment, patting a hoof on the ground. "Mayyybe you will! But remember, it's I'm a Aima eye collector, not Anba am a eye collector." He had to be the best collector- even though he'd never collected- simply because it worked a little better with his name, of course..

IS: Even though he tried to make her dizzy with his way of speaking the oni child followed easily. She may not look the smartest but she took in everything like a spongue. Before her smile can come back at the ability to paint him blue, she becomes confused and tilts her head. Who was this Him? And if he didn't use berries how would his face be blue? Shrugging it off for the moment she chose to wonder about it later. Nodding along to what he was saying the blueberry covered teen bounded over, smashing berries as she went so that she could make him blue like them. "Aima is the eye collector and we aren't. We collect other things. Lots of things. Nice things."

SOR: She gives a thoughtful nod, "Is a'ight, pretty eye Aima, is collector ya? Would like to see 'em, maybe can pick one I like? for trade of course." She says smoothly, "Course can maybe find other things for trade too, bigger collections for all of us ya?" Another toothy grin follows and she nods, "Ya, paint blue for pretty eye, not face tho - who 'Him' ya ma?" A curious question, maybe this 'him' had better paints than blueberries, she might need that for her collection too.

His riddled way of speaking is no effort to confuse others- more often than not he's scolded for his mishmash of confusion. In truth, the flurry comes out thoughtlessly, unnoticed only by him.
With a plop, he lowers himself back to the ground comfortably. "Oh that's right, that's right."
Surprise lights his face for a moment. "What things, nice things?"
Though, he narrows his eyes again at the sly tone of the other. "Aima eye collector would show Aima's eye collection but I'm only trading for eyes, for I'm a Aima eye collector. And if Anba-am-a-thing-collector doesn't want to trade eyes, Aima won't show!" A pause. "Mm.. today! Later, I'll show you." Later, when he's pulled enough eyes out of.. whoever, whatever..
He pulls in a breath, watches the two do their work, watches himself become a little more blue. "Him is, he is.. my mama, yes. Lucy." The name rolls of his tongue a few more times before his brain kickstarts again. "Lucy looses lots of licks for Aima when he's a naughty gnat. And not the nice licks, the cinnamon!" The synonym, he means, "Licks like a smack, not like a smooch."

Isla sits beside the boy, smashing blueberries under her large paws before smearing the paste onto his fur. A thoughtful hum leaves her at his question and she thinks about her collection of odd things. "We have nice things. Not just eyes like Aima eye collector. But... am sure Aima has nice eyes."
"Lalin and Anba look forward to seeing your eyes. Sure they are nice." Isla shrugs, slowly losing interest in the topic and shifting instead to her sister's blunt questioning in regard to Him. Her work of turning him blue slows the more he goes on and she thinks about Ran's mama. "Him, Lucy doesn't sound nice." She considers something for a moment before huffing. "Can always stay with Lalin and Anba. No licks like a smack from Ba."

"No, no eyes. Aima can collect yes." She chirps happily before taking a handful of blueberry in a paw to mash into his fur as well. Working alongside her sister to get him covered. "Anba shine-shine thing collector, pretty things, but no-want, no-want." Shrugs. "Like to see later yes, for trade." She says dismissively, noting her sister's interest fading and more than capable of waiting for another time to see and discuss the eyes. For now she focuses on getting him covered, occasionally handing her sister blueberries to help along.
For the most part Sorcha isn't worried about the other's safety or that Lucy doesn't sound 'nice' she nods along while humming as she combs the mashed blueberries into his fur. Its not until Isla mentions him coming with them that she pipes up, "Pretty pretty, mmm no, Ba-ma nice." She coos, "Can come and we keep-safe Aima." She does of course see the value of keeping him around, not only because he seems smart and she is curious but also at the promise of gaining something from him too.

He purses his lips and thinks for a moment. Vague, 'nice things', but what nice things were they, he wonders.
And yet he wonders more even when the conversation moves on. "Now don't say mean things about Lucy. Lucy sounds nice, listen, listen." He inhales, exhales. "Lucy, lucy, lucy- see? Sounds fine."
And perhaps he knows she's talking about behavior, not the name itself. Still, he can't say he finds his parent 'mean'.
He moves on again- a little more urgent hearing Anba's opinion as well.
"I could never leave Asrar, my brother, my sweetest, softest, the roundest!" Which makes him think, "You have to meet him. Maybe tomorrow, maybe another day. Because he's so special to me, to me."
Another special person pops in, "And my pea-pa! He gives me licks like the smooches, Saul. Saul is soft and sweet, too." And a rabid, drooling mess at times but he's yet to see that.
Though reeling back, distraction comes full swing at the word 'shine'. Eyes grow wide, bright. "I'm a Aima fan of shine-shine things.." he admits. "You'll show me later," he's sure of it.


Introduced to a great many of things today.
Found Lesath and Segin, then met Ross as a result. Also met Nix and Thais, and played rough with Les.. and tried to kidnap him and box him away from his mother but it didn't work out
And then, affectionately dubbed 'Pea-pa' (being as he's got peacock colors..) showed up.
Was run all around the forest and poked a plenty while playing and being spelled.

hail pea-pa.
Saw the birch and the stream and the plaats, which he was encouraged to stop into. The second he did, felt a weird sensation and the feeling of his brain short circuiting while his Seil shot from his spine and spazzed like paint on a fukin speaker.
Was told to get outta there once Saul was satisfied with the result and MORE WALKING AND PLAYING.
Met Jacinth who he didn't greet but he looked at her and figured that was good enough and meant they were cool.
Then sat in the bluebowl and tried to keep the flowers from going up his nose.


Favouring the large dog over the small cat because the large dog is nicer to him.
Or at least doesn't pull his hair.
Puts his tail on his sibling often though, as a little 'f u' to crabby Lucy. Also because love.


Went on an adventure while Asrar slept and Lucy snugged him. Ran around a number of people but didn't.. catch their attention.
UNTIL, coming across a sickly smelling doe, RAJANI, and a more lively smellin' one, Sloane.
"That smells like it's dying!" assuming either Sloane didn't know or they could just have a connection over something you know what i mean
Was told, "She'll be better soon," to which he responded,

"Oh, yeah? Nuj jein jicha uj'n s?rn, kaai, kaai, kaai..* "That looks like it's dying, too, too, too.." If it's dead- dead or dying, dying or not-so-living, very not alive, then Aima- I'm Aima- can have all the things it had? I will share.. with you, because you found it first, before me- I found it after you."

Though Sloane insisted she'd be fine and Aima was like.. 'k but i'm gonna check later' because idk you're probably right but i've been alive for two days and i've never been wrong lmao Eye you know
Ran off back to the fam, then player went and got numnums..


Stayed curled up with the family, and newly arrived Saul. Smooched the dog's ears firstly, only for Lucy to pull him away by his braid and tell him to wait until the beast woke.
Murmuring things to himself though primarily in Iell, Lucy's native tongue. Often taken by the face and looked dead in the eye by mOMMy who tells him to speak AMERICAN you idjit.- jk. english, though. They speak it here.
Though Saul woke and rumbled at him, which cued him to sCREAM, 'I am Aima!' and then a blurb, which Lucy translated to just.. 'hellohellohellohowudoinhowudoin'.
And he got no response from a Saul really and did not impress. But laughed because he sat up that's cool I guess..


Freed. Spat, coughed and sneezed the oily substance he'd been suspended in with his sibling.
Not quite dumbfounded by his sudden arrival into consciousness, but even so, found comfort in slinking closer to Asrar.

And then we had to rp the rest..


Name: Aima Vokille
Cognomen: Ai. Self Proclaimed'Aima Eye Collector', Player(s) Banshee, Siren, Screamer.
Jester, Puppet. Doll.

Blood: Body made of other beings, Arvis species.
Stature: ☉ around 11
Age: Physical, human equivalent of 21.
Preference: Pretty things. Far from monogamous. Fickle.
Sex: Gynandrous.
Gender: Referred to as 'he' by most. No preference.
Speech: Drawling, murmured. Changeable. /



Seil: Tar grade.
DESCRIPT lil shit
(As a disclaimer!)
Multiple facets of Aima's personality and traits are faked and 'put on' by him. May, at times act against some of them.

Emotionally languid- Playful - Possessive - Social - Inclusive - Talkative - Curious - Excitable - Vainglorious - Dimwitted- Hedonistic - Self serving - Absentminded - Deceptive - Venal - Compulsive - Skillful - Adaptable - Allocentric - Thievish - Weak-willed - Lewd - Demanding

ᗎ Genuinely holds no understanding of how to treat people like people. Experiences a large disconnect between himself and other beings, often leading to discomfort. Speaks to others like pets, or gods, if not like he's simply talking to himself. At times hard to pinpoint. Entirely able to learn, has yet to be taught.
ᗎ Complex but incapable of verbally and often visibly expressing majority of his thoughts or feelings. Most appear positive. Due to this inability, often 'forces' others to express what he's feeling, as a form of catharsis. ie; If sad or under high stress, may casually bring up subjects that invoke those feelings in others and press them to the point of making his company break down and cry 'in his stead'. Never gives an explanation for this, and more often than not appears unintentionally insensitive.
ᗎ Absolutely hates his face, ears, throat or hair being touched. To say he reacts negatively would be an understatement.
ᗎ Rarely, rarely shows anything akin to anger. Can and will react violently and maliciously towards a number of situations or individuals, but seems to do so with a playful air. Secretive about the emotion.
ᗎ To put it simply, likely seen as ignorant, vain and ditzy. Holds an air of ignorance and, while often appearing to be well meaning, forgetful and prioritizing of himself and his loved ones or pets. Occasionally (but rarely) surprises with sound reason and solid advice.
ᗎ May also come off as unintelligent due to his massively stunted social abilities. Grew up under the watch of two unstable adults, one largely neglectful and the other, prone to physical abuse. While both individuals have turned a new leaf, has only ever socialized with his brother extensively and holds a massive distrust towards anyone else aside from him and to a large degree, Saul, for other reasons.
ᗎ Comes off as massively energetic, even when stationary. Often doing something whether sitting around or running. Only completely still when ill or unwell in some way.
ᗎ Vanity is largely hollow. Simply believes his looks are the only positive quality he has, and the only reason anyone puts up with him. As a result, obsessed with keeping himself pristine. Less truly vain, and more terrified of losing his one bit of allure that draws in company. Flirtatious for the same reason.
ᗎ Has the tendency to simply tell other males that they're his boyfriend without any legitimate emotional buildup or discussion. Likely just because he doesn't know how relationships work..
Tends not to really bother them much afterwards. Neglectful but prone to losing his mind if he thinks they're giving someone else attention. HEALTHY LMAO
ᗎ Appears friendly, enjoys meeting new people and gabbing about this or that. Perhaps overly friendly, though- likely to make others uncomfortable with his level of affection. Particularly fond of children but has no idea how to treat them normally- apt to treat them like dolls, toys or pets, but this goes for friends as well in some cases. LOVING AT LEAST SIGH

ᗎ Lithe, springy.
ᗎ Highly developed Hsik.
ᗎ Always, always keeps his hair proper, braided or not.
ᗎ Hsik isn't entirely compatible. Turns on him a times, causes pains.
ᗎ Colors and anatomy are inconsistent, constantly changing on his whim.
ᗎ Large, drooping ears. Capable of holding them upright, but never seems to.
ᗎ Facial details are most clearly depicted here. Obviously much more mature looking..
ᗎ Language is mismatched and garbled. Lapses into 'word salads'. Clanging, Echolalia and Logorrhea are most common. Sings clearly, however.
ᗎ Overactive Seil production. Thinner bones as a result- prone to breaking under heavy hits, but being kept together by the seil itself.
ᗎ Piebald, lacks a patch of pigment around his left eye, on forehead. Leaks into his hair. Difficult to pinpoint because of his fair complexion.
ᗎ Walks on the tips of pointed front hooves, similar to a klipspringer. Capable of splaying them and walking normally; does when in need of more traction.
ᗎ Three 'beauty marks' that mirror Daire's and less obviously, Libel's. Two 'cowlicks', in truth an overgrowth of Hsik that serves as one hell of a weak spot. Sensitive about his hair as a whole. dON'T tOUCH
ᗎ Three visible eyes on his face, an eye in the middle of his tongue, 10 along his tail (sealed below the skin and only somewhat visible in the right light) and a cluster of small, underdeveloped 'eyes' on the tip of his Hsik, often hidden.

Concussive screams. Pretty self explanatory. Similar to Ma'ao's, but more effective- an ability 'taken' from the Darkling through the eye he possesses on his forehead. Not that he screams through the eye, sigh just.. the eye's Seil is connected through the vocal chords it's a thing it's complicated.

Able to sprout barbed quills (Made of hardened Seil) from the 'eye' ports on his tail and swing the limb around like a mace. Breaking the quills through the eye lenses is highly painful, as is breaking them through the skin along his spine and ribs when he's able. Weakens him somewhat- at the very least shrinks and shortens his tail until he can build his Seil up again, should the quills detach or fall of. Overuse can leave him without a tail and continuing to use Seil can leave him paralyzed temporarily.
If needed, he can reabsorb the Seil so long as he's in contact with it.
AND IF THAT WASN'T CLEAR, the barbs.. made of seil so if they get stuck in someone they're gone.. and to make more he needs to use more seil sigh.. :/ i feel like i didn't explain properly


ᗎ 'Libel' ᗎ
Father, mother, ect..
Often found himself scolded and treated roughly by- a behavior that's stopped entirely since Saul's rampages started. Treated much more kindly by during his teens and adulthood, though not entirely able to understand their sudden kindness towards him, but takes it.
Doesn't 'love' but views as a centerpiece in life and doesn't question.
Hates in ways, and blames for a lot of things.
'Sot'sh natarn ei sot'sh shuta ba.'

ᗎ Daire ᗎ
Loved, trusted very special. Partner in crime, though he's good at keeping Ai out of trouble.
Complicated feelings and a shattered facade as with everyone is his family ofc... but just straight up loves a bunch and would do anything for.
'Ne noras ne ba. A joma ei mos nush.'

ᗎ Saul ᗎ
Loves very much, calls him Pea-pa because of his Pea Fowl colors.
Feels an attachment to him that he lacks towards Lucy, though feels a number of more complicated things towards the Komainu.
Previously beaten by, sometimes brutally when the beast wasn't in his right mind. Having been shown a huge deal of love before those episodes, holds nothing negative towards the male and loves as much as always. At least, convinced as much.
Deeply effected by the treatment during his childhood and the absence during his adolescence.
A large factor in how he treats friendships and relationships in general to this day.
'Ei sot'sh joma ba uaingas! A doras no.'


ᗎ Sloane ᗎ
Death Guardian. Remembers.

ᗎ Rajani ᗎ
Was almost dead but then not. Remembers.

ᗎ Fletcher ᗎ
Eye giver. Remembers.

ᗎ Kiosydan ᗎ
A superficial 'crush'.
Knows nothing about him, however deemed the buck his boyfriend at some point only for nothing to come of it. A delusion, though a fond one.

ᗎ Hisoka ᗎ

ᗎ Rossamund ᗎ
Dead once or twice. Interesting. Remembers.
'I pet you, you don't touch me.'

ᗎ Lalin ᗎ
Friend of Daire. Initially a loose friend of his. Doesn't see much of.
Wonders about.
'I don't see it here.'

ᗎ Naoki ᗎ
Daire's close friend. Fixated on in a few ways.
'I don't see it here either. Sha jichan ei kou ben.'

ᗎ Esll ᗎ
Fixation. Doesn't like as much as he likes that the stag doesn't like him. A previous project or at least something to aim for. Beaten brutally by the stag for his stalking and insistence that he loved the male.
Steers clear of now.
'I love you, I love you.'

ᗎ Chrona ᗎ


ᗎ Wollunka ᗎ
Many things.
Marked a change.
'A shuta ei, A shuta ei. Ei taiekak ush.'

ᗎ Genesis ᗎ
Knows of his less positive traits as told by Umay.
'Nothing there. Fi kayorin.'



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Aima eye collector :3

Aima eye collector :3
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♥ TYSM aLL 3;

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Quote: Returned to the

Returned to the bluebowl to watch Esll from a distance but then he embraced Daire

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How Could I Have dOne This..

How Could I Have dOne This..


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oh now that's tempting
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i'm literally in love w/ all of ur characters :^(

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ty drac :\ ty ozi :/