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The Hyena

"Thanks for the fun."

who accidently deletes half their CSS code? ME.. Some info lost ops, will fill out maybe never.
Apparently I deleted all her 'dislike' relations too so now she just loves everyone? Doubtful..

STUFF IDK.. chased off a smol predator (Repodus) who was antagonizing someone (Argus). Got a little cut up herself for her trouble. Really just did it because she was bored.. and why not get more people to like her... Forever doing nice things for bad reasons.

OTHER stuff.. sitting with a little unnamed/unknown fawn and Chitz.. THE fawn looked sick which was mildly worrying.. Wanted to give some warmth but also is a big scary beast so.. Ended up keeping distance.. Also Anker who was running around and got her mildly nervous.. stop runnin' in my swamp. Invited him to sit, thinking him familiar from some past time.

In a pretty damn good mood. Sort of.. Very outwardly friendly and chill at least.
Quietly wants to fight someone.. but that's all the time so that's not new or anything.
What are updates.

And well, I just lost a huge freaking update.. so this is going to be messy :sob:

Hoe herd for a while with Lalitha and some others. Amused when she found out who Lalitha's mother was.. Other stuff I'm forgetting.. lots of mingling.. loving the ladies..

And did end up getting her fight after all!
Intervened when a young girl (Porunnr) dropped a lit cigar she'd been gifted into the grass. Quickly grabbing the thing up and stomping out any embers left behind. But puffed it back to life for herself, because she's an A+ role-model.
Sebastian was there, teaching the girl the dangers of smoking and how bad it was. While Rhea stood there agreeing and smoking.. Did ask the girl who'd given her what turned out to be more than one cigar. Had a good guess though. Headed in the direction of Jörnburnd when that guess was confirmed.

Warned the Werewolf he'd have her to deal with if he continued to share his "kind intention" gifts with children. Rhea is a pretentious bitch and has apparently appointed herself head of the forest D.A.R.E. committee. Stomping out childhood drug problems one dealer at a time.
No jk, she's actually just selfish and was looking for a fight.
Got one, sort of.. Goaded the male until he had a retort and lunged at him. Fought roughly, pissed he went gentle with some bites. Eventually though he got her pinned to the ground and she chilled.. a little.. Because she'd gotten what she'd wanted.. sort of? Continued to taunt him even as he stood over her.. though the taunts eventually got a little "friendlier". Slipping into suggestive undertones at times.

Panic quickly ensued at being held down though, bad memories and feelings brought about. Calm outwardly, though relieved the male did let her up when she demanded.
Still a little peeved, believing Jörn held back because she certainly wasn't left bloody enough for her tastes by the brawl.. And left with a tease that she was easy to find if he got up the gumption to really lay into her.. Seriously, what is wrong with this bitch.

Left for Veton's to clean up her wounds.. And Veton was not amused.

Flesh . . .

Name: Rhea *

Sobriquets: Ree ; Na-nuh
| The Hyena | The Bone-crusher |
- The Reisiger - Roach -

Biology: Heavy hyaenidae and cervine influences.

Gender: Female

Pansexual ; Heteromantic

Age: Mature adult

Stature: Large & sturdy

Scent: Natural scent is akin to burning grass. Often smells of blood or carrion.

Speech: Jennifer Hale ; #c76033

Sounds: Very vocal.

Aura: Heavily masked.

Diet: Largely carnivorous. Avid scavenger.

Visuals: Tumblr (nsfw!)

Status: Considers herself taken.

Depth . . .

Demonstrative | Boisterous | Curious | Persistent
Impulsive | Zealous | Discourteous | Cynical | Extroverted | Pragmatic | insouciant | Stubborn
Loyal | Attentive | Confident | Cooperative | Gregarious | Versatile | Considerate

"Your mind lay open like a drawer of knives."
- Philip Larkin, Deceptions

x The Hyena is an intelligent being no doubt but she lives a simple sort of life. Seeks only to keep her inner circle safe and happy, herself entertained, and her stomach full. Not one to keep to a strict moral code and simply does what she deems necessary in the moment. In this way quite impulsive, often acting before thinking a situation through. Very little is black and white to her, rather most things are seen in shades of grey. Choices weigh heavily on the circumstances and those involved.

"Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it."
- John Eldridge, Wild at Heart

x Even if it is sometimes shown in unconventional ways, she is driven by a desire to keep her inner circle safe. Motivated in maintaining a certain 'peace' if only for the sake of these close familiars. Very self-sacrificing to those who earn her loyalty and largely unempathetic to those she feels no connection with. She is quick to throw herself between a close relation and any who seek to do them harm. Never seeks to purposefully antagonize those unknown, but may not always considered civil or friendly upon first impressions.

"Did you cut your hands on me?
Are my edges sharp?"
- Sufjan Stevens, Enchanting Ghost

x Lives by a pack mentality. At her best working as part of a unit and keen on noticing the most subtle cues of her comrades and allies. Even when alone the hyena is always keenly aware of others' positions in relation to herself. Most often found in the presence of familiars or imposing herself on strangers. In fact, a boundless curiosity often has her approaching anything that moves. Polite gestures go a long way in the hyena's eyes, although she herself is equally likely to adhere to social niceties as she is to rudely poke and prod.

"Fierce, fireless mind, running downhill."
- Robert Lowell, Waking Early Sunday Morning

x Rhea can be considerate, loving, and accommodating in situations involving close relations. Rougher emotions are more easily displayed, but she certainly has the capacity to express herself in a softer manner. Readily hands out compliments, kind words, and encouragements but has an acutely difficult time accepting these things in return. She never seems to know how to handle the kind words or gestures of others. It is much easier to rattle her with sweet talk than a string of curses.

"I don't know how to stay tender with this much blood in my mouth."
- Ophelia: Act IV, Scene V

x Despite there clearly being soft and kind sides to the female that gentleness is rarely seen by those not close to her. A sharp tongue, quick wit, and heavy hand are more common means of expression. Agitation in the female may manifest itself in the form of aggression and those drawing out her irritation are often met with a charge and an attempted bite or shove. Definitely not above being vindictive or hedonistic, the hyena is certainly capable of cruel or heinous acts if she deems it necessary. Quick to fall back on this harsher side of herself.

"Call me whatever you like; I am who I must be."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

x All in all, she has a relatively low self-image. Understands herself to be brash, sharp, and hard to swallow in many cases and often discredits any kinder qualities she has. A rough exterior lends her to cover up most insecurities with ease. At the end of the day couldn't narrow herself down to being good or evil, kind or mean-spirited. While in fact others' views of herself may differ wildly depending on perspective as she has the capacity to be any one of these things at any given time.

"She had been both good and wicked and everything in between. She had been both at once, too, until it was hard for her to even tell the difference anymore."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

x As a rule, quite genuine with close relations and strangers alike. Not one to put up false fronts. While crafty and underhanded at times in her schemes, she has very straightforward aims. Incredibly expressive in her body language which further conveys a since of honesty in her interactions. Unapologetically herself even if she's in the midst of spinning some elaborate lie. She seems to have a very good grasp on who she is. Confident of herself for this reason, but also apt to believe others at their word even if it's a blatant lie.

"She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell."
- Nikita Gill

x No one has ever been able to call the female 'shy' by any means. Some situations bring forth a general weariness but she is gregarious at her core. Loose with and easily swayed by certain personalities, words, or actions. Social as she is, the hyena remains cautious of intimacy with the most tender parts of her kept under lock and key. 'Gives' herself to others pretty readily in a physical sense but typically puts off an emotionally unavailable air.

"Filled with stardust, wearing the bones as the shield and the skin as the cape. Fighting every day and opening up for the new wounds in the hustle of hiding the old scars.”
- Akshay Vasu

x Not a maternal creature, but nurturing in her own way. More apt to feel empathy and extend care to those she's formed an emotional bond with. Tolerant of children to an extent. Quietly protective over any perceived innocence in children or adults alike. Typically remains emotionally distant to those not well known. But once loyalty is earned, she is such to a fault and vehemently opposed to turning her back on a loved one.

"This is the strange way of the world, that people who simply want to love are instead forced to become warriors."
- Lauren Oliver, Requiem

x Typically, Rhea maintains a certain laissez-faire approach to life. More apt to let things go than hold on to vendettas or negative judgements. Chastisements from a friend are taken to heart but insults from a stranger usually roll off broad shoulders. When it comes to strangers, her good graces are easily won though can be swiftly lost when striking certain cords within the female. Quite quick to express her displeasure when her buttons are pushed.

"Girls like her turn into women with eyes like bullet holes and mouths made of knives. They are always restless. They are always hungry. They are bad news. They will drink you down like a shot of whisky. Falling in love with them is like falling down a flight of stairs."
- Holly Black, Black Hear

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Ok. NOW I track xD

Ok. NOW I track xD
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Oh my gosh. My little ones

Oh my gosh. My little ones would get along well with her. Ranore and Kyra especially.
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Track for Achi

Track for Achi <3
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
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Omg <3 stahp it you're making me miss my Atreyu ;___; hyenas are da best. Track. ♥
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She is so freakin adorable.

She is so freakin adorable. ;_;
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I sowy Xemi &hearts; they are

I sowy Xemi ♥ they are awesome!
Thanks all you guys :') You're characters have been so kind to her ♥
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haha XD achi was checking on

haha XD achi was checking on his friend who is with someone not so nice didn't want little one to get hurt O3O
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis
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he's a sweetie ^^

he's a sweetie ^^
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Oooh~ Tracking.

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thanks ^^

thanks ^^
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Track! I see her sitting with

Track! I see her sitting with my Farren, though he really doesn't know how to handle the situation. ;v;

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Could she possibly get any

Could she possibly get any cuter asfhishfsf/melting
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lsdkvmlskdc ^ too kind ;;

lsdkvmlskdc ^ too kind ;; ♥
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Track ^^ mmm what's with

Track ^^ mmm what's with these hyena's these days lol

I personally love them because to me they're awesome creatures Laughing out loud
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Hope Balth didn't frighten

Hope Balth didn't frighten the little thing. He felt a tad too protective over this cute bum when Peeg left |D
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misschevious: They are

They are pretty awesome ^^

Oh no, not at all xD.. She's a socially forward little thing and appreciates the company c:

Tracks c:

Tracks c:
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thanks ^^

thanks ^^

Tracking &hearts;

Tracking ♥
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Eeee! Such a pretty bio!

Eeee! Such a pretty bio!
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Oh my god, she is so cute;

Oh my god, she is so cute; she totally melted Ivan's heart! ;u; Tracka-lackin'~ ♥

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thanks you guys ;u; &hearts;

thanks you guys ;u; ♥
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Ughn, that new CSS looks

Ughn, that new CSS looks really neat in design. ♥ Love the colors as well B)
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Unplugged did such a good job

Unplugged did such a good job with it ^^

Absolutely adore this

Absolutely adore this character.
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jhjhwedkqj &hearts;

jhjhwedkqj ♥
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She is such a

She is such a cootie-patoodie.

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&hearts; ^^

♥ ^^
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what a cutie ;u;

what a cutie ;u;
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Hiya c:

Hiya c:

I can say that some fawn

I can say that some fawn still chasing Vittani. :'D
Wherever she look back, there's Rhea. : 'D

Sweet... <333
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Lol, yep.. She finds

Lol, yep.. She finds predatory-looking things intriguing ^^

Yes, Vittani is too little

Yes, Vittani is too little curious about this chaser. <)

8o Bio. &hearts; I love this

8o Bio. ♥ I love this bio.
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thank you ;u; Unplugged did

thank you ;u;
Unplugged did great with it c:
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Riddle, I don't know if it's

Riddle, I don't know if it's my connection, but Rhea just seems to be buttscooting around? lD
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LOL, she's not xD I see the

LOL, she's not xD
I see the same thing all the time though c:

tracking this cutie. My

tracking this cutie. My little cub likes her :3
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thanks ^^

thanks ^^

Can I just say, although Umay

Can I just say, although Umay and Rhea haven't interacted that much compared to others, I'm seriously LOVING how well your girl is coming along, lol. ;;
How well you play her as a young predator and just.. her personality, learning development, realism. Arghh I dunno, just felt like being a creeper and admiring. fsjiafj
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^ amen to what saff said.

^ amen to what saff said.
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jknksdkjand you guys are

jknksdkjand you guys are gunna make me cry at 1:00 in the morning ;A;
Thank you so much Sapphire, that truly means a lot. I was really worried about how she'd develop and how she'd seem to others. All the amazingly deep characters I've had the privilege to interact with, such as your own, have really pushed me to want to get to that point with my own.
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REAL overdue track because

REAL overdue track because I'm just plain bad at trackin'. BI

BUT I completely agree with Sapphire- this little gal is a breath of fresh air around here. Love her development and the mere fact that she IS developing. So well balanced and realistically so- really solid, especially for such a young character.
/ alright, done gushing. eue
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lkmsdflmkal thanks so much

lkmsdflmkal thanks so much ;u;
It means a lot hearing that from you guys, especially when I admire your own characters so much.
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track :3

track :3
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thanks ^^

thanks ^^