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The Hyena


Entered the forest smelling of booze and a bad attitude. Had every intention of simply continuing to sleep off a hangover, but caught a scent that deserved investigating. Found a child, Jaelyn, that smelled of Dante. Remembering her deal of sorts with him, settled near the child to keep an eye on her.
The child shimmied over to her and tried to melt her cold heart by gnawing on her.. Is now stuck because the child fell asleep with her ear in her mouth. Someone save her.

Has been laying low and healing for the past week. Mostly spent in company of Cree, but also Farren.
Told Cree they were going on an adventure today when she found he'd left a portal key in the form of a ring in the forest. Together they arrived at his home and immediately began raiding his cabinets for alcohol. Told Farren who was in the other room -just loud enough for him to hear- that he shouldn't leave his things laying about, otherwise some scum could sneak into his house and steal his shit. When he asked her what the fuck they were doing there, told him he'd left his ring. His Fault. She claimed zero responsibility. She was a creature of opportunity.

Made Cree and herself some sweet drinks, and poor Cree was already seriously buzzed after two. Both teased Farren a bit, claiming they were truly there to steal his things. When asked if they wanted to spend the night, Rhea told him she supposed they could clear their schedules and stay. Cree said her schedule was already clear because she was fully intending to rob some poor sap that night.. Rhea just gawks with pride at drunk Cree.
Both ended up in his bed. Turns out Cree is even less modest than Rhea, because while she lost her pants before retiring to the bed, Cree lost.. everything. And so, Farren and Rhea ended up with a naked, drunk, cuddly Cree between them. And Rhea did NOT know how to feel about it.
Caught a look from Farren before he KISSED Cree.
And Rhea said nothing.. she just straight up growled.
But Cree told her to do none of that.. she was fine.
Farren told Cree she was just jealous

Turned her backs to them and acted bitchy despite both of their attempts to get her to chill and cuddle. Was bitchy enough that Farren left to go sleep elsewhere.. Did feel a little bad about that but hey.. you shouldn't have left your ring laying around in the forest..

Didn't sleep much that night. When Farren got up early the next morning, slipped out of bed, leaving a nearly comatose Cree to continue resting. Joined him out on the patio. Apologized in a way, and tried to explain her behavior.
Was told he didn't like excuses and it didn't mean she could treat someone like they'd just shot her sister. Didn't actually have much of a retort for that, surprisingly. Well.. she did.. but it died on her tongue and she only ended telling him, "I know."
But he told her that he was saying that from a place of knowing what kind of trouble a mouth can get you. After all, he'd gotten that pretty black eye from bad-mouthing a vampire.

And she found that INTERESTING. He wouldn't tell her the name of the vampire though, so she let it go.
Some silence hung between them before he told her he'd do nothing to harm the 'little lamb' in his bed. And she WANTED to believe him, but.. she hadn't made it this far by being trusting.

Ended up following him to the guest room and laying down to cuddle and catch some sleep since neither of them had slept all that well the night prior. Had some not-so-quiet fun later that Cree thankfully, miraculously, slept through. And somehow the conversation turned back to his black eye. He told her the name of the one who'd done it, Sance.
Told him if it made him feel any better, Sance surly wanted every bone of her broken. When asked how she knew her, asked him if he knew Veton. Knew by the look on his face she should have run then. But DIDN'T, SHOCKER.
Told him that she and Veton had been a 'thing' for years, though the weren't anymore. He told her that he'd received his black eye for calling Veton a 'cock-sucker'. And then he told her to take Cree and leave.

Surprised by the turn, to say the least. But got up and wordlessly gathered her clothes with as much grace as she could muster.. But it's hard to have grace when the man you'd just slept with tells you to get out.
He grabbed her before she could leave the room though and was told not to tell Veton she knew him, no matter what he offered. Which made her feel like he must see her as some cheap piece of shit. And voiced that to him, in a way, telling him she was glad he thought so highly of her as to think she was ready to sell him out.
Then he said he was sorry, that he'd enjoyed her company.
Told him to save his breath.

Collected a very confused and drowsy Cree and took them back to her cabin where she proceeded to pop open a bottle of something akin to nail polish remover and start drinking and pacing. Explained everything to her including a bit about the relationship she'd had with Veton and the things Farren had said to her.

Cree told her it was okay her heart was sore. That it wasn't her fault, and that she wasn't alone.
But retorted that it was her fault. It was what she did, what she was. She was someone who ruined the things they touched.
Cree told her if they couldn't accept her imperfections it was their fault, not hers. And that she wasn't ruined.

By then she'd consumed most of the nail-polish removeresque stuff and was swaying on her feet. Thankfully, Cree led her to the bed where she pretty quickly passed out.

Walked around quite a bit this morning, knowing soon as she stopped moving the soreness would really settle in. Observed a confrontation between Khard, Braam, and Canary. Followed Braam after and tried to give him a little insight.. a little perspective if you will.. On the fact that he'd just keep getting his ass beat if he kept going after the doe, that most every small being here would be guarded by someone.

Actually tended to her wounds for once, washed and even applied some wound salve to the worst ones at home. Continued to move about there for a bit, tending to horses and such before coming back to the forest and plopping in her typical spot.
Didn't move for hours. Well, did once, to invite a fawn over (starsets) remembering the conversation between Gre and Ross. Joined by Imogen and briefly Talla. Had a short conversation with the former, and napped off and on.

Later approached by Farren who asked her what the fuck happened to her. Short version was im dumb. But told him it was nothing serious.
Prodded at the male then when he got snarky and passive aggressive, unsure as to exactly WHY he was. Enough so that he had to tell her, "Don't be a bitch."
To which she responded, "Tall order.."
Further aggravated when the male proceeded to go sit down like 20 feet from her. Tried once more to get him from passive aggressive to OPEN aggressive, but failed.

When Cree showed up tried to scramble to her first but Farren beat her :/// Was a silent brat while he more formerly introduced himself to the doe, asked her how long she'd known Rhea, and if she was always getting herself beat up.
Glared at him but her HOME GIRL told him, "No, she usually does the beating up, she just gets some attractive battle wounds along the way."
Her cold shriveled heart grows three sizes.

THEN, Farren invites Cree to the bar he'd taken Rhea to last night. Pretty sure Rhea had an aneurysm. Wanted to shut that down! BUT, Cree is a free person and she can choose if she wanna go somewhere with someone.. I GUESS :///
But, told Farren, "If one fucking hair on her head is out of place, I swear on everything good in this world I will eat your liver." because she was not raised to give vague disclaimers..
The male simply told her that was completely unnecessary because she was coming along too.
Noticeably surprised by that. And if it was anyone other than Cree involved, might have told him to fuck off for messing with her.. But it was Cree.. Too prideful to backtrack, however, just told him the threat still stood.. Mostly because it did...

Was already tense as hell at the thought of bringing Cree to a bar full of drunk people, with a man she'd just met yesterday, in a country she didn't know. Which Cree picked up on and said they didn't have to go. Told Cree to ignore her, she wanted her to have fun. And she'd seemed so excited by the prospect.
Left to get her own money before they departed so she could buy her OWN DAMN DRINK because this Drug Man was getting cocky. Except she isn't even sure she has the right currency ://
After she grabbed that, departed with the two to Farren's home.

Oh Boy

Ended up going home with Farren despite Cree's valiant attempts at cock-blocking. Went to a club in Berlin to get a little more wasted before ending up back at his place. Found out he is the GENTLEMANLY type of drug man, but she was having none of that. When he told her he didn't sleep with someone on the first date, told him first of all, that's a little old fashioned, and second of all, this was a date???? You are old enough to know about one-night-stands, Drug Man. BUT FINE, i won't sully your virtues.
But then he said he wasn't in the market of denying a pretty woman of what she wanted. So told him exactly what she wanted.. and it wasn't a peck on the cheek at the door. Was told he wanted similar, but first he messed with her and made it out like he needed a piece of her soul since he was souless. I'm not high, YOU'RE high. To which rhea says she's not giving a piece of her soul in exchange for a fuck because she doesn't sleep with on duty prostitutes....
BUT really he was just trying to key her into the fact that he might not be what he appeared to be. Which she says is a GENTLEMANLY DRUG MAN. Made sure he knew that actions spoke louder than words to her. So if he wanted her to believe he wasn't that sweet he'd have to prove it. Idk, choke me or something.
Took another pill from him as well, because she'd be damned if she went to hell sober.

Left her trusty knife ON during the encounter, secured to a slim holster around her thigh. Because when you live a risky lifestyle, you've got to be prepared to HANDLE those risks..

Had no intention to STAY in his bed afterwards. But when she tried to leave, Farren literally said "wtf". And rhea just wtf? wtf u mean wtf, this is how this goes.. CUddled and is NOT going to think about it. Slept until morning and woke up a little shook and way too sober.

After leaving his place, headed for the forest where she found Cree who immediately asked her if it tasted like strawberries. GOD CREE. Told her you don't always need lube....
Sat quietly with her and then Vigolfr for a bit until Umay, Plague, and Minh came over. Romped with that lot for a bit before Plague was leading them off to do some dirty work.
Had an inkling of what was going to happen and had a moment of wtf am i getting myself into. But was feeling herself for the first time in weeks. So, when Plague riled up Brent, jumped right into that spat. Didn't actually aim to really hurt the guy. Just.. love bites... or something like that. Bit a little harder though when he chased after Umay.

Caught her breath after that fight. AKA had an existential crisis while her player went afk. But then Plague came over talking about the next round. And rhea just.. WTF, there's ROUNDS to this?! Certainly didn't complain though, and followed the lot, including Zemora now, over to Osha and Ragnarok. Had a moment of inner chuckling because of something Rok had said to her when she'd met him the other day.
Fight ensued there as well, Aramantha joining in. Started out a little rough, but eventually devolved her tactics to something more teasing, mostly directed at Ragnarok. When that fizzled out, checked on Umay before heading to rest her fatass.
Joined Ross and Talla, but Talla left. Ross and Rhea followed, but she seemed to want alone time, so they returned to their former spot without her.

Thought it was RELAXING TIME.. But then there was something going on between Greitai and Zemora. Followed Ross over there, staying back, sneering at the raptor a bit. Had the thought to go after her as well simply because of what she'd done to Ross a couple of weeks ago, but didn't then because of her subsequent promise to him. Started to leave when it seemed to be over, but IT WASNT.. Returned to find Umay and Gre fighting this time. Looked at Ross, said sorry with her eyes... Then jumped in, even if the Lioness didn't need the extra help. Listened idly to Gre talk to Ross after they'd all.. calmed down a bit. Asked if he was alright, told him sorry with her eyes some more, and told her she'd be here if he needed her after she was given a blank stare.
When Ross followed her, expected he had something to say.. but he didn't. Just leaned against him and let him cling until he left to go inquire about what had actually happened.

Then Cree arrived and fretted over her wounds. When she asked if she'd allowed her enemies to crawl away with their dignity, told her she'd deigned to let them walk away. Joking a bit to try to ease her own tension, and Cree's as well if she had any.

On this episode of Idiocracy, Rhea continues to make risky life choices and no one is surprised...

Has been housing Cree for several days now and takes her to the forest for the short visits her strength allows. Gave the woman her bed to herself for the time being, which she turned into a soft fort of pillows and blankets. Rhea herself, however, hadn't been sleeping much at all. Mostly fretting over the woman, but also stressing over several other things as well.

Didn't do much all day, just trying -and failing- to relax and get some rest. Heard a scuffle going on and OFC had to investigate. Saw the Harvestman and another (Inkheart) going at it. Didn't get involved until the latter went after Neli. Earned some nice cuts and bruises for her trouble, and watched as others got involved as well and killed the beast.

Returned to her former spot, not bothering to wash her wounds. Unknowingly caught the attention of Farren, who then came over to join her. Recognized him, but had never formerly met the wolf. Was offered some pills which she at first turned down assuming them pain pills. But turns out they weren't pain pills.. they were just plain recreational pills! Which is not that different as far as it's effects but... Accepted them on that basis. She needed to calm tf down anyway.

So accepted drugs from a stranger! Then more stuff happened but i am tired...
Cree came over, then Talla. Cuddled with Farren because hey, this handsome stranger gave me some good shit. Got flirty in an escalating sort of way until Cree cock-blocked her. WHICH was probably for the best.
THEN KUWAKA.. waked by with LUBE all over him. When Farren blurted out that yes, that was in fact lube all over him, Cree asked what lube was. Sorta high, very tired, told her EXACTLY what lube was for. Corrupting both her and Talla in one blow. Then Ross came and she was still giggling.. TOLD HIM what had happened, along with Cree. What is life.

(Rhea is too damn BUSY.. One day behind and ive already forgotten everything.)
Cree has been at her place for a day or two. Mostly just fretting over the woman and popping in and out of the forest, looking for Ross. Told a couple she came across who'd known Cree of her reappearance.

Visited with a bunch of different faces today, waiting for him. North being one. When the man of the hour, Ross, also showed. Told them both (plus an incidental Minh) about Cree, right before she was taken by surprise when an unknown face (Roma) came and attacked North. Had zero clue what was going on but NO STOP. Went after Roma until he backed off. Checked on North, who apologized, which rhea thought was funny. Didn't ask any questions.

Ross said he'd come see Cree, and left to gather some things. Went and saw Daire while he was gone. AMAZed to met his child WOW. Endeared by the cute kid, and Daire's kind words and offers. Met Stelmaria as well, but left as she seemed uncomfortable. Wandered then, greeting random known faces. Met Ragnarok. Seemed interesting. Also sat with Vesper briefly before Ross returned and they went to see Cree.

Did NOT just leave when Veton came home to find her in his bed last night. LIVED for the surprised look on his face when he walked in the room, the face that had been so blank to her lately. Then decided nope, she wasn't leaving. In fact, him and her drunk ass were going to do the opposite of leaving. Was told if she was looking for tenderness, she wouldn't find it there. And while she wasn't exactly sure what she'd come looking for, told him it wasn't tenderness.
DID end up slipping out of his bed once she'd sobered up a bit and actually leaving after a good bit of not leaving. Her sober-self couldn't explain why she was there any better than her drunk-self. Went to her cabin and tried to sober up a bit more and deal with the hangover, but just succeeded in making herself antsy. SO, soon enough was heading to the forest, running on no sleep and liquor fumes.

Immediately caught a hauntingly familiar scent. First thought she must still be drunk because she was certainly smelling things. But, followed the scent anyway. When she caught site of the body laid by the twin idols came to a few different conclusions. Wondered if someone played a sick joke and dug up Cree's body and left her there. But dead bodies didn't breathe. They didn't cry or reach out for you either. Came to the conclusion then that some nefarious god had sent her this horrible dream that would crush her when she woke up; silently vowed to punch that god in the face.

Dream or no dream, came close to the doe when she reached out to her. Couldn't stop the sobs that echoed Cree's and couldn't easily remember the last time she'd cried so freely.
Tried to calm her when the doe said it was all her fault, she'd ruined everything with everyone. Told her not with her; she didn't ruin anything with her. Could relate to the sentiment though, she'd felt similarly before and recently.
Wanted to go get the doe some food or water or SOMETHING, but Cree begged her not to leave and she just COULDNT do it then. So eventually had her clamber up on her shoulders and packed her down to the pond where she drank too much and nearly got sick. And they cried some more.
Still waiting to wake up, but fiercely clinging onto the doe until she does.

Once she'd drank and washed up a bit, carted the doe then to the playground rocks and got her in a little hidey-hole. Took up post there and gave herself a headache trying to figure out what to do. Wanted to take the doe to her home and give her a bed and a meal, but was half afraid that the apparition that was Cree would vanish if she tried to do so.
So has herself blocking the hidey-hole entrance with her hefty form while the doe sleeps for now, deliberating.

Did eventually take Cree home with her. Not sure if she was more shocked or relieved to find the limp woman was just as real in Koninkryk as she was in the forest. Gave her some clean clothes, a bed, and some food. Paced while the woman slept thinking she should get someone to look over the woman to make sure she was alright. Maybe someone she'd know. Ross would be good if she could find him. But part of her was terrified to leave the woman by herself, even if it was a safe place. DECISIONS DECISIONS...

Happy to be invited over to sit with Umay and an unfamiliar babe (Arun) and another a bit later (Olaniyi).
Then there was Imogen, learned her name but didn't bother to give her own. When she asked the group if there were any dramatics so far, smirked and mentioned not so far but don't worry, it's early. Later Ronra and Minh were also added to the group. Very warmed by the gathering, felt very nostalgic to her.

Eventually left for Koninkryk and ended up at the familiar haunt, Omari's Tavern. Surprised to find Zenzi there, and after some general name calling and rudeness towards the woman, soon enough they both started chatting in a more friendly way once they had some drinks in them.
Ended up opening up to the woman about things that had been going on recently. All of the mixed up feelings and complications.. Zenzi ended up asking if she needed to drug her again and drop her on Veton's doorstep like she had in the past. To which Rhea responded that no, she could damn well do it herself if she wanted to. And Zenzi was just.. lol do it then, bitch. And Rhea says, you know what, bitch, i will.

SO, transported herself to Veton's mansion mostly drunk and with no real plan on what she was doing there. GLARED at shadows as she stumbled through the halls, daring one of the inhabitants to try and stop her from completing her still-unknown mission.
When she arrived at Veton's room, was relieved to find he wasn't there, but then had to figure out exactly what she was doing. Still harboring anger over what had transpired with Mathias and Lucio, played with the idea of stealing one sock out of each pair so he'd be left with only mismatched socks.. that'd show him.. But then her drunken mind had a better idea.
Went through Veton's huge closet and found an old set of lingerie she'd once worn and slipped it on. Then, simply climbed into the large bed on the side she used to sleep on. Crossed her legs and waited to the Lord of the house to return. Still not exactly sure WHAT she'd do once he got home.. Maybe she'd just leave after he saw her.. Or maybe not. Endless possibilities.

Chilled with Milagros this morning until she caught a familiar stench, Tyr. A little panicked Mila FOLLOWEd her when she went to stalk the beast. Let Khard handle the beast for a bit, but then Mila was way too close and got targeted. Jumped in then, heading off the beast whenever he went for someone else.
Thought it was over when Tyr went and hid. But then he was suddenly on the move again. SIGH.
Went and stood between him and Izara and Kesari. Lept back into a brawl with him when he went at Isiel. And then ALL the small things were going after Tyr and it was great.

The beast retreated again and she went to check on Mila before following Tyr this time to where he'd disappeared. Minh helped out by subtly pointing out where the beast had gone into hiding. Little wink to them, thanks bud.
Plopped down because cardio is hard. Yelled and told Tyr that she was there to return his balls because he'd dropped them back there when the little ladies when after his ankles. Noticed Wolly nearby and wondered with some giddy humor whose side he'd take.

Eventually Tyr lunged out at her again. Brawled alongside Wolly and Rota before the beast was downed. Latched onto his neck and choked the beast out until he was good and gone. Got a thumbs up from Minh and Mila came running over way too happy for the situation, but it's cute okay.
Asked Rota if she was alright before taking a slab of ribs off the corpse. Waited for Mila to get a little portion herself before returning to their former spot.
Mila thought that a grilled steak would taste much better than the raw meat they got. COULD RELATE BUT, told her to take it home and cook it. Didn't eat much of her's actually herself. Stuffed most of it in a couple different hidey holes.

Once Mila departed, wandered for a bit before coming to rest in the birch. Not long after, noticed a doe (Acacia) staring at her. It's not every day a pretty LADY stares at her, so jumped on that and invited herself over, telling her she looked a little lonely. The female commented on the blood that stained the Hyena's coat, and then asked if she'd like some help in cleaning it off.
Inside was just.. I've still got it :smirk:
OF COURSE said yes, please help me. Even though she usually lets blood cling to her for days. You just don't say 'no' to a pretty lady helping you get cleaned off.
Aided her in getting the blood from her coat since she is a LOT of hyena. Ate up the attention like she was starving for it. Groomed the female back a bit as well.

Found out she was pregnant and had a brief thought of WHELP.. am I flirting with someone's pregnant wife? BUT she started it, so it's fine. Had a little more idle conversation with her and learned her name before Ross appeared. Snugged them both.

Found Braam by the ruins this morning playing with a golden necklace and sporting some dried blood on his coat. Questioned him about it, and found out he'd stolen it from someone. Didn't get any familiar scents from the blood or jewelry. But still, used the opportunity to threaten the male that if he ever stole something from one of her own she would get it back for them, along with an addition being something from him.
After she had been a sufficient bully and sent the male running off, wandered on her own for quite a while.

Had a peaceful afternoon until Mathias and then Lucio came stalking over. Asked them so nicely what she could help them with. See, she could play by Veton's rules. Except Mathias came for a #realtalk and said he was starving and would love to rip her throat out so.. OKAY.. alright then, this is one of those conversations. So of course threw her own insults back while Lucio.. Refereed..
Lucio told her that he was willing to make both of them behave, but Veton had asked him to play nicely. But if they forced his hand..
And Mathias told Lucio all she seemed to be good for was a blood bag.
To which Rhea told them, "If I force your hand to do anything, it'll be to force it directly up your fucking ass!" and, " "You're damn right, I'm a good fucking blood bag." Colorful insults come easiest when you're scared shitless.

Pushed her luck about as far as it would go with the two before Lucio talked Mathias into leaving with him. About passed out with relief when they did go. She could handle a brawl any day, but the kind of mind-fuckery Lucio had chilled her to the bone and she had no desire to experience it again.

Ross came over mere minutes after the two vampires were gone and she was still trembling from the adrenaline crash. Explained through some crazed giggling what had happened. Described who they were and their names, warning Ross of the danger there as well. Worried because Ross seemed to want to at least keep an eye on Lucio. Didn't tell him not to, which probably showed just how fearful she was of him.
Thanked Ross before forcing herself to relax.

Lazed about today, letting herself heal. Joined by Rom and later hauled herself to the Drinkplaats to let the cooling water ease some pain. Remained there for a long time before stopping on her way to a familiar tree to join Umay, Zemora, and Plague. Had to sit, legs too sore to stand for long.
Felt a little.. sad when Umay wandered off, immediately wondering if it was because of her. Had no desire to watch the other two go at porno shenanigans, so left to be alone again.
Pondered quietly by herself for a bit before kicking herself into going to Koninkryk to take care of some things.

Mostly been absent from the woods, taking care of certain things in Koninkryk these past couple of days. Worrying over her aging mare there who is getting weaker by the day. Also spending a lot of time with the magic weaver, Lesedi.

Came to the forest today in a decent sort of mood. Visited Dante and after some pleasantries and talk of travels struck up a deal to keep an eye on his family and offer aide in the way she does best if need be. Still thinking on what she might as as her repayment if it should come to that.

Left the Sanguine, not yet comfortable enough to sleep in his presence, and she was exhausted. Found Romulus instead and napped by him for a long while.

Spent some time alone after he left before joining Umay and Zemora. Didn't relax long before an unfamiliar being (D?uðshest) snuck up. Went to investigate the Horse because hey.. horses are cool.
But then the creature attacked. So this horse is definitely NOT COOL.

Tried to dodge kicks from the many hooves flying at her. Got her bites in when she could. Mostly made obscene noises at the creature. Umay and Zemora also joined in. Backed off a couple times to catch her breath, but threw herself back in as the beast still targeted the other two. When it was over, there was nothing left but a skull and some gross stuff. Normally might have taken the skull, but that one just felt.. bad.
Stood with the two females after they'd all checked on each other. Questioned wtf, to which umay said it was nothing out of the ordinary.. Which, true.

Left the two to grab a drink, feeling distinctly off in a way that had nothing to do with the newly broken ribs she'd sustained.
Thought about going back to the duo but once the adrenaline had worn off she felt the extent of how badly she'd been hurt. Just laid in pond, resting her head on a log. Found herself going over and over troubles from the past couple of weeks, slinking into a dark mood.

Joined by Talla, thankful for her company.

Ambushed by Lucio yesterday morning who calmly persuaded her to sleep. Done in such a way that she was unable to refuse. Taken to the Vampire's mansion and dumped on a couch in one of Veton's meeting rooms. Woke up by the charmer, and immediately had a knife on her hand. Which.. he then told her to drop and yes.. suddenly for her the best place for the knife seemed to be on the floor. Found nothing wrong with the thought. Not until Lucio had left the room and she stared in terror at the knife she'd so willing dropped, unable to wrap her brain around the fact that he'd asked her to do and and she'd just done it.

Left to face the master of the mansion, Veton. Continued staring at the door Lucio had left through with a mixture of rage and terror until Veton spoke. Asked her if his son Maverick would be the next one on her list to harm since she seemed to so enjoy hurting the ones he loved. Which stung because.. Maverick is a sweet bby boy and she quietly adored him, couldn't think of any situation where she'd want harm to befall him.

Mentioned that Mathias hadn't exactly been innocent himself in the matter, to which he retorted that Matty was much more virtuous than she was. Which.. ouch.. true, she thought.. but ouch.
Then asked her for honesty, which he thought he was damn well owed. Wanted to know what her goal was in all this. If it was all because of wanting to see him suffer or if it was his unwillingness to see her harmed.

Honestly would have preferred a flogging over the conversation. Wondered out loud how getting in a little spat with his kin justified kidnapping her. Made all the more painful with the knowledge that he knew her history with such things. Told him that she had never once wished harm on him, but yes, she deserved every bit of harm. Also wanted to know why he and his own suddenly had such an interest in the forest now, when they never seemed to have much invested there before. Wondered if it was all in fact to watch her suffer.

Was told the reasons for him and his kin coming to the forest more frequently now. That his was mainly to make sure she was okay.

And UGH.. the whole conversation was making her eyes water without her consent. Made all the worst by his apparent lack of emotion regarding the whole thing.
Eventually admitted as well that this is what she did, ruined the things she touched, ran away when things were good so no one would have the chance to run from her first. Hoped that maybe she let him see just how twisted she was with her recent actions, hoping that he could get out of the trap that was caring for her, if he had any care left. Had no desire to harm him any further than she already had, so thought it best to ostracize herself from him completely. Because she didn't know how to change who she was.

Was called immature and impulsive which ouch again to the former.. Though still, true.
But that he had loved all her flaws along with her strengths, and had known what he was getting when he invested in her. That he'd signed on for nearly anything.

Extremely fatigued by the weighty conversation at that point. Told him she'd leave his family be. She'd never truly wished harm on Mathias, despite her actions. Regretted that she'd hurt him as bad as she did. Had no doubt he was much more a decent person that she was.

Was told he had no desire to cast her out of his life. Which.. that's exactly what I'm trying to do here.
And after all, she'd never belonged in the home of the immortals. She was just a childish mortal who couldn't stand to be constantly reminded how weak she was.

He said he'd never saw her as that. She knew he didn't..
Told that, bratty as she was, he still enjoyed being around her and wanted her in his life.

Didn't have the heart to fight against it anymore. Just warned him she didn't want to hurt him again. To not to let himself get close enough to be hurt again by her. Because if history had taught her anything, she would.

And after that conversation had.. resolved in a way.. Started to PANIC again, honing in on just how easily it had been for Lucio to convince her to go to sleep, to drop her knife. Begged Veton to not let that happen again. Anything but that. Beat her, humiliate her, anything but having her rendered powerless, unconscious, and then taken somewhere against her free will.
Couldn't remember a time in her life she'd begged like a babbling idiot. But the memories it brought about were fierce.

Was told it wouldn't happen again. Which placated her only slightly. Couldn't truly relax for the rest of her time in the mansion. Though did stay for a time after that, talking to Veton a little more. (still ongoing).

Eventually left. Didn't return to the forest right away, instead, went to Koninkryk. Saddled her horse and went to Lesedi's, talking with the magic weaver to see if there were ways to arm/defend her mind against such attacks like Lucio's. She had an idea to help with that, but it'd take some time. Started that process, along with also talking with the woman about an old adversary that she'd identified back in the world last week.

Once done there, returned her horse and went back to the forest. All the while replaying certain aspects of her conversation with Veton over and over in her head.
Missing a certain few she used to go to for advise.. Feeling like she needed a different sort of perspective on the whole thing, not fully trusting herself in the matter.

Kidnapped from the forest by Lucio early this morning and was brought to Veton's mansion.

Had a conversation with Plum this morning and learned that he was in fact related to Nii. Truly happy to hear that the girl was alive and that Plum and his buddy (Genha) were doing okay after the Nikodim thing. Also learned his and Káta's names as the little devil was there as well.

Later noticed Mathias lingering by after Plum left. Waited to see if he'd approach.. he didn't. Left Káta and told her to tell her friend to "grow a pair" when he came over.
Went to sit with Vesper and Xan, giving the former a lil' flower.

Káta came running up later and told her that Mathias pushed her in the river. WANTED to believe her but then again.. kind of realizing the child is a little menace and she really didn't think Matty would be that dumb.. right... RIGHT!?
Asked the girl what she was going to do about it then. Which she seemed a little stumped over. But did then inform Rhea that she would find Mathias, he'd try to kill her, and then Rhea would kill him first. Which.. OBVIously I'd kill him first but.. u need more of a plan that that. Said everyone's got buttons to push, so told her to say some mean words to him, he seemed sensitive. That'd probably work. And told her some words to tell him when asked for good ones..
Trailed Káta to Mathias along with Xanos. He had a demon with him who smartly REtreated OUT of there quickly.

When Káta clammed up, signed her own death warrant and told Matty the kid had something to tell him. Got a glare from the kid, but then she at least TRIED to be vicious with her words like auntie Rhea had told her.. TRIED.. And came up with something even better..

Mathias asked Rhea if she'd ever finished any sort of schooling and WHAT THE FUCK kinda language was she teaching the kid.. To which she says.. Pot, meet Kettle.
And KAta called her a liar because her name is RHEA, not KETTLE.

AND apparently he had also stuck the kid's head in his mouth!?!?! Matty told her the kid told him to do and Rhea just.. WHY TF WOULD U LISTEN TO HER.. Kata took the blame for that tho.. aplogized to rhea that she in fact had asked him to do it and her will was just too strong for him to deny her.. AAAAAAA.

OTHER STUFF.. Argued for a bit and taught the child all sorts of fun new phrases. Kata called Matty a coward when he tried to leave and Rhea affirmed that as well.. What a good role model..
MATTY told Rhea she wouldn't understand anyway because she'd CLEARLY never had children. WHICH fuck u matty, I wont take offense that I was more RESPONSIBLE than u clearly were. And ALSO bless the soul of the one who let you close enough to do THAT.

Then he told her to ask her BOYFRIEND what he'd done to his family.. ANd oooo u went there.. had to bring him into this. TOld him it was getting late so he should probably run back to his keeper before she drug him back to him. And that SECOND OF ALL, i think you know we're not THAT to each other anymore.. I fucked that up ahahah.. :/

MAtty told her he'd love to drop her body at Veton's feet. Which.. haha U WOULD TRY MF.
AND even told Kata she bumps uglies with his boss when the girl asked what a boyfriend is.. DO U REALIZE WE NOW HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHAT THAT MEANS AS WELL?!

Matthias turned to leave, calling her a waste of time.. lol u right there tho.
Gave a few parting insults and had a rock kicked at her face. Before it had even hit the ground after pelting her in the head, was lunging at him. Eye for an eye, y'know.. or torso for an eye.. yeah.
ANd Kata just..

her evil plan comes together.

DIDN't really FIGHT fight. Backed off when she realized he was limping.. ops, sorry ahahah..
Sort of mad she ONLY had a bloody nape to show from the encounter.. like c'mon dude at least break ONE of my limbs.. SOMETHING.
And told him.. "Go on home then.. tell daddy what I did."

When he did in fact leave after that.. just stood there contemplating the Consequences of her Actions™
Xan told her Rhea would tell her.. And you know what.. FUCK U TOO, XAN.
Called him a dirty liar when he said Rhea knew a lot more about it that he did.

Threatened by Kata to answer the question.. if not verbally..then by the promise death in her eyes..

Gave a bullshit answer to THAT question once the three returned to Vesper.. i am not in the right headspace for the 'birds and the bees' talk.

SO YOU KNOW WHAT XAN, U HANDLE IT.. And Kata did return her attention to demanding an answer from the stallion again. He told her it meant sex and before she asked, no, he would not explain what that was. It was something she'd not have to worry about for a long time.

After a brief staring contest, Kata left w/ no shortage of righteous indignation. Told the girl to keep her head out of other people's mouths.
Fell asleep shortly after.. Trying to enjoy her last night as a living person because man.. knew she was going to pay for today..

Didn't manage to get out all the splinters. Got the worst ones out, but there's still a few in her mouth, chest, and underbelly. Couldn't see them all in the firelight at her cabin, eventually grew frustrated, and just went to sleep. Wasn't able to eat this morning, not only due to the splinters, but also the wood..
Has an iron-clad stomach that can handle a lot of things, but apparently WOOD is not one of those things. Go figure. Aching and mildly nauseous.

SHOULD HAVE gone to Bandari to get help with the rest of the splinters, but couldn't find the desire or energy. So, instead, drug her sorry ass back to the forest.

Pretended to ignore a creature (Chaltak) who came up to her. Curious when the little thing grabbed a hold of her so just.. waited to see what they were going to do. Then they stabbed her with there tongue, Rhea squealed, and moved a lot faster than she thought she could just because she was that genuinely surprised.
Tried to shoo the creature off, another little thing sneaking up on her, Milagros. Except it didn't look like Mila, didn't exactly smell like her either. In fact, Rhea had a vague sense she knew the scent, but couldn't place it. So sort of snapped at her when she mentioned the little creature might be hungry. Like yeah it's hungry, it just tried to eat me. The audacity.

Just up and left when she'd scared the alien creature enough that it started shrieking, leaving Mila there as well. Went to the place she remembered as the Dragon's den, sorely missing those who'd once claimed it. Visited with Rom for a bit as well before returning to the spot.

Approached by Mathias later who was clearly buzzed from.. something. Bitchy towards him as she had been the previous day, despite their brief battle comradery. When he mentioned he was going to the Birch for a drink. Told him he better be careful because she wasn't above dumping his ass on the front steps of Veton's mansion if he couldn't handle his poison.

Remained there alone for a while longer before being AMBUSHED by three children (Káta', Ranya, and Zafir). Had a long moment of self-pity and bemusement. The later two were quick to seem comfortable in her presence, played around a bit and before plopping back down. Tried to make herself small as a big girl can, thinking Kata was a bit intimidated. LITTLE DID RHEA KNOW she was simply being sized up. As Zaf climbed over her like a goat..

Asked if the little ones had words yet when Kata eventually drew closer with the rest of them. To which Zaf replied "NO!". Then asked if they made it a habit of going up to scary beings with scary big teeth to which Ranya replied "Yes!" and Zaf told her he wasn't scared. Kata pretended to be mute.
Reminded to take her birth control.. maybe an extra dose later.. which she still religiously takes even though she hasn't got any in who knows how long.. but that's beside the point.

Fetched a hind leg she'd stashed from a kill a couple days prior when two of the children said they were hungry when she asked. Auntie instincts kicking in.. Let them tear at it until Mathias decided to come over. Poor Neli in tow.

When asked if she had gotten busy while he was gone, deadpanned that, yes, she does get around.
Tucked a bottle of some mystery liquor under her elbow when it was dropped near her while they came to sit down. Gave Mathias THE LOOK™.
Threatened him AGAIN that she was about to dump him off at the Mansion. Immediately irritated he'd come to hang around some kids while drunk. Told him he was then, and to go home. Explain to the kiddies that 'drunk' means idiotic when they asked. But then Zaf called Kata 'drunk'.. And she went after him..

Was content to let it happen. Kids gotta establish a hierarchy y'know? Rolled her eyes when Mathias tried to intervene. And then watched as it pissed Kata off enough that she just up and started walking away. Felt some kind of way then when Mathias tried to stop her from leaving. Told him to let her go, that she wouldn't just stand there and let him make her feel trapped. IM NOT PROJECTING. YOURE PROJECTING...
Thought she made her point and went back to sit, but he kept following the child who seemed to be still trying to leave and just.. lost that last little never she had.
Barrelled right into Mathais, knocking him over. Might have even tried pinning him if he hadn't thrown her off. Snapped at him, told him he looked like a fuckin' predator for chasing after her like that. And then Veton was suddenly there. Scowled as he rolled his eyes and walked away, then scowled at Veton too. Returned to the Dragon's den, finding herself alone once more.

Half expected -and quietly wanted- Veton to come yell at her for what had happened.. But she didn't. Mood soured the longer she sat there and thought about how fucked up and idiotic she was being.. Grateful for the presence of Xanos when he came along. Used him as a pillow for a bit before suggesting they get a drink.
Despite a nagging voice telling her it definitely wasn't a good idea all other things considered! Stepped through the portal into his home anyway. Yolo.


Stared at by Sance this morning stared right back, silently daring the other to start something. Mildly annoyed when she didn't. Also visited by Levi.

Had a little chat with Tamsin later. Trying to distract herself from the fact that Veton and the rest of his 'posse' were out and about. Took note that Sance had a chunk out of her shoulder.. interesting.

Then took up pacing a bit, coming to stand near the pond when MATHias started staring at her. And that brought up certain THOUGHTS.. like were they just here to try and intimidate her? IN HER OWN HOME? So waltzed right up to Mathias and asked if he had any questions for her or if he was just going to mindlessly stare. Was a mean bitch towards him, despite having no real desire to hurt him. Honestly hoped the other would be spurred into going after her.. But he didn't :/

When Mathias came back to the pond bloody after going to Lucio.. Drew up conclusions in her head, even though they weren't exactly the RIGHT conclusions.. Assumed Veton was seeing to it that anyone of his would be beaten for so much as interacting with her, which pissed her off even further. Followed when Mathias went to Veton, though remained quite far off. Had it in mind to confront V about what she'd assumed, but was distracted by a rukus near Ross's home on the hill.

Ran over to find Oleander and Ross in a fight. Intervened along with Plague and went to check on Ross when the female had been chased off. Didn't even get to ask if he was alright before he snapped at her to leave him alone, through tears. Visibly wounded by that. Couldn't bring it on herself to abandon the buck, however, while he was so obviously distressed, so followed from a distance.
Came to a stand-still near blue bowl. Turned to stare at Oleander when she realized she'd followed the buck as well. Took note of Greitai near Ole as well.

Was asked TO DANCE, by Ole.. as long as the others near by (Plague and Zemora) didn't join in as well. Shrugged and told her they weren't known to her.. then proceeded to.. dance.
Took out several days' worth of rage on the doe, a little disconcerted she hit like a battering ram despite her size. Also found it tough to get through her hide.. which turned out to be bark.

Chased the female through the forest, baring down on her until she had exhausted her stamina. Came to a standstill near Levi and Alexei, the former coming to stand by her. Gave the briefest of rundowns as to what had happened, as she caught her breath. The big girl struggle is REAL.
Levi went to investigate on her own, Rhea following shortly after. Mathias was there as well and mentioned without giving away too much to the others around that she'd hold Ole down for him.. if he wanted a little bite..
A chase ensued again, this time with Levi, Alexei, and Mathias along for it.

Attacked Oleander until she was finally downed, and then had much more trouble than she would have liked actually offing her. Embarrassing, really. Tore away at the Female's wooden hide, going so far as to chew and ingest some of it because that'S JUST THE WAY IT IS. Must be done. Sickly pleased the female was alive to see it.
Eventually got Ole's head in her jaws while Levi grabbed her neck and they jerked opposite ways and yeah.. Sorry not sorry Ole.
Xan had come to watch as well. Gave bloody, splintery smirks to the lot before limping her way to the pond.

Washed her mouth out best she could, Xan having followed her there. The Stallion offered her painkillers, which she declined. Xan asked if she was too tough for them or something. And maybe it was just the pressures of the day that wore her down, but she was blatantly honest and told him that it was actually because she'd been drugged and captured before with the use of painkillers and they brought back those memories. Almost felt bad when the Marksman apologized. Thanked him when he said the offer stood if she ever changed her mind.

Set to the task of picking out splinters, Xan helping as well. Vesper came over as well. Told the female she'd gotten in a fight with a tree when asked what had happened. Xan ratted her out and told Vesper not only fought it but she'd eaten the tree as well. Thanks bud.
Almost reluctantly allowed now both to help her with the splinters. Felt kind of bad because she'd brought it on her damn self. But thankful, nonetheless.

Hauled her ass up abruptly after some time, thanked them both, but departed to the playground to check on Ross. Very warily approached. I can take the splinters w/ GRACE.. but please don't snap at me again or a bitch might cry.
Found out what had happened, that it all stemmed from an altercation of sorts with Greitai whom Ross seemed to think highly of.. Well, had, at least. Told Ross he'd done the right thing in the situation and deserved better than the response the Raptor had for him.
Had every intention of going up to the Raptor to talk but Ross begged her NOT to do anything to the Raptor.. Which.. couldn't fault the buck for knowing her too well.. Told him she wouldn't, snugging up him for a bit before heading to her cabin.

Much to her chagrin, was convinced to take part in a short reconnaissance mission with an old 'friend' in Koninkryk shortly after her arrival into the world. She was needed for her particular skill of having an extremely keen nose -even as a human- in order to identify an individual causing trouble for the Jino gang. There were suspicions that -despite having changed their appearance- might actually be an old adversary. Bitched about it for a bit before giving in and following him from Bandari to the neighboring port of Mji.
Confirmed the identity rather easily. It was much harder to change a scent than an appearance, unfortunately for them. Returned to Bandari after and headed towards her original destination of Omari's Tavern. Caught up with old friends there and learned of changes in the world during her absence. Two years had passed there with the quicker passage of time in that word.
Spent the night in the city before heading to her secluded cabin.

Her two horses had fared well enough. The large pasture had been designed for sustaining them without much human intervention. Ekon had checked up on them several times as well. The old draft mare, Bessie was clearly reaching the end of her life however. She walked with stiffness and clearly struggled in getting up when she lay down. Made a herbal conncoction for her to help with pain and swelling and offered it to the mare in some grain.
Cleaned up the cabin, taking note of things needing to be restocked. All the while contemplating the reappearance of an old enemy in the world. Put it in her plans to visit Lesedi soon and mull over it with the magic weaver.

Didn't spend the night in the cabin. Instead, returned to the forest. Lazed about rather apathetically before being joined by Xanos. Contentedly cuddled up to the stallion and eventually drifted off to sleep there.

Was going to go ask Plum a question but he and his buddy Genha were HURT hurt so decided it wasn't the best time.. Instead fetched some stuff from home including some water, fruits, veggies, wound salve, and some herbal incense. Ready to save the world with the power of ESSENTial OiLS.

Left them be and went to hang with Xanos and Xirena.
Had a threesome with them before she left. Jk.. but did flirty stuff with Xi under Xan so tomato toMAto. Also Becca does the best arts~

Came into the forest itching for.. something. Found SOMEHTING in the form of a predator (Niklaus) attacking a young creature (Ayashe). Simply distracted the beast off the child at first, but went at him when he seemed intent on his hunt.
Thought she was going to get a nice fight but then several others barreled in. Had no desire to get into the massive squabble then so simply remained back with the child, heading off the beast when he came in their direction. Which she found mildly irritating for some silly reason. Like.. why can't I just be left to face this massive beast alone?

When the predator finally slowed and started struggling, further aggravated that everyone seemed to back off. So, barreled in to ensure the job was finished and the beast was sufficiently dead. FURTHER irritated when the body disappeared before she could get a bite of it.
LEft to brood. Life is hard, folks.

JK the body remained.. but life is still hard. Gave a rather gruff greeting to those around the carcass, including an old friend, Eliah. Ripped away some meat and left with the prize.

After finishing her meal near the presence of the Ragged Claws pack, went back to chill with Eliah for a bit. And chilled for most the day before wandering to find Romulus in the Birch. Found him watching a confrontation of sorts between Umay and Nikodimos.

Mentioned to Rom, "He almost killed me once, interesting guy."
To which he responded, "Who hasn't tried to kill you?"
Which.. Touché Rom.. Valid point, I GUESS.

Followed Niko and Umay cautiously until he came upon Genha and Plum. Stayed back as Genha and Umay handled Niko. Went up to check on Plum who'd been in NIKOS MOUTH.. And swore.. there was a familiar scent there. Nearly fell out from the association but held it together.. for now. Told herself she'd investigate THAT at a later time.
Just hung on the sidelines and watched, sure that too many going after the Beast could rile him into a rage. Which she'd seen before, and while cool to spectate, it was not fun to participate in. Still, remained ready, knowing she'd damn well jump in if things got escalated, holding onto the loyalty to Umay despite time and the rift between them.

Thankful that things simmered down without going too far. Ambled back over to Rom and couldn't help but mention that there was a big difference between ALMOST being killed and someone TRYING to kill her. Plenty had tried but.. I'm a roach, Rom.
She could only think of one more time she'd gotten that close to death. And Niko had managed to do it to half her family.

Nearly fell out x2 when Umay came over!!!!
Asked if she was okay, glad she was and just.. Decided to see how much emotional trauma she could take in one week.. Asked what had happened between them and got her answer. The Demoness replied that it was in the past now but she remembered feeling like Rhea had stopped giving a shit. WHICH hit home hard because.. you're not the only one Umay. Offered an apology that felt years too late, and told her she wasn't sure what was wrong with her. Why she kept doing that to people. But that she loved -still loved- them all dearly.
But Umay's answer to it left her a little hopeful at least. Both looking towards the future and to better times. Also told the other to let her know if she or they needed anything when The Demoness left to check on her friends.

Turned around and had a jump scare because Rom was still there and she'd literally blocked out the rest of the world there for a bit. Plopped down with a sigh, facing away from him so he couldn't see her face. Had no desire to talk about.. anything. So, relieved when the Wolf said nothing of it.

Brooded quietly for a long while before a vaguely familiar scent drifted by. Stared at the passerby until she was noticed and then approached to confirm the scent. Invited the female (Vesper) over to scent, questioning what she already knew if only to not appear some creeper.

Asked how her parents were doing, happy to hear that Ismay seemed to be doing fairly well. Even inquired about Wollunka though neglected to mention she and him weren't exactly.. buddies.. but that's neither here nor there. Filed it under INTeresting when she didn't mention he'd been on any recent rampages. Perhaps having children in the woods had been for the best.

Quietly impressed by Vesper's politness and gentleness. Wholly convinced she mostly takes after her mother. Shared a nice chat, Talla coming to join and then later Ross.
It was clear that Ross had been crying. Didn't ask, just let her head rest on his back in quiet solidarity while Talla hummed a soothing tune.

Left not long after the latter two had departed to attend to some responsibilities elsewhere.

Barely holding it together because a CERTAIN trio of vampires showed up and she's got some sins to atone for.

Approached Veton when he was finally alone and had a talk that went from bad to worse. Shook by his apathy at first and then let her anxiety take hold and asked about his family he'd brought to the forest with him. When he wouldn't give a definite 'no' that his own wouldn't hunt the forest when she implored about that, warned him she'd be exactly who he knew her to be and would protect her own if it came down to that. Further assured it was a valid fear when he mentioned one of his own would 'do his best' and to come to him if they acted out.

Battled back and forth with hurtful words. Called him an idiot for trusting her to get close enough to him with a dagger when he mentioned she'd stabbed him right through the heart.
Told him where to retrieve the ring he'd given her so long ago in order to travel back and forth from his place. Only he wouldn't accept it, telling her unlike herself, he bore her no ill will and still cared enough to tend to her wounds if she ever needed it.

Left feeling like the lowliest pile of shit. Apologized that she'd never made it clear to him she'd once loved him. That it wasn't clear she'd never wish harm on him either. Used past tense, but it was perhaps clear she still had feelings there.

Couldn't bear to return to her familiar tree and see the ring hanging on a branch there. So instead, opted to curl up and anchored herself to a small tree in the birch where she could properly feel miserable and sorry for herself.

only one day of mental stability will i allow myself
Started out the day by leaving a letter on Veton's doorstep. Which is even colder that she realizes.. Left with a heavy heart for the forest...
Sat in comfortable silence with Crescent for a bit before heading off to be a broody bitch in solitude.

Snuck back into the forest during the quiet hours of the day. Settled near a familiar tree and just watched for a while.
Truly in rare form, had no injuries or heavy thoughts about her. The time absent had done her good in a way. Though she’d had some rough times during, it’d all been neatly resolved.

Warmed by the presence of Romulus when he showed up, been too long, my dude. Glad to hear he had no complaints when she asked how he’d been. But also mentioned she’d just make fun of him anyway if he did complain.
ALMOST asked him about how many years he planned to wait before he called upon the debt she owed him in form of a favor, but smartly shut her maw before she did. Who knows, maybe he’d forgotten. She’d been lucky lately.

Sat in quiet company, content with the peace, for some time. Until she heard a racket.. Tried to ignore it, truly she did… I mean she hadn’t even been back a DAY.. But then it got louder.. and closer. And you people can only ask so much of her.
Observed two strangers going at it (Vígolfr and Tyr) and noticed that the latter seemed to be targeting a doe in particular (Kesari). Realized who the doe was once she caught a whiff of her, remembering her as Halla’s kin.
STILL didn’t really plan to get involved, after all the opponent (Vígolfr) was a big dude and he seemed to be handling it just swell.. but.. Tyr seemed pretty incessant on the smaller doe. And here she was.. a blank canvas of a Hyena, just waiting to be painted red.
Tried to slam into Tyr for the sheer hell of it, throwing some bites his way. Amused when he targeted her momentarily, cackled like the mad hyena she was. Rom also got involved there at the end when Rota was targeted. And the beast was dead quickly thereafter.

Followed Kesari to the pond after for mostly selfish reasons.. but hey, I can pretend to be nice.. Made sure she was alright and asked if she knew who the fresh corpse was. But she didn’t.
Left pretty quickly then, Ramsus having showed up. Waggled her eyebrows to both him and Rom as she went off.. Rare form.
Made her way back to the corpse to find another eating it (Fari). Was going to wait for them to have their fill but.. they just kept eating… Thankfully Fari made some room for her and she joined her briefly in tearing apart the corpse. Romantic.

Left with a leg and just carried it around for a couple minutes like a dog with a bone before deciding she’d deign to give Rom a bit since he hadn’t seemed to grab any himself. Tore the leg in half at a joint and left it with him, seeing Rota was also coming up to him as well.

Went back to the tree with her prize, noticing one from the earlier squabble (Vígolfr). Asked him to sit, and by asked I mean she just made noises and vague gestures at him. But he got it.
Did use her words eventually though! Asked if he knew who the corpse had been. He didn’t either but did seem familiar with his type and claimed he must have been from his own world. Found that interesting.
Found it even more interesting and entertaining when he voiced he hoped she hadn’t been hurt in the ordeal. Really wanted to laugh.. Like man, they just don’t know.. ive been gone that long.. they don’t know this is my default and most comfortable state of being..
Told him she’d live though, just a scratch or two. And readily gave him her name when he offered his. Yes, we need more gentleman here.

Talla and Irene showed up and just.. soaking it up.. perfect end to a perfect day. Little peace and a little violence.. Home sweet home. :ok_hand:

(Also got into a scuffle with Beri somewhere in there but to still in progress)

Flesh . . .

Name: Rhea *

Sobriquets: Ree ; Na-nuh
| The Hyena | The Bone-crusher |
- The Reisiger - Roach -

Biology: Heavy hyaenidae and cervine influences.

Gender: Female

Pansexual ; Heteromantic

Age: Mature adult

Stature: Large & sturdy

Scent: Natural scent is akin to burning grass. Often smells of blood or carrion.

Speech: Jennifer Hale ; #c76033

Sounds: Very vocal.

Aura: Heavily masked.

Diet: Largely carnivorous. Avid scavenger.

Visuals: Tumblr (nsfw!)

Status: An idiot

Depth . . .

Demonstrative | Boisterous | Curious | Persistent
Impulsive | Zealous | Discourteous | Cynical | Extroverted | Pragmatic | insouciant | Stubborn
Loyal | Attentive | Confident | Cooperative | Gregarious | Versatile | Considerate

"Your mind lay open like a drawer of knives."
- Philip Larkin, Deceptions

x The Hyena is an intelligent being no doubt but she lives a simple sort of life. Seeks only to keep her inner circle safe and happy, herself entertained, and her stomach full. Not one to keep to a strict moral code and simply does what she deems necessary in the moment. In this way quite impulsive, often acting before thinking a situation through. Very little is black and white to her, rather most things are seen in shades of grey. Choices weigh heavily on the circumstances and those involved.

"Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it."
- John Eldridge, Wild at Heart

x Even if it is sometimes shown in unconventional ways, she is driven by a desire to keep her inner circle safe. Motivated in maintaining a certain 'peace' if only for the sake of these close familiars. Very self-sacrificing to those who earn her loyalty and largely unempathetic to those she feels no connection with. She is quick to throw herself between a close relation and any who seek to do them harm. Never seeks to purposefully antagonize those unknown, but may not always considered civil or friendly upon first impressions.

"Did you cut your hands on me?
Are my edges sharp?"
- Sufjan Stevens, Enchanting Ghost

x Lives by a pack mentality. At her best working as part of a unit and keen on noticing the most subtle cues of her comrades and allies. Even when alone the hyena is always keenly aware of others' positions in relation to herself. Most often found in the presence of familiars or imposing herself on strangers. In fact, a boundless curiosity often has her approaching anything that moves. Polite gestures go a long way in the hyena's eyes, although she herself is equally likely to adhere to social niceties as she is to rudely poke and prod.

"Fierce, fireless mind, running downhill."
- Robert Lowell, Waking Early Sunday Morning

x Rhea can be considerate, loving, and accommodating in situations involving close relations. Rougher emotions are more easily displayed, but she certainly has the capacity to express herself in a softer manner. Readily hands out compliments, kind words, and encouragements but has an acutely difficult time accepting these things in return. She never seems to know how to handle the kind words or gestures of others. It is much easier to rattle her with sweet talk than a string of curses.

"I don't know how to stay tender with this much blood in my mouth."
- Ophelia: Act IV, Scene V

x Despite there clearly being soft and kind sides to the female that gentleness is rarely seen by those not close to her. A sharp tongue, quick wit, and heavy hand are more common means of expression. Agitation in the female may manifest itself in the form of aggression and those drawing out her irritation are often met with a charge and an attempted bite or shove. Definitely not above being vindictive or hedonistic, the hyena is certainly capable of cruel or heinous acts if she deems it necessary. Quick to fall back on this harsher side of herself.

"Call me whatever you like; I am who I must be."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

x All in all, she has a relatively low self-image. Understands herself to be brash, sharp, and hard to swallow in many cases and often discredits any kinder qualities she has. A rough exterior lends her to cover up most insecurities with ease. At the end of the day couldn't narrow herself down to being good or evil, kind or mean-spirited. While in fact others' views of herself may differ wildly depending on perspective as she has the capacity to be any one of these things at any given time.

"She had been both good and wicked and everything in between. She had been both at once, too, until it was hard for her to even tell the difference anymore."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

x As a rule, quite genuine with close relations and strangers alike. Not one to put up false fronts. While crafty and underhanded at times in her schemes, she has very straightforward aims. Incredibly expressive in her body language which further conveys a since of honesty in her interactions. Unapologetically herself even if she's in the midst of spinning some elaborate lie. She seems to have a very good grasp on who she is. Confident of herself for this reason, but also apt to believe others at their word even if it's a blatant lie.

"She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell."
- Nikita Gill

x No one has ever been able to call the female 'shy' by any means. Some situations bring forth a general weariness but she is gregarious at her core. Loose with and easily swayed by certain personalities, words, or actions. Social as she is, the hyena remains cautious of intimacy with the most tender parts of her kept under lock and key. 'Gives' herself to others pretty readily in a physical sense but typically puts off an emotionally unavailable air.

"Filled with stardust, wearing the bones as the shield and the skin as the cape. Fighting every day and opening up for the new wounds in the hustle of hiding the old scars.”
- Akshay Vasu

x Not a maternal creature, but nurturing in her own way. More apt to feel empathy and extend care to those she's formed an emotional bond with. Tolerant of children to an extent. Quietly protective over any perceived innocence in children or adults alike. Typically remains emotionally distant to those not well known. But once loyalty is earned, she is such to a fault and vehemently opposed to turning her back on a loved one.

"This is the strange way of the world, that people who simply want to love are instead forced to become warriors."
- Lauren Oliver, Requiem

x Typically, Rhea maintains a certain laissez-faire approach to life. More apt to let things go than hold on to vendettas or negative judgements. Chastisements from a friend are taken to heart but insults from a stranger usually roll off broad shoulders. When it comes to strangers, her good graces are easily won though can be swiftly lost when striking certain cords within the female. Quite quick to express her displeasure when her buttons are pushed.

"Girls like her turn into women with eyes like bullet holes and mouths made of knives. They are always restless. They are always hungry. They are bad news. They will drink you down like a shot of whisky. Falling in love with them is like falling down a flight of stairs."
- Holly Black, Black Heart

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Ok. NOW I track xD

Ok. NOW I track xD
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Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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Oh my gosh. My little ones

Oh my gosh. My little ones would get along well with her. Ranore and Kyra especially.
Avatar by Meadow. Siggy © Shey & Squeegie
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Track for Achi

Track for Achi <3
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis
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Omg <3 stahp it you're making me miss my Atreyu ;___; hyenas are da best. Track. ♥
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She is so freakin adorable.

She is so freakin adorable. ;_;
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I sowy Xemi &hearts; they are

I sowy Xemi ♥ they are awesome!
Thanks all you guys :') You're characters have been so kind to her ♥
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haha XD achi was checking on

haha XD achi was checking on his friend who is with someone not so nice didn't want little one to get hurt O3O
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis
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he's a sweetie ^^

he's a sweetie ^^
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Oooh~ Tracking.

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thanks ^^

thanks ^^
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Track! I see her sitting with

Track! I see her sitting with my Farren, though he really doesn't know how to handle the situation. ;v;
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Could she possibly get any

Could she possibly get any cuter asfhishfsf/melting
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lsdkvmlskdc ^ too kind ;;

lsdkvmlskdc ^ too kind ;; ♥
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Track ^^ mmm what's with

Track ^^ mmm what's with these hyena's these days lol

I personally love them because to me they're awesome creatures Laughing out loud
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Hope Balth didn't frighten

Hope Balth didn't frighten the little thing. He felt a tad too protective over this cute bum when Peeg left |D
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misschevious: They are

They are pretty awesome ^^

Oh no, not at all xD.. She's a socially forward little thing and appreciates the company c:

Tracks c:

Tracks c:
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thanks ^^

thanks ^^

Tracking &hearts;

Tracking ♥
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Eeee! Such a pretty bio!

Eeee! Such a pretty bio!
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Oh my god, she is so cute;

Oh my god, she is so cute; she totally melted Ivan's heart! ;u; Tracka-lackin'~ ♥

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thanks you guys ;u; &hearts;

thanks you guys ;u; ♥
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Ughn, that new CSS looks

Ughn, that new CSS looks really neat in design. ♥ Love the colors as well B)
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Unplugged did such a good job

Unplugged did such a good job with it ^^

Absolutely adore this

Absolutely adore this character.
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jhjhwedkqj &hearts;

jhjhwedkqj ♥
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She is such a

She is such a cootie-patoodie.

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&hearts; ^^

♥ ^^
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what a cutie ;u;

what a cutie ;u;
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Hiya c:

Hiya c:

I can say that some fawn

I can say that some fawn still chasing Vittani. :'D
Wherever she look back, there's Rhea. : 'D

Sweet... <333
riddledrhyme's picture

Lol, yep.. She finds

Lol, yep.. She finds predatory-looking things intriguing ^^

Yes, Vittani is too little

Yes, Vittani is too little curious about this chaser. <)

8o Bio. &hearts; I love this

8o Bio. ♥ I love this bio.
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thank you ;u; Unplugged did

thank you ;u;
Unplugged did great with it c:
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Riddle, I don't know if it's

Riddle, I don't know if it's my connection, but Rhea just seems to be buttscooting around? lD
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LOL, she's not xD I see the

LOL, she's not xD
I see the same thing all the time though c:

tracking this cutie. My

tracking this cutie. My little cub likes her :3
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thanks ^^

thanks ^^

Can I just say, although Umay

Can I just say, although Umay and Rhea haven't interacted that much compared to others, I'm seriously LOVING how well your girl is coming along, lol. ;;
How well you play her as a young predator and just.. her personality, learning development, realism. Arghh I dunno, just felt like being a creeper and admiring. fsjiafj
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^ amen to what saff said.

^ amen to what saff said.
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jknksdkjand you guys are

jknksdkjand you guys are gunna make me cry at 1:00 in the morning ;A;
Thank you so much Sapphire, that truly means a lot. I was really worried about how she'd develop and how she'd seem to others. All the amazingly deep characters I've had the privilege to interact with, such as your own, have really pushed me to want to get to that point with my own.
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REAL overdue track because

REAL overdue track because I'm just plain bad at trackin'. BI

BUT I completely agree with Sapphire- this little gal is a breath of fresh air around here. Love her development and the mere fact that she IS developing. So well balanced and realistically so- really solid, especially for such a young character.
/ alright, done gushing. eue
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lkmsdflmkal thanks so much

lkmsdflmkal thanks so much ;u;
It means a lot hearing that from you guys, especially when I admire your own characters so much.
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track :3

track :3
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thanks ^^

thanks ^^