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This biography contains possibly triggering themes, including but not limited to, trauma, abuse, self harm, various addictions, mentions of (previously experienced) child abuse, sexuality and prostitution and is advised for those over the age of 18.
Libel is not a saint, he's not a 'protagonist'. While he isn't a flat out villain, and is capable of doing good and kind things, he is under no circumstances a naturally good person. Self serving, self preserving and with too little of a heart to extend genuine love to more than a few at a time. Capable of making friends, and is cordial more often than not and easily infatuated with people who don't want him for some reason lmao fuk. MAKIN PROGRESS. But things get hairy when you go past 'customer' and slip into the friendship zone with this guy.
His updates will reflect this, as well as his personality. Keep this in mind when reading it.
His thoughts are his own, and his updates are written in his perception. If there's anything I feel he's blatantly lying about, I will not state it as fact and will try my best to make it obvious.
While warnings will be put in the updates themselves (excluding cursing), the information under any other category within this biography is liable to be uncensored.
All possible disorders, syndromes, ect mentioned are fictional. I respect those who do research and attempt to portray real illnesses/disorders/ect but I don't like to dabble in that. All of my characters are tied to my headworld which may have a number of issues that are reminiscent of Earth wHAtEVERs but are not them.
This character does not represent their player as a person. Even so, I take responsibility for everything put out, written, said, drawn, ect.
Proceed at your own risk!

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" {..."

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finding out saul kidnapped a small child after murdering a few members of her family

someone hurts your cinnamon son


entire update consisting only of lucy's thoughts ahead god bless our souls
plus grammatical mistakes

Contemplative and somewhat shaken after his talk with Iva, as well as Umay.
Knows whatever he'd thought before remains even now- nothing much has changed and what did was only briefly set aside or altered slightly. Convenience and genuine change of heart are siblings in his mind.
Confounded to have gotten where he has without telling a single lie, for once in his life. On top of it, glad to have come to a number of realizations- or what he views as realizations.
However, feeling dirty- or perhaps just rusty in his judgement of character for having perceived the Incendiary's as a near epitome of well meaning, which was ultimately the root of his attraction towards the stag. After learning the cruelty of his words towards someone he claimed to love, someone he claimed was not helping herself, begins to wonder how things would have turned out if he'd gotten his 'fantasy' life. Meanwhile viewed him fall apart and babble apologies because he'd chosen a disgusting route of destroying someone, stabbing them in the heart using their worst traumas revealed to him in good faith as a weapon. Floored just how much he was able to convince the Writ that he was wronged by the lioness- floored more because he entirely believed the stag would never, ever try to manipulate a situation. He fully believed these things.
Wouldn't have opened his mouth and been honest with Nikhil himself if he'd known that was what he'd use that knowledge for.
Ultimately put an end to any shred of hope he had to see the other be more than what he came off as a near year ago.

Knows it's ironic, he's no saint himself- a shade or two away from the devil itself whose lap he'd happily sit in daily, and fully aware of his massive and part in all this and through no coincidence. Yet just the same knows he nor, funny enough, Saul, would ever treat someone they loved the way someone who professed themselves to be loving, did. Which was a focal point from the moment the stag first laid hands on him.

Remorseful for the extremes his hatred for Umay almost brought him to. A breath away from destroying her in any way he could, felt his empathy wash back when she broke back into what seemed like a living being. Hatred had mostly been wrought from his assumption that she hated him and worse yet, had given up on everything and everyone yet took advantage of Saul, the one person outside of his children that he did have. No longer knew her, but knew she'd hurt him and was ready to do worse. Grief had seemed to throw her back into the world of the living though and as a result, sees her now as capable of being more. Saw glimpses of who she was once through tears and felt, as he rarely does, someone who'd wronged him actually meant their apology- partly because he got no excuses or reasons for her actions. Mostly because he knew she didn't care at the time, about anything including herself most likely. It was obvious and driven into his heart. And then, clear as day, listened to her cry agony for having hurt someone by expressing her rage for them taking her secrets and stabbing her in the back with them.
A stark difference between death and life and what that meant for her.
Unable to fathom the anomaly that she is, but if anything, feeling some sliver of hope for a flawed individual for once. One that he lacks for himself.

Ultimately, self assured and almost entertained by the swapping of places two people have taken in his heart and mind.

Sat all day- found later in the night by a bloodied Saul. Asked him what had happened and only got a guttural sound in turn as the beast stalked off, dazed. Followed him to the mangled corpse of Sarael who sat at the plaats. THAT'S MY SAULY BOY. After some murmuring, let the beast go on his way.
Hacked up the youth's body and scattered their limbs around the nearby tiger brothers' rocks.
Impaled the head on a tree near the area as well, then pulled the feathers off of the torso to keep for himself. Also stole the pretty pearl necklace and instantly put it on himself without so much as cleaning it.
$w33t l00t br0..
Ate the dismembered teen's liver, removed the heart then slipped off for the night after kicking the torso into the drinkplaats. Settled back by Saul's side while eating the rest of his meal.

ad then so did plaeyr o to sleep because so tired holy shit


Met with Morioch and returned from his 'break'.
Given his keys back.

Saul was set into the forest days later as promised- spoke with the beast and nearly lost it entirely while portions of their conversation tore him apart. Salvaged it in the end with the beast's help and came into accepting a change of plans upon learning of a number of things about a pair of individuals.

Today, witnessed and overheard through bellows and screams, an argument and short lived battle between Umay and Nikhil. Watched and listened from his tree, unable to catch the ending as the two quieted but all that came before struck him a number of ways.
Slunk off when Nikhil ran and began a rampage, weaving through tall grasses and keeping an ever ready-to-run stance while watching him thrash about- Shard keeping close and appearing to . Watched until the former collapsed, and a little while after before turning and heading back to his tree- however returned to the previous scene to find Shardul and Umay battling it out.
With that over, back to his haunt. Shoved himself into the hollow and wrapped his tail around his limbs.

Remained that way until Umay came to stand by him. Silent at first, poised to run before discerning her anger may have ebbed away, at which point he opened his mouth. Spoke concisely- the both of them. Began one way and ended another, though the interruption of Nikhil and Shardul's approach was an odd one.
Watched in silence, 'comfortable' with being paid no attention personally by either of the brothers. Had a myriad of opinions on the matter, none of which he voiced during the encounter.
Far from censored when the stag and his brother left and he resumed the conversation with the lioness himself.
Ultimately entirely surprised by the air between them when the conversation came to a close and she left for the night.

Later found Iva after catching her scent. Settled with her, thinking of bringing up the recent events in simple warning but decided against it.
Which made no difference as the feline had smelled the blood and, days back, seen the scarring all over him.
Laid the situation out simply and factually, without his own feelings for the most part- agreed on a few subjects, each in their dull, lacking way.
Though when the other asked a question regarding something she'd had taken from her, related and expressed his own feelings of trauma for having the same happen to him- likened it to something he apologized for even comparing it to, but couldn't lie in what it felt like to him. Not happy to hear she understood and, surprisingly felt the same way. Hurt more for her to know who'd done it and to know she had little to no chance of ever retrieving what was taken. Feebly asked if it was possible regardless, though the answer was expected. Couldn't blame her for the feeling but gently urged trying

sort of
and then ka needs to fucken sleepe


Spoke to Nikhil the previous day. Delved into a myriad of topics, admitting plenty and holding little to nothing back. Hoped for understanding and got just that, perhaps more than he expected. Heartfelt, as much as a withered imp without a heart could claim to be.
Left the conversation satisfied and somewhat resolute, though aware he wasn't in a place to feel complacent yet.

Waiting for a certain someone to rear their head.


Still lingering in the woods. Spoke to his son yesterday night, filling him in and assuring he was okay.
Not sure if he really is but not going out of his way to lie, really. Just saying what he thinks in the moment.
Still, heading back into the forest often to curl up. Finds he hurts marginally less and can find himself in a more comfortable position though in part probably just wishing for a few things in particular. Feeling the want to be understood but the awareness that he knew nobody willing or able to understand at all.
aka he continues to be a lucer


Remained in the forest overnight for whatever reason- can't quite find logic in his actions lately.
Through a lot of sleep, managed to work up enough strength to close up his wounds with seil. Did the same for his leg- at least managed to pop the bone back into alignment and essentially glue it together with the same substance. As for his tail, has yet to see a lot of improvement.


BAD.. BAD PLACE. Doing an expert job at acting fine while at home and covering up weight loss that would otherwise be very obvious, but in truth, withering away steadily and losing much of a care, knowing his children are grown and able to live fine without him. For once, not bothered with survival, or a lack there of. Finds little reason to drag himself on.
Pushed himself into the forest today (after player forgot to put him on for a few hours srybby), setting up shop in hopes of distracting himself. Yet after Umay approached him to return the centipede he'd set off like a bomb more or less, snapped. Undid the damage, breathing life into the insect again and throwing it at the lioness's hind end. When she returned it, snapped that he didn't want some wordless, low effort gesture from her that he'd be left to wonder about. If she wanted to convey something to him, she could say it and if she didn't care what he thought of her obscure action, then she shouldn't bother coming to him at all. Got nothing but an eventual, mirthless laugh from the other which set him off. Wound up manic and alone as she left, certain it was all yet another form of mockery.
Paced about the forest looking for anything imposing but found nothing that would suit what he wanted.

Grew increasingly unhinged, hovering around both Umay and the tiger brothers. Sought Nik to throw himself into the stag's side twice, only to get a defensive response. Took to hounding the stag away from his brother interrupted by Umay who he brawled with briefly in a rage though tried to dodge and slip away from for the most part.
Managed to isolate Nik in the birch and just stood nearby staring into space. Turned and battered the stag back over to his brother with tails and hooves alike, bypassing Umay on the way and then leaving the scene altogether.
Looped around, going for Umay when he realized he felt no different than he had before. Fought long and hard against the substantially larger beast- aimed a number of bites, kicks and slashes to her underside or limbs and took a hell of a beating. Continued on even when they gained a crowd and Rojan attempted to break them up- bleeding and limping by then but didn't give in.
More fighting when Circe, Shahla, Ronra and a distant Quay took notice- more fighting when Ronra joined in an attempt to stop them.
At some point took a fair beating from Nikhil and Shardul in tandem and only 'retreated' when his vision started fading and it was clear the other side wouldn't draw back from the area. Attempted to walk from the scene, accepting defeat in every sense but found the slope of the bluebowl sending him tumbling down the hill. Laid motionless after a second attempt put him further down. Watched the crowd- the 'family' as far as it seemed all check in on each other and eventually disperse, through blurred vision.
lucy more like lucer. l... loser

Didn't so much as twitch his gaze towards Nikhil when the stag asked to help him- heard him above the ringing in his ears but couldn't even find humor in the worry of someone who'd beaten him senseless- or couldn't find humor for how likened it was to Saul. Did smile a humorless smile when Nikhil apologized- genuine which was even better. Or worse.
Let his eyes fall closed after the short lived humor faded off and listened to Nik and Shard take their leave. Alone, drifted off shortly after.

Died some time in the hours to follow- little consequence as he still had a handful of 'lives' left over from his time with Saul. Bitter to think of the fact- that again, he was only here because of the man. AT LEAST, bitter in some.. distant.. barely conscious way. So, back to life with nothing but his bloodloss made any better. Just as likely to die again if he pushes himself too hard- barely cares, despite his finite amount of lives left.
Humored too, that nobody had made an effort to help or get help for him, but someone who wasn't really a friend at all- knew full well he wasn't the only one capable of healing people in this place but solidified in his thoughts that he had nobody but his child who wasn't always going to be there for him- as he shouldn't be. Would prefer the beast lived his own life by far. Annoyed that Nikhil had blubbered his hollow apology and then turned to leave him to die though, knew it meant nothing in the first place as much as he knew the stag meant the words.

Woke with his leg wrapped- irritable to vaguely sense Lebannen close by. With no yearning for help from someone he didn't remotely trust wasn't just sneaking around him more likely because of his history with Nikhil, pathetically dragged himself in the direction of the pond. Parched, but further angered when she walked by him and stood in the pond herself as if she knew he was heading there and he had to go to her in order to do it.
Veered off course towards the idol instead in defiance of what he viewed as the other cat's trickery.
NEARLY SCREAMED, when she left the pond as he got close to the idol and gain, turned towards the larger body of water.
Got there- not without having to pass by Ronra and Circe- had he any pride left, he would have felt a measure of humiliation. Regardless, had some instinct to turn his face away and hide welled up eyes.
Collapsed in the water, heaving through burning lungs and hacked blood and seil alike up into the pond before dRINKing from it anyway.
tHEN qUAY. Curled a bit but did nothing aside from let out a pained mewl when the lion prodded at him. Didn't know much of him and could only fear he was going to slap a fat lion paw down on his skull. Got nothing of the sort though, but a curious look. Wondered if he was there to mock him or enjoy his state but couldn't confirm any such suspicion.
Too tired to keep his eyes fully open, sank further down into the water when Nikhil's blurry outline on the other side of the pond. Not surprised that he moved away without incident, Shardul following. Less surprised that it seemed to prompt Quay's leaving.
Loosed a low hiss and muddled yowl when Lebannen found him again and settled close by. Too suspicious to accept her presence at all, doubted she wanted anything but Nikhil's attention, or more drugs from himself.
'Satisfied' to be left alone again but at a loss just the same.


When you see your pretend ex husband who beat the fuck out of you and your kids snuggling your ex aunty who you told that your ex husband beat the fuck out of you and your kids but doesn't love you anymore because the relationship went sour because she felt you cared a lot more for ex husband than her because you mostly concentrated on him, and then you find out the two of them have been working together for the last long time but neither of them tell you and instead

i loved u bastards

Saulmay, Saul Nik Quay Shard battle. JUMPED IN.. tried to get Saul out of there.

Questioned Saul afterward, though only through some tired murmuring and got to the bottom of the familiarity he had with Umay. Realized then that he couldn't pretend to continue to be in some loving relationship with the male who hadn't so much as touched him once- or maybe realized that he couldn't pretend when Saul wasn't doing the same. Surely not when he'd been working alongside a woman he seemed so much closer to than himself (in.. paranoidlucyhead).
Drifted in subject when the larger male said he'd missed him- said he missed Saul as well, though when questioned as to why, admitted it was more in the past, as he'd made him happy before. Went on to say that it didn't really matter, though left out that it didn't matter because Morioch couldn't 'fix' Saul, and his (Libel's) job was to care for him so nothing was going to be changing.
Further brought down when the Hoarfrost suggested that the fact that he no longer 'made him happy' was more of a reason for him to stay away from Libel, perhaps from anywhere he ventured around.
Replied, after some fumbling that it wasn't Saul's 'fault', primarily because the guy wasn't himself ever and had no control really, though pointed out that he hadn't come around here for him in the first place, and it seemed he was more around for Umay- which Saul denied.
Stared at the beast's outstretched paw, unable to take it before he pulled it away again.
Felt his energy for the subject waning quickly and let it fade off when there wasn't much to respond to. Asked a final, quiet question regarding the lioness and the beast and, on hearing the answer broke into a mix of pained tears and mirthless laughter, silently questioning why Morioch had tied him to someone who he couldn't do the most basic of things for and lapsed into a paranoid, if not panicked conclusion that everyone was just playing with him and he was- as he'd been before coming to the forest- a joke.
Gave no response other than his hiccuped, sobbing laughter which garnered what seemed like confusion from the other who asked why his answer had mattered.
Fumbled, though ultimately settled by saying it didn't matter because it didn't, anymore. Couldn't get into why it hurt the amount that it did but regardless, broken over it after a failed, quarter finished explanation that got them nowhere.

Was asked what he wanted, responded by saying 'nothing'.
Left hollowly after an apology from Saul that he could only deny because once more, Saul wasn't even really 'Saul'.

Slunk about and found a thick grass patch to curl up in.

Though that only lasted so long. Hours later, threw himself at Umay and Saul, who were in an apparent embrace. Fought with tails, teeth and hooves, in a blind fury, raging and screaming. Refused to let up for a long, long time, tiring out when Saul came in and broke his focus on Umay.
Attempting to walk away when his lungs started giving out, only to have Saul follow him and demand to know what he'd ever lied about. Screamed that he'd lied about caring and went on about 'knowing' that Umay, Saul, Morioch, Nikhil, likely even his children- hell, Shivali- were all behind his back, plotting and laughing at him.
Made more attempts to leave but collapsed, Saul picking him up and carrying to his bUsINeSS cRAFT tree just after.
When told to fix himself (or temporarily die) so they could speak, screamed a 'No.' Clearly far from sane at the moment, pointed out that Morioch wasn't going to fix Saul and even if they had some cute talk now it wasn't like it would mean anything during the times Saul wasn't himself, if he was even himself in the moment. Asked what they'd continue, what any of it would even do.

Was, in turn, called 'a twister as much as any', who was using 'what Saul was' as a convenience- hypocritically calling the male a liar.
Though he'd pointed out his relationship with the lioness as not uncommon- which Lucy screeched that he knew- and spoke again of having hoped Lucy would find something better in his absence, despite the Hoarfrost caring for him.
Listened as he admitted Libel had given him something to hold onto and hoped he'd be forgiven- though if he (Luc) couldn't handle him, he could set him free.
And it all went downhill and real bad and boyo. Too broken for words at the end, watched the other go and called on Morioch to end whatever deal he had with him, whatever it would entail.

but moro talk ensued


Having taken a willing Shiva under his wing as an apprentice, feeling a good deal less lonely and a lot more occupied. Knows his children had never been particularly interested in his craft which was fine enough, but long hours working alone took a bit of an emotional toll.
Surprised at how rapidly she's taken to all he teaches- feels there may be more than sheer coincidence behind it but senses no ulterior motives in her actions.
While not anything close to covetous of her, feeling some joy 'having' her.

Pep in his step and a good deal more energy lately thanks to it all.

TODAY MOVED HIS SUPPLIES from his tree because his son was hanging with his friends nearby. Didn't want to cramp his style..
even though daire's practically almost Lucy's age now.. more or less. Oh son how things change.
Mostly didn't want to interrupt or distract from his cozy nap, plus decided he'd stretch his skinnyass legs.

Decided to stop by Umay's tree at some point and drop a few things off in the burrow.
(proceeded to stand there for like an hour while player became distracted with other things)

Sat on a warm slab of concrete by Shivali's perch.


Feuds with Thanos continue though begin to wear on him, in hidden ways. Visits to and from Iva- or Lekha are comforting as much as he fears her father will come to snap his spine.
A visit from Umay today proved a mix of emotions.

Initially quick to crumble when she asked why he'd given her the gift he did, her generally cold if not entirely bored demeanor hammering the feelings of humiliation in well. Curled up and hoped she'd leave him alone with the few words he gave her but she remained, and settled by him.
Utterly heartbroken and hollowed when she pointed out- in his mind with no provocation- that absence made the heart grow colder. Responded saying that it was a cruel thing to say to him, to which she responded that lying would have been crueler. Pointed out that it wasn't a lie- he hadn't asked of her feelings for him and crushed the tiny amount of hope had for them, hope he ran lower on by the day. She said that the gift he'd given her had meant something, and brought her here today at least.
Doubtful, convinced she said it to hurt him despite her numerous reasons for it having been reasonable to say- twisted in a paranoia that she and Nikhil were close and conspiring against him or she thought the same that others did of him, which he very well believed of himself by now.
Numbed after that, tried to push the conversation towards an end with a sort of 'final hurrah'.

"I never meant to leave you for Saul. It was my job to be close to him and I thought that meant he was much more guaranteed to stick with me than anyone else. I was complacent sitting here with hopes you'd come and visit me while focusing most on what I thought would save my life." In truth he never thought they'd actually be friends.
"But I appreciated you more than most anyone else." Regardless of that, it got him nowhere. "Through just appreciation and nothing more, I ended up with a man who beat me and my children then left me, and I lost you as a friend. Lost Nikhil as a friend. My customers are disgusted by me before they decide whether or not they want to approach me. And looking back I might have ended up in a better place if I'd done more to show my appreciation towards you."
None of it really mattered now- he's not sure why he's saying it. An apology without the words 'I'm sorry', and reassurance that he'd gotten what he deserved.

Hoped the robotic confession of his own just desserts would send her off satisfied. Instead, after a pause, was pulled into a hug that he couldn't discern as meaningful or otherwise. Stiff and still but relaxed outwardly after a moment. Despite that, was never was able to feel more than a dim buzzing hurt, tolerance for the contact and an emptiness when the lioness left.

Hours later, couldn't bring himself to lift his head when Iva stopped by but did shift and place his tails near her in acknowledgement.
AND THEN SHE ASKED WHAT WAS WRONG AAAAAAAAAAND he exploded into tears and she hug. 2 be continue..

Alerted to three rough crashes against his tree.
Phased into the forest to find a disoriented looking Thanos standing there.
a gOOD dAY
at first
i'M A stRONG mAN

Qanat - Today at 6:23 PM
"What is it?"

Nothing, only a frustrated bestial sound.

Qanat - Today at 6:24 PM
"Say it. Try."

lestat - Today at 6:26 PM
Hhhh..."N-nnh-n..." He feels like a child right now, and you can tell the only reason why he's not trying to pin Libel to the tree in his rage is that Libel has exactly what he needs. "N-e-...." Just stomps on the ground again and snorts furiously. "Phhlease. "
Once again, he's here, practically begging. It's a wonder he's not sick to his stomach.

Qanat - Today at 6:29 PM
Brows raise, he leans in. Close, close..
The stomp makes him jump, but the word makes him cackle happily. "I love it! I love you, you're fantastic."
A pause. "Here's the thing. I don't think you ever paid me for our last exchange, did you.." No. "Do you think I'm as stupid as I am repulsive? I'm not. So, double it up, why don't you?" It's not really a question.
Two pills are taken from his bag, held out to the Gilded. A wordless offer.

lestat - Today at 6:36 PM
Thanos just glares and takes the pills gingerly with his mouth, crushing them and swallowing both immediately with no warning. It only takes a few moments for him to shift and seem to start becoming more of himself, posture visibly beginning to relax, eyes widening. And after about forty five seconds, he lets out a steady breath, staring up at the sky.

"Gamo sedishi," he murmurs to Libel, before following up with a very quiet, "Domobanyov." A little more looking around, and he finally seems capable of communicating. "Take it, then. I don't want to be seen here longer than I have to." He sounds empty. Blissfully so.

Qanat - Today at 6:38 PM
It's sort of.. like a petting zoo. He has to smile again, drift off in thought.
Whatever the other is saying makes his ears ring, paranoid. He hates it, not understanding. But he doesn't make it obvious.
His smile fades at the last of Thanos' words and a silence hangs between them for a short bit. "You really think I'm something terrible, don't you."

lestat - Today at 6:44 PM
Thanos just offers him a smirk, one that's surprisingly cruel for him. "You? You're the lowest of the low in my culture. A drug dealer is little more than teskach, worthless. Unwanted by all but those who need his products." He glowers a little downwards. "I'd be surprised if the case were different."

The cruelty in his tone is cutting, but not altogether genuine--it's simply Thanos trying to wrestle for any amount of superiority he can achieve in this situation. He was teskach, too, after all.

Qanat - Today at 6:49 PM
He blinks, eyes appear tired more than hurt or angered. His lips are held in a flat line, maybe a slight, dim smile as his gaze averts.
"And what is a weak, pathetic, groveling man who crawls to those drug dealers and gives them money to fuel his disgusting habits?" Eyes flick back up, curious, round but sharp. "One rung above the scum of the land?"
He rolls a shoulder. "To me, who doesn't use, who gets money from desperate 'men' like you, I think you're below. You are a tiny, tiny man." A smile, narrowed eyes. "Smaller than even me."

lestat - Today at 6:53 PM
Thanos stills, eyes growing dangerously angry as the words are turned back upon himself. He's grown above the title--he was one of the most treasured in the Tsar's collection of divinities, or so he thought. "You wouldn't understand," he snarls simply. "You take advantage knowing you can. Your sense of honor is covered in filth." Before he does actually start a fight, Thanos takes a deep, heaving breath. These floaters are something. He's never been able to handle such an insult so...lackadaisically. "Now do you want your payment?" There's venom in each syllable.

Qanat - Today at 7:01 PM
"I understand," he begins, teeth bared and words razor sharp, "that you spew a bunch of bullshit that you have no right to say because you're small, scared, pathetic and lonely. You think your stature, status, whatever you have where you came from makes you something important. But you're the biggest joke I've met in this place. You're nothing, here. And you think insulting someone you think is smaller than you, weaker than you, is acceptable because they can't do anything but accept it themselves."
Taking advantage. "I've offered you only what you asked for, I've taken advantage of your idiotic slip up because YOU, are below ME, and YOU act like you believe the opposite from the moment you met me. Because you make me SICK!" He barks the last words, tails curling over his back.
"Gilded pile of shit, you are." Nothing more.
"Get out of my sight you wretch. I'll get my payment when I spit your shitty secret to the goddamn forest and pick up the chunks of your guts they've ripped out for me."

lestat - Today at 7:05 PM
Thanos opens his mouth to respond many times, but just stares, eyes wide. He couldn't deny the ring of truth in Libel's words, at least to some degree, but the wound they lashed onto him was unforgivable. "I hope you know what kind of enemy you've made." He didn't know anything of Thanos's age, anything of his experience...he simply just nods his head, jaw taut.

"Next time we meet won't end so quietly." And he just leaves.

Qanat - Today at 7:07 PM
"One I have no reason to fear because I've met him one thousand times over!" he screams after the stag's fading form, spitting.

Curled up half in his den when the other left. No real plans on spilling Thanos' secret in truth, if only because he'll want to keep the other's blood for himself when it does spurt from him.
Hoping that paranoia will rule the other's life for the days to come but planning for a possible attack from the other when he isn't so ... so high.. thinks he'll be more angry when he's sober


Over the last two days, struck deals with Lacey (who he gave a bunch of unwarranted fREE CRITICISM AND LIFE LESSONS but end up finding the 'kid' somewhat likeable) and Dante (who he does not trust at all because as a slimy business man he knows better than to trust weirdly proper kind men).
Glad to have struck deals, glad to feel useful again outside of immediate family. Though rly that was the ultimate joy..

Still waiting on the job to come but seeming a little less stressed about it.


Gearing up for life to fuck him over real good like

In seriousness, growing more and more nervous every hour, waiting for Morioch to set him with a proper way to contact Saul. Accepted that it's his job to care for the beast, though admittedly when he'd created children alongside him, he wasn't.. quite what he'd become. Batshit, definitely, but not abusive and.. wORse than that.

Supposes he shouldn't have put it past him, and maybe wouldn't have cared of not for Daire and to a lesserdegreetbh Aima. But a job is a job is a job and there's no ifs ands or buts about it when the man who gave you the job is literally holding your life in his hands. B'WELL.
Worried that, alone with Saul, he isn't going to be as okay as he promised Daire he would be.

Slipped into the forest for some fresh air, hoping to clear his head and maybe dwell on old times where he, very briefly, had friends to lean on.

Found some comfort in, MIRACULOUSLY, Lebannen who he used to be all angery towards. Felt at least someone wanted to hang out with him. And they didn't even buy anything. That's Nice.. thx.
And a stranger, Iva, settled by him too. Flushed at her fur and eyes in particular, but look at the tails on tHAT cHICK- jk sigh. Did think she was very gorg though.
They had a silent CATPARTY.
Saddened when she left, but Leb remained. Nice.(internal struggle of being grateful for the company of someone who made him feel little before but damn it, he feels the gRATE)

And soon enough, a new face- or new mask tbh- Thanos approached, interested in the wares. Eager to make a deal and excited for his first one within the forest in a while, got to the point quickly.
Coy, though in a fairly flirtatious way that only increased as the other's disgust towards him became more apparent.
??? U think i'm gross??? that's what i love in a man...

Tossed names of 'darling' and 'love' around, suggesting the stag pay him in the form of a date before realizing Morioch probably wouldn't be impressed that he was paid in date-form with a guy who thinks he's gross tho that's besides the point. Settled on the golden teeth in Thanos' mask when blood was turned down. He'll have his date tho.. Thanos just won't know they're on a date in the first place. That's how lucy does it

Bid the male goodbye after giving him some pain relief and what's often called 'floaters' in Arvis. Something to wrench the mind away. Assured him more than once that his 8 teeth for 8 pills was a hell of a steal and he (Lucy) was being mmmmmassively generous. Which might be true..
Because the pills are some good shit.
But they might not be because who in the forest knows the value of Arvis based products. l u c y...


Oddly involved in the forest activities for someone so rarely around. Kept in the loop by his son and the fact that he's.. got a good bit to do with a few things even without being seen in the act of them all.
Otherwise, putting the powers sapped from Elias to use and forming himself a body more akin to the one he had before stripped of his strength.

Joined by Lebannen shortly after coming in today.


Made a deal with Eli some days ago once he caught sight of the vulture's growths. Knows Seil when he sees it. Quick to wind some intentionally contradictory points but told the honest truth of the Bonesplitter's ailment and treatment. Payment was decided- he'd keep the Seil, take some blood and ask for a favor at some point. Kept one part of the payment to himself when he'd seen the beast's ability to shapeshift.

Today, was found by Eliah so they could work out some kinks. Told the other that if he wasn't satisfied in the end, he'd just return the seil and pretty much GL FINDING SOMEONE ELSE TO REMOVE IT. Reiterated on his payment and once sure the other was ready, got to work.
Pulled the Seil from the beast's body, and his ability to shift along with it- the PROBLEM was..
He hadn't expected the ability to be keeping the male in his current form. Simply assumed he wouldn't be able to change from the one he'd currently taken but he was cLEARLY WRONG as a beak formed on the other's face, feathers covered him- claws sprouted.
Felt sick with a sudden fear- not at being 'caught' but seeing what he'd 'turned the other into'.
When asked what he'd done, responded that he hadn't done a single thing but cure him.
Fell onto his back as the other lurched forward, quickly pleading. Begged him to think- to consider that he (Lucy) would be insane to betray a deal- after all, he was weak and small, and his business relied on his honesty. To lie would be a terrible mistake- it would set him up for failure, if not death. lmao fuckin liar

Miraculously, the other calmed down, but remained convinced that Lucy had lied. (and lucy was legitimately offended despite having actually lied) Tried to slip in a 'you still owe me the favor' but was told since he lost his ability to shift, hell no. Which was beyond fair. But Lucy's a little shit.
So then got petty and was pretty much like 'WELL UR FUCKIN UGLY NOW' in a slightly more intelligent phrasing, and turned away. But eli just fuckin left without even getting upset
Only libel can be pissed about not getting a reaction from another full grown adult male when he literally got the second greatest deal of his life
the first being 'work for me or i'll fucking kill you' from morioch that was a good deal too



[Name: Undisclosed.
[Alias: Libel. Lucy.
[Titles: Inkblood. Hellgrammite. Goldstained. Inkheart.
[Mark: Φ
[Age: Mature.
[Front: Φ Φ
[Stature: Φ
[Blood: Writ.
[Diet: Cannibal. Live feeder.
[Preference: Kleptophiliac, Paraphiliac.

[Speech: #682323
[Scent: Ink, tar.
[Haunt: 160 x 90.


[Name: '??' Vokille. 'Ii.'
[Alias: Lucy. Luc.
[Titles: Centipede. Eel. Sicksoul.
[Crown: Φ
[Front: Φ
[Stature: 5'3. Underweight.
[Blood: Writ.
[Diet: Varied, scavenges, steals.
[Orientation: Kleptophiliac, Paraphiliac.

[Scent: Incense.
[Home: Streets primarily.

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