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Warning for minor OOC language at times, permanent state of stress and general anxiety. This bio contains invisible scrollbars and hovers.
Open to plots, trades, hunts and interaction in general!

Will be participating in the Rut as a Wildcard in a conscious effort to socialize and make friends. Because of this she may sit with a group of Judges if she sees a familiar face, but she will not take part in deciding the winner and may leave if the fight turns too brutal.




guess who had a bday on the 23rd :>


Had heart launched into throat by the return of mombird Jezara. Clung to and cuddled, welcoming the wandress back.

bulletpoint bulletpoint on the screen who's the most forgetful bean

-jumptimes with a stranger (map's booped, howdy!)
-ran into Sal and Ulya, breif playtimes before going off to the pond
-stranger left, went to play goat by the ruins
- more Sal and Ulya! and a blood ritual. with a rat. that grew an arm. and died. um.
- subtly retreated and peered from behind a tombstone, stayed behind as player went to get lunch the duo left
- sorta squinty and ._. about it. dfk what it all was but sal was nice and noddy throughout?? but that poor sonofarat??? UM.
- decided to bury the rat even though it's gross af and she doesn't like dead things, figures it's had enough confusion for today and could use the eASY FAMILIARITY OF A DECENT FUNERAL


Spent some time quietly relaxing with Val among the poppies. Dozed off from a combination of warmth, pleasant flower smells and Val's supernatural softness dayum boy what detergent do you use. Growing more fond of and comfortable with the fellow red, appreciates the fact they can enjoy each other's company without speaking.


Decided to walk around the forest and visit some places she had been missing lately, what with her extended stay near the pond. Didn't get too far before being found by Vala and taken for a lovely romp with complimentary pranking. Though they visited several mushroom rings, Doves was giggling too hard to doze off properly so only Vala would rush in and transform someone into a rabbit unawares. They also arranged a backwards parade near the Twins and managed not to break the coordination for a good while. Said goodbye for a while, then reunited near an antler tree and feasted on pinecones with some others. Stumbled upon a sleeping Verone, but the child seemed fine on its own.
Later went to sun herself on the flat stones of the Playground and fell asleep there on the warm moss.

Basics / Depth / Clan / Possessions & Abilities

True name: Looks-for-Doves
Nicknames: Doves, Dovie, Deedeegiven by Octavia
Invocatives: Honeybird, Snowborne
Age: young adult, 23.12.2014.
Gender: female
Sexuality: too inexperienced to know, questioning
Stature: small due to stunted growth, #3
Diet: herbivore
Scent:warm feathers, wild flowers and young grass

+ closeness, warmth, running, birds, stories, hugs and kisses, flowers, playing with forest magic
- cold, winter, threats, danger, scary deerple, skull masks, blood, scent of disease, dear ones in pain

* cloak carefully put away now that it is warm again, feathers back to swirling in the air rather than sticking to her for warmth, fresh flowers and very small, bird-made braids in her hair

Tumblr x Toyhou.se

Gentle / Quiet / Loving / Playful / Clever / Imaginative / Lonely
/ Moral / Pious / Scared / Anxious / Cowardly / Selfish

o inquisitive mind, will often stay very still for a long time in order to quietly observe what interests her

o loves hearing stories and easily finds amusement in her own imagination, little storyteller who can spin a tale out of nothing; would be a capable liar if the need ever struck

o extremely compassionate, a heart bleeding love

o has a strong connection to birds and other small animals; often guards their nests and dens while the parents forage, fixes small injuries, carries messages and reaches inaccessible food

o does not differentiate much between animate and inanimate, holds respect and affection for all

o playful, enjoys physical exercise and races

o impulsive when in a good mood or if her distrust has calmed a little; acts on instinct and gut feeling curbed by her more human mind; clashes may cause her to freeze in indecision Hamlet approves

o not much concerned with her appearance aside from decorating her hair; her only vanity

o talented mimic of forest sounds, especially birdsong

o communicates primarily in body language, though will make herself
speak if the situation demands it; prone to silence and introspection

o highly tactile and physical being, processes and seeks comfort through touch; loves to cuddle and will often express her affection with small gestures and nudges, more than a little clingy in this way

o excellent memory with traces of obstinacy; it takes a lot to change her mind once a profound impression has been made

o more trusting of females, the small, the bird-featured and the young; wary of males and large, predatory-looking individuals

o gathered threat markers from eavesdropping and deep forest runs: prominent fangs, antlers, claws, size, all regardless of the bearer's species, will make her wary; prejudiced in that manner

o interprets everything in the context of immediate threat to her wellbeing; easily startled, light sleeper, slightly paranoid

o highly avoidant of conflict; submissive when insecure in order to 'keep the peace', but will keep her own opinions in silence

o quietly stoic in the face of suffering; not in the habit of sharing what troubles her emotionally and is hysterically avoidant of physical pain, wastes away slowly in face of injury or sickness

o in a fight or flight situation will always choose flight, even at the cost of leaving a loved one behind

o easily spirals into loneliness and melancholy; terrified of abandonment by those she loves and never dares to believe she is truly loved or cared about; double-standarded in that she expects more from herself than from others

o deeply devoted to and comforted by the Twins, loves and believes in them
with a child's simplicity

As blood. Unspoken mother figure and mentor, ensured her survival early on and showed her affection in the midst of winter. A love that does not needs words, understanding beyond the bounds of the physical and spoken. Unconditional trust and affection, misses always.

As blood. Beloved in many ways, some of them old and some scary in their newness. One of her first friends, a sister by heart if not by blood, and the closest thing to a constant in her life. Unconditional trust and devotion, relies on and looks up to immensely.

Cai: new fren, tba.
Val: A sweet, gentle new acquaintance she is quickly growing fond of. Shares redness and an enthusiasm for flowers, looks forward to seeing him.
Satu: SHAPED LIKE A FRIEND, good borking tutor, v smooth and silky, def too nice to be a predator.
Glitch: Odd, mysterious, otherworldly being who smells strange, but polite and non-threatening despite her size. Her distance and tranquility seem at odds with her warrior's stance, but she has given her no reason to think that will change.
Kestrel: Braidy friend, sat next to on several occasions. Kind, quiet, serious, respected.
Manda: A kind, sad soul she met long, long ago. Unaware it was him under the skull mask she failed to recognize, wouldn't mind seeing again.
Kjersti: kittykittykittykitty <3
Windiga: Definitely not a rabbit, though very very soft.
Ashe: A fluffy friend from a long time ago, hopes he is doing well.
Calfuray: Callie, a purple friend from a long time ago, gave the flower crown that saved her life.
Salem: Met only once and received a strange, beautiful feather. Thought they were very pretty.
Sylaminras: Another lovely, received an orchid from.

~ Cu, Vidente, Amary, Crowley, Thais, Sadiki


Chain and Caesar
Sweet siblings who were her first friends. Feels jittery, desperate guilt over their disappearance, will always hold the fear that she somehow caused them to leave. Lost.


o given by Octavia for Christmas 2016. a red cloak with a white furred-trim wrapped in a blanket, a small basket full of fruits and pale coloured candies

o given by Octavia for Christmas 2015. Used as blankets during the winter cold, still squicked out by but also cherished for the thought. a beautiful pale fox pelt and a bundle of rabbit skins

o given by Jezara for Christmas 2015. Cherished and carefully treated, worn as a choker.a peach-coloured shell tied to a brown barred feather and a leaf skeleton

o given by Sylaminras. Fond memory, worn in hair.an orchid

o given by Calfuray. Warmed her through her first winter, kept near the Drinkplaatz due to frailness after dropping it into the Pond.a crown of violet flowers

o given by Salem. Unaware of true potential except that it is not to be eaten, worn in hair. one beautiful dark feather


Feathers and latent magic.

Gained from a lifetime of drinking enchanted water and eating the sweet magical pinecones, her bones, skin, and flesh are saturated with natural Forest magic. She has no control over it and it manifests mainly in the form of her companion floating feathers, the faint fawn spots that cloud her pelt when there is snow, and her hair, which grows long, soft and changes colour with the seasons. She may and has been hunted for it, though never successfully.

Deep forest and secretworks.

The same magic that saturates her body has a strong effect on her general existence, causing her to become significantly unmoored from the physical. She may be called away at any time to run through the Deep Forest, a place where dreams, secrets and lost things go after they have been forgotten. She can feel the hands of the Twins most strongly there and believes these trances are a way they wish to be worshipped in. She returns elated or exhausted, wiser or unremembering, and sometimes carries strange things, knowledge or even beings back with her. She once retrieved
two brothers from the edge of a different world before being called back, and holds a busy trade with birds who want her to hide the knowledge of their secret nesting places and the small magics of beasts. Has yet to truly cross into another world.

Weaveways and deals.

Another facet of the same gem. Because of the not-so-firm grasp of the material she is unusually beholden to intentions, agreements and promises. In order to remember something she may tie a promise-knot or braid in her hair and it will not come undone until it is fulfilled, and she is becoming more aware of her ability to carry over intentions into the things she weaves after several bird nests she built survived storms that knocked down many others and the flower crowns she makes slowly stopped wilting.


Folded wings, bright eyes, stealing berries from rustling branches. Spotted eggs on a bed of feathers, circles of nests in the sky. Birdsong tangling with the branches, sound and sapling interwoven. Mischief of squirrels, running barefoot across the meadow. Mud between toes, moss under palms. Lying in the tall grass, breathing in the smell of summer flowers and the fiddling of crickets by the water. Willow branch belts and bracelets for your wrists. Poppies and lavender wreaths around your head and neck. Knobbly knees, thin legs, scratched elbows of a wild child, a forest child. Giggling at bruises. Scars like stars and freckles like raindrops. Dances at dusk in the summer, forest lakes. Vestal virgins, bacchanals, trances of priests and prophets. Mythical maidens and swords under lakes. Hallowed innocence, love of the unaware. Love is touch and hug and pet and braid and ask without words if everything is okay. Silence and affection stand side by side like the Gods. Threads of fate tightly coiled, destiny that has not yet sprung to bite. Potential for all things, small seed of a great tree. Quiet zealotry of peace. Magic of weavers, small blessings threaded into braids and flower crowns. Hiding secrets and stories into birds' nests.


Current ref: o by me.

Me: +FoxOfTheStars o o o

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Mary13: o o
squeegie: o
EmiliaYO: o
Awentia: o o
Vanilliana: o
Kamaya: o

Thank you <3


Doves is 95% in character. The remaining 5% consist of interactions with fawns, nameless and other OOC/unconfirmed players, helping out with sets, and transport. She will go OOC without prior notice even if in the middle of an interaction in these situations.

Her views and opinions do not reflect mine, but I take full responsibility for her actions. You may contact me for discussion or RP privately via Skype: raincl0uds, Discord: #Rain0499, and email, which I will provide if asked.

All art @ rightful owners
Sliding tabs and various bits of code @ Unplugged
Editing @ me
Unbreaking my editing and making stuff both nice and functional @ Jay
Title lyric @ Vashti Bunyan - Glow Worms

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Howdy :3

Howdy :3
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Hello hello

Hello hello Smiling

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She seems interesting. I'm

She seems interesting. I'm defiantly going to track this.
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She is adorable.

She is adorable.
Avatar by Meadow. Siggy © Shey & Squeegie

She is ssoooo cute!! gonna

She is ssoooo cute!!
gonna watch as she grows<3 ~

Art by Aihnna & pixel by Mary13~
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Brokken Saint: Thank you very

Brokken Saint: Thank you very much Laughing out loud

Waning-Sun: Thanks Eye

Raventail: Thank youuu <3 she'll need it! xD

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Trackers! She's so adorable,

Trackers! She's so adorable, I wonder how Jezara would react to her.
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Whee, thanks It's fun

Whee, thanks Laughing out loud

It's fun finding it out Eye

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Aww, that's an adorable one!

Aww, that's an adorable one! Definitely tracking this. Ooh
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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! <3

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Is my rp post okay? Just... I

Is my rp post okay? Just... I don't want Jezara forcing a name upon her x3
She can relate to fawns, and that's why she likes them.
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It's perfectly fine! I

It's perfectly fine! Laughing out loud I should be the one asking, I kinda threw that one on you too Sticking out tongue
Jezara really seems like the perfect random encounter for a little wild child. Eye


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Awww, I think Ol Jezzy needed

Awww, I think Ol Jezzy needed this little burst of young fluffyness ;3
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Aww <3 My lil birdy's happy to provide!

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3000$ obviously! (I almost

3000$ obviously! (I almost feel bad rofl, maybe I'll draw something better someday :'D)

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Obviously! *starts counting

Obviously! *starts counting bills and discreetly shoves Monopoly box under the bed*

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Tracks, this is great! I love

Tracks, this is great! I love the way you write Smiling
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Oh wow, thank you so much!

Oh wow, thank you so much! <3 That really means a lot, honestly, especially as I'm still finding her voice. Eye

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Hey, would Doves like to

Hey, would Doves like to roleplay with Jezara again? The other roleplay, well, it's kinda wilted, as you can see.
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I need to RP with this pretty

I need to RP with this pretty lil lady soon <3
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Oooh, sure thing! Loved

Oooh, sure thing! Laughing out loud Loved their interactions, you saw the result xD Name the place, name the time(writing a paper for uni atm, snailalert)?

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I was thinking maybe over

I was thinking maybe over email? Or a thread?
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Anything works for me,

Anything works for me, really. (My email's deletednowbecausei'moneoftheparanoidones Eye)

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Alright, I'll get to you

Alright, I'll get to you Eye

Edit: OHWOWJEEZ sorry to be a bother but I didn't note down the email because my laptop was dying...
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Ahahahahahah go go me for not

Ahahahahahah go go me for not getting confirmation first! xD Take two: .

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Done, thanks!

Done, thanks!
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Chain saw little Doves today

Chain saw little Doves today in The Forest, she wanted to keep her company Laughing out loud
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*cough* May or may not have

*cough* May or may not have taken snapshots xD Chain is a sweetie.

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Aw thank you, also I bet

Aw thank you, also I bet those screenshots are marvelous Eye
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Aww you!

Aww you! <3
*eyes the snappy folder warily* They are so many...

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My folder is filled too, but

Laughing out loud My folder is filled too, but I have to delete a lot because my computer doesn't have much space Puzzled, but it's fine because I always take new ones.
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Oof, I haven't had to deal

Oof, I haven't had to deal with that yet. But I can see it happening, what with every flower or frog being interesting xD

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Oh my, yes. The design

Oh my, yes. The design concept of this game is so beautiful, everything is placed so neatly. Unlike a few games I've played in the past where everything is thrown into one huge mess. I find everything interesting on this game Laughing out loud
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God yes, I had to quit

God yes, I had to quit several games because the utter chaos gave me headaches. Here the attention to detail is amazing, but not overwhelming. And if it starts feeling empty anyway, well, the community is but a click away! Laughing out loud

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You're so true! And the best

You're so true! And the best part about the community is that almost everyone is friendly and kind Smiling
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Absolutely! Also,

Absolutely! Laughing out loud Also, surprisingly mature. It really amazes me how rational people can be, even though their opinions differ and they have the whole Internet as a buffer. Here nearly everyone keeps their cool and is mindful of the game experience of others. Simply wonderful! <3

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*wise nod*

*wise nod*

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Ah! There is a lot of people

Ah! There is a lot of people now, it's like a party!
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Deer ball? xD (multitasking,

Deer ball? xD
(multitasking, sorry for the slowness)

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That would be fun, and it's

Laughing out loud That would be fun, and it's fine, I do it all the time Eye

Also I'm going to change into my other IC account, his name is Caesar. Caesar is very kind like Chain, mostly because Caesar is Chain's brother.
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Hehehhe good to find another

Hehehhe good to find another snoozer Eye Lol, and the dance lessons continue!

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Hi Doves! I see today is the

Hi Doves! I see today is the day where little Doves grows, I bet she'll be absolutely beautiful. If you need any help getting a set please just give me a little hoot Eye. Chain or Caesar will love to help!
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Hi Ivy! Aww, thank you so

Hi Ivy! Laughing out loud Aww, thank you so much. I really thought I had a few more days to enjoy her being tiny and cute. I will miss playing her as a fawn, somehow the thought of her being big just doesn't click. xD

And a hoot shall definitely be given if need be! Laughing out loud Of course, it might be just an excuse to hang out with the dynamic duo. *cough* But you don't know that. *cough*

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I wouldn't blame you for keep

I wouldn't blame you for keep Doves little, she's just so cute <3. And those two are a handful when they're together! *Silently floats back into The Forest*
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Ah too many messages

Ah too many messages
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Hello Doves, I haven't spoken

Hello Doves, I haven't spoken to you directly in a while. How are you? Laughing out loud
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