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3.5.16 woke up and noticed rose near the pond surrounded by a fair amount of others. unsure of what was happening and sat somewhat close to the tree. Was greeted by a small little deer covered in curious things. too confused by everything to much react but returned the greeting and some nuzzles. returned to sitting near the tree only to be pushed away by rose. backed up immediately very very confused since he had sat peacefully many times with the doe in the past. Took a seat farther away from the tree a bit defeated but was joined by tig. Could feel some type of tension that put him on edge for sure. Calmed down after watching tig make his flower crowns. completely enthralled with the process, and was super delighted when offered a few flowers. inhaled them all.

2.26.16 woke up in his flower patch. Spent some time rolling around and just snacking until he headed down to the pond for a drink. Had just settled down next to the edge of the water before seeing maggot and just noping out. One day he will be brave enough to actively approach the wolf. Wondered around the forest before finding a nice new tree to sit next to. Ended up curled around it asleep. Eventually woke up to see a fluffy looking stranger near him (Gunnar). Adjusted himself so he was sitting across from the small creature before deciding to engulf him in all his marshmallowness. A bit hesitant at first because he has indirectly learned that some children can't be approached or the parents might get angry, but didn't see any around so was content to give all the cuddles he was allowed to.

2.21.16 Woke up and headed to the pond area where he met and played with a fawn. Headed back to his flower patch after a while to get comfy. Very nice and calm and was just doing his thing, eating flowers rolling around being a big marshmallow until he had the strangest encounter with maggot. Had no idea what to do or what the wolf wanted, so he tried hiding behind the tiniest/thinnest tree in existence probably. sort of ended up dancing around the flower patch trying to keep some sort of distance. Fairly intimidated by the male. Started pacing with a bit of stress and nervousness, but the wolf ended up just leaving. relieved, but a bit curious at the same time. Laid in the flower patch back to munching on flowers. Pudge is an emotional eater ok.

2.20.16 (was in forest previous days but were pretty uneventful and consisted of a lot of eating and napping) Woke up in a new spot he's taken to. His nose was too full of flowers to smell anyone he recognized so he called out instead and got a response from rose. He hasn't seen her in a while so tracked her down to the edges of the blue bowl. surprised to find her in the company of a few strangers including a child (tomomi) and a human faced deer(sabel). Pudge is always a bit perplexed to see human faced creatures, but never thinks about it for too long.

2.14.16 Spent a good part of the day just lounging in his favorite flower patch before heading down to the pond for a nap. woke up later only to find it snowing. more importantly to his surprise discovered giant mushrooms had once again appeared in the forest. probably going to look something like this in no time at all.

2.11.16 was only able to get Pudge on briefly today, but he did encounter Devereux after waking up in the playground and heading to his flower patch. Was doing some serious zoning out when he noticed the wolf pretty close to him. Thoroughly surprised. put some space between him and Devereux before slowly reproaching. Had no idea what he wanted or what to do so attempted to play with him. went well and ended with Pudge making himself really dizzy from jumping in circles around the other male. Sat with him in the sunny spot of the flower patch. Pretty happy to share his flower patch and to have some company.

1.28.16 woke up in the blue bowl and headed down to the pond. Ran in to a fawn all by itself, and decided to stick around and play with him/her. Noticed Amaroq. Slow as usual to notice things but once he did immediately changed his mood. Saw rose and greated her briefly as he was to focused on an injured Amaroq. Sat with the small wolf and followed close to him as he moved around. Happy the pup seems like he'll get better. Slightly tense and hyperaware. More than willing to play body shield and protect him while he gets rest. Left for a while and returned to find the pup gone. smelled him and sought him out only to find him with others. Left him be so long as he was safe. Sat for a short period with anneliese and rose before getting too worried about amaroq and ended up staying in the pond area close to where he was. Noticed a creature in the water. Thoroughly suprised and wondered if it had always been there. Sniffed it and sat close to it. Very curious about him and will probably seek out in the future. Pulled himself away from the stranger when he noticed the wolf pup was alone. Curled up next to him once again.

1.22.16 shared his sun spot in the flower patch with "joeclark" and "jeweleye". Happy to see joeclark again after playing and cuddling with them as a bunny.

1.21.16 woke up cuddling a log as his normal self. Headed down to the pond intending to maybe catch a fish or frog. failed miserably, so he just resigned himself to siting in the water. fell asleep as usual woke up to the faces of rose and AnneLiese was a bit too shocked to run away, so awkwardly greeted them before turning tail and hiding in the tall grass of the pond. rose eventually got him to come out and sit with them near tree. Admittedly very tempted to try and munch on the doe's pretty flowers, but restrained himself settling on just smelling them (mostly deterred by the thought of getting poked by an antler tbh lol). ended up back playing in the pond with rose and then in a nice sun spot. wandered off to inspect a fawn drinking at the pond. followed the group to another spot to rest. completely a-ok with the sedentary lifestyle especially after taking a really long time to realize the doe was not just normally fat, but pregnant. determined not to zone out so much so he can keep an eye out. totally came in handy as rose's den(?) was invaded. Pudge was trying to interact with a mini("Ichtaca"?) and anneliese when he noticed her distress. Was fairly quick in putting himself between the pregnant doe and the strangers. First forest scuffle of any kind. "fight" more so hurt him emotionally and mentally than physically.

1.20.16 woke up still a bunny in his favorite flower patch near the large area of poppies. called out and got approached surprisingly by amaroq. Hadn't seen the puppy since he got angry at pudge. was happy enough to play with the puppy that he just let it go. cuddled up with him next to zorn. eventually left to sit with Lebonnanen. ended up back with amaroq and zorn. dozed off until he heard someone approach greeted as best he could the blue stag(Eli?) before laying back down. The small group was later joined by mrost(?). Probably the largest group he has been with as of yet. Took a break from it to visit the pond. intended to return, but ultimately went to rest on the log in his flower patch.Observed them from afar before falling asleep.

1.19.16 Spent some time with a stranger(not on the community site Q~Q) learned how to play with the transformation forest magic and even visited de drinkplaats for the first time. Spent most of the day playing with a bunch of strangers and visiting various flower patches. splashed about and doggie peddled in the pond briefly before becoming chubby little bunny pudge and cuddled up to this deer near a tree.Surprisingly bunny pudge is not as shy as normal pudge who is getting better at approaching people too.

1.17.16 Spent most of his day sunbathing in a sunspot in his little flower patch. For a breif period played and cuddled with a stranger.(didn't get a chance to check who it was Q~Q). Eventually headed to the blue bowl noticed a few new faces, but kept his distance. Saw Lebonnanen and wanted to approach. Ended up just sitting by himself near by. Lots of napping happening today.
[music update]

1.15.16 After a few days or horrible rain could not be happier to wake up and find snow of all things! Especially after trying but failing to keep all his lovely rolls under the small cover the ruins provided the past few days. Went to relax in the blue bowl only to be approached by the small wolf pup. Invited the small bab to sit with him in hopes to keep him warm and safe. putting his "fluff" to good use. played with the puppy and didn't realize he was upset thought all his running was some sort of game. Awkwardly meet a few strangers one of which was komir, but acted brave to stick around the wolf in case he needed defending. Finally got the hint and headed off to one of his favorite flower patches feeling a bit defeated and sad. Ate some flowers as comfort food before taking a nap.

1.8.16 woke up at the pond and ventered towards the blue bowl only to sleep some more. Woke up to find Lebannen and tobias(?), and made a quick exit out of suprise. Felt stared at so began to pace nervously unsure of what to do as they were pretty small. Lebonannen approach and coaxed him to join them. kind of sat around like this.

1.7.16 (*cries in a corner because my forest crashed and my computer is being a jerk* also pudge being akward but accepting cyrus'(?) company before I crashed Q~Q.) Started his day by heading to the pond intent on swiming to get a lily pad, but stopped short after noticing someone staring at him. The stranger approached and pudge sniffed and greated the stranger before becoming unsure. Ended up sitting down by the pond with him joining him. sat awkwardly with them until they both parted(i.e until i crashed :c). Found another fawn that eventually left him as usual after some play and cuddles. Has started to grow rather lonely, and has gotten a bit more likely to approach others/stalk from a distance.

1.5.16 Has taken to spending more and more time around the pond. Entirely fascinated with the koi and enjoys playing in the water. Tempted to swim so he can get closer to the koi and more importantly to try and nab a lily pad/lotus. However the high traffic nature of the pond does cause a bit of stress. Spent some time playing with an unknown fawn and sat under a willow briefly before being left. stuck around the pond, but grew restless and wondered around before ultimately making his way back to the water's edge. Ended up in the blue bowl as usual, but it was more occupied than normal. Stayed and tried to unsuccessfully hide in the plants, but no one bothered him so as far as he's concerned it worked haha. Eventually relaxed enough to fall asleep.

1.2.16 Lounged about being lazy as usual until he happened upon a small wolf pup. played with the puppy and eventually settled down for cuddles. He was very content until another approached and the pup left his side. Wanted to stay, but only stuck around long enough to make sure he would be ok before making his way to the blue bowl and some other delicious flower patches. Ate to his hearts content before passing out in the blue bowl.

Name: Pudge
Gender: male
Sexuality: gray-ace/aro
Size: slightly bigger than #15
Reference: --
Face claim: Dan Henig
Set: beluga pelt | DotD mask | swan antlers
Voice: -- | Sounds (???)
haunts: blue bowl | flower patch (-37 x 107)


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Tracking c:

Tracking c:
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Hello to you

Hello to you Smiling
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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What a cutie!

What a cutie!
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Goodness he's a cutie!

Goodness he's a cutie!
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o////o Thanks for the tracks

o////o Thanks for the tracks and compliments!
and hello Flyleaf :3
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oOOo i saw this guy on DA >v>

oOOo i saw this guy on DA >v> track
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Really? Such a small world

Really? Such a small world haha. Well I only hope I can do good by the character/previous owner, and not let him collect dust. Thank you for the track!
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-breathes really heavily- Oh

-breathes really heavily-
Oh god he's really cute
and pudgy

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

Oh gosh. He's such an

Oh gosh. He's such an adorable fellow.
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ah thank you guys! and yes

ah thank you guys!
and yes he is very very pudgy perfect for cuddling haha Sticking out tongue
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All the kitty cuddles

All the kitty cuddles
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yes kitty cuddles! Pudge is

yes kitty cuddles! Pudge is so akward and shy, but he tries Sticking out tongue (being mini helps though haha)
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oh my goodness

oh my goodness
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omg why this thing so cute

omg why this thing so cute
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@echosong I can only hope

@echosong I can only hope that is a good "oh my goodness" Sticking out tongue
@oqu ah thank you! <3
sorry for the late reply you guys Q~Q

So adorable! ?

So adorable! ♥
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Thank you! ^^

Thank you! ^^ <3
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*squishes* I love him.


I love him.
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Pudge loves squishes *-*

Pudge loves squishes *-*
squish him all you want just be careful that he doesn't squish you back Sticking out tongue

placing a track here cB

placing a track here cB
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ty <3
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G'awww! <3
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This fellow's a cutie c:

This fellow's a cutie c:
Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.
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ah thank you! ^^

ah thank you! ^^
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Sigi by Wake

this cutie &hearts;

this cutie ♥

Sig: Aihnna

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sweet babs

sweet babs <3
Sabel, Sam

Image © Alhnna

I love this cutie! And the

I love this cutie! And the music is so charming XD
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ah thank you! ^^ The song is

ah thank you! ^^
The song is actually from Neko Atsume lol I think it's the winter theme.

what a cutie!!! track

what a cutie!!! track <3
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aww thank you

aww thank you <3
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I panicked when I clicked on

I panicked when I clicked on this, all like

This creature is too adorable for me. Reminds me of Ghibli <3 *clicks on 'sounds' and screams*
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lmao yes it is neko atsume

lmao yes it is neko atsume haunting you. Ah i am glad he does because that's what i though and is probably why i love him so much and the sounds are what they are! xD