Dandelion Eater °. : • .

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Music, Flowers, Running
Water, due to a near death
experience and losing her mother
to a flood.
Quiet until befriended.
Very trusting and dependable.
A bit of a coward and a heavy sleeper.
Chaotic Good. Will help anyone,
even creatures of darkness.
RP Voice

Bone Blonde and White pelt, Wooden Antlers,
and an unfamiliar Skull for a Mask.
She looks very dirty.
Wet moss on Oak, or like she had
just crawled out from under a tree.
Small Adult
light as air; can float on wind,
glows slightly in darkness,

When not sleeping, this deer can be found prancing through flowers or nuzzling sleeping deer.
She'll do what she can to get others to dance with her and then fall asleep on her feet.
The places you will find her most at are the Old Oak, Dandelion Hills, and random mushroom rings.

click this side for music->

Hanging from her long neck are simple instruments; A drum, a pan-flute, and a harp.
Though she is never seen playing these, sleeping deer have been startled by these mysterious sounds.
Her dirty pelt contrasts heavily against her bright white mane that fluffs out at her cheeks only to
come together in messy braids she clearly didn't braid herself and hasn't washed since.
The skull she wears looks to be made of petrified wood instead of bone. Protruding from said skull
are the long branches that she prizes as antlers.

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Tracking! I love the title of

Tracking! I love the title of this blog Laughing out loud

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Yes!! This bio is gorgeous!!

Yes!! This bio is gorgeous!!
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Your deer has a lovely set!

Your deer has a lovely set!
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Hello...Gorgeous bio !

Hello...Gorgeous bio !
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Thank you for the track and

Thank you for the track and support. Smiling
Don't be shy to contact me whenever you need/want. This community means so much to me and I want to get involved enough to help.
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Nice to see you back

Nice to see you back <3

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Such a nice bio! Track

Such a nice bio! Track Smiling
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bump. :3 Can somebody tell

bump. :3

Can somebody tell me if this page breaks at all? Does the music work?

This character is ready for RP, I think. Just a warning, she's not all fluff.
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This bio's atmosphere and

This bio's atmosphere and layout makes me feel home. I might draw this lovely one someday.
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This is very sweet bio, very

This is very sweet bio, very cheerful.
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Thank you so much. (edit:

Thank you so much. Smiling
(edit: small bump for my faery deer. <3))
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why am I not tracking this

why am I not tracking this yet
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late track aa

late track aa
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Bumping for "Oduvanchik's

Bumping for "Oduvanchik's Daughter" quest. lol
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Track from me too

Track from me too Smiling
Signature by Wildflowerdeer, avatar by Vessan.

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Does anyone know how to get

Does anyone know how to get the mini spell to work upon log in? It kept removing the Pelt, so I dismissed it but Tan's suppose to be small. lol
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She's such a sweetheart! And

She's such a sweetheart!

And I don't think there's a way to get the pelt on log in. I've always had to go to do the Twin God's trick. I could be wrong though.

(No subject)

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Thanks, Ace At least I know

Thanks, Ace Smiling At least I know now. I was getting frustrated. lol

and Heey, Rasui <3 You're the only angry bird for me. xD
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Gotta place a track here too!

Gotta place a track here too! Tan sounds like a lot of fun ♥

By Draak

It's so so so good to see you

It's so so so good to see you again, old friend...TTwTT
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Hiiiii! How have you been?

Hiiiii! How have you been? ^^

Is Tanpopo still around? owo
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If I'm being honest here,

If I'm being honest here, I've been a mess. It was starting to show in my writing. I don't want to make everyone sad with a bunch of obvious personal pain coming out not-too-subtly with my writing. So I left.

I came back briefly to try and work through the sadness with a new character but then I just got embarrassed and isolated myself again. I can't get into that account so now all those blips of hurt are constantly haunting me. xD

This is Tanpopo, but she goes by Tan now. She's seeking out her Faery name currently and trying to keep her tree mask away from Odu (or Balor if you're fae).
The tears from the Crying Idol were finally washed off but she hasn't taken a bath since then. lol

She transformed! Like a dandelion~
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+1 track~ I'm in love with

+1 track~

I'm in love with the background image on here lol, it makes me want to run around in all those dandelions

Ohhh Fairy...I'm so

Ohhh Fairy...I'm so incredibly sorry all of that happened to you. I applaud you for not wearing your personal life on tour sleeve on this site, parading it around and such as some would. At the same time though, people here are willing to lend a comforting hand and I feel that expressing your heart's state through your writing wouldn't be a bad thing but something natural!

Even so, it makes me so relieved that you have been healing and I hope things continue to get better for you.

Ooooh! This is Tan, eh? She's beautiful and her story made me smile! She is a beautiful dandelion! <3
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TY! :> Maybe in smaller

TY! :>

Maybe in smaller doses I'll keep fighting my demons. Right now I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground. TEF is a sanctuary to me, so I'm not going to run anymore.

I've got all these fun ideas for the community but I'm staggering with financial problems atm.
If I can find a cord for my drawing thingy, then I can unload on here again! Luckily I live in a world of electronic scrap heaps.
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beep boop art delivery via

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Thank you so much

Thank you so much <3
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because i love dangelion SO

because i love dangelion SO MUCH

it's you)

http://s48.radikal.ru/i119/1707/b6/bd5081a28c27.png - full

adorable. t.

adorable. t.
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omgomgomgomg This is so

omgomgomgomg This is so beauuuutifuul! Thank youuuu~!
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hey I see Tan in the forest

hey I see Tan in the forest again, hope this means you're feeling better <3 c: