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If your Youtube music embed things aren't working...

I just discovered this today (and it looks like it's happened with a few people in the discord), youtube has changed the embed link causing the embedded players to break.

All you gotta do is go and re-copy paste the embed link off the video.

It's like tumblr and it's image links breaking from time to time.
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The Sloth [Baell]

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The Sloth

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The Smollest of Bios - [Smol Zombie]

"Smol Zombie"

NOTE: if you see him inforest and he isn't responsive it's because I have running in background off

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Joins the Party [ Rut/Shenanigans Blog ]

Rut Shenanigans

If you want to contact me about anything you can do so via their bios or my discord: Raz#5512
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