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Just wants to dish out a bit of praise

This is mainly towards those who have interacted with birbdeer/Axebeak, I just wanted to give my most sincere thanks for taking her seriously.
I get worried she'll get laughed at or trolled. So far that hasn't happened and it's all gone well, so I just felt like saying thank you cos it's giving me fuzzies.
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The Axebeak

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tak tak

makes more things I dont need to be making
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He'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'll blow our minds - [ Character Interaction Blog ]

I wanted to give this a revamp and start fresh-ish. (I won't be deleting the old one since it has important rpthings on it)
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Draak does DotD - Offline

PSA: I'm sorry everyone but I can't cast on you if you're a mini D: You have to sneeze it off so I can do the thing :C

If anyone wants the DotD set come and find me and I'll cast the stuff.

Also please note if I don't respond right away I'm either brb'd or not looking at TEF at the moment.

I can only see Gen 1 pictos so please bare with me in regards to that too cos I'll be checking the map.

AND I don't have emote hotkeys going to emotes are going to be slow/almost non existant.

I'm using this picto: Arch

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Smol Zombie

Smol zombie halloween shenanigans B)
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Candid Rut Cam Screenshot Dump - Huge images warning

Aka "oh god I hope the invisible mode is working"
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Kostya's Rut Shenanigans: The Sequel [[ New 26/9 ]]

He's going to be at it again. If any shenanigans happens, they'll be drawn and put here.

The original that started all this.


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Old Fashioned Screenshot Dump 3

Same old same old some new some oldish.

(no first one cos the images all broke :I ) | 2
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