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Sillyness and Such

Sunday I awoke and it was raining, I ran around in the forest for a bit until I found Seele and a group of fawns and began to play wth them XD. I then saw a lone deer at the Ruins who I think was Pepokeen and wanted to see if they would play, I took Seele with me to check them out, but...all they wanted to do was sit in the corner so we left them be. We found another deer who wanted to play with us and they joined me in pillar dancing XD. Poor Seele missed out on a pillar and went in the middle. We then began to dance in the statue and then the trees XD

Shortly after Seele had to go and it was just me and the other deer (I dont know your name D: ). We then stumbled across Quamar at the pond and a group of Fawns. We began to mess around in the water and then on the river bank. Quamar then wanted to go to the Great Oak so I followed him and we rested there for a bit.

I heard afterwards that the gods had entered the forest and made it turn to dusk. But I missed it.


The next day however when I went into the forest it was red. But when I tried to find other deer they didnt do anything...so Raz my human had to intervene...although we did stop to take an image:

A short time later I was back in the forest, and felt like messing around at the Ruins X)
Hehehehe I can see yoooou!

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Welcome Mitra

This is Raz speaking, otherwise known as Draak's human. I'm gonna be in this colour for the diaries while Draak will be in normal/this colour.Most of the diaries will be done by Draak. I'm trying something a little different here by doing this. This is a tryout for a diary entry.

Before I let Draak take over I wanna know if the 'Nuzzle points' you get for posting go towards anything? or are they just for fun?

Last night I was able to properly meet up with Quamar's sister Mitra, she was a lot of fun to play with, just like her big brother XD.

My time in the forest began with meeting up with Sluggs and shortly after Echo appeared. Which lead to Sluggs dancing around in circles and lots of nuzzles with her XD. He then decided to become Echo's semi twin:

Then Mitra appeared and I began to play around with her, Sluggs and Echo.
Sniff, Sniff:

As I played with Mitra Sluggs and Echo dissapeared. We roflled around for a while XD until she had to go...

I then caught up with Sluggs and Echo again, Sluggs then began chasing and casting pelt spells on Echo and I until I got him back with a transformation spell and turned him into a frog Laughing out loud. He then ran off and Echo and I began to chase him all around the forest XDDD
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Draak's Blog 26th of April 08

Lotsa pictures! o.o

Last Thursday night I met up with Nori/Noortiss and messed around for a bit XD

ELONGATED DEER.(Got the idea offa Sluggs XD):

Sharing a rock:

And at the Playground I stumbled across something very bizzare...WE SUNK INTO THE GROUND. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?:

We also met up with another deer and I snapped this closeup:

Later on I stumbled across Elian and we started messing around xD


We then became Twins X)

I shall call him mini me:

After that I had to leave as the time was nearing 2am human time.

Last Friday/Yesterdays happenings...
I met up with Vala and some other deer, including Nori and Mitra (Quamar's sister).

Draak: Whee!
Vala: o.o

Then more deer came and we started up a dance troupe with matching pelts 8D.

Which ended up at the Ruins where we played 'Simon Says' xD

Soon after the group broke apart and that was it for that night.

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Draaks Transfer and Stuff

From the TEF Forums to here. I was Raz on the TEF forums but I'm now under the guise of Draak on here.

Now for some Forest happenings, some that happened today and a few days ago XD

This be Draak's doppleganger XD in the forest there's a fawn that has a very similar picto to me. Its the same except for a small line at the bottom. Draak's doppleganger is the blue fawn XD:

Picture of Sluggs at Run's memorial, I think its quite a nice little picture:

Deer Totem!


Today in the forest I finally learned how to actually stay up in the air and perform actions instead of staying sitting in one spot, getting up then falling down XD

Mmmm dirt:

Mmmm reflection (and that fawn I'm pretty sure is Sluggs IN MID AIR DRINKING):



And pretty much it, after all those happenings at the pond everyone slowly dissapeared and I did too.
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