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Just a note about the BZD (Everyone please read?)

Can people please try and not make your deer sleep next to him if you go AFK or BRB or whatever? Because it is a bit inconsiderate for others who try and cast on him to get the Zombie set, but instead cast on the sleeping deer who are in the way.
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Screenie Journal number 12 - Lots of images ahoy

8| I really hate photobucket sometimes. It took four tries to upload all these.
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Late Bandwagon'd - So what do you lot think of me?

Hurr |D

My curiosity got the better of me ._.

I dont care how brutally honest you are dfdsf
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Screenie Journal number 11 - Not Quite a Comp killer...maybe

8U cos Narina said so. And I've discovered that for some reason it doesnt save some screenies when I hit P 8|

Chime: ...quickrock? mmmf
Dusk: D8 like quicksand...only a rock

Little Thomas, Chime, Cell and Rev. Cell appears to be picking up a signal XD

Chime decided because she didnt match, she had to hide...underground.

Different flavouredcoloured Cholive.

One of the pictures that DID save from lastnight's magic dance line o:

ONOS. Scarefawn that wasnt a fawn D8. He kept his set too.

Scarefawn watches you.

Cirrus: I love lamptree.

LETS SWAY.... I like this one...for the fact that Saosin actually looks bigger then Cirrus XD.
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I'm opening up requests (might reopen after I finish this lot)

I mentioned this on my updates but I'm not sure who actually read it...(apart from Silent)

So I'm stating it here again on a separate journal.

For university we are making portfolios...and these portfolios need pieces...mine is going along nicely except for the fact that I need more girls in it |D it has too many manz :B

So here goes:

I'm opening up request to draw your deer...as humans or..er...half...anthro or...like...er...*points to Rev* like that XD. But the thing is...I will only draw your doe characters because they HAVE to be girls.

I'm going to need a reference sheet if you have one, or a description of what they'd look like. And depending if they're anthroish deer or not, their set description.

First in first serve U:

1. Silent - Minion http://www.endlessforest.org/community/humandoe-requests-minion
2. Her - Sprite http://www.endlessforest.org/community/humandoe-requests-sprite
3. Silentlikethat - Jettem or Vauss http://www.endlessforest.org/community/humandoe-requests-vauss
4. Vira - 2.0 http://www.endlessforest.org/community/humandoe-requests-2-0

Pickle96 - http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l316/PhoenixGryphon/SafearAnthrocopy.png
Ravey - http://www.endlessforest.org/community/humandoe-requests-ravey
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An Opinion about the Pictures Page

*bumped because I want EVERYONE to see this*

Alright, I've tolerated this as long as I can, but now it's wearing thin. And I know this doesnt bother only myself.

Can everyone please not put screenie dumps on the pictures page?

It just makes for total and utter hell for those with slow computers/internet waiting for all those screenies in one post to load. And when multiple people do it it's just...frustrating waiting for all those pictures to load when you want to see something else.

It is possible for everyone who wants to put a whole lot of pictures in one place to make a screenie journal? It's not that hard. It works in the same way....

Ok yes, I know...they're pictures/screenshots and they do belong there...just not in HUGE piles...and it pushes down art that people post too.

Oh look Raz complained again *smacked*

How to Resize and Crop in:

I'll start with the Crop tool, it looks the same in every single program, the little squarey looking thing:

When you click on it you can drag a box in your image and what's inside that box is what the image changes to. Usually you double click inside that box and it crops the image.

I just use the 'Percentage' option. For example if you put 50 in the text box, the image will be reduced to half it's size.

Paintshop Pro 6:
Same thing as photoshop, I use the percentage option.

If anyone else uses any other programs, dont hesitate to comment with them on here and 'how to'
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Screenie Journal number 10 - Super Comp Killer

39 IMAGES ssklnflaf

Michael decided to pop in a little while ago, Chime's first meeting of one of the gods XD
A C-cage?!

Smells like god :B

Candles? with blue flames?


Chime and Ares + snow *mahaemote*

Jareth closeup. This makes me lol for some reason XD.

Chime and Dusk, stareatleaf.

Rip....what are you doing with my picto? D8

D8 you too mr stranger
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I'll probably add my other deer later XD

Original is here

As answered by:
(Some in white are ones I'm butting in for/I dont know the answer to)



Basic Statistics

Renoir Erebus

Ren Slutmuffin 8|
Uh..I dont think I have one D8
Meaning of name:
...Erebus is a being of darnkess from Greek mythology
Draak is Dutch for Dragon I think 8D
Origin of name:
Renoir is French, I'm from France. SHUT UP AZ
o: I dunno WELL It was just a random name I put in for my account when I first started...and it then stuck to him XD
He's in his mid 20s
Mid 20s
|D Male
I'm a man :B
Blood type:
I havent checked o:
Werewolf..or human...whatever
Human...or deer?
Political Party:
Socioeconomic level as a child:
*watches tumbleweed*
Socioeconomic level as an adult:
*watches crickets chirp*
Birth date:
March 29th
Februart 15th...a day after Valentines *lols*
Birth place:
In a hospital duh 8|
A hospital?
Current residence:
I live with Min, Az, Scare and Caps in some house
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Screenie Journal number 9 - be another Comp Killer

Same old same old; going through my screenshots folder |D

Draak: Omnomnomnom

An Uncle and his neice c:

...They're all mooning you 8D *killed*

Draak: Selig, do you think that old lady has candy?
Selig: U: what's an old lady?

Quammy's are us :B

Quammy: *nom*


Quad eat your heart out XDDDD



....Trippy. From the last time Draak has seen Mitra in forest aaaages ago o:
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