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Adopt-a-Hopli (aka Raz tries to make Adoptables)

I've never done this before, but I figured it'd be worth a shot. That and it gives me a bit of markings practice.

These critters are basically stylised Hoplitomeryx, an extinct species of deer that features 5 pronglike horns on their heads. Also their skulls are awesome.

All prices are in Australian Dollars. (If it turns out cheaper for you, it's a bonus. I don't mind as long as I get the Australian dollar amount/equivalent)

Have a Currency Converter

Basic rules:
These are paid via Paypal. No DA points.
First in first serve.
Leave a comment if interested in claiming one/some. (Reserves are okay, as long as they aren't too long.)
Send me an email (at thevampirebakura@hotmail.com ) OR note me on DA so I can send you my Paypal email.
Once paid I will send you the full resolution image via email (or DA note).

Once bought you may:
Alter the design to suit your needs eg. change the horns, tweak markings, add/remove fangs, add tufts etc.
Assign a gender (since I didn't give them one)
Please credit me.

Resell it.

[center]Here's batch one:
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Feeling ultra devout today

I can't
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Raz's Art/Sketch/Pixel Clutterpile

Updated: 2nd Jan
Dusts off and updates art and sketch things.

Have some art and sketch stuff, that'll be mostly TEF related. Both human and deer.
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Draak - The Lily Guy (idk until I think of something)

Note: Draak IS NOT an OOC deer. He used to be waaaaaay back in my first TEF days, but he isn't now.

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Kostya - The Entertainer

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Chime - Dormant Autumn

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Christian - The Vampire

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Corvus - The Crow

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Draak's Character Hub and Updates Thing

Feel free to post/track/etc

Just a space to make updates and make some kind of a hub for stuff (once it's created).
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Small Temporary Bios For Christian and Kostya

(Don't mind if you comment)

These are two...or technically one and a half new deer of mine that I snuck around with, they'll be getting proper bios eventually but I just wanted to get some of their info down. Also shoving my ooc deer here too.

Christian and Kostya. Christian is basically just one of my OCs TEF-fied, and Kostya was a secret deer of mine back in the old days.

*goes old school with minor html cos I fail*
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