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I've no idea who these birds/deer were, (aside from Helel's Eliel) but someone cloned themselves as a dove 6 times and shenanigans happened.

Jehoel had his own little dove army asdfasdf
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Kostya Shenanigans (Screenshot Dump)

Under cut cos long
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Hallowed be thy name | Jehoel

Big image ahoy.

I'm still going to be updating this every now and then, mainly with concept images.
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TEF-oween Screenshot Dump - Part 2

Under cut cos long.

Screenshots from the past couple of days continued.

Part 1
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TEF-oween Screenshot Dump - Part 1

Under cut cos long

Screenshots from the past couple of days.

Part 2
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To Those Who Are Losing Their Set Bits [Deer Wardrobe Trick]

Here's something you can do to save your zombie set/any set incase it gets eaten by the server.

This is a trick I found a little while ago. Not sure if people know about it.

It does not involve Spell Data.

Set Transferring
This is useful because it acts as a kind of "deer wardrobe" but using pictos/deer instead of spelldata to hold sets.
(I've also no idea if this works between different game versions that have the drinkplaats)

You Will Need:
A spare picto (doesn't matter if what's on it is a fawn or deer)
The Drinkplaats.
Connection does not matter.
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Update 9/1/2020: Please go to the new post found here: [x]


Anyone want to do an art trade for a pixel picto?

Like these:

However the ones you'd be getting would be transparent, mine aren't cos I was messing with opacity and gifs say no to partial transparencies :I
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Old Fashioned Screenshot Dump

Under cut cos longish

These are from the past week or so B)
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*Insert fancy title here* Corvus + Nika rp

This is a private rp, you may track but please don't join.

Just a rpthing between my Corvus and NikaGika's Nika.

how do i intro

Saves Corvus text colour: #00000e


A lone stag sat in the corner of the ruins, the somewhat alter-like block to his right, and the small, shadowed stone wall to his left. It was his small haven, a spot he'd had for years. He found a partial comfort in the area, he wasn't sure why. It was surprising that there wasn't a deer shaped imprint left in the ground from all the times he'd sat there.
His near black pelt almost blending into the shadowy corner, he sat in his spot, peering out of a magpie mask. Somewhat tired, pale blue eyes watched his surroundings. He watched as deer would pass to and fro through the trees and poppies a several feet infront from him. Corvus never had any inclination or want to join them, he preferred being on his lonesome but it was always inevitable that someone would approach him, which tended to result in him fleeing out of discomfort depending on their manner of greeting. He wasn't afraid. He just didn't want company. Company tended to leave. Or die.

He continued to look around, taking in his surroundings, ears occassionally flicking to the sounds of the forest.
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