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Raz's Livestream Thingywhat (OFFLINE) + resulted Drawings

Ya, I jumped on that bandwagon too |D

I'll just be drawing on it mostly :B (or hovering between msn windows lksndfs)

Here we go

I might as well put the images I did here too so you can see what I ended up drawing |D







http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l316/PhoenixGryphon/Sketches/Livestreamdoodles24.jpg < Christian is a non TEF Vampire OC of mine |D





Putting this here for Dannii:



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Screenie Journal number 8 - Random awaaaaay

Yeah xD another bunch :B

A random shot when I was playing as Aura.

Olive and Ares omging xD


Chime: I think I see pie...
Rip: 8O

Cholive Froggies XD

Moar froggies XD

Chime: Everything is upsidedownnn
Rip: No more mushrooms for you.

Chime is butt bashed by Rip 8o

xD a random fawn appeared when I was closeupping Chime.
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Alone (Short story) - Final Part added

|D not the happiest of stories....and it's only the first part....

Dont kill me for attempting to use Rut, Dannii XD. I...kinda pictured Rut would...also be hanging around bars cos..he's Rut |D

A man with striking coloured hair sat at a bar, the smell of stale beer and cigarettes filling his nose. Though he didn't care, his head swum, thoughts clouded by the affects of alcohol. It had been his only way of being able to be free of his mental and emotional pain of losing his partner. He stared groggily at the reflective wall behind the bar, his dull, tired eyes staring back at him. Everything about his face and features seemed dishevelled, his hair was out of place, he had dark rings around his eyes and his clothing was creased and unironed. His usual routines had fallen apart when he had found out she had mysteriously died, she had been his world, his joy, his love...but it all came crashing down when he lost her. After he had heard of the news, he gradually fell into a deep depression, usually locking himself away in his bedroom to break down or just stare into space. The bottle had become his friend for most nights of the week, it gave him freedom from the hurt, and would help him sleep. His sadness and thoughts about her would disrupt his sleep, he would often sleep for little more then a few hours a night, though the after effects from a night of drinking would usually knock him out. His sister usually finding him asleep on the couch or near it on the floor when she would wake up in the morning.

Draak rubbed his eyes giving a slurred laugh before slamming some cash on the bar. He stood up, looking at the clock on the wall...it appeared to read 2:45am. He groaned. "...I.....is thatthe time...ohdamn....there goes.....another night..." He swayed slightly and made his way out of the bar and begun the slow journey home...

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This Morphed into a Sketch Journal

Newer ones at top.

Human Ren Shirtless sdf.

Draak and Mitra almost Spiderman kiss From a rp Quammy and I did last night XD

Human Trinket A thank you sketch I did for Trinkz.


Random Rip sketch I was trying some sorta shading |D

Mousecritter that I came up with while in a really odd mood a little while ago.

Human Cut Also trying some shading with a brush option thing...

Austria and Russia Russia looks cruddy though FFFF.


Christian sketch Non TEF, my Vampire OC

Draak and Ravey consoling From the pictures page.

Ren and Min


Toxic Nightmare Sketchie thing :B. One of ToxicCreed's deer.

What started as a Livestream doodle but I stopped the livestream because it wasnt working. Ren in the corner, Rip and Chime.
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(Copypastes from Shady Grove)

Does...anyone know where she is?

Trinket and I managed to catch Taiko in forest a few weeks ago..but for months we havent heard from her on iScribble or the TEF community site...Pega has told me that she's seen Adagio pop up randomly on the players list however...but...we havent spoken a word to her for a long while. She seems to have randomly dissappeared D:
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Screenie Journal number 7 - Featuring pictures from The Dance

I'm gonna break this up into two sections, screenies from the Dance and then..random screenies XD.

Dance Screenies:
I luckly managed to reconnect after the horrid lag I was getting before hand 8o. So Chime was able to go in the end.

Swing your partner round and round....

Olive?...is the moss nice?

Prom Photo xDDD

Sluggs...being Sluggs xD. I think Walter wasnt too thrilled Laughing out loud

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Screenie Journal number 6..Yet Another Comp Killer

Aaaaaaaaaaand again :B

Tuna: There's something on my back...

Raunun: 8D I'm sparkly

Raunun had a baby, it's name was Draak.

Augenun and Draaknun and plonkd Raunun XD


Sparkly fawn taken in invisocloseup mode XD

Polt/Corvus: D8 WE'RE SINKING

Corvus: 8O



Cirrak...Lirrus? xD

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Another RP blog

Weeeeelllllllllll I might as well try again... |D

Draak ~ He's just...Draaky xD. Nothing bothering him at the moment XD
Corvus ~ Sad/Confused about what's happening with him internally about Clavier.
Cirrus ~ Same as Draak XD. She's ok.
Ren ~ Grumpy, still trying to find where Az and Minion went.
Chime ~ She's fine too, maybe annoyed at Cut. But that's kinda normal XDDD

Course then there's my secret deer that only Her and Raku know the true identity of xD

Deer or human...Human rps for me last longer for some reason XD
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Screenie Journal number 5..Another Comp Killerrrrr

Yep, filtered through my screenshots folder again, and picked out some more screenies Laughing out loud

Draak and his Shiny no one else could see 8o. Turned out to be some fawn. Really strange and random glitch though 8o.

What happens when you leave Corvus alone with no one awake in the forest xD. He goes nuts |D.
8c n-no!
Yeah, he was still wearing the pelt Clavier cast on him the day before xD.

Aww xD

I have a weird liking to taking screenies with deer looking how Clavier is XD. Especially if they're looking at another deer.

Sleepy Clavier.

o_o yeah...I dont know who that was but...and it wasnt one of the gods...

Corvus thinking Polts antler is tasty? or not xD

Hover Corvus with Hover Squirrel 8D

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Raz be now taking commissions

Yep |D I've never done this before..so bear with me D8

All you need to know if you're interested is here: http://rasiris.deviantart.com/journal/25555539/#comments

But uh...instead of noting...I guess...um...there's PM on here...?
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