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Old Fashioned Screenshot Dump 2

Some recent and not so recent screenshots.

(no first one cos the images all broke :I ) | - | 3
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Character Updates Archive

Just need a place to store updates. Mostly from last year and such.
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[ Adoptables ] Draak Does Deer Designs

These aren't free, unless labelled as such.

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??? - The Oddity

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WARNING: Problematic User

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Pleased to meet you, don't forget my name [Character Interaction Post]

Been meaning to try to make one of these for a little while, but this would be your usual character interaction blog thing where you can interact with any of my deer (since getting inforest can be a pain sometimes, also timezones).

Here you can:

Send any of my deer an ask/question/bla. I MIGHT draw these out but not sure yet.
You can also ask their human versions things too.
Questions can be as silly or as serious as you like.

Have minor rp things.

Other interactiony things I can't think of cos it's past midnight.
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Jehoel - Cherubim on Fire

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