Please contribute to the remake of The Endless Forest by donating here on top of the initial IndieGogo campaign where you can find information about the project.

Supporting the project gives you access to our development log where we regularly post updates on the progress of the remake. Please contact us for a discount code.

While the budget we had originally estimated to complete the project has been reached, we sadly underestimated the amount of work the remake of the game takes. So additional contributions are still extremely welcome!

€ 45694 EUR raised by 986 backers
114% of € 40000 EUR
Screenshot of the remake-in-progress in Unreal Editor.

Forest Fans will get a private link to print a deer model in 3D on Shapeways in a color of their choice.

Forest Collecters get a private link to print the legendary Sun Deer model in 3D on Shapeways.

Forest Lovers get the special Valentine's deer set that was designed for one particular occasion and rarely seen again.

Forest Believers will enjoy the Golden Pelt that has been reserved for Abiogenesis ceremonies so far.

Forest Patrons will get a private Shapeways link to 3D-print their unique deer avatar in their personal favorite outfit in full color.