.Mister High and Mighty.[GEHIRN]

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LOL <3 Ah, I love Gehirn

LOL <3 Ah, I love Gehirn :'D

So do I...n.n

We know. 8D


...:'D Such a shame that Taliene's set is used so much, hm?

-- Dannii <3

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D: i admire Gehirn <3 he's

D: i admire Gehirn <3 he's my fav deer of yours, i dunno why but i always like the bad guys xD..
i like the story.. but now i dont know what to say anymore, so i'm going to read the other bios

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Awh maan, Gehirn is just

Awh maan, Gehirn is just such a little cutie pie! I just love his little sadfacepictogram : DDD Once saan met gehirn in the forest and he was all 'GET OUT OF MAH PRSONAL BUBBL DOODrearearsadface' and saan was just stood there going 'AWW, I THINK HE LIKES MEE' and much confusment ensued! hmm
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Dannii: We all love him

Dannii: We all love him <3
I know you like it! ;D Well it being used so much actually makes it funny watching Gehirn go "..WUT!?".. XD Alott. LOL
I love you too Tal ^^'... TOLD U SO *Shot*

Raia: The bad guys are always liked by me too <3 Your Loque just makes me happy XDD (Especially with Auge, ofcourse, LOL) And that's fine ;D I'll go respond on your other comments <3

Saan: Daww he's cute right?
Pff. LOL he surely likes Saan! <3
Aw come on, stop being grumpy and say hello <3!

--Stays a lonely Seele
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>8U .... D

>8U ....

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*noses* For my own research


For my own research on His High and Mighty...


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Noo! Stop bumping this up

Noo! Stop bumping this up it's acient! AAArgk! Now I did it myself. AAARGK.


|D *readsssss* LOOK AT THIS

|D *readsssss* LOOK AT THIS ;D I kept forgetting to research.
I know how you feel. So I'll bump it. =D To be eviiieeell.

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Aw, I've never see this bio

Aw, I've never see this bio <3 Gnh, a Gehirn's bio can be awesome <33

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Hi. This is a bump of


This is a bump of evil.



C8 &hearts;

C8 ♥

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There. Hope you're all happy

There. Hope you're all happy and done bumping this now.
Scary to post this haha.

I also noticed my "Add new comment" has directed itself to go sit at the left instead of the right, at both Google Chrome and Firefox. It works at IE.
If anyone knows how to solve this and could help me with it, I'd love you forever ♥ Adding a < / div> at the end didn't help I can tell XDD
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Dang Vee don't reply to my

Dang Vee don't reply to my comment now I can't edit it X"D

I also seem to have a problem with the tab at the second song. It gets an extra.. Scrolly-arrow at the bottom for me. Very off. I think it may be causing my "Add comment" thing to go to the left too.


*implants tracking device* >>

*implants tracking device* >>

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I like this CSS, and this bio, OMG <3 I like, I like &hearts (:

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Tracking :]

Tracking :]
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This looks really neat and

This looks really neat and awesome and and sjdfkdfj. <3


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Tracking <3
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Tracking~!! 8D &hearts;

Tracking~!! 8D ♥

By Leuvr
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I think that picture should

I think that picture should be on top of this bio, yes....

It's.. Perfect... X"D
He just needs a white fluffy cat and a big chair now.
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^ Gehirn's life story all

^ Gehirn's life story all summed up.

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Track And the picture


And the picture above rather shows Gehirns personal dreams that will never come true XDD

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What an amazing Bio!!! What

What an amazing Bio!!!
What an amazing story!!!
What amazing art!!!
What... *off-voice: You're repeating yourself, Calinka.* ....

Where can I begin? Okay. Easier things first. The layout! It's amazing. The choice of colors is amazing, it fits to the character and creates an atmosphere I can't describe adequately!
And then there's the bio. Reading it from the character's point of view is quite an experience with advantages: One gets an impression of the character, and of course information! I love it.
But what I like most is his development. It's so -awesome- to read what you wrote there; that he -developed- so much. It's very impressive, at least to me. I also like how you described his quirks, it only adds to this lively bio.

Or, in other words: awesomazing.

He and Aurora meeting would be quite an experience, I am sure. ^^
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Wow o_o.. Thank you! XDD I'm

Wow o_o.. Thank you! XDD I'm rather flattered by your compliments! Gehirn has been in this forest for rather long, which I think explains his development ♥ anyway, you make me blush XDD

You have actually met him before you know! Gehirn can be rather cold-hearted towards deer he isn't familair with, though. He was with Virgil when Aurora approached, but you might not remember! XD You guys were jumping around, he was the grump who kept his distance.

Anyway, I'm sure they'll meet again, and I'm sure with time he'll become less.. Of an ass ;_; XDD
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Yes! I do remember! Aurora

Yes! I do remember! Aurora was rather enraptured with Virgil then, though. But still, I sincerely believe she will get to him, one way or another. Aurora is... kinda sweetheart. Very, very sociable, so to speak. The optimistic type that'd never give up to find the good in people, the one that always keeps on trying and says 'thank you!' for being hit into the face. Oh yes, but she -is- breakable. Very much so. But she would never tell anyone. xD

Ultimately, it's always up to you, of course! I can just speak for Aurora. Eye
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Heehee, he noticed that. And

Heehee, he noticed that. And Gehirn can get raaaather jealous. XDDD
Yess, Aurora is a sweetheart ♥ We'll have to see how they mix in the forest! I don't really decide anything, I'm afraid my deer do that for me. I guess she'll manage though, he just needs some time XD
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*is all over this PFFFFFF

*is all over this PFFFFFF ♥


Gawds I love this guy. He adds a whole new dimension to those characters that get with more than one lady-like, instead of being that shallow, cliche character, he's so deep and it's absolutely wonderful how you've presented his storyline. It's not just another plot, yanno? It gives insight IDK WHAT I'M SAYING but whatever I'm saying, it's good ;D

I never knew this existed.

I never knew this existed. o-o;
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"Fatty. &hearts; I do hope

"Fatty. ♥ I do hope you are not getting too bored up here." The Hart seemingly said quite randomly. Truth is, Gehirn had been there for him most of all during the unfinished process of recovery, and for a very long time before that.
He reached up to bite at his best friends ear.

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"I enjoy nothing more as

"I enjoy nothing more as sitting on my lazy ass all day, listening to you complaining." A grin spread across the irish his face. "I hope you're not getting bored with my company." He let out a rather suprised snort as his ear got grabbed, but didn't complain. Instead, he lowered his head so Virgil wouldn't have to stretch his neck all the way. "Scrawny." He muttered.
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A chuckle came forth from the

A chuckle came forth from the hart's throat, then he let out a deep hum to send vibrations into his friends ear, purely for his own amusement of course. He then released it so he could talk again. "Never have been bored of your company, never will be. You are awfully fun to mock." He teased.

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He shivered, frowning at

He shivered, frowning at Virgil untill he let his ear go. "Oh, so the only reason I'm allowed to stay is because you can mock me?" He snorted, trying to get an offended expression on his face. "That's not very nice huh, scrawny." In his head, another nickname popped up, but he feared he'd get hunted down for saying it. Still, a whisper came out of his mouth. He chuckled.
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The Hart's ears twitched and

The Hart's ears twitched and he frowned at his friend, unable to really pick up what was said, but damn did Gehirn perk his curiousity. "What was that?" He questioned, frown changing into a more stern serious look. Only half of such was true, deep down his playful nature was still very active.

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"What was what?" He grinned,

"What was what?" He grinned, raising his head up again. "I didn't hear anything." Gehirn sucked at lying, his grin pretty much revealing he damn well knew what Virgil was talking about. "Aww is that a frowny face?" He said looking at Virgil.
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"It will be a rather angry

"It will be a rather angry face if you do not tell me the truth." The Hart replied, raising his head in a confrontational manner. However, despite his efforts, it was difficult to suppress the subtle smirk that crawled along his features.

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"Oh, terrifying." His voice

"Oh, terrifying." His voice rather sarcastic, his grin sly. "You really sure then? Alright.." He said lowering his head, untill his mouth was located directly next to Virgil's ear.
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For a brief moment Virgil's

For a brief moment Virgil's ears flattened and offense flashed across his face, but he was able to recover quick enough to hide it before the older stag could see. He raised his maw up to the elk's closest ear and whispered: "Is that so, old man?"

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"Perhaps. But I like to call

"Perhaps. But I like to call you pup better." He grinned, pulling slightly on Virgil's ear. He sort of knew Virgil didn't like Gehirn calling him that, but it was hard to resist after getting called fat and old all day. "Sorry anyway." He smiled, nudging Virgil's cheek with the tip of his nose.
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Virgil shook his head by

Virgil shook his head by reflex in response to being grabbed by the ear. "Of course you are - call me that again and I will make you more unicorn than I." He threatened, a light hearted smile returning to his face.

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"I wish you luck, scrawny.

"I wish you luck, scrawny. I'm sure I could hold up a deer triple your weight without breaking off my antler." He grinned rather arrogantly. "but fine, I'll be good then." Gehirn rolled with his eyes before settling down again, lowering his head to the ground. "Just get well soon, douchebag."
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Congratulations, Gehirn is

Congratulations, Gehirn is now a Momma c:
"The cruelest prison is one we make for ourselves out of fear and regret."
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You don't know how hard that

You don't know how hard that had me laughing :"D
I'm so proud of you Gehirn. *Patpat* You woman you.

Really adorable though <3 We adore that little fawn!
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(No subject)

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Oh my god Dag o_o Even though

Oh my god Dag o_o Even though you said you'd make one they were both still a suprise! I can see you had a lot of fun with Gehirn, haha XD He looks completely amazing, I'm stunned. I hope you don't mind if I abuse it to put on his bio, or perhaps my signature... <3Pff love the pose so much!
And Sterre's is so adorable too! Thought I'd reply to that here too, or I'd be bumping up my bios and all lol. I don't mind to see her combined with Otis, I think it's adorable! ♥ Ohtsk don't worry about those feathers, two give the image as well XDD Thank you love, you're amazing <33 *Hugstight