Celestial Tear

Who are you, I once met light
From another angle, in another time

I cry for you a celestial tear
If we were only memories from other times

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A custom adoptable

Just a small ad for a custom adoptable base! :>

Bid here!:

Hubbird and Silver

concept designs for two of my deer Smiling


The quiet company of the forest is always comforting to us \ very few places left online where one can just exist & still be among others \
its been a few months since we lasted posted - updated Acele's Pronouns from [ They - Them ] -> [ He - It ]

[ our in game avatar doesn't have a set look - so its always a delightful surprise to glance over and see a new pelt or antlers from a passerby ]


my first proper blogpost, i painted my boy bergylt!! come find him on the water at the pond Smiling


a little sketch of reya <3


likes it here

Film Study - Bambi

Last week We watched a documentary on the art director of Bambi and his life story. Tyrus Wong was a Chinese Immigrant that lived in a period of extreme Racism in America - his style and knowledge of Calligraphy and brushwork single-handedly made the move look the way it does. We've been enraptured on the way he focused on capturing the overall feel of a piece instead of the subject inside it.

By the Creek

I started this WIP a few weeks back while the three of us were relaxing by the creek, I figured I would post it.

From left to right: Piaf, Turi (yours truly), Uitleger

I find the idea of Uitleger's candles dripping wax on their own head while they nap rather amusing.


Piaf belongs to MariaCanker

Such a lovely design, thank you for keeping Turi company in the forest.
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