Hubbird and Silver

concept designs for two of my deer Smiling


The quiet company of the forest is always comforting to us \ very few places left online where one can just exist & still be among others \
its been a few months since we lasted posted - updated Acele's Pronouns from [ They - Them ] -> [ He - It ]

[ our in game avatar doesn't have a set look - so its always a delightful surprise to glance over and see a new pelt or antlers from a passerby ]


my first proper blogpost, i painted my boy bergylt!! come find him on the water at the pond Smiling


a little sketch of reya <3


likes it here

Film Study - Bambi

Last week We watched a documentary on the art director of Bambi and his life story. Tyrus Wong was a Chinese Immigrant that lived in a period of extreme Racism in America - his style and knowledge of Calligraphy and brushwork single-handedly made the move look the way it does. We've been enraptured on the way he focused on capturing the overall feel of a piece instead of the subject inside it.

By the Creek

I started this WIP a few weeks back while the three of us were relaxing by the creek, I figured I would post it.

From left to right: Piaf, Turi (yours truly), Uitleger

I find the idea of Uitleger's candles dripping wax on their own head while they nap rather amusing.


Piaf belongs to MariaCanker

Such a lovely design, thank you for keeping Turi company in the forest.

Sketchy Fyn

Looooong legs
This is essentially just me figuring out Fynmear's design/proportions, but it's an ok sketch so I figured I'd put it here.

A Redesign of an old old gal. (Rhoda redesign)

If any of you remember me from way back in 2013 when I was a very cringey 12 year old. Well, Rhoda was my first OC. You can see her old design on her bio but she was basically a zebra/deer/raptor hybrid, yes I know very odd. While I doubt I'll use Rhoda on TEF anymore I figured you guys would like to see how I decided to bring her back to life.

I went in a completely fantasy direction with her, making her a Kirin. There were a few things I did like from Rhoda's old design like the long tail, the claws and the red feathers. So these aspects I decided to keep, though I added some red feathers on her back as well and changed where the deadly claws are located. Basically everything else was changed about her since let's be honest, her old design was a giant train wreck lol.
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