Celestial Tear

Who are you, I once met light
From another angle, in another time

I cry for you a celestial tear
If we were only memories from other times

It's a wonderful artwork ^^

It's a wonderful artwork ^^
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Beautiful artwork!

Beautiful artwork! Smiling
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This is incredible

This is incredible Shocked Absolutely love the style!!

the lighting in this is

the lighting in this is amazing- the entire piece is

@Fabi and @Widmung thank you

@Fabi and @Widmung thank you very much! I appreciate it a lot Laughing out loud

@Starling so glad you like it!! definitely will keep experimenting with things like these Smiling <3 trying to break away from my usual style

@Singa thank you!! orange and blue combo for lighting always works out, can't go wrong there hehe >:)

forever sleepy

This is stunning. Really

This is stunning. Really feels like something I'd find in an art gallery, I dig it.