Hubbird and Silver

concept designs for two of my deer Smiling

First is my big gentle giant " Hubbird "
and second is my shapeshifting lady " Silver " with ghost antlers
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Ahh it's been so nice seeing

Ahh it's been so nice seeing artwork here! These two are lovely and I love your art style. Would it be okay to draw Hubbird? That's such a great design that I just have to try! I'm also very weak for blue characters lately ;0;

Thank you so much,

Thank you so much, Saturnia!
Aaaa you're telling me, I adore scrolling through all the artwork here. There are so many art styles and I'm all for it. You're more than welcome to draw my Hubbird if you'd like! it makes me happy that you enjoy his design as i'm incredibly proud of how he's turned out. That blue and yellow combination from the pelt is so stunning, couldn't help but pick that one to work with. I'm a huge sucker for blues also.

If you'd like please do link any of your characters and i'll happily draw you something as well :''J
always looking for characters to practice with!
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Silver is beautiful huge

Silver is beautiful huge heart eyes emoji

Jacklo's Characters/Hub
Discord: Daddy#4977

aaaa Thank you Jacklo! That

aaaa Thank you Jacklo! That makes me smile knowing you like them!

Just browsing through your characters, you have some beauties there! especially love the black and gold so so much
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Replying a bit late <3 I'm

Replying a bit late <3 I'm currently revamping a lot of my characters so I'll need to think... but I'd be up for it eventually and if you want to! I just really want to draw someone like Hubbird, hopefully I'll be able to link the finished piece soon >:)