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My first try at drawing Faline

first time drawin my little Faline.
Used 3d Paint and a mix of a lot of patience!!!
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Urschanabi's appearance

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Boghome: Harlow

Companion deer refreshed or ancient deer transformed

Tomato sauce

i want to introduce Ta to this world
i express my gratitude to the Kumu for drawing
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No fuzz no money - dammit

How long are they even gonna last? The antlers I mean.
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Little Sisters

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I made art, and I'm actually really proud of it and yeah /sobs/
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THE FOREST ENDS [The Endless Forest Comic Concept]

Thanks to @Uitleger for inspo. Will very much most likely not actually be a comic, but if I WERE to make one it would be super edgy looking like this but probably also have story, maybe a fawn somehow stumbles out of the endless forest one way or another and discovers the world hidden from theirs, and either is stuck in that world or runs back to the endless forest to speak about their discoveries only to be played off as just a child.
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Mask Concepts [Doodle]

Before I go to bed here's some mask concepts I doodled on paint.
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