By the Creek

I started this WIP a few weeks back while the three of us were relaxing by the creek, I figured I would post it.

From left to right: Piaf, Turi (yours truly), Uitleger

I find the idea of Uitleger's candles dripping wax on their own head while they nap rather amusing.

I enjoy how you render things

I enjoy how you render things (and I'm there too, disappeared in dewlap! haha)
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Gosh! <3 So sorry, I'm in

Gosh! <3
So sorry, I'm in the hospital right now and couldn't immediately notice and respond to this masterpiece, God, it's so cute! Piaf looks so small and fragile, like a fluffy toy. Thank you so much for spoiling me with such wonderful artwork, thanks doubly for being able to capture my favorite spot on the game, it means a lot q-q

Thank you capiteux, I'm glad.

Thank you capiteux, I'm glad. Perspective and proportions are two of my favourite things about drawing figures.

I think you did show up on that day, maybe you got sucked into Piaf's dewlap, like a black hole........

Hey Maria, I'm sorry to hear

Hey Maria, I'm sorry to hear you are (hopefully were?) in hospital, I hope you are feeling better since you commented, sending well wishes your way.

I'm glad my art brings some happiness to you, and thank you for always keeping Turi/me company when he does appear.

There they are, two bread

There they are, two bread loaves and a croissant. Was I minified that day?
I like how you managed to convey Piaf's relaxed, yet serious expression with that minimal amount of detail, and throw her piercings in with no trouble, to boot. The face/mood and the hair on her head are my favorite details on her, in this picture.
My favorite details on Turi are, again, the head, the peaceful mood, and the credible, weighty, restful pose. The earrings propped against the body/ground are also satisfying to look at.
I like how OOCer's crown angle works in your composition, and the graceful detail of the tines/the candle mess combo that's going on in between.
(I doubt much would drip on his head with how they're positioned, but it would explain the skull, if it did. Would be a full wax skull )

Lastly, don't know if it was intended or not, I like the difference of their fur textures.
Piaf's a puff, like those fur accessories women like to wear, Turi's a silky one, and OOCer is rightfully a zombie greaser.

No, you weren't minified,

No, you weren't minified, just Turi can be quite big sometimes if he feels like it, even bigger than fluffy Piaf. Would be something a small bio/reference post would clear up but, we will see if I ever get round to it...

Thank you for the kind words, I'm happy you like it. I'm especially proud of Turi's body, finally getting the hang of bovine anatomy, with the help of a few reference photos.

I like the idea of OOCer's wax skull, depending on how old he is, I would imagine it must have piled up on his head quite a bit by now. Unless he gets someone to scratch the wax off of his head. That would be a funny sketch.

The fur textures weren't heavily thought about, I tend to just draw squiggly lines until it looks alright. You mentioning it is now making me think of different cow breeds long vs. short coats. Maybe my next venture will be drawing Turi if he were blow-dried... (look up blow-dried cows, it's rather amusing).

How beautiful! The shapes are

How beautiful! The shapes are so pleasat!

"Turi can be quite big

"Turi can be quite big sometimes if he feels like it"
My takeaway from it all now is that sometimes, someone, sneaks into the forest and blow-dries him into that size.

Those cows are a sight. Surely a sketch material. You could include Turi's facial expression at the result if you do it (or body language, if his face isn't expressive).

OOCer's been wearing those candles for a short time, yet hypotheticals are what my doodles are for, so it's gonna get drawn anyway. I already know who's gonna volunteer to help with that wax.
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@curuxa: Love the ornament


Love the ornament on Turi's horns and earrings!

I already know who's gonna volunteer to help with that wax.

Someone with long claws, I assume Smiling

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thanks for the company a week

thanks for the company a week ago, had so much fun. Turi reminds me of Hungarian Grey Cattle when I seen him first time.

A gift for you thanks for the company, again.

Hello nakiju Thank you so

Hello nakiju

Thank you so much for the art - it is beautifully done! Your style is very unique, I love the gold highlights and the pose, it suggests graceful (as much as a large bull can muster) movement and is lovely.

Yes, I actually use Hungarian Grey Cattle reference images when drawing him, so I suppose he is based off one. They are a wonderful breed to draw.

Thank you for your company (I had a lot of fun too) and again for the art, it is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to sit with Turi any time in the Forest.

Ooh, I really love your art,

Ooh, I really love your art, and all these characters' designs. Nice <3