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Journey to the past- Anastasia
I'm just making this to keep track of Sabel's relations. Don't mind it :'D It's a way of me keeping organized.


Interested in:

Snake: (Helmut) a small, fast and strange creature. Their skin shows many wounds and is easily damaged. Curious about them, and has offered them sanctuary within the blue bowl.

Bright Eyes: Often seen with The Golden Face. Finds them rather bold and playful, and likes to reciprocate that playfulness.

Fragile Gaze: A doe who's body language displayed nothing but fear and instinctive behavior. Wonders what could have scared them into such a state.

The Amber Doe: A strange, elegant and mysterious deer often seen alone at a tree around the blue bowl.

The Red Scarf: A strange human-like child within the forest. Uncertain as to how they are such, as humans are never seen within. Rather fond of due to their playfulness, and hoping to see when I am no longer weak.

The Wary Stranger: A strange, feline like member of the forest. Not sure if they were curious about Cole's dead companion or not, but kept an eye on them.

The Worn Veteran: A stranger I have seen rarely, and finally come into contact with. They know the forest well and have lived in it for a long period of time, and have battle scars all over their body. A slight, sickly smell comes from them. Outwardly they appear fine- uncertain. Met them while guarding Cole's dead companion.

Tomo, The Stone Fawn: A little one often seen in Rose's company, considers them to be a child of Rose.

The Tattered Stag: Often seen with Tig or Bayleen, and encountered on strange occasions. Seems quite friendly.

The Midnight Feather: A small, purple and black little one. Smells strange. Moves very little and does not play much, but seems open to affection. Hopes they are safe due to a scuffle that happened in their general location.

The Samba Dancer: A strange, flirtatious stag. Reminds me very much of Pippino, but strangely even more suave. is that possible? A strange, spotted and friendly stranger.

The Blue Phantom: a strange little mindeer who constantly appears and dissappears. Has grown rather fond of their playfulness, but does not think it wise to keep them around Rosie.

Birdie baby<3: A strange, small creature. Close to owl face, but not owl face. Very protective of due to his childish looks, but has only spotted once.

Penn - A cutie pie!

Oah: A strange, humerous deer. One of the first to officially greet me when I awoke from my slumber searching for the others. Shortly formed a group with them consisting of stranger deer who I affectionately nick named Chez, Hook, Weave, and Tok. (2-17-2016)

Takato - A stag with body language I'm surprisingly not good at responding to. Then again, they didn't seem quite used to mine either. Very curious about- hasn't seen them before. Almost mistook them for Dardan.

Large white stranger - Has seen in the forest since she first woke. General curiosity about, but will not attempt to be verbal with. Judging by his looks, he is not one for talking. If he is, that doesn't quite change the matter. Would prefer to observe him. Often smells or sees off in the distance.
Wants to try and speak to about the happenings of the rut, but perhaps it is best to let it be. They have likely forgotten it by now.
I shall not trouble you, and will tread with care.

Saosin - A large, red stag with a skull face. Very tall and fluffy! Displays a very showy, stoic nature during the rut- generally playful, but only when it suits him. How unfortunate.

Dragon? ((Ta'vha)) - A very large water dragon. Wary of, and not sure how to interpret. Has recently seen them fight and does not wish to end up being in combat with them. Perhaps there is a way to dispell their violence? Has seen a little one clinging to him very often. Does not wish for harm to come to them due to the violence this stranger engages in.

Spindly Legs! - A very strange stag with weak looking legs. They seem to resemble the twisted branches of a tree. Curious about- very rarely sees. When I do see him, he's in the playground. Generally curious about his slightly flighty nature.

Atiq - A wide eyed, youthful stag. Very timid and alert. Not a bad thing... seems to know the forest, but as if they were gone for a while. Curious about- interested in helping his timid nature along. Rather jealous of the glimmer of his golden hooves. Seems to have become less timid after being healed.

Owl Face! (ali4742) - Sees often in the forest. Wondering who they are, what they do. Who are you?

Tiny!- A minideer met while playing with Sadiki.

Giant Bird! (The Elder Raven)- Saw once in the Old Oak. Ominous. Not scary despite their size.

White stranger- Was met by them in the Old Oak. Curious.

Tanpopo- A red and gold little creature- much like a fawn. Curious.

Pippino- A flirtatious stag. Generally suave and comes up with pet names. Why? Curious. Wary of his flirting though.

Raptor- Fun playmate. Not sure what happened to him- worries a little. Didn't get to know him well.

Silas Djinn- Stranger who never removes his mask- not even on accident. Yet his emotions are displayed. Wondering how to help with his mood, but not sure if I can.

Bernie- Saw one time. Very adorable little creature.

Aurik- Stag that I accidentally angered. Pursued to apologize. Neutral relation, slightly timid of.

Sirius- Generally fun, playful stag. At least when she first met him. Sees rarely now a days, but welcomes his company. Friendly.

Strange Mute deer(Small Grey) - a buck with no ability of speech, and one eye visible through an eye hole in his mask. Messy, long black locks. Slow. Fond of, but treated delicately.

Haroten- Unideer. Overjoyed to see another of her species. Jealous of their horn, but enjoys their company. Generally very playful with. Doesn't know well yet.

Long fluffy tail! (Kian) - Saw them wandering around outside of the Old Oak, and invited them over to play. Generally curious about their appearance- hint of dragon. Recognizable. has recently seen them around several other dragons at the pond.

Shark- Completely baffled by this creature. Enjoys his company and playfulness, but is slightly wary of. Seems to enjoy leading others. I have a hard time understanding some of his gestures. Find him very often playing with others. Has not been able to find recently. He's sweet, in a way. I miss his company.

Ashe - A fluffy white stag with short, elegant black antlers and a skull face. Generally very playful and energetic- does not seem to show much of a stoic nature. After the fog cleared, I realized he has no eyes. How does he move around? Curious. Has not seen in a while.
Stay with me, if you wish. I will find you.

Kestrel - A very beautiful stranger who is often seen near Rosie or Cole. Has seen a lot of during the rut with Mandel or Sadiki- curious about, and enjoys playing with. Will nuzzle every now and then, and enjoys moments of play. Uncertain of their relationship towards Dazenth and does not want bad blood between us. Stay whatever rage, fear, or sadness lies behind your eyes. Has not seen in a while.
Rare, Yet Intriguing Company:

Bayleen, The Gold: A doe that Sabel has seen in the forest for quite some time, whether it is in passing or greeting. They have a playful and energetic nature, and seem to be quite friendly. Finds them relatable as sometimes they do not always come when the time is right. Feels happy when they are calmly sitting together. Often sees in Comen's company now a days, but that will not deter my own.

Kuwaka, The Grinning Lion: A strange feline creature with the horns of a ram. After a string of deaths in the forest, the sly and rather playful nature they first greeted me with is gone. Their eyes feel almost empty at times, despite their affectionate behavior. Something is lost within- something essential. Offers company to when seen and will try to prevent sorrow from swallowing them.

The Black Knife, The Shaman: A large, dark furred creature. Has a predatory body but seems very benign in behavior- generally has a very glazed look in their eyes. When not under the stupor of something they have eaten, their relaxed body and eyed are troubled with melancholy and suffering. Glad to offer comfort to, despite finding them easily perverse. Hopes they have not gained any further injuries as of late- will try to tend to should this be the case. Often meets alone.

Hatchet, The White: A pale, white stag with an almost skeletal face- if not for the flesh that covered it, as well as a long slithering tongue. Generally very calm. The first to meet me when I awoke. Feels happy to see him when I can. Wake me again should I fall into slumber. You are pleasant.

Saw their presence once more in the forest and greatly enjoyed their company. Hoping to see more often, despite everything pointing towards it being unlikely.

Once was not enough.
Seeing often:

Matthew- A stag I ran with in a herd. Very fun, energetic- yet stoic. Often seen with Anneliesse.

Will o' the Wisp: A quiet, watchful and shy deer. Seems slow with approach, though I could not properly greet them the first time we met. Finds them to be blunt and distant, yet caring and protective in a sense. Their aura is quite similar to Kerosene's in the manner of wisdom and age. Leaving as quickly as they appear, I wonder what keeps them so preoccupied? Curious of their name, as much as their relation to Kerosene. Will not ask questions unless necessary, however. Finds that physical company with them is stronger than words. Will follow if asked to.

Snow: A sickly, small white stranger. Seen while with the little baboon and lion goat, as well as The Black Nettle. Wonders why they are so cold so often. Finds them to be rather shy of certain forest residents, such as Kuwaka- though, for very... strange reasons. Will offer them comfort should they need it, and will not allow them to be so cold again. Their quiet and still nature reminds me of several others.

The Black Nettle: A strange, large companion of Cole's. Similar in species- canine. They appear to have a paternal instinct towards smaller creatures and seem to like keeping them around. Certain that this stranger will not put up with any violence.

Thais, The Masked Mother: A beautiful endless forest doe, who shares my love of flowers. Curious about, and protective of due to her pregnancy. Likes to put flowers in her hair. Often seen with Draven, protected by Cole. Kind, quiet, gentle, and eyes swimming with worry. Enjoys nuzzling and adorning with flowers whenever in her company.

Draven, The Shield: A strange large stag with a bright cyan pelt and skull face. Very impressive rack. Curious of, as they often see them near Thais, Rosie, or Jovan. Has seen them since the rut, and though I know little of them, I find them to be fond and quiet company.

The Golden Face: A friendly little doe with a fair complexion. Very curious about- often sees in and out of groups. Has recently been able to spend some time with and has grown fond of their strange nature. Likely to play with when spotted, but will study body language before approaching. Still learning their language. Finds them t be a spirit of experiences, hidden.

"Monty", The Shadow: A large stag with a skull face with an impressive set of tines. Curious about- as though they may stand at a distance, they do not come off as stoic. Rather, ominous. Easily relieves the feeling by bouncing around them. Learning to better understand their body language. Wonders why some vanish when he approaches.

"You introduce me to so much."

Dorian, The Expert Dancer: A spotted stranger met often while with tig and the little ones. I finally learned his name while he was teaching me how to dance, during a period of grief. He is fond, kind company. Hoping that his days have been filled with peace, as when we last met he was slightly disgruntled.

Stay by my side. It's painful without you.
Etching into my Heart:

Anneliese: A very elegant and flamboyantly colored white doe with something akin to a mane- a very light, obscure pink. Very playful, and has seen hanging around Rosie since the rut. First formal greeting was while Rosie was pregnant. Seems very friendly. Often seen with Matthew, and seems familiar with Dazenth. Fond of the idle and playful nature, as well as their kind spiritedness. Wonders what troubles them at times, as they will appear to suddenly be flighty.

Tended to me while I was recovering- grateful towards. They seem to have a very mother-like nature to them. When they returned from wherever they had roamed, they offered me a precious wind chime. I will kepe it safe from harm, my friend- as much like you, it is something I enjoy.

Kerosene, The fire butterfly: A large stag with a flickering pelt in the design of a butterfly. very fond of each time they meet, and generally happy to sense nearby. Finds that they rarely speak, but when they do, their voice is rather calm. Usually sees this stranger around the Crying Idol, resting at a tree.

Often speaks with and ends up in philosophical conversations with. They often offer much contemplation, and help me learn. It is a welcome experience.

Finds that they are often a source of comfort, and oddly there when she is at her lowest. Enjoys seeking out. Will try to offer the same type of comfort in return.
While grieving and recovering, found that they came with flowers and offered good company. Grateful towards.

Tiggy!: A little one she met before falling asleep. Fond of his rather innocent nature- seems very much like a fawn in some ways, and thus she treats him as such. Spends time with when she spots him.

His innocence and genuine care for others is admirable. Wants to keep him from being troubled, but understands that he will need to learn some day.
I hope that day is not soon.

The fragile youth appears to have learned of Cole's death, and some meaning of it. they are grieving terribly. Relates to their feeling of not wanting to lose others.
Tended to me while I was recovering, and at the time they did not know why I was grieving. Hoping to offer some sort of comfort in return.

Rose, The Blue Rose- Refers to as Rosie despite her growing up. Has seen her handle herself well during the rut and even start her own herd- nuzzles affectionately upon greeting in every situation. Sweet and smiling, remain so.

Their little ones have been born- is keeping some distance to allow them time together.

The rose will bloom again.

Loves Rosie's playfulness, and how she tries to remain so despite being stressed due to pregnancy. Likes to eliminate as much stress as possible, and lowers playfulness for now.
Found her company comforting while recovering. Hopes she and the little one are well.

Mandel, The Silly Gentleman- Another owl faced deer. First encounter with the species. enjoyed his company greatly. His playfulness can turn to seriousness and being stoic at any time, but he generally seems carefree. Silly, silly gentleman.

Enjoys his gentleness and formal-ish mannerisms, as well as the company he tends to keep.

Has learned that the stag is deceased. Grieving.

I miss you. Perhaps the life you lead now offers you peace.

Jovan, The Star Kissed Stag A watchful, reasonable stag once often seen with Mandel. Has very long, messy black hair and an interesting star crested pelt- as well as scars on his face. Could they be treated? Getting to know him a little better now. Has a pale white face and the midnight pelt- as well as discolored eyes. Successfully managed to treat him and hopes that more treatment may be doable. Likely to seek out. Has become a source of comfort and humor.

I hope to give you more laughter in return.

Finds him to be rather kind and protective in a way. Does not want him to feel troubled- enjoys playing with him and sharing humor. Enjoys his calm, friendly nature. Does not wish for harm to come upon him through his protective nature.

Worried about. He has been showing signs of sickness and a frail body. sleeping often. What ails you so...?
Wanting to keep company, despite his sickness. Worried as she has not seen him in a while.

Cole, The Fawn Magnet - A very blunt, stag like creature. Has antlers, hooves... human face... and paws. Large, dangerous looking fangs. They have a very blunt, almost cynical personality. And now lack a tail, as well as an eye.

Enjoyed his blunt and sarcastic nature, but worried for his tendency to get into fights and refuse help.
You confused and worried me. Now, you add to the heart ache.

Was lead to his corpse by the Wisp. Thinks of their conversations while he was alive, and when they last spoke. Finds herself watching the grass hill that he seemed to frequent. Thank you for meeting me.

Dazenth, The Fire - A large red dragon. Unsure of what kind, but shows some deer-like traits. Has been seeing more often now, and generally enjoys playing with. Whenever he is sought out, he tends to bring a smile and mischief. Never too much. Though at times his stubbornness can get him into trouble, his heart is usually in the right place. Feels that he gets himself into irreparable situations that end up worsening his relations with others around him- uncertain of the circumstances that usually lead up to them.

Keeps him company when possible, and offers playfulness to. At times, finds herself dwelling in questions of melancholy with him. However, much has turned out well for the dragon. has not seen as of late, but thinks he must be having a happier life than he was previously.

Children (Adoptive or Blood Related):
I will try to teach you, though I am still learning.

(Altair)The Blind Cub: A little lion goat cub seen with Cole. watched with the Baboon baby- curious of. Growing a little fond of them. Generally tries to make sure they don't get themselves into any trouble. Will play with when available or they have the energy, and will protect them from danger.

The little one is distraught and distant after Cole's death. Trying to seek out.

The Lonely Monkey: A baboon baby found alone in the forest on a hill near the ruins. Very curious about- adores. Has grown quite fond of. Fine with leaving around Cole, but worried about. Will protect from any threats that come their way. Considers them her own and does not like to leave alone.

Has not seen the little one- wonders if they are in the same state as Altair.

The Glimmering Stone: A strange, fawn like creature met while with several other little ones, The Black Nettle, and Tig. They are naive and simple, yet complex and wise. A strange combination for their age. One who speaks without words.

Fondness has extended to maternal instinct, and the little one has been adopted. Misses greatly.

Close Relation:

Sadiki, The Sand Warrior- An elegant, flamboyantly feathered stag. He has proven to be gentle when the moment is right, and treats certain things delicately. Quick to anger in certain situations, but not without reason. Close to despite their short time. If there is a problem, he will deal with it. If one needs comfort, her is there to offer it and kind advice. Someone to learn from. After spending more time in the Desert City with the stag, and learning how to be human for a while, finds him to be an irreplaceable friend.
Call for me, when you need me.

Fond of, generally sees them as a family member to some extent. Will seek out unless subtle signs point to it being unwise- will tend to even if the stag opposes it. Enjoys his rather mysterious air and elegance, as well as his experienced nature.

Has seen less of as of late, but senses he has been in her presence more than once. He seems to be going off on his own more often now. When he does offer his presence, it is short.
Thank you.

((Tollerian)) Taein -Mother - Unicorn. Raised me. Tutored me in what little magic I had. Brought me into the world- was loving, affectionate. Wise, grey, and full of sleep. Skilled with keeping others safe, being a stranger to danger. Generally kind, yet serious. Tended to lace any form of play with a lesson.
Extremely adept with many magic types- white magic, shamanism, and very rarely ever dark magic. Very practical with its use, knowing when and where to use specific spells rather than just picking one. Avoided all forms of destructive magic within the forest.

Where are you? Why can't I remember? I know you aren't dead.

((Sawyer))Syn -Father - A deer of the endless forest. Well built, bold. Had a rugged face and generally didn't stay as clean as mother. Fan of playing in mud and using it to cool off. Did not get into any trouble- or the kind I could see. Generally stoic around others, but an energetic and laid back softie at home. Especially playful and fond of someone who came to visit every now and then. Learned some magic from mother, and seemed to be rather fond of either shamanism or dark magic due to their potential. Did not use often, though, as opposed to his brute strength.

I miss you. So much. Are you with mother?

((She also has an uncle which I have not listed here due to memory loss issues with the character. She also did not stay with him often until her parents vanished, in which case another incident occurred that caused him to leave the forest.))
I'll keep my distance.

Wolf? (Ajokoira)- Strange predator. Eyes with caution, not certain of intentions. Will keep fawns away from. Has begun to see more recently.

Dog? (Kynsiä) - Remembers seeing the first time the wolf was spotted. Wary of. They seem to be wherever the wolf goes. Watching.

Keep your poison away.

None yet.

I no longer see you. Why?

Tochza - A large stag with a long tail, a golden tuft at the end. Very stoic and generally serious- generally protective of females. Very hostile or defensive around males. However, if brought out of his shell properly, he can be a playful gentleman. Concerned about his lack of appearance, as well as Acacia's.I miss you.

Acacia - A small, purple-like fawn. Usually very playful and happy, always seen with company or waiting for someone.

Please be safe little one...

Worried. Has not seen.
Where are you?

Antelope? - Has seen often in the forest. Uncertain of, but knows they are playful. Follows them every now and then. Very fond of and recognizes easily now- seeks out subconsciously. I don't want to forget you. Has not seen in a while.

La- A doe that I used to see often in the past. Enjoyed her company rather comfortably, able to relax often. Has not seen since she returned. Misses.

Dardan- Acacia's adoptive father. Curious about and expecting to see more since Acacia often plays with me. Been seeing more during the rut- generally gentlemanly and stays close to his children and family. Trying to keep out of his way as my playfulness has recently been steered in the direction of aggression- keep getting stags mistaking me for a challenger. I do not wish to trouble you. Has not seen in a while.

Comen: A white stag with an owl face- features she has become fond of. Rather curious about them as, though they are playful, they tend to be somewhat distanced. Has found that at times they are not always reasonable.

Sorrow. Many ties appear hostile towards him, and has heard of two instances in which Thais was threatened. Has seen him as a playful soul, but also as a territorial one. Will not seek out, but will not force away.
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Posting here so I can just

Posting here so I can just follow the link in my siggy :'D
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?I was in last place ? okey )

?I was in last place ? okey ) war:D Laughing out loud
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There are no places in

There are no places in relations. Only bridges that can be built, strengthened, or burned to the ground.
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I was joking) i know , maybee

I was joking) i know , maybee i have some bad jokes) btw brunette you more goes
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I know. :'D Still though,

I know. :'D Still though, it's soemthing to take into consideration.

Brunette you more goes? o_ o
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you better be dark, i see you

you better be dark, i see you today -all white
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I do not understand, but

I do not understand, but perhaps you should save your jokes for later- lest they be misinterpreted.

We don't need to fill up this page with too many off topic posts.
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I've been wanting to meet her

I've been wanting to meet her for awhile now, such an interesting character!
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no problem

no problem
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@ Mozdog: Oh! I've seen you

@ Mozdog: Oh! I've seen you quite often actually. On the forums. Your pictogram has appeared once ot me in game, though. I'm curious about you myself O: I have also seen your art blog and envy your anatomy with drawing deer traditionally.

@Sharkwhite: Thank you c:
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I've updated a few of the

I've updated a few of the descriptions and added Atiq + Tochza. :3
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La has been keeping an eye

La has been keeping an eye out for Sabel since she got back to the forest, but they just haven't run into each other yet.
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*-* I will find

*-* I will find you!


Added Jovan, Kestrel, Cole, and Ashe xD still working on adding in anyone else I've been seeing during the rut.


Updated some relations and added a new section.

EDIT: (2-27-2016)

Reworked some of the sections and cleaned up a bit, adding some relations. If Sabel does not know your name, she will more than likely refer to you as whatever part happens to be memorable. Example- The Crimson Doe.
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sits ovo

sits ovo
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YUUUS Get sucked in evil

Get sucked in
evil giggling muahahahaha
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